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  • February 18, 2011

    The Rape of Lara Logan Made Simple

    by Bill Levinson

    A picture is worth any number of words:

    The Militant Islamic Mad Brute

    The bottom line is that a gang of primitive militant “Muslims” saw an attractive woman, became sexually aroused, and could not restrain their primitive urges. They doubtlessly found it useful, though, to rely on “Islamic” teachings that a woman who does not cover her face with a sack is “uncovered meat” (a term they have actually used) whom any male is free to “take.” “The uncovered meat is the problem. If she was in her room, in her home, in her hijab, no problem would have occurred.

    European countries that allow these “Muslim” immigrants to infest their countries are discovering the hard way that their perceived right to rape any woman they please extends to children as well.

    When a country allows rats to infest its cities and countryside or, even worse, imports rats, the results include rat-borne diseases like the Black Plaque as well as the devastation of food supplies with rat droppings. When a country like Sweden imports bipedal rats, the result is a widespread epidemic of violence including rape. Here is a picture of a blonde Swedish girl who was set upon, gang-raped, and beaten to a pulp by militant “Islamic” immigrants.

      Swedish girls Jenny and Linda were on their way to a party on New Year’s Eve when they were assaulted, raped and beaten half to death by four Somali immigrants.

    Intelligent people exclude rats and other vermin from their homes and streets. The gang rape of Linda Logan is yet another example of why civilized countries must exclude militant “Muslims” and hopefully expel those that already infest them. Remember that, while you can take the ape out of the jungle, you cannot take the jungle out of the ape.

  • Posted by Bill Levinson @ 12:58 am | 2 Comments »

    2 Comments to The Rape of Lara Logan Made Simple

    1. Bob says:

      Strong and over the top stuff. But we are not going to win the propaganda war by pussyfooting around.

      Here in the UK, the ex Home Office minister, Jack Straw, said that ‘Asian Sex Gangs’ were trafficking vulnerable teenage girls for years. Thanks Jack, but why didn’t you mention anything about it during the 11 years your party was in power?

      Our politically correct media call them ‘Asian Sex Gangs’ , but isn’t this a smokescreen to disguise what they really are? I prefer the term Islamic Paedophile Networks – it’s a longer but more accurate term because it is not a Hindu or Sikh problem. The Hindus and Sikhs are honorable people.

      Below is a typical report from a tabloid newpaper

      The tragedy is that the media is controlled by the left and tailors every story to fit it’s myth about moderate Islam and the benefits of Islamic immigration, but amongst the people who rub shoulders with muslims on a daily basis, the evidence of our own eyes tells a different story.

      Another problem we have with Pakistani muslims is that because of their centuries old habit of cousins marrying cousins, their IQs are very low. This leaves them unable to deal with the complexities of modern life and having to import authority figures from the arab world to instruct them how to deal with kaffirs.

      The majority of Brits that get the news and info from the Main Stream Media have Zero idea what is going on or the danger they or their offspring are in, and resort to name calling e.g. racists, fascists etc, when someone tells them how it is.

      Ponder on this:
      Francisco Pizzaro the Spanish Conquistador, who conquered the Inca Empire of 30 million people with just 2 boatloads of Spaniards. 632 Spanish soldiers of fortune against 30 million Incas, who had a standing army of 400,000 soldiers.

      We are sleepwalking to civilizational oblivion. Bystanders to our own fate while we listen to the siren voices of the left

    2. Strong and over the top stuff.

      That is by intention. The English language is capable of persuading people at our intellectual level; coarse and crude pictures are the right way to persuade the man in the street and the man in the beer hall.

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