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  • April 29, 2012

    Irving Berlin’s “God Bless America”

    I beg you, Please listen to the beautiful voice of Yedida Freilich as she tells us the Bloody Truth about the UN and Israel.

    Also watch her as she condemns the UN approval of non-member status for the Palestinians in the wake of the blizzard of rockets they fired at Israel leading up to The Gaza OP. I titled it BRILLIANT AND BEAUTIFUL

    This question my surprise you, Is the US (gov’t) a Friend or Enemy of Israel?, I am sure you will find the article and the answer of great interest.

    Finally I would ask you to visit Israpundit regularly to get up to the minute news on Israel/US relations

    Here Is a Real Star.

    Kate Smith was born and grew up in Columbia, Missouri. In early 1940, Kate Smith, a fiercely patriotic American, and the biggest star on radio, was deeply worried about her country.

    She asked Irving Berlin if he could give her a song that would re-ignite the spirit of American patriotism and faith. He said he had a song that he had written in 1917, but never used it.

    He said she could have it. She sat at the piano & played it and realized how good it was. She called Mr. Berlin and told him that she couldn’t take this from him for nothing.

    So, they agreed that any money that would be made off the song would be donated to the Boy Scouts of America . Thanks to Kate Smith and Irving Berlin, the Scouts have received millions of dollars in royalties. This clip is from the movie “You’re in the Army Now”. You will see a familiar face (near the very end) in this one that we are all very proud of.

    Frank Sinatra said that when Kate Smith, whom he considered the greatest singer of his age, first sang this song on the radio, a million guys got ‘dust’ in their eyes and had to wipe the tears the ‘dust’ caused. If you can watch and listen without ‘dust’ getting in your eyes, you have no soul. Sit back and enjoy a Real Star.

  • Posted by Ted Belman @ 6:36 am | 1,290 Comments »

    1,290 Comments to Irving Berlin’s “God Bless America”

    1. John J Franchi says:

      I was the first one to solo on God Bless America, at PS29 in the Bronx. 2nd grade 8 years old. I’m still proud of that moment in time.

    2. Miguel Cortes says:

      Sandra, it is pathetic spineless apologists like you that are facilitating the politicians to aide and abet the ruination of this once great nation. You bleed for Obama and his arrogant (world traveler on our dime)wife, and you make mention of half of his skin color. Who cares? You are claiming that nothing is his fault, and when he came into office the problems were already there. Didn’t he say he could fix it? Is he perhaps incompetent with so little experience other than being a “community organizer”(whatever that is)? Is just throwing money(tax dollars mind you) into districts that don’t even exist ok with you? Is his incompetent Attorney General Eric Holder responsible for the Fast and Furious gun debacle? Or is that somebody elses fault too. What about the tax cheats in his cabinet? Is that the fault of perhaps John F Kennedy?
      Ronald Reagan took office with similar problems and reminded us he inherited them, but the difference there was he was capable and he fixed them, not just complained. And to you feckless cowards that say ‘Congress should work with the President’. I agree, perhaps much the same way Pelosi and Reid worked with Bush! Remember, your boy Barry is no friend of Israel either.

    3. Bill Jennings says:

      I am American and very proud of it…I’m a Vietnam Veteran also very proud of it, and last but not least I am a Black man. My skin is not dark, more brown that black. But it does’t matter. I am an American first! I was a Boy Scout and my father was the Scout master. Before every meeting we would sing “God Bless America” our’s was not a black troop, because I lived in a neighorhood where we were the first black family on the block(1947.It was a troop of boys all with different backgrounds. But from the time I learned what pride was, I learned to take pride in being an American first. I learned it as Sandra the first post learned. Yes I know racism…been down that road a few times myself. I am very sad to see what has happen to America…whoever’s fault it maybe. I can only speak for myself, with that said…I see a bleak future for this country and the world. Yes, as the saying goes “I miss the good old days”. Thank you for your time. Also Sandra thank you for your post, lets me see there are still some good people out there.

    4. Bing Scherzer says:

      It really thrills my heart to hear “God Bless America”at all of our American Sports Events!

    5. Cherrille McLean says:

      It starts with the small insignificant things to some folks, like not being allowed to say religous things in school, in programs and other public places. Why did we allow one woman get that accomplished! Are we so spineless that we don’t start,or pass petitions with many signatures to work against those powers that be. It is our fault! When no one objects when these things are happening of coarse they will win those battles, big or little, and it is our own faults, People. You say you didn’t know about it? Why, I did. We passed a petition at church because the petition wanted to take the word God out of everything public. We are being eaten up from the bottom, making us indifferent so that we don’t put up any protests on little issues or the big ones. You have to be literally in the fighting field of politics to make a difference in this country. Where are your letters to your congressmen, to the other congressmen, to each congressman till they are sick of hearing your name (from their secretary)! AT LEAST THEY WILL KNOW YOUR NAME! Yes, I do write and they hear my thoughts completely. Sometimes I get an answer (Mostly generic, Thank you for writing and I have done this or that about this already.) Sure you have.
      My point is: I have never been an activist of any kind in politics but I am moved these days to write till I drop. I will fill their office with mail from that “lady in ND” till they notice the mail if nothing else. If it gets to be enough of it the secretaries will have to mention it eventually. Then you get this nice form letter from the official saying he got my mail and this is what he is doing about this problem. Sure. But now I am a nusience and darned proud of it and folks, join me! Be obnoxious (to the secretaries till they draw his attention to it.) I don’t believe they read EVERY piece of mail themselves. But they will hear about it eventually. Every time there is something going on on the hill, email their office with an opinion. Always do it respectfully so it doesn’t go in the waste basket but you have to get their attention to go from the secretary to the official.
      I have never been political in my life but now I have to ask you, who is running the country. The majority are millionairs. What we need in this country is some election reform so the common man/woman can run for office without having to raise mega millions to be heard. TV time should be donated equally to all candidates and let the stations write it off on their taxes somehow. There has to be a way someone insignificant like us can run for office on the merits you bring to the compaign and not be outdone by the fat cats who own the political system in this country. Election reform, term limits, and common sence would go a long way to getting a congress with a different outlook. All of the ills we have in this country is because of the actions of our legislature,over the years, THEY make all those decisions. Not the president, not you or me. Think about it folks. We need to take back this country while we still have one. It will never happen with out some outrage and action. Or we are sheep to the slaughter. I think that was tried in the 1st World War and it worked pretty darned well! FOR A WHILE. History has a way of repeating itself. And I don’t mind admitting I am frightend!

    6. R J Williams says:

      Sandra, I am so sorry that yours is the first comment that I saw posted on this wonderful piece, as it detracts from the intended pride and love of OUR country. You are the epidomy of the results of our biased news media. Obama did inherit some problems, problems that started in January of 2008 when Democrates took over the house and the senate. Up till then we had enjoyed 56 months of 5% or less unemployment and 3%+ continuous economy growth in spite of the recession caused by the 9/11 indident (gee, what a coincidence). And the incident was caused by your beloved muslims. And of those muslims that didn’t participate many were shown (briefly) cheering in the schools and streets. Of those not cheering, NONE were seen or heard speaking against it and of their love for the United States. And what of the muslims that pray in the streets of several cities during Friday night prayers just to demonstrate their control over the infidels, and the stupid acceptance of our politicians just to demonstrate tolerance. The Qaran says it is just to lie to a non muslim, expecially if it will further the cause of the muslim religeon. Tell me I’m wrong.

      And what of the hispanics, especially the Mexicans led by La Raza, that want to take California back to Mexico, and parade in the streets with their Mexican flag, not the american flag, while they are given rights that americans can only wish for.

      Get your head out of your backside, Sandra. The roses you’re smelling are tainted with skunk oil.

      Semper Fi

    7. Art Schefler says:

      The song is GOD Bless America. Unfortunately, the government doesn’t want God in our vocabulary.

    8. mary a hazzardd says:


    9. James Henderson says:

      Sandra, You are so right AND you are so much of what it means to be an American. I salute you!

    10. Bing Scherzer says:

      It thrills my heart every time that I hear this sung at one of our sporting events!

    11. Old_Curmudgeon says:


      Your motivations sound good at first glance, but your Marx-based advice re: ‘more government will remedy our problems’ is a hair-raising nightmare which can only nullify the ongoing existence of our beloved United States of America. I HOPE it’s just blind ignorance that is swaying you away from the original limited-government concepts behind our US Constitution.

      Don’t kid yourself that Obama is an example of Christ’s teachings of love and brotherhood. A Google search for ‘Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals’ reveals a fascinating training manual for the subversive Marxist community-organizer activism which Barack Obama was trained in, and subsequently became a master of. Obama is effectively a graduate student of Alinsky’s school of subversion.

      Barack Obama’s overall lifetime record includes consorting with the enemy, as a young student of Marxism. He consequently spent many years as a socialist and racist community organizer as well as a congregant of the blatant America-hating black-theology- and social-justice-spewing Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Obama has long been a close personal friend of convicted communist terrorists Bill Ayers and his wife Bernadine Dohrn. In 1996 when he ran for the Illinois Senate, Obama sought the endorsement of the Marxist Party. As a State and then US Senator, President Obama had an ultra-left voting record before he became President. An independent Washington organization which tracks Senate voting records gave Obama the distinctive title of the “most liberal senator.”

      During his Presidential campaign Obama received endorsements from people like Louis Farrakhan, Mummar Kadaffi and Hugo Chavez. Since he became President, massive fraud against the US Constitution, amounting to serious and deliberate sabotage of the intent of our Founding Fathers, has taken place.

      There is a vital purpose behind the concept of ‘separation of powers’ between the 3 branches of government. Each separate branch – Legislative, Executive, and Judicial – was given certain necessary freedoms and barriers in order to oversee and partially keep tabs on the other two branches, but not be allowed to dictate over them or us, thus avoiding fascist dictatorships exemplified by Stalin, Hitler, Mao, etc.

      In the first 3 years of his Presidency, Obama has been deliberately neutralizing — or eliminating — vital Legislative (Congressional) oversight of the Executive Branch by nullifying traditional and official Cabinet positions through the appointment of more than 30 so-called “Czar” individuals in their places. These “Czars” are not accountable to Congress – like the traditional Cabinet positions are/were — and Obama’s office is taking advantage of that fact by making a relentless end-run around Congress in an obvious push to wipe out traditional Constitutional freedoms — protected by limited government — which have worked just fine for over 200 years.

      How can you possibly approve of Science Czar John Holdren’s beliefs in forced abortions, mass sterilizations and seizing babies from teen mothers? Or Regulatory Czar Cass Sunstein’s belief in “Explicit Consent,” harvesting human organs without family consent, and allowing animals to be represented in court?

      How can you approve of Safe & Drug Free School Czar Kevin Jennings, an avowed homosexual and organizer of GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network)? See Jenning’s disgusting record regarding ‘Fistgate’:

      Sandra, A Google search of all of Obama’s Czars reveals a disturbing common denominator of anti-American activism as well as opposition, or at least indifference, to the Christian values which you openly quote and claim to support.

      Obama’s presidential stats are worse than dismal. In less than 3 years of Obama in the White House, we the people have accumulated national debt at a rate more than 27 times as fast as during the rest of our nation’s entire history. See the ‘National Debt Road Trip’ video, here:

      Since January 2009 our average price of gas has more than doubled. Our food stamp recipients jumped 35% to more than 43 million people. Long term unemployment rose 146%. Americans living in poverty increased almost 10%. The number of unemployed blacks rose 25%. Our national debt is up 34%. The so-called ‘bail-outs’ have gone crazy, with virtually none of that money trickling down to private sector ‘shovel-ready’ jobs for the man or woman on the street. (Obama spent a trillion dollars, supposedly on ‘shovel-ready jobs’, and later admitted there was no such thing. That same trillion dollars – which mysteriously disappeared into deep pockets — could instead have been used to fund twenty million actual jobs.)

      That’s just a drop in the bucket, however. See this video where the Federal Reserve Inspector General confesses to Congress that the Fed hasn’t kept track of $9 trillion of our money:

      Obama is the first President to openly violate the War Powers Act. He is the first President to file lawsuits against states which he swore an oath to protect (AZ, WI, OH, IN). He is the first President to order a secret amnesty against the deportation of illegal immigrants, including those with criminal convictions. Want to talk of racism? Obama was the first President to encourage racial discrimination and intimidation at polling places. He is the first President to have a law signed by an auto-pen, without him being present. He is the first President to order a major manufacturing company not to locate a factory in a given state. He is the first President to hide all of his medical, educational and travel records, immediately after he promised us the most open and transparent presidency in history. He is the first President to win a Nobel Peace Prize while having done NOTHING to earn it.

      Obama is the first President to coddle America’s enemies, while alienating our allies. He is the First President to publicly bow to America’s enemies, while also refusing to salute our U.S. Flag (until he finally did so under public pressure). He is the first President to spend billions of taxpayer dollars on 17 lavish vacations, including date nights and Wednesday evening White House parties for his friends, while simultaneously being the first President to deny public access to the White House visitor logs. (For all we know, William Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn have slept in the Lincoln Bedroom in the White House.) Obama is the First President to hire 22 taxpayer-funded personal servants for his wife’s every need, even keeping a personal dog trainer on a retainer of over $100,000 per year.

      Obama advocates a huge, private American police force “as large and well-equipped as the US military.” To what end? Only fascist dictators need a large band of private, armed thugs like this:

      Sandra, the theme of Obama’s validity has many more ramifications than that, but the bottom line is that you and many others have obviously been blindsided by false hopes that Barack Obama is somehow a savior of mankind when his track record shows that quite the opposite is true. A bloated government has NEVER spent and taxed it’s way out of debt. It doesn’t work that way, and never will.

      Activating millions and millions of valid, honest ‘shovel-ready’ private sector jobs, as well as cutting back on the size of government, is our only true salvation from the fiscal and political mess that we now face. We simply have no other choice between that, and living a life of miserable gulag slavery.

      “What do we cut out”, you ask? Easy. Get back to basics by cleaning out everything which isn’t authorized by the US Constitution and Bill of Rights. Broadly educate our children in an honest manner which makes them able to be really successful in life, instead of dumbed-down. Put loyal patriots in the driver’s seat and step on the gas instead of the brakes, so we all can prosper per our birthright. Anyone who doesn’t like our Constitution-based American way of life is strongly invited to move elsewhere, because our patience is worn out with shabby substitutes and deliberate sabotage.

      Lead, follow or get out of the way. The fate of the planet is reflected in our success or failure.

    12. LOIS says:


    13. Jim Logie says:

      we got our 1st tv in 1951, and I remember watching the Kate Smith Show when ever it was on, she always closed the show with God Bless America, opened it with when the moon goes over the mountion, we need to bring back that kind of televioion.

    14. James S. Price says:

      True, “God Bless America” sung by Kate Smith is one of the most beautiful songs ever written, it will NEVER go out of style. It came at a time when the United States and the world needed something to uplift their spirits. It is especially needed now. But, as far as Obama goes, he along with Pelosi, Reed, and several others are doing all that can to destroy the United States and our way of life. If we don’t wake up very soon we will be the minority. We will be working to support all the freeloaders that are in the United States. We are doing that right now..

    15. Dennis Petty says:

      Put your hand on your heart, say it and and bring it back to the schools !

    16. bill says:

      I find it pitiful that these so called patriots are so disrespectful of our President . And of course Miquel (really American?)
      uses stupid insulting vocabulary. My Marine Corps days encouraged respect not only for this country , but for The President of the United States even if I had not voted for the person. GROW UP People!
      I like “America ” by Ray Charles just as well. They are all great songs and of course “The Star Spangeled Banner” That shamefully gets disrespect by so many singers? of today’s music industry.
      Semper Fi and do not be glum, show some real spirit

    17. Larry Harrison says:

      Your either blind or completely lost. You must be a Democrat. Look out your window. Illegals are demanding their piece of the free pie being handed out by the by the Socialist loser in the White House. Trouble is, none of it is really free. The Mexican flag has been raised in some cities and schools in America. The government robs the hard working American to set a place at the table for the lazy and the incompetent. Ben Franklin said poverty should be uncomfortable. He was right. I’ve been poor and hated it. I pulled myself and my family out of bleak hole by hard work and through determination. This is not uncommon at all in America. It is becoming less common only because the liberals think equality means we should all be forced to share the rewards of our hard labor with those who refuse to labor at all.

    18. Steve says:

      That was one of the best explanations of what havoc Obama has done to our country I have ever heard. You sir, should run for President. You would have my vote. God Bless you for kindly, honestly, and specifically answering Sandra who is either uninformed, or as my favorite radio host Mark Levin calls them, DRONES.

    19. Pete Dudley says:

      A pleasant reminder. Thanks J. D. And thanks to your Dad too.

    20. BlandOatmeal says:

      God will not bless America. We have abandoned Him, and are persecuting his people Israel.

    21. Davida Geller Rosenberg says:

      Great dialogue here. I’m wishing… I’m wishing… I could move Washington DC out of
      the USA. Maybe to Sing Sing?

    22. Freedom's Song says:

      Thank you for such a comprehensive response that simply outlines the reasons why Obama needs to be voted out in 2012. I hope those who have been seeing Obama through rose-colored glasses would seriously and carefully learn the issues and not be swayed by his soaring but empty rhetoric supplied by a convenient teleprompter. America’s future hinges on all of us and we will be doing an unpardonable disservice to future generations of Americans who inherently deserve a strong and free America if we would let Obama continue with his systematic dismantling of the America the Founding Fathers hope we would preserve. As we sing “God Bless America”, let us remember that we have a solemn duty to be the hand of God in making sure that it continues to be the greatest nation on earth. And for that distinction, we issue no apology and no bowing to any foreign power.

    23. JOHN R. CARTER SR. says:


    24. Michael Biel says:

      This is NOT a film of the first time Kate Smith sang “God Bless America.” It is an inaccurate recreation of the event filmed five years later in 1943 for the movie “This Is The Army.” There is a different YouTube posting that has the REAL first performance, and there are two places where the words are different that we usually hear them. In the verse for the third line she sings: “Let us all be grateful that we’re far from there,” which is an isolationist note being thankful that we Americans are far from where the storm clouds are gathering over Germany. We are here in America, and the Jews are in danger in Germany. At the end of the song is another change of words: “From the green fields of Virginia to the gold fields out in Nome.” ANY recording that does not contain these original words are not a real recording of the first performance, November 10, 1938.

    25. judy says:

      Well said….Thanks for your thoughts.

    26. Joel says:

      Sir, you have profoundly and excellently stated the case of the current POTUS. Might I add that far too many in our government allow this man to keep seizing power and control over and above his Constitutional authority. It is time to take back our Constitution, starting with the re-reading of the Declaration of Independence. From there it will be rocky, rough, and bloody, but necessary to the spirit of freedom born over two hundred years ago.

    27. Paul Berchtold says:

      Post.Nov.8 by Sandra Response Nov.14 by old curmudgeon
      Thank you so Much for stating the Facts to Sandra, She obviously has spent her life being a force for good.
      I do have to question all that time spent in her life with Language studies and totally escape Any History
      classes to prospective American children. Poor sole missed out on how this country actually became the
      GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD. All from Facts not from opinion only.

    28. Bud Lang says:

      I feel I’m a typical American. At age 17, my mom had to sign so I could join the Navy (I was a minor, couldn’t drink beer or vote, but could die for my country). Served 9 years, got out, married and we brought four children into this world. We all must realize that any government agency, city, county, state or federal, can do nothing until they take money from the people. They have nothing until they take it from you. And, when any politician, in any level of government, takes your money and uses it wrongfully, they are criminals. When they lie, cheat and steal, they should be punished. To put it bluntly, I am fed up with most politicians, especially those who serve in a city government, then go to a county, then state, and finally a federal level, finally retiring with a big, fat, pension.

    29. Lionel Letendre says:

      I am a born and bred Canadian with American roots that I am very proud of as my Great Grandfather came from the same State as Kate Smith. Every time I hear her sing that song it brings tears to my eyes as our soldiers are in the Middle East with yours. Lets hope the insanity ends soon and all the boys can come home. God Bless America and Canada too as I’m very proud of our relations with our friends to the south!

    30. William L. Burkhardt says:

      I think we should just turn the government over to you…just what we need; a bigot to run our country. President Obama inherited two wars from your guy and is trying his best to get us back to normal. You would have fit into Joseph’s McCarthy’s camp very nicely.

    31. William L. Burkhardt says:

      I finally decided to read your statement. All that you needed to do was comment on Kate Smith’s rendition of God Bless America. I spotted one big lie. I moved from California to Ohio in Sept. of 2005. Gas prices on the trip: lowest was $2.99 a gallon…highest was $3.49. So, for you to say gas prices have doubled since 2009 is a lie. Tell one lie and there’s always another coming right behind it.

    32. William L. Burkhardt says:

      Larry, you’re a Republican. Right? And, probably embarrassed by the Replublican Congress that refuses to support President Obama’s pleas to put politics aside. My guess is that you are a white Republican, Protestant, Conoservative, and care only about yourself and not the disadvantaged. You probably haven’t done an honest day’s work in your life.

    33. Shem says:

      I am one of a multitude of young children who heard Kate Smith singing this song on the radio and as the theme song for her variety show. Sure it brought tears to my eyes! My uncles and other relatives had gone “over there” so us little children could live in freedom. With a voice and fervor as Miss Smith had, I am sure that there is favorable judgment for her from El Elyon, El Shaddai who gave us this country, and by whose intervention we came out victors in WWI and WWII. And it will be by His intervention likewise that we continue to have victories, or we won’t have them. In spite of the leaders who are in office today who don’t bless America, but damn it and do their best to tear it down, we will be delivered from the Galut, all 12 tribes of Yisrael, and we will go home to Ha’Aretz and be more blessed than ever, because Yahushua our Moshiach is just about to lead us in the war that really WILL end all wars and result in the restoration of the Kingdom to Yisrael! AM YISRAEL CHAI!

    34. Shem says:

      Thank you so much for such beautiful memories. We heard Kate Smith on radio and on her TV show sing this wonderful song. It gave us comfort while our uncles and other relatives were “over there” fighting so we, the little children of this nation, could live in freedom. I am sure that Miss Smith died in favor before El Elyon, El Shaddai, the almighty & merciful one who never slumbers nor sleeps while He watches over Yisrael. He led us to victory in two world wars, and He will also lead us soon out of the Galut and into the Promised Land, Ha’Aretz Yisrael. He is Yahushua our Moshiach who will come this time to rule and to put an end to all of Edom’s false claims to the land, in spite of our present leaders, who seem to be doing their best to make abject slaves out of us. Shame on them, and kavod & koach to YHWH who will send His Son again to give kol Yisrael the VICTORY! HalleluYAH!

    35. ben lacy says:

      @ Jim Uhl:
      Sandra, my mother was an idealist and educater like you however, thank goodness, as she got older she started to see the world and it’s people as they really are. your inability to grasp reality is one of the main problems with our children today. thanks to people like you, kids leave school in a dream world thinking everyone owes them. it’s people like you and obama who masquerade as benevolent saviors that are the REAL EVIL.

    36. @ Jim Logie:
      Jim Logie
      You right Jim back to when TV was good for America. Like the last 4 Secateries of State of the US said to Charles Ross on CNN we need the TV’s to go off at mid-night and have a test patern untill 6AM. The demand for immediate information cause the US to respond with out information. 2nd the TV today is garbage, what reality? it is a fack as wresling was in the 60′s. The good chanels TCM, LMN and Hallmark they make you think and cry.
      One old man’s opnion

    37. Don Olsen says:

      @ William L. Burkhardt:Gas prices came down under Bush, to under under $2.00. Obama has shut down oil in the Gulf, not allowed new drilling in Alaska or off shore, enforced new regulations on drilling, turned his unions loose on refineries, and the price has doubled. Nobody lied, you are just misinformed.

    38. This song, sung as she sings it, never fails to bring goose bumps to my eyes. We have come so far, and it is a shame that our children can no long say the pledge of alligence to the flag, and cannot pray in school. We are a country built on God. Where is our country go to?

    39. Harvey Meyer says:

      @ Miguel Cortes:
      It’s only people like you that take this country down. Reagon, quite an actor, and I give him credit for accomplishments he suceeded in. Won’t go into what he didn’t get accomplised. I took your for a mean Republica, but the more I thought of your word, “Are you not a Communist”?

      So bit it, I’ll pray for you as well, and all man kind.

      He as

    40. Darrell Moats says:

      From a time when we were so united to a time when we are so devided. These are trying times if we are to win the day we must pull together. Face what ever sacrifices that must be made for our children and grandchildren with the same pride and dignity the generation that song came from. President Kennedy said. “Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country”. I pray every day for the people of this wonderful country to unite and do what is best for this country. I believe most will concede this point. We will pull through these tough times and be who we always have been a strong vibrant country.

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