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  • March 5, 2007

    The US Government with NATO joins the Jihad on Kosovo!

    By Felix Quigley

    The United Nations emissary of Finnish and Common Market origins has yesterday reported back. He has in effect made Kosovo an independent state and separated it forever from Serbia. From now on it will be a crime to be a Serb, a Jew, or a Romany in Kosovo. Kosovo will be ruled by a Fascist, Islamist and brutal regime and the future for Muslim Kosovons will be more destitution, more brutality and the complete imprisonment of the mind by the “ideas” of Islamofascism. What a future the US cum EU Empiricists have managed to map out for this once beautiful land of beautiful Serbian people!

    So, it looks as if the Serbs divided as ever have lost out once more to the US led EU NATO juggernaut.

    This EU “emissary” has reported back and has opened the door to Serbia losing Kosovo forever and it being drafted onto Albania, so fulfilling one of the long-time ambitions of the Islamofascist Jihad. It is like America losing Maryland or Pennsylvania where the first Pilgrim Fathers landed and where great battles in the American War of Independence were fought.

    So what then is Kosovo today? This was a report from a group called Amnesty International, no friend of the Serbs or the Jews, but even they cannot escape the reality:

    “A friend introduced me to a woman in Chiinu, she offered me a job abroad and said she would prepare a passport for me, for free. I asked if the job was sex related and she promised that it was not.”(1)

    “I was beaten and I was forced to have sexual intercourse… if we were not willing, they just beat us and raped us.”(2)

    “Even in cold weather I had to wear thin dresses … I was forced by the boss to serve international soldiers and police officers … I have never had a chance of running away and leaving that miserable life, because I was observed every moment by a woman.”(3)

    Trafficking of women for forced prostitution is an abuse of human rights, not least the right to physical and mental integrity. It violates the rights of women and girls to liberty and security of person, and may even violate their right to life. It exposes women and girls to a series of human rights abuses at the hands of traffickers, and of those who buy their services. It also renders them vulnerable to violations by governments which fail to protect the human rights of trafficked women.(4)

    Amnesty International considers the trafficking of women for the purposes of forced prostitution to be a widespread and systematic violation of the human rights of women.(5)

    Since the deployment in July 1999 of an international peacekeeping force (KFOR) and the establishment of the United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) civilian administration, Kosovo(6) has become a major destination country for women and girls trafficked into forced prostitution. Women are trafficked into Kosovo predominantly from Moldova, Bulgaria and Ukraine, the majority of them via Serbia. At the same time, increasing numbers of local women and girls are being internally trafficked, and trafficked out of Kosovo.

    Bat Yeor got it wrong. She termed the title of Eurabia to show the joining together of the European ruling class with the Islamofascist Jihad. Ine of the appearances of the Jihad is that it is directed against America, the “Great Satan”. What Kosovo proves is that to be complete Bat Yeor’s phrase should be augmented by another, and that is Usrabia because the driving force behind the Greater Albania first Fascist and now Islamofascist Jihadist project has been the US ruling class of Bush Snr, Clinton and now Bush Jnr.

    And this means essentially that it is time for Jews to choose.

    In another sense this takeover of Kosovo is part of the whole crisis in the system, the capitalist system, which cannot solve any of the basic problems of any section of humanity.

    On an environmental level the technology has been created by the genius of scientific man, witness the development in recent months of solar panels which can provide totally natural power, with no side effects on Global Warming. Instead we are attached to the oil conglomerates if we wish to keep warm in the winter and move about the place. All in the interest of the domineering oil profit motive.

    The same crisis works through into countries like Albania. This dirt poor country proved that the Stalinist project that it was possible to build socialism in a single country, cut off from the World Market, was a reactionary pipe-dream, and they were overthrown in “democratic” elections and replaced by prostitute rings and smugglers in human beings, many of whom are wandering now the streets of Madrid, London and Hamburg stealing and molesting the traditional coffee-drinkers and ordinary native pedestrians of those places. Capitalism has created a nation of transient scavengers, and no mobile or wallet of the innocent hard-working coffee drinker is safe anymore!

    Albania and Kosovo is the classic example of economics meets crime meets demographics meets greedy expansion and takeover. This is Jihad in action!

    The Albanian women, who are repressed like animals by their Islamist men, folk find no other alternative and adopt the lifestyle of homebuilding and assiduous procreation at the expense of the Serbs, Gypsies and Jews of Kosovo. In this way they use their power of sex as central in the whole Jihadist project. This repression in the home which is integral to Islam had the effect throughout Yugoslavia of making the women even more cruel and ruthless to the Serbs, and indeed towards peaceful Muslims, than their men. In the end they took to outbreeding the Serbs with gusto!

    But the big lesson is still not that. For Jews the big lesson is the role in this Jihad of the US Governments over the past 20 years and counting.

    People say that the Islamofascist Jihad is against America. This is not the whole picture. In this case the Jihad was against the Serbs and the Christian Orthodox religion of the Serbs and of the Russians. This particular Jihad of the Albanians came onto the historical scene as an ally of the US against the Serbs, Russians, Socialism and Communism.

    It was the bombing of Yugoslavia, the break-up of Yugoslavia, the EU and US led NATO invasion of Kosovo that allowed this to happen; because the Fascists and killers of the KLA moved in along with the NATO forces. Then followed the massive ethnic-cleansing of the Serbs, Gypsies (Romany people) and the remains of Kosovon Jewry. Something indeed that every US person should be proud of, don’t you think!

    The strategy was especially simple, so much so that even a child could see it.

      • Start with the Big Lie. The Serbs as a nation are evil and are indeed are the new Nazis. Send out reporting teams from organizations like ITN and the BBC to manufacture evidence of Serb concentration camps to show they were Nazis. Have reporters on every news item on the box make reference to the Serbs being the new Nazis.

      • Meanwhile plans are laid in the corridors of power, in the CIA, in the US State, in the Presidents Office, in the EU bureaucracy, in the rich public relations firms, plans which are well hidden from the general public behind that Big Lie propaganda on the box.

      • Then the execution. The massive force of NATO is moved in against this small Serbian country of some 8 million souls.

      • And the decisive factor. The Russians have had their own counter-revolution, not revolution, and there is an uncertain, dependent client state in power in that great country, and it is no longer the natural ally of the Serbs. The Chinese squeak powerlessly in the background, Confucius style, rationalising their own money-grabbing and insular existence. Serbia is like a turkey being plucked for Christmas dinner!

    The leading role of the US Governments in all of this, well documented by Emperors New Clothes, has a sub-text that we must revise Bat Yeor’s term of Eurabia and add Usrabia. The US has led this particular Islamist Jihad!

    We are now ready to pronounce the major law of the US ruling governments and the Islamist Jihad:

      When it comes to an attack on communism, or on any independent state which may stand in the road of oil profits and US power in the world as a whole, then this US ruling class will join with the Islamofascists in Jihad.

    Why the US is connected to the Islamofascist Jihad, and not as most think simply its victim, is a matter for exploring in more depth on another day. But if the US ruling class keeps open the door to its cooperation with Jihad then this is connected intimately to George Bush Jnr’s concept of Islam as a religion of peace. Even as the smoke was rising from the Twin Towers Bush was saying this, that Islam was not in essence Jihadist, so keeping the doors and his options open. The Serbs have paid a dear price for that. In the space of some 90 years a whole country Kosovo has changed its demographics. It was 90 per cent Serbian, 10 per cent Albanian. Now it is the exact reverse and the 10 per cent is holed up in ghettoes, and like Israel and the Jews in the Middle East the Islamists will never be content until there is no Serb presence at all in Kosovo. Then next step Serbia itself! That is how the Jihad works, is it not, so time for all on Israpundit to come clearly off the fence as far as the US and Yugoslavia is concerned.

    Kosovo was not just part of Serbia. Kosovo was Serbia. It was the very centre of Serbian culture and historical being. Jews should take note of this experience remembering what traitors are preparing to do with the centre of their culture, Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria.

    Now the intent of the US and EU is clear. Make Kosovo totally Jihadist but create a fig-leaf and the pretence that the rights of the Serb minority are safeguarded. Like safeguarding the rights of the Protestants in Ireland, the Spanish in the Basque country or the Jews in the Middle East! Fat chance! As far as the terrorists are concerned these are all turkeys ready for the plucking!

    Hail the new US of Arabia and the Jihadists Big Friend!

  • Posted by Felix Quigley @ 6:17 pm | 84 Comments »

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