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May 21, 2011

Foxman is wrong

By Ted Belman

WaPo reports ADL’s Abraham Foxman: Obama didn’t throw Israel under the bus

    “It’s not 1967 borders in the abstract. It’s not an edict. It’s a recommendation of a structure for negotiations.”

Foxman is trying to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. By supporting the Arab position which is also supported by the EU, Obama is confining the limits of negotiation and usurping res 242 which requires negotiations to achieve “secure borders”. He is saying that the Arabs are entitled to the equivalent of “all the territories” rather than some of the territories. This is fundamental. He is also imposing the broad strokes of a solution leaving only details to be negotiated.

Israel is in the driver’s seat. She is in possession. If the Arabs want a state of their own it will have to be on Israel’s terms. Obama is trying to force a solution on Arab terms.

Obama’s statement shouldn’t be viewed in isolation. Recently Britain and France threatened Israel that if she didn’t agree to negotiate on ’67 lines, they would recognized Palestine in ’67 borders. Obama weighed in on their side. To be fair, Obama is also against recognition by the UN preferring negotiations.

I have written in the past that the reason he takes this position is because he wants to keep Israel shackled by Oslo while the world pressures Israel to give in on negotiations. Israel has threatened to abort Oslo if there is such a recognition. This would liberate her to annex more lands.

Obama doesn’t want this to happen. He will try to convince the EU of this danger.

Israel must be free to argue it needs the Jordan as its eastern border. So its more than negotiating tactics. Israel will never accept that she must return 100% of the land. Res 242 doesn’t require it.

Posted by Ted Belman @ 12:54 pm | 6 Comments »

6 Responses to Foxman is wrong

  1. The Democratic Party is more important to Foxman than the ADL’s mission. He proved that when he whitewashed’s anti-Semitic hate speech and then legitimized the vicious racist and anti-Semite Al Sharpton by issuing a joint statement with him. Foxman is nothing more than a kapo, the difference in a genuine kapo’s favor being that he often had a gun to his head (literally) and had no choice but to use his Jewish identity to help people who wanted to kill Jews. Foxman is also one step short of a Holocaust denier as shown by his actions on the Armenian genocide issue; I say “one step short” because he didn’t go so far as to actually deny that any Armenians were killed by the Turks.

  2. yamit82 says:

    Abu Foxman staying in character should surprise no-one. Anyway who cares what this self-serving, Mosque supporter, ex-Jew says? Except for a small circle of elderly NY Jews who may remember him when ADL was part of Bnei Brith. If anyone really wants to get a handle on Foxman just follow the money. Foxman supports the positions of those who finance his enterprise and multimillion dollar lifestyle.

    Ignore him he will die in due time from advanced age and if we are lucky some help from nature.

    No, I’m not a nice guy. I wish all enemies of Jews and Israel a speedy and if possible a painful death.

  3. yamit82 says:

    REWARDING EVIL… Obama Gifts Hamas With Most Sacred Sites of Christianity
    Posted by Jim Hoft on Friday, May 20, 2011, 5:37 AM

    The Palestinian Hamas and Fatah terrorist factions signed a truce on Wednesday May 4, 2011. Neither of the terror factions recognize Israel and neither terror organization has plans to reject terrorist activities against the Jewish people.

    In recognition of this terrorist truce, Barack Obama yesterday gave the Palestinian people Old Jerusalem. Old Jerusalem contains the most sacred holy sites of Christianity. Read Full article

  4. shmulik says:

    Foxman is the perfect “court Jew”.

  5. not one inch says:

    Foxman is judenrat par exelance
    who ever voted for him to be leader of
    American Jewery anyway?

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