Obama Campaign Site: Israel “Murdered” U.S.S. Liberty Sailors

This blood libel of Israel, Jews, and John McCain’s father is sanctioned by Barack Obama’s official campaign
by Bill Levinson

It has been established that Barack Obama’s official campaign site exercises editorial control over the content of my.barackobama.com, and is capable of finding and removing “offensive” and “disrespectful” material within two days. The following has been online for almost three weeks. It accuses Israel of deliberatly murdering the crew of the U.S.S. Liberty, American Jews with divided loyalties of complicity, and John McCain’s father of complicity in a cover up. The following entry is sanctioned (tolerated) by Barack Obama’s official campaign although, now that it has been re-posted here and at Free Republic, it will soon go the way of Michael Pfleger’s and Jeremiah Wright’s testimonials.

    McCain and the U.S.S. Liberty
    By Tony Wicher – Jun 12th, 2008 at 12:11 pm EDT
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    When Admiral John S. McCain, Jr., Commander in Chief, United States Naval Forces, Europe, ordered the cover-up on the attack of the USS LIBERTY GTR-5 it was a sure act of treason perpetrated on the American people and the crew of the LIBERTY to hide the true facts surrounding the unprovoked attack by the Government of Israel on our ship, the USS LIBERTY

    As most of you know, the Government of Israel attacked our ship in international waters on June 8, 1967. On this bright, sunny day our ship had been positively identified as American and friendly. This very fact has been repeated by our attackers, Israel. They knew we were there but around 1:00 they forgot about us. This was the excuse given, that they accidentally took us off their war table, like we just vanished into thin air.

    Doesn’t that sound like a fairy tale? Well, it is. How could this lie hold water with the Board of Inquiry conducted by Admiral Isaac Kidd along with Captain Ward Boston, JAG officer, reporting to the Judge Advocate General, USN and Admiral McCain. The answer to that question is very easy. It goes right back to Admiral McCain. He did not want the truth to come out. He ordered those two respected career naval officers to hide, cover-up and lie in their official Board of Inquiry which McCain signed off on in approximately 10 days. Can you imagine a Board of Inquiry of this magnitude could be completed and signed off on in ten days? It is unheard of, ever, in the annuls of US Naval history.

    Also, can you imagine this same Admiral would recall all rescue aircraft coming to our aid, along with MacNamara and the president himself, LBJ.

    We were set up to sink. The Israelis, along with our own government, would blame it on an Arab combatant, Egypt.

    As we now know, Cairo was only 120 seconds away from a nuclear attack from the US Government, all for the benefit of Israel, the killers of 34 Americans, the wounding of 174 others and the near destruction of a $40 million ship that ended up being scrapped.

    Captain Ward Boston said to Admiral Kidd that he knew this was wrong but must follow orders from Admiral McCain. As far as I and most of the crew are concerned, Admiral McCain, Jr. has LIBERTY blood on his hands. Captain Ward Boston has since recanted his remarks in the Board of Inquiry as lies ordered upon him by Admiral McCain, Jr. God bless him for his courage to come forward with the truth.

    Now, we come to what has happened in the past few years. A man called A. J. Cristol, a Jewish bankruptcy judge from Florida, wrote a book called THE LIBERTY INCIDENT, in which he says Israel is exonerated for the attack on the LIBERTY because it was a case of mistaken identity. The book is full of lies, falsehoods and continues the cover-up for Israel’s blatant murder of American sons on the high seas. The survivors call this book a bunch of hog wash. Guess who endorses this book as factual? YEP! You guessed it – Senator John McCain. He knows all about the cover-up on the LIBERTY attack but he follows in his father’s footsteps and praises this piece of garbage. He, along with his father, has the blood of the LIBERTY crew on his hands.

    Please email Senator John McCain and express your outrage for this continued cover-up never heard of before in US Naval history. All McCain cares about is the Jewish vote and pleasing Israel. No one should be allowed to get by with murder, not even Israel nor our elected officials. They all should be held accountable for the murders and wounding of Americans and the subsequent cover-up, especially Senator John McCain.

    I love our country and I want it back to be the home of the brave and the land of the free where honest Americans care about our homeland, not Israel. We can’t fight anymore wars for Israel with the blessing of our congress. It is killing our sons and daughters and has bankrupted our government, all for the sake of Israel.

    That, ladies and gentlemen, are the facts, sad but, oh so true.

    Phillip F. Tourney, survivor

Per http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Liberty_incident, there was plenty of blame to go around in the Liberty incident: our country, for not removing its ship from an active war zone, and Israel, for failing to identify a target before firing on it. In addition, an unidentified (presumably Arab) vessel was shelling Israeli positions from the vicinity. When Israel sent torpedo boats to investigate after the air attacks on the ship, the torpedo boats approached in a manner that suggested to the American commander that they were going to attack his ship, and he ordered a machine gun to fire on them. This of course convinced the Israelis that the ship was in fact an Arab combatant. Messes of this nature (blue on blue fire) happen all too frequently during wartime, and Israel later paid humanitarian compensation to the families of the dead sailors.

The bottom line is, however, that Barack Obama’s official campaign sanctions conspiracy theories, blood libels of Israel, and actual defamation.
Wicher and USS Liberty

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5 Comments / 5 Comments

  1. Oh yeah? Well, McCain’s friends didn’t go about killing babies and innocent civilians!
    Obama’s FRIENDS did!\

    McCain’s friends built Saudi Arabia.
    Obama’s friends chanted in the dirt and blew up Saudi Arabia.

    McCain’s friends built the oil and petroleum structures of OPEC nations.
    Obama’s friends just murdered innocent women, babies, and elderly people for a god who doesn’t exist on behalf of a false prophet.

    Yes, let’s compare what McCain’s friends have done versus what Obama’s friends have done! Sorry, no comparison! What a stool pigeon Obama is!

  2. While I plead guilty to one count The Liberty all the rest is pure bull shit from an anti Semite. We should have sunk the liberty, and could have justified it as an act of war by America against Israel. The Ship wa spying on Israel in preparation for American Landing Invasion, ostensibly to save Israel from those strong and Powerful Arabs. We changed the scenario and the American script thats all but the Ship but its nature was an enemy ship based on their mission, location and it trying to conceal her identity. Something like Pollard but in reverse. So Survivor just thank your god who ever he is that you faced Jews; anybody else would have sunk you permanently.

  3. Furthermore, Johnson had promised to supply Nasser with intelligence and Israel knew about the reason why the ship was trolling. After the third day of concentrating on Egypt, Israel decided to transfer the IDF tanks from the Sinai to the Golan in the middle of the night. It was imperative that neither Egypt nor Syria know this was happening. Johnson would have given this intelligence to Nasser because the ship was intercepting all the tank to tank radio communications.

    The US was aiding and abetting Israel’s enemy. Isn’t that an act of war?

  4. All McCain cares about is the Jewish vote and pleasing Israel.

    Back in 1967, McCain was concerned about the Jewish vote in anticipation that he would be a presidential candidate four decades later.

    We can’t fight anymore wars for Israel with the blessing of our congress.

    America has NEVER fought a war for Israel, but we have fought wars for Arabs.

    That, ladies and gentlemen, are the facts, sad but, oh so true.

    Not facts, but a pack of lies and smears.

  5. Tourney should realize that if the US hadn’t tried to side with the Arabs, not only in the Liberty incident, but in the Beirut barracks incident (thanks to Weinberger who disobeyed his commander-in-chief’s orders)and let the murderers go free,we would most likely not have had the 9/11 incident. Tourney most likely understands exactly why the ship was where it was, and what it was doing, which is so…. well… sad but, oh so true. Hence his smarmy, lying overreaction.

    Next conspiracy theory? It was the Jews who bombed the Beirut barracks… A scapegoat for all seasons…

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