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  • August 19, 2011

    US Foreign Aid to the PA – Counterproductive

    Ambassador (ret.) Yoram Ettinger, “Second Thought”
    “Israel Hayom” Newsletter, August 19, 2011

    The US Administration is trying to reassure Congress that foreign aid to the Palestinian Authority (PA) is a key to peaceful coexistence with Israel.

    However, a current study of Abu Mazen’s and Salam Fayyad’s school text books – conducted by veterans of Israel’s Intelligence community – reaffirms that the $4 billion US foreign aid to the Palestinian Authority has been counter-productive. It has not inclined Palestinians towards peaceful coexistence, and it has not moderated Palestinian terrorism. In fact, since the 1994 inception of foreign aid to the Palestinian Authority, Palestinian terrorism has escalated, Palestinian non-compliance has become pervasive and support of peace among Palestinians has ebbed.

    The study reconfirms that Palestinian school text books lay the groundwork for the next wave of Palestinian terrorism (Intifada); encourage Palestinian mothers to dedicate their children to suicide-bombing (“martyrdom”); idolize Jihad (“holy war”), bloodshed and families of suicide-bombers; promote the Palestinization of pre-1967 Israel as the overriding national goal; define Israel’s establishment as an immoral and illegitimate act to be rescinded; eliminate any reference to Jewish roots within pre-1967 Israel; are devoid of any reference to peaceful coexistence; are consistent with the PLO’s Palestinian Covenant which calls for the annihilation of Israel; delegitimize the existence – and not just the size – of the Jewish State; and cement the state of mind of the Palestinian society.

    For example, “Our Beautiful Language” (7th grade, part 2, pp. 11-13): “We shall sow Palestine with [martyrs'] skeletons and skulls; we shall paint the face of Palestine with blood, but Palestine shall wash our face with heavenly water.…” “Our Beautiful Language” (7th grade, part 1,pp 28-29): “We are returning home to the plains and the mountains [of pre-1967 Israel], led by Jihad flags, by bloody struggles and by the willingness to sacrifice ourselves as martyrs….” “Islam” (8th grade, p. 46): The relevance to contemporary reality of historic Islamic conquests, including the 7th century victory over the Jewish tribe, Banu Qunaika, which was “slaughtered, raped and imprisoned.” “Our Beautiful Language” (8th grade, part 1): “Our beloved Palestine is calling me; the orphaned cities [in pre-1967 Israel] yearn for me to return and rectify the [1948] blunder with storms and lightning….” “Islamic Studies” (8th grade, part 2 pp 62-75): “Jihad reserves a key role for youngsters, just like those who sought martyrdom during the days of the Prophet Muhammed….”

    Over $4 billion of US taxpayers’ money has been transferred to the Palestinian Authority, which has transformed its systems of Abu Mazen-controlled education, media and mosques into manufacturing lines of hatred, incitement, terrorism and suicide-bombing.

    Thus, while it is illegal for Congress to appropriate funds to hate-education in the USA, Congress has annually funded Abu Mazen’s hate-education.

    In 1994, Arafat assigned his loyal confidant of 50 years, Abu Mazen to establish the Palestinian hate-education system. Since January 2005 – upon replacing Arafat, and irrespective of his moderate style – Abu Mazen has perpetuated the anti-Jewish, anti-Israel and anti-US hate-education.

    Inspired by his holocaust denial Ph.D. from Moscow University, the Abu Mazen system has promoted Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” and the Soviet anti-Semitic “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion”, which are best-sellers in the PA.

    Thanks to foreign aid, Abu Mazen and Salam Fayyad authorize monthly allowances to families of “martyrs”/terrorists. They pay condolences visits to families of suicide bombers and name soccer tournaments, summer camps, streets and squares after notorious terrorists.

    Abu Mazen’s and Fayyad’s educational legacy – and not their dialogue with Israeli and Western leaders and journalists – reflects most authentically their identity, ideology, strategy and vision.

    Sustaining foreign aid to the PA would convince Abu Mazen that he can get away with hate-education and even be rewarded for it.

    However, suspending foreign aid would express Congressional conviction that hate-education on the one hand and peace and democracy on the other hand constitute an outrageous oxymoron.

  • Posted by Ted Belman @ 2:45 pm | 2 Comments »

    2 Comments to US Foreign Aid to the PA – Counterproductive

    1. Jerry says:

      Please! US aid to the Palestinians is not counterproductive. Aid policies are designed specifically to build and maintain the conflict by artificially propping up an artificial state that opposes Israel. The goal of American and European policy toward Israel is to destroy its viability or its actuality – either will do.

      If America wished to end the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, it would stop giving money to the Palestinians. In three months they would collapse as a functional entity and individuals would slowly reconcile with Israel or move.

      Why? There is a primitive feeling among sophisticated statesmen that a peaceful Jewish state would quickly become a threat to America and Europe by presenting a successful alternative to their current styles of governance. They will not allow a happy, growing, unself-conscious Jewish state to exist. In simple terms, they are jealous. And to satisfy that jealousy, they are willing to see both Jews and Arabs die.

    2. Jerry says:

      After a careful 10-seconds of thought, I realize that there are “secondary gains” to maintaining the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. Israel represents a source of income to the American defense industry. Israel also represents a source of innovation in the military field that permits progress in American defense either directly through acquisition or indirectly through the development of American defense products by the same firms. Think Arrow!

      Again, in terms of secondary gain, Israel allows America to operate as the influential go-between, thus increasing American status among the Arabs. Only America can deliver Israel!

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