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  • January 6, 2011

    The McCarthyism Syndrome

    I should post more articles by Steven Plaut. He is a tireless worker for Israel. He is Israel’s David Horowitz. In this article he describes the recent Bill passed in the Knesset as an act of resistance. The Left describes it as McCarthyism. Plaut started his article by picturing a similar threat to America during WWI to which Israel is now exposed. and imagined the reaction to a similar Bill being passed by both houses.

    A similar situation actually happened after the war under the auspices of the House Committee on Un-American Activities headed by Joseph McCarthy. The primary difference was that the left was much weaker then and was cowed into silence. The main fault of the hearings was that people were accused and convicted without the due process of law. It was a witch hunt. At that time America was threated by a Fifth Column of Communists within and the USSR without.

    Twenty years later America lost the war in Vietnam and the Vietnam Syndrome was born. By virtue of such syndrome, America was gun shy abroad. I remember thinking about the affects of this syndrome and thinking that there was also a McCarthyism Syndrome in America which was much more devastating for the American will. As a result of this Syndrome, America was gun shy at home. We see this in the culture of political correctness which permeates, and in the refusal to stop stealth Islamization and or to plug her porous borders.. America has lost the will to defend itself.

    Thank G-d, Israel is fighting back. Ted Belman

    Zionists Fight Back
    by Steven Plaut

    Try to imagine that in the year 1942, shortly after Pearl Harbor, hundreds of tiny anti-American Non-Government Organizations and political groups were operating inside the United States, receiving huge amounts of financial support from pro-Nazi and pro-Japanese groups from outside the US. Try to imagine that all these pro-Axis activist groups insisted that they were simply human rights watchdogs, acting to protect the human rights of German and Japanese civilians being trampled by Allied troops. Try to imagine that these small anti-American activist groups insisted that they simply seek to force the US to stop behaving immorally and to raise the ethical awareness of Americans and American GI’s.

    And then imagine that the US Senate debated and passed a bill to investigate the funding of pro-Axis NGO’s and activist groups operating inside the US. Imagine then that hundreds of American professors, poets, intellectuals, and journalists denounced the fascist American Senate for stifling free debate and for attempting to squash American dissent in order to hide American war crimes against German and Japanese civilians.

    Well, if you can imagine all that, you have an accurate picture of Israel this week. Yesterday the Knesset passed by a wide majority (41-17) a bill submitted to it by a Knesset Member from Lieberman’s Israel Beiteinu.

    Details of the assault against the bill from the Far Left are strong>here:
    The details of the vote are here:

    The Arab fascist parties in the Knesset together with Meretz voted against the bill. I could not find in the media how the Labor Party MK’s and Kadima MK’s voted. The anti-Israel extremist groups, from B’tselem to Yesh Din to the pro-terror “Alternative Information Center” are all soiling themselves. These are “human rights watchdogs” that have never heard of any human right that Jews are entitled to, and do not consider the right to live without being murdered by terrorists to be a human right. The only human rights they are concerned with are the human rights of Palestinian genocidal murderers to massacre as many Jews as they wish to express their grievances. Naturally, these “human rights activists” also are all in favor of the human rights of foreign “anarchist” anarcho-fascists to attack Israeli troops and police violently.

    The Knesset bill specifically seeks to target anti-Israel Israelis who are involved in the campaigns to get Israeli military officers indicted as “war criminals” before European kangaroo courts. Since many of those involved in such activities are tenured Israeli “academics,” such as Ben Gurion University’s Neve Gordon, the bill can also be understood as a counterstrike against the academic fifth column.

    And so the Israeli Fascist Left is hysterical – screaming about McCarthyism in unison.

    This courageous act of Zionist resistance against the entrenched Israeli Leftist Ascendancy is one of the most important victories in the past two decades! A great deal of the credit for it belongs to the wonderful and courageous Prof. Gerald Steinberg, who set up and runs NGO-Monitor, which exposes the seditious activities of radical NGO’s inside and outside Israel and tracks their funding. Even more impressive is that Steinberg does this while putting himself on the front lines against Israel’s academic fifth column. As someone whose career places him inside the world of Israeli academics, he attracts enormous flack against himself from the Tenured Left. Who better than me knows what happens to such an insider daring to speak out against the Tenured Left!!!

    You can send Steinberg and NGO Monitor a Yasher Koach here.

    Haaretz is soiling itself in rage at the “McCarthyism.” This is the same Haaretz that, together with the rest of the Israeli ultra-Left, cheers on every single suppression of freedom of speech of non-leftists, demands that non-leftists be indicted for “racism” and “incitement” whenever they utilize their freedom of speech, led the McCarthyism against all non-Leftists after the Rabin assassination – accusing all non-leftists of being murderers, cheers every single indictment of Rabbis for making “racist” statements, every single arrest of Kahanists, every single act of leftist censorship inside Israeli universities, every single act of harassment by Israeli leftists of non-leftist students.

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  • Posted by Ted Belman @ 9:59 pm | 5 Comments »

    5 Comments to The McCarthyism Syndrome

    1. keelie says:

      This is the same Haaretz that, together with the rest of the Israeli
      ultra-Left, cheers on every single suppression of freedom of speech of
      non-leftists, demands that non-leftists be indicted for “racism” and
      “incitement” whenever they utilize their freedom of speech…

      This is because the leftists are on higher moral ground than we violent, stupid, greedy fascists… Wait a minute!!!! Isn’t this what’s considered “inversion”?

    2. BlandOatmeal says:

      You’ve lost me, with all this “Right” and “Left” business. Last night, I saw a discussion about that Pakistani lawman who was murdered for speaking against Sharia Law. He was called a “Liberal”, and his killers were called the “Religious Right”. I’m a Bible-believing Republican, so I imagine I’ve been grouped with the “Religious Right”. Strange, isn’t it? I don’t have any urge to kill people for opposing Sharia. I heard that the McCarthy hearings were, essentially, Anti-Semitic, based on the premise that Commie = “leftist” = Jew. Inversion? Conversion? Perversion? Work it out among yourselves, and tell me when it’s over.

    3. Paul says:

      Joseph McCarthy was a scumbag. He didn’t care or know anything about communists in US government or anywhere else. But he did know that there was a knee-jerk public reaction on the issue and it was a sure thing for manipulating the public. The whole idea of “McCarthyism” or “witch hunts” is not whether the accused is innocent as much as it is public reaction. The accusation is so inflammatory that it doesn’t matter whether the accused in guilty or not, the public reaction is all that is really desired. This is the same public chemistry that drives pograms, except the target of a pogram is predetermined. It is a strictly anti-semitic act, but the social mechanisms are the same.

      Sure the “left” in Israel makes the accusation, but once again, the guilt of the target is not as important as the public reaction. Yes, the accusation of “McCarthyism” can work just like McCarthyism itself.

    4. Michael says:

      Dear Republican Friend (BlandOatmeal)
      The BIG differences between your (sorry to say WRONG conclusion and the article) are mainly those:
      The commies or 2our” israli leftists are making or trying hard to make some ECONOMIC BIG DAMMAGE like ECONOMIC and Scientific / Academical boicott of Israel. One killed in Pakistan for an anti defamation law of islam doesn’t do that. He was born Muslim and now, after learning to read and speaking some other language (Islam mainly DOESN’T encourage foreign languages diffusion), now, this man writes against the Peace Religion and was killed. In Israel people like in US CHOOSED to come for their good reasons. Some tiny many organizations paid with EUROPEAN, IRAN, SAUDI and HEZBOLLAH moneys (oil money), speaks and try to damage the State ECONOMICALLY. This is FIFTH column, all of them deserves death, I may take care to shot the Jews of them. (I’m JEW). People who doesn’t like Israel but choosed to come are like the nazi fifth coloumn in US during the WWII. They damage those who WANT to stay and LOVE THE TRUTH and FIGHT TO LIVE. YOU may do the same in another way in US, you may wish to EXPELL to their PARADISE countries ALL people that come to US to find a better country and now they call for strange Human Rights. The same applies to Britain, today an Islam land of Europe, full of Islamic radical TERRORISTS. This because what that mainly do doesn’t damage you and the majority economically, as it MAY happen with the fifth column in Israel. As far as you may remind me the osenberg case, I’ll tell you two things. I don’t remeber well if they were or not guilty for unveiling the secrets to USSR, but if they DID, they DESERVED death on the spot.
      My best wishes,
      Michael Grussman

    5. Lou says:

      The Israel far left are angry enlists who do everything they can to undermine Israel’s credibility and Israel’s security. They don’t seem to realize the consequences to them will be the same as every Israeli if they are successful. Challenging their agenda is long over due and legislation to protect Israel sovereignty from the hate speech these radicals claim as free speech is necessary. The haaretz cabal imagines they are sitting on the Left Bank sharing glib stories instead of being in the sights of neighbors who have 7th century tribal values that focus on death and domination. Please get this legislation passed.
      By the way, McCarthy might have been slimey, but it doesn’t take away from the fact many of his targets were communists with an agenda.