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  • October 1, 2011

    U.S. blocks $200 million in aid to Palestinian Authority

    Funding stopped by three congressional committees in response to UN statehood bid

    PA calls move ‘collective punishment.’
    By Haaretz

    The United States Congress has blocked nearly $200m in aid to the Palestinians, the U.K’s Independent newspaper reported on Saturday.

    The aid, which was destined for projects related to food aid, health care, and state building efforts, was to have been transferred to the Palestinian Authority during the U.S. fiscal year that ends today, according to the report.

    However, following what the Independent described as an “unpublicized block” imposed on funding to the Palestinians since August this year, in response to the Palestinian bid for statehood at the UN, the remainder of the aid allocated to the Palestinian Authority for the current financial year will not be transferred.

    The Independent reported that the block by three Congressional committees has been in force since August 18, when it was formally notified that USAID, the U.S. government aid agency, wanted to transfer the remaining $192m funding for the current fiscal year.

    Obama’s administration is unable to commit further funding to the Palestinian Authority unless it persuades Congress to lift the freeze, according to the report.

    The decision was strongly condemned by the Palestinian Authority on Friday, the Independent said.

    Ghassan Khatib, chief spokesman for the Palestinian Authority said on Friday that, “this is not constructive at all. Such moves are unjustified,” the Independent reported.

    “These are mainly humanitarian and development projects, it is another kind of collective punishment which is going to harm the needs of the public without making any positive contribution,” the Independent reported him as saying.

    There have been demands in Congress throughout the year to withhold funding to the Palestinian Authority if it pursues the UN route to statehood. Rep. Gary Ackerman, member of the House Subcommittee on the Middle East and South Asia, said on Monday at a gathering of Congressmen and leaders of Jewish organizations outside the United Nations headquarters in New York that “there may need to be a total cutoff of all aid to the Palestinians for pursuing this course of action which is very dangerous and ill advised.”

    Resolution 268, passed by a majority in the Congress in July, urged the Obama administration to suspend financial assistance to the PA if it pushed for a UN vote on recognition of statehood, and called for a renewal of direct talks with Israel and the Palestinians.

    The UN Security Council panel on admitting new members to the United Nations met on Friday for the first time on the Palestinian bid to join the world body as Palestinians lobbied council members for support.

    The United Nations panel responsible for admitting new members will likely mull the Palestinian statehood application for several weeks before making a decision, diplomatic sources said Friday.

    The general consensus at the United Nations headquarters in New York is that the panel discussions over the Palestinian application for full membership will continue to deliberate over technical matters as long as the U.S., European Union and the Quartet are leading efforts to renew negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

    According to diplomatic sources, the U.S. and its Western allies have a special interest in ‘dragging’ the debate on, with the purpose of giving their efforts vis-à-vis Israel and the Palestinian Authority a fighting chance.

  • Posted by Ted Belman @ 7:56 pm | 35 Comments »

    35 Comments to U.S. blocks $200 million in aid to Palestinian Authority

    1. That’s $200 million more that can be used to offset our deficit, or help American families instead of terrorist savages.

    2. BlandOatmeal says:

      Ghassan Khatib, chief spokesman for the Palestinian Authority said on Friday that, “this is not constructive at all. Such moves are unjustified,”

      That’s pretty uppity talk, for a beggar. The pals would do well to hire one of our homeless beggars from Oregon. They have more finesse.

    3. Steve Katz says:

      The $200 billion is a drop in the bucket to the other hundreds of billions that have been give to them that has been squandered on weapons and graft rather than on building a society based on peaceful processes. It’s time we cut off ALL their funding.

    4. warmonger says:

      Good. Its fruitless to fight a war when you are also lining the pockets of your enemy.

    5. yamit82 says:

      But…Israel pays them 500 million Shekels a month (6 billion per year) $$1.7 billion.

      So it is really Israel that is the main supporter of the PA Kleptocracy terrorists and not America. I wouldn’t be shocked if Israel made up the difference.

    6. Alan says:

      @Bill – You were reading my mind! :)

    7. Alan says:

      This is something that should have been done 3 years ago when Obama and Shillary demanded more aid to the scum, and the traitorious Dems in Congress were only all too willing to support, even JINO Dems!

      Of course the Senate Democrats and Obama will try to stop this – but if they do, I sure hope that the Republicans will use it as a campaign issue…as Americans suffer and struggle, Obama and the Democrats finance their friends who celebrated 9/11.

    8. Alan says:

      Maybe the Israelis will finally get some common sense. But as long as the Baraks, Livnis, and Yishais sit in government, fat chance of that happening.

    9. s e clemons says:

      its about time. maybe this will stop abbas from sending our dollars to hamas in gaza, and paying terrorists in israel’s jails. and since there was enough money for these two distributions, there should be enough left for their so called “humanitarian” needs

    10. Catarin says:

      I haven’t read or heard about this on the news. It seems to have been kept a secret. Yes, we need this money in America. Homelessness is spreading to the suburbs. Shelters and food banks could use this money!

      What have the Arab Palestinians ever given back to Israel? They take and take and take, yet never think of ways they could placate Israel, and without Israel’s help, I don’t think they can have a successful state. Relinquishing Jerusalem to Israel and the Christians would go a long way to bring harmony. I don’t want Arabs to rule East Jerusalem. Neither do many Arabs living there. The problems this will cause will be monumental. There was a group working on a list of all the land over the centuries Arabs had stolen from Jews. Anyone know the latest on this?

      In Friday’s New York Times an article said that the newly liberated Arab Spring countries are having deep discussions over how Islamic their new governments, ensuring the rights of individuals, should be. They want a balance of a secular and Islamic government, a bit like Turkey. Some Egyptians said Arabia is not an Islamic government. It’s a totalitarian state.

      I have to hand it to Arabia’s King Abdullah to bring about changes for women, even if it will be slow. Saudi women will have the right to vote in 2015 and participate in other ways. I swear the slits in their veils are getting narrower and narrower. I wonder how many accidents this causes. King Abdullah did forbid the ten lashes a woman was going to receive for driving.

    11. warmonger says:

      Catarin. Relinquish Jeruselem to WHO??? Gentlemen this IS WAR…STAND UP AND FIGHT!

    12. Catarin says:

      By Christians I meant they should have some say over their religious sites. I think it’s a good idea to stand up for Christian rights too. That’s more people to stand against the Islamists.

    13. warmonger says:

      Catarin. WHY do Christians even have religious sites in Israel in the first place? The Christians OWE it to the Jews to be on the front line.

    14. Catarin says:

      I have been trying to find out what happened to the voice of the Christians. You would think that with all the churches in Jerusalem and Israel they would be trying to push the Arabs back. Years ago the Vatican complained about Christians being pushed out of the West Bank, but I don’t hear an outcry about Arabs taking over the Mount of Olives (Yes, I know this is also a Jewish site but it became famous as the place where Jesus gathered his followers). But there’s not a word from them that I have read. I wish someone could explain this to us. In Bethlehem I know there are Christians who are friends with Muslims there, because a Muslim family has the keys to the Church of the Nativity and has for centuries.

    15. warmonger says:

      Maybe its because the Christians are on the wrong track. Perhaps they are still foolish enough to believe they can WIN the Arabs. God scoffs and laughs at the puny plans of man.

    16. dweller says:

      “I have been trying to find out what happened to the voice of the Christians… “

      Pali Christians are dhimmi Christians — and the fewer of them that remain to face the Muslims, the MORE dhimmi they become.

      Their faith increasingly becomes more & more a matter of culture — less and less a matter of conviction.

      They’re hanging on by their fingernails. . . .

    17. Clinton says:

      Good I am happy they cut off 200 million to the plo, I am tired of my tax dollars going to a terrorist organization and muslim terrorists, I say cut off all funding to the plo, not a cent, we could use that money to help our own in America with building new low income housing apts, food assistance healthcare and etc and use some of the money to help Israel, the plo can go to hell as far as I am concerned

    18. Alan says:

      @Clinton and others…

      Remember who gave them the 1.4 Billion in the first place. Obama, Shrillary, almost all the nice little Dems including most of the JINO Libs…maybe one or two Republicans. ALL OF THE REPUBLICANS IN CONGRESS AND MOST IN THE SENATE save, unbelieveably Bob Corker of Tennessee, who made a lame excuse…voted AGAINST giving the Palys aid in the past – now that they control Congress it will be a given.

      Trouble is, Senator Dems like Patty Murray, Chuckie Schumer, Boxer, Feinstein, Durbin, Wyden, Sherrod Brown, Kerry, Pruneface Harry Reid and others will keep funding them UNTIL WE VOTE THEM OUT OF OFFICE.

      Who loves the Palestinian terrorists? The American Democratic Party. Who stands with Israel, the American Republican Party. Your choice, come next year.

    19. Clinton says:

      Alan I totally agree with u, I have been dead set against giving the plo and our enemies any funds period, I have thru the years emailed, called and sent letters and signed petitions demanding to our politicians in washington to stop giving our tax dollars to the plo and our enemies I have even talked to them our politicians right to the face and told them to stop funding our enemies, it boggles my mind why our congress keeps funding our enemies, its like Helllllllooooo why do we keep giving to our enemies who just want to blow us off the map, if I had terrorists come to my home and attack my home, me and my family I certainly will not say o here is some money to buy arms to attack me and my family and home more, as I said the plo which I call them sob can go straight to hell

    20. Catarin says:

      You are generalizing too much. And it’s scary if you think the Republican party is so great. Obama supports Israel. It may be his big crime is to try and make peace in the Middle East.

    21. Clinton says:

      I disagree, I am not saying the Republican Party is great, I dont believe that Obama supports Israel at all, Obama just tries to make it appear he does, it is just smoke and mirrors with Obama

    22. Alan says:

      As usual, Catarin, we get shill and…well, I promised Ted I’d be “nice” to you. But you are truly one ignorant woman.

      Obama IS NOT A FRIEND OF ISRAEL and here’s the kicker. HE’S NEVER BEEN A FRIEND OF ISRAEL NOR OF JEWS unless they subscribe to his Chi-town Leftard philosophies, i.e., putting Liberalism above Judaism. The record speaks for itself. His friends – Jeremiah Wright, Ayers, Khalidi, Zbig Brezinzski; his appointees – Chuck Hagel, Samantha Power, Rob Malley, RINOS Gates and Jones, Shrillary, Biden, yes, even Leon the Louse Panetta, all either at the very least moral equalizers who compare Israel with Hamas, or worse, downright Anti-Semites (just like him). And the “Jews” who serve him. Hmmmm, Dennis Ross, perhaps the less obnoxious of the bunch and a former Baker (F the Jews) boychik; Dan Shapiro, a political hack, Emanuel, Axelrod, Booby Wexler, Alan So-Low, a fat establishment JINO pig, Jeremy Ben-Ami, the head of the notorious anti-Israel J Street, Ira Forman, another political hack, and of course Nazi collaborator George Soros. Not one of the latter bunch I’d consider either to be good Jews or advocates for Israel. NOT ONE.

      The policies too, of the last three years speak for themselves. He only is changing his tune specifically (i.e., the UN speech) because the writing is on the wall after New York 9th – its political expediency with the bastard. But honestly Catamarin, I don’t need to regurgitate facts that you refuse to comprehend. After all, you constantly buy his pro-Palestinian policies lock, stock and barrel and his refusal to be tough with Syria, Iran, and his Palestinian friends.

      The “scary” Republicans in Congress did the right thing in cutting Roachistinian aid. Let’s see what your blessed Obama and Senate Dems do now. If they restore it, we definitely KNOW what side they’re on – even if you don’t.

    23. Catarin says:

      Sigh…believe what you want even though it makes you look like a fool…

    24. Alan says:

      First, for Ted…

      You know, trying to be civil to a brain-dead little girl is extremely difficult even under the best of conditions, but I am going to try at least one more time.

      Now Catamarin,

      Listen up, dummy – I provide facts, you provide spew and pablum. But to make the cheese more binding, kindly go to and read the headline story about (yet) another Obamite stooge’s visit to Israel and his “ultimatium” to the Israelis not to hurt Obie Boy’s bosom buddies in Tehran.

      I am referring of course to the visit of Leon Panetta, a nothing piece of crap who knows nothing about military matters whatsoever (to give dopey Leon a slight benefit, at least he pulled a stint as a private or corporal in the U.S. Army around 1960 when it wasn’t quite uncool to be a Dem and in the military)but who is the darling of Leftist Democrats. Panetta went to Israel and made remarks that if I were Bibi, he’d not only be missing dinner, he’d be physically tossed out of the Prime Minister’s Office on his fat ass.

      First, he pretty much told Israel NOT to strike Tehran on its own. This, while Obama still has done NOTHING to stop Iran’s advance towards the bomb, not mentioning his turning the Libya cheek while the child molesters and rapists of the Ahmedinejedad regime continue to brutally rape and murder women and children. If Bonzo refuses to do anything – then it will be up to Israel despite Looney Leon’s spiteful demands.

      Two, He insisted on the Palestinians receiving that 200 million Congressional REPUBLICANS voted to cut. This is not only his view, but the view of Bonzo and Stupid, oops, Shrillary Clinton. He argues its a critical time…Yep, Leon, you’re right, it is a critical time when Americans suffer and that money needs to stay at home, not in the hands of those who hate us – maybe not the mental retards of the Democratic Party – but America in general. You do not reward those who celebrated 9/11 and who still embrace terrorism instead of peace. Even you, Cat girl, figured that one out…shame your retarded friends Obama, Biden, Clinton and Panetta are insistent on screwing Americans on behalf of Roachistinians.

      Facts are facts, the American Democrats put the rights and livelihood of both Palestinian Moslem terrorists and Illegal Aliens from Mexico over the lives and security of American citizens.

      Three, Like fellow anti-Semite (and a lot of Jews who distrusted Obama voted for him because he picked this dummy who turned out as bigoted as Obama is) Joe Biden, Panetta stomps his feet and screams blue murder at the very thought of Jonathan Pollard being given amnesty. If it were a Russian spy, Panetta would shrug like the pizza man he should be, not the jackass running (down) the U.S. military – wring his hands. Because its a Jew, Panetta, like Biden can screw us and take it for granted that Lib Jews will still vote for Jeremiah Wright’s little nephew Bonzo.

      I have my own thoughts about Pollard, but c’mon now, he’s suffered enough while Soviet agents get a pat on the back. It’s just the usual Jew-bait nature of this shit-faced administration.

      So, Catgirl, once again, facts from moi, spew from you. So, kindly look at yourself in the mirror and say the word Fool – to describe you. Obama doesn’t have a stool to sit on in the way he has despicably treated both Americans and Israelis. The words President Romney or Perry sound pretty good right now compared to that piece of crap.

      p.s. by the way, I wouldn’t buy a Pizza from an idiot like Panetta. He wouldn’t know how to make a good one in the first place.

    25. Clinton says:

      Catarin no ur the one that looks that and u also sound stupid Catarin, and I totally agree with Alan on what he says about u Catarin

    26. warmonger says:

      WWIII. Are we ready? Will Christians help Israel or will Israel just have to repeat another David and Goliath saga? Do not be deceived. Muslims should be more angry with the church than with Jews. Jews shouldnt have to keep paying the price. Putting the cart before the horse? Anxious for a 1 world govt and religion? It seems inevitable…especially if the Nato countries are going to keep throwing their money to swine.

    27. Clinton says:

      Amen Amen Alan ur telling the truth

    28. Catarin says:

      Every man has a right to be stupid but you abuse the privilege.

    29. Clinton says:

      Have u looked at ur self in the mirror lately Cataran, get ur head out of the dark ages and use that brain and commen sense

    30. Alan says:


      Many, many thanks…I see you got the attention and the spew from our resident idiot. Catarin is of the mentality that if Hitler were a Democrat, she’d drop everything and run to his rally, and make any and all excuses for his disastrous policies (in the past she has proven to be extremely contemptuous of Israel for wanting to survive and not commit suicide whenever her “messiah” made a demand or an insult). That’s her bottom line, and her bottom – if you know what I mean.

      p.s. don’t be too surprised if she goes-a-crying to Ted saying we insulted her. That’s what she has done in the past, and its a modus operandi for Leftards like her.

    31. dweller says:

      Why can you not limit your attacks to her arguments?

      Is not your case strong enough to stand on its own?

      The name-calling is gratuitous & purely self-indulgent on your part, Alan; it does not add to the power of your case.

    32. Clinton says:

      Ur welcome Alan, I totally agree with you Alan.

    33. Clinton says:

      I read a news article today that the pa today was griping that there already feeling the pinch cause the cutoff of 200 million was hurting them and the pa complained, I say good its about time, in closing I say NO MORE MONEY OR AID TO THE pa PERIOD.

    34. stevewonder says:

      LIKE THE BEGGAR WHO EVERY WEEK GOT $20 FROM THE LOCAL PARISH PRIEST,ONE WEEK HE ONLY GOT $10..The beggar complained,”just because you have a problem why should I suffer?”

    35. dweller says:

      Actually it was Nachum the Schnorrer, approaching Lazar Wolff, the town butcher, in Fiddler-on-the-Roof. But, yeah, that’s the sense of it.

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