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  • May 7, 2011

    Melanie Phillips takes on PM Cameron

    I also have dealt with Cameron’s remarks in an article I wrote for American Thinker to be published this weekend. I’ll will post it here also. T. Belman

    An open letter to the Rt Hon David Cameron MP
    Thursday, 5th May 2011

    Dear Prime Minister,

    I was interested to read that, when you met Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu this week, you said:

      ‘Britain is a good friend of Israel and our support for Israel and Israel’s security is something I have described in the past, and will do so again, as unshakeable.’

    I wonder, therefore, if you make a habit of threatening your friends? For you also said that unless Israel ‘engages seriously in a meaningful peace process’ with the Palestinian Authority, the more likely it is that Britain will endorse the ‘State of Palestine’ for which the PA is expected to seek recognition at the UN in September.

    This is not the behaviour of a friend so much as the kind of intimidation that is more reminiscent of a Mafia protection racket.

    First of all, you have incomprehensibly decided to pressurise the victim in this conflict to make peace with her aggressor, even though the victim is the one party that constantly tries to make peace while the aggressor does not. It is the PA which has refused to negotiate with Israel, not the other way round, on the spurious grounds that Israeli expansion of Jewish homes beyond the ‘Green Line’ is a bar to negotiations.

    I wonder whether you might explain to both Britain and the Jewish people why you do not insist that Mr Abbas ‘engages seriously in a meaningful peace process’ by unambiguously renouncing – in both English and Arabic – his repeated assertions that his people will never accept Israel as a Jewish state, the casus belli of the entire conflict?

    I wonder also if you might explain to both Britain and the Jewish people why you implicitly endorse the racist ethnic cleansing inherent in the putative ‘State of Palestine’ which the PA says it will declare – a state in which Mr Abbas has repeatedly declared that not one Jew will be allowed to live — but which you have now threatened to support? I’m sure the British people in particular would be interested to know when you decided that racism and ethnic cleansing were part of your modernising programme for the Conservative Party.

    Next, I wonder if you might clarify for us exactly why the British government has welcomed the alliance entered into between Hamas and Mr Abbas’s Fatah, and why you believe that this will advance the cause of peace. As you know, your government still regards Hamas as a terrorist organisation. More than that, Hamas is explicitly committed to the destruction of Israel and the genocide of the Jews, a platform from which is has explicitly stated this week that it will not resile. And as you know, following the killing of Osama bin Laden the leader of Hamas in Gaza, Ismail Haniyeh, condemned the ‘assassination of a Muslim holy warrior’ — while for their part the Al Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades, the terrorist department of the Fatah organisation that you do not appear to think is an obstacle to peace, called bin Laden’s death ‘a catastrophe’ and vowed to step up the jihad to establish the dominance of Islam in the world.

    I’m sure we are all agog to learn why you, a Conservative Prime Minister and the supposed ally of America in the defence of the free world, have chosen not only to applaud and promote a coalition which includes genocidal fanatics who are in bed with both al Qaeda and Iran, but why you are also threatening their victim, Israel, that Britain will endorse a state run by this genocidal coalition unless Israel itself enters into negotiations with it. To carry on with the Mafia analogy, this is akin to threatening someone that if they do not put a gun in their mouth and pull the trigger you will set the Mob on them to achieve the same result.

    I’d be grateful if you could explain to us why you support the killing of the leader of al Qaeda, as well as sanctions against Iran on the grounds that both represent an unconscionable threat to the free world, and yet at the same time demand of Israel that it makes concessions to a coalition made up of the allies of Iran and al Qaeda. I’m sure we’d all like to know, if this is how you treat your ‘friends’, how you would treat your enemies.

    I realise, Prime Minister, that before you achieved high office your knowledge of and interest in foreign affairs was hovering around the zero mark. As a result, it is likely that your only knowledge of the Middle East comes from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, which has a history of virulent antagonism towards the Jewish people. I would also expect, however, that you have an eye to your own place in history, and that you would probably like to be viewed by future generations as the British Prime Minister who stood shoulder to shoulder with the victims of genocidal aggression against their destroyers, rather than the other way round.

    If you are to get this the right way round and thus avoid such posthumous infamy, it is vital that you come to realise the key point about the Middle East impasse. To arrive at a solution, it is imperative first of all correctly to identify the problem. The problem in the Middle East is not the absence of a state of Palestine. Were that the case, the problem would have been resolved when such a state was first mooted long before World War Two. The problem is instead that the Arabs wish to destroy the State of Israel. The solution, therefore, is to stop them from continuing to try to do so. And to achieve that, it is essential that the west stop rewarding them for their attempts.

    For the single most important reason for the never-ending nature of the Middle East impasse is that, uniquely, for more than nine decades the west has rewarded the Arab aggressors and punished their Jewish victims. And from the start, the western leader of this infernal process, I’m afraid to say, was Britain.

    It was the British who, out of sheer breathtaking malice against the Jewish people, first incited the (hitherto mainly benignly disposed) Arabs against the Jews returning to their ancestral homeland in Palestine in the early years of the 20th century. It was the British who set out to undermine and reverse their own government’s policy to re-establish the Jewish national home in the land of Israel. It was the British who reneged on their internationally binding treaty obligation to settle the Jews throughout Palestine – including the areas currently known as the ‘West Bank’ and Gaza – with the result that they kept out desperate Jews trying to flee Nazi Europe, causing thousands to be murdered in the Holocaust. At the same time, they encouraged Arab immigration from neighbouring countries and turned a blind eye to the pogroms carried out by these Arab newcomers against the Jews whose land it was supposed to be –thus laying the groundwork for the false claim that the Arabs were the rightful inheritors of the land. And all the time, the British cloaked this vicious treachery in the honeyed fiction that they were the true friends of the Jewish people and had their interests at heart.

    The history of the British in this terrible conflict between Jew and Arab is not merely a chronicle of the utmost perfidy and malevolent Judeophobic bigotry. It is also directly responsible for the continuation of the conflict to this day. For Arab aggression against the Jews has been rewarded and encouraged from the start, by robbing the Jews of their rightful inheritance and giving great chunks of it to their aggressors. But if aggressors are rewarded, the inevitable result is more aggression until they achieve their final terrible aim.

    And that very same process is in evidence today, with Britain’s grotesque endorsement this week of the coalition for genocide and your government’s unconscionable pressure upon Israel to negotiate its own destruction with its mortal enemies. Prime Minister, the virus of Judeophobia is now rampant once again throughout Europe – let alone in the Arab and Muslim world. And the fuel for this fire is the set of genocidal falsehoods about the Arab and Muslim war of extermination against Israel, a Big lie which has turned victim into aggressor and vice versa. Appallingly, the British government is helping stoke this vile inferno by endorsing many of these falsehoods — and now, worse still, by actually promoting the coalition of genocide and turning the screw on its victim. The similarities with the 1930s and 1940s are uncanny and horrifying – similarities not just with what was allowed to develop in Europe, but also what happened in Palestine itself, the source of today’s terrible impasse.

    Prime Minister, if you are not very careful indeed history will judge that you re-established a direct line back to the malevolence of the British in Palestine; back to that terrible time when Britain so foully betrayed the Jewish people and became a party to genocide; back to the approach which gave genocidal fanatics hope that victory was within their grasp. To stand up against all this — the defining madness of our times — would demand of you, I know full well, the utmost statesmanship and moral courage. But the alternative is to earn the contempt of decent people everywhere and the scorn of posterity. The choice, Prime Minister, is yours.

    Sincerely, Melanie Phillips

  • Posted by Ted Belman @ 8:34 am | 19 Comments »

    19 Comments to Melanie Phillips takes on PM Cameron

    1. Bill Narvey says:

      We Jews need a lot more Melanie Phillips. I wonder whether Phillips’ letter will even register with PM Campbell? Given that Campbell has admitted openly that multiculturalism has failed in Britain and in saying that, it is common knowledge that he had the British Muslim community in mind, now would perhaps be the best chance that Phillips’ words just might get through to Campbell and he might reverse course to support Britain’s friend Israel and denounce Britain’s enemy, defined by their anti-Western/British beliefs and values, the Palestinians.

    2. Shy Guy says:

      Goodbye Not-So-Great Britain!

      Dead in Pakistan,Alive in London, by Dr. Mordechai Kedar

      That’s the same Dr. Kedar as in this well know clip.

      Wonderful guy!

    3. Ed Katz says:

      In this time where Conservatives are winning elections and turning away all Liberal bull shit, Great Britain is dragging the rest of the free world down the drain. This Conservative government is more like the Nazis than a democracy.

    4. gilie says:

      Wonderful letter, but I fear, too little too late. england was once a great friend to us but since the 1920′s their backs have been turned and their ears closed, hence G-r-e-a-t Britain is now struggling to maintain even it’s little britain status. However would still welcome more voices like this one in support of little yet eternal Israel!!!

    5. Gideon Walters says:

      It happens every time( SEE GENESIS chapter 12 verse 3)—-Those that curse Israel will be cursed (applies to Jews also) and those that bless Israel will be blessed.


    6. jerry says:

      G-d’s wrath is already on England. In the form of the thousands of Muslims there defiling and destroying what was once a powerful (not great) nation.

    7. yamit82 says:

      jerry says:
      G-d’s wrath is already on England. In the form of the thousands of Muslims there defiling and destroying what was once a powerful (not great) nation.

      “Work Now While It Is Called The Day As The Night Cometh Where No Man Can Work!”… And No Woman Either.

    8. Shy Guy says:

      yamit82 says:
      May 8, 2011 at 4:52 pm

      “Work Now While It Is Called The Day As The Night Cometh Where No Man Can Work!”… And No Woman Either.



      Melanie Philips is a treasure and has posted excerpts from my own published articles, including my expose of Britain’s perfidy in 1922 when it tore away all the vast territory of the Palestine Mandate east of the River Jordan and allowed it to become Judenrein. Please see my latest article in the above website. It is titled, Mahmoud Abbas: A wolf in sheep’s clothing.

    10. rongrand says:

      Victor Sharpe says:
      May 8, 2011 at 5:21 pm

      I urged the Israeli government in an article titled – Take Back the Philadelphi Corridor, Israel, and soon -

      Victor what you say makes a lot of sense.

      When will the Israeli leadership wake up to the fact that any deal with the Arab (Muslim) world is a bad deal
      They need to go back to the basics. G-d led the Jewish people back to Israel the Holy Land (from the River Jordan to the Mediterranean, including Gaza, Judia, Samaria,the Sinai and including the Golan Heights [be sure to tell that stupid looking Syrian president they can't have it].

      G-d was there for Israel in the wars to defend her territory.

      G-d is going to be upset with the leadership if they continue to screw up the landscape.

      The leadership needs to stop listening to Washington, G-d isn’t pleased with the present leadership there either.

      Why we continue to elect idiots to lead us is beyond me.

      For one thing, you can’t blame me, I didn’t vote for Mr. Obama (the acorn community organizing pamphlet distributing anti-Semite, pretending to be a Christian [for political reasons] who embraces Islam, an incompetent president).

    11. yamit82 says:

      Unlike America where there seems to be a disconnect between the executive and the American people regarding Israel. the same can’t be said about England. There the government reflects popular opinion re: Israel. So I say F…em! Next to the Nazis and their willing European and American helpers, who but the British should be written in the perfidious history of their relations with Israel and the Jews. No one aided and abetted The Nazi Murder of Jews than the British. Today on the eve on our Memorial day for our fallen and with joyful anticipation of our 63rd year of the 3rd Jewish Commonwealth I can say that our future is brighter and even more secure as a viable nation than England.

      Christian England may read their bibles but they in their arrogance have not understood the main message……Good.

      Why we owe Britain 0000!!!! Stalin in this case Much!!! Even America Screwed us in the end!!!

      Anglo Jewish War 1945 1948 Part 1 of 5

      Anglo Jewish War 1945 1948 Part 2 of 5

      Anglo Jewish War 1945 1948 Part 3 of 5

    12. Bonnie Prince Charlie says:

      Wonderful piece, Melanie (as always). Just a shame that you can’t persuade one of the national publication for whom you write to publish it.

    13. John M Collins says:

      As usual, I agree with most of what Melanie says. She is a gallant fighter for truth. But she goes over the top in relation to the British role in the early 1900s. There is no reason to think that the British fomented the Arab riots of 1920. The problem was their incresingly pusillanimous policy of non-interference with the anti-Jewish Arab movement and finally their caving in to Arab pressure with the approach of the Second World War.

      This is the real problem with Cameron: he cannot be trusted. He will say one thing one day and the exact opposite the next – as Nick Clegg, the Deputy Prime Minister has discovered to his cost. Can you imagine a Prime Minister authorising his party to fund a campaign vilifying his own Deputy Prime Minister?

      One can therefore hope that Netanyahu has treated any toffee he has received from Cameron with the polite cy6nicism it deserves.

    14. steven L says:

      Hi Melanie,
      Great but:

      It is all about oil, oil, oil & money, money, money.
      Jews are expandable.
      Cameron is becoming a “good Muslim Arab”.
      In English they say one thing and in Arabic they say the opposite. The West obstinately refuses to hear the message and wants to get rid of the messenger.
      England “ueber alles”! West “ueber alles”! Perfidious who? Albion! France! Germany and others (American left).

      At the end it will be claimed: “It is the economy! Stupid!”

    15. nathan phillips says:


      Unlike America where there seems to be a disconnect between the executive and the American people regarding Israel. the same can’t be said about England. There the government reflects popular opinion re: Israel. So I say F…em!

      Recent polls indicate that the majority of Israelis approve of a two state solution, which connects the people and the executive totally. After all said and done, after years fighting against the whole notion of a Pal state.
      I say……f..em all

    16. Sue says:

      People all over the world have been duped and Islam marches on.
      You give them your land and they take your freedom.
      Wake up Dummies, bot American and Britian and take back the Land and rights. Kick out Sharia law and don’t be afraid of upsetting the Muslims. They sure are not afraid of upseting you.
      They want to rule the World and all that do not bow to Allah will be killed. Wise up.

    17. Hooray for Melanie! But, one very small correction: The Israel government does not seek Palestinian recognition of Israel as “a” Jewish State. Rather, the Israel government requires that a negotiated full-and-final peace treaty include unequivocal recognition of Israel as “the” Jewish State, i.e. as the political expression of the self-determination of the Jewish People in a part of its aboriginal homeland. Talking about “a” Jewish State creares confusion by suggesting that the reference might be primarily to the religion of Judaism, which is certainly not the case in this particular instance. I have explained this distinction between “the” and “a” further at where there is also detailed treatment of the “Aboriginal Rights of the Jewish People.”

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