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  • October 18, 2011

    Amnesty International are lying sons-of-bitches

    By Ted Belman

    Amnesty International issued a press release today.

      Israel-Hamas prisoner swap casts harsh light on detention practices of all sides

      Gilad Shalit was held captive for five years by Palestinian armed groups

      The prisoner exchange involving Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit and 477 Palestinian prisoners highlights the need for the humane treatment of all detainees in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT), Amnesty International said today.

    Obviously it wants to show equivalence. God forbid it should criticize only Hamas. It was not a “prisoner exchange”. It was an outrageous ransom paid for a hostage. It only mentions the 477 terrorists that were released calling them “prisoners” rather than terrorists. What about the other 550? Then it lumps them all into “detainees” in the OPT which I surmise includes Gaza.

      “This deal will bring relief to Gilad Shalit and his family after an ordeal that has lasted more than five years. Many Palestinian families will feel a similar sense of relief today when they are reunited with their relatives, many of whom have spent decades under harsh conditions in Israeli detention,” said Malcolm Smart, Amnesty International’s Middle East and North Africa Director.

    While it describes what Shalit went through as an “ordeal”, it describes the pAlestinian’s detention under “harsh conditions”. No mention of the conditions for Shalit. And no mention of a very basic difference, Shalit was a hostage, the Arabs were convicted murders. Surely the families would have different expectations given that difference.

      “However, more needs to be done to protect the rights of thousands of others who remain in detention. The Israeli authorities, the Hamas de facto administration in Gaza, and the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank must seize this opportunity to ensure respect for the rights of all prisoners and detainees in their custody.”

    They assert that rights must be protected without giving evidence of such need.

      Gilad Shalit was captured by Palestinian armed groups from Gaza in a cross-border raid on 25 June 2006. Since then he has been allowed no contact with his family, who have campaigned relentlessly for his release. Nor was he allowed access to the International Committee of the Red Cross, despite repeated appeals by Amnesty International and other organizations, which made it impossible to verify the conditions of his captivity.

    Shalit wasn’t “captured”, he was abducted. There is a difference. And don’t forget that two of his comrades were murdered.

      Amnesty International has repeatedly called on the Hamas authorities not to treat Gilad Shalit as a hostage and a bargaining chip, in violation of their obligations under international humanitarian law.

    I don’t believe that it tried very hard at all to get him properly treated. It certainly didn’t make a big stink about it. I don’t recall one incident where it made such demands.

      It has also consistently raised concerns with the Israeli authorities about the prison conditions of Palestinian detainees, and the fact that Israel continues to imprison Palestinians from the OPT inside Israel, in violation of its obligations under the Fourth Geneva Convention.

    Why does it continue to call them detainees and not convicted murderers? It makes it sound like Israel is “imprisoning Palestinians” rather than Murderers and those that abet them. Besides it starts from the proposition that the Geneva Convention applies but Israel’s position is that it doesn’t.

      Over 5,200 Palestinians from the West Bank – including East Jerusalem – and the Gaza Strip, which together comprise the OPT, are currently detained in facilities run by the Israel Prison Service. The vast majority are detained inside Israel.

      “International human rights standards and international humanitarian law guarantee every person deprived of liberty the right to humane and dignified conditions of detention, adequate medical care, and regular family visits,” said Malcolm Smart.

    Look how much time it spends detailing alleged abuses by Israel and no time detailing abuses by Hamas and the PA. When it stresses what the law requires, it is implying that Israel violates the law. Israel does no such thing.

      “Israel, the Hamas de facto administration, and the Palestinian Authority must ensure that all detainees receive fair and prompt trials meeting international standards, and that judicial rulings on the release of detainees are implemented”.

    Once again it is implying that Israel doesn’t do what is required and it lumps Israel in with Hamas and the PA as if we were the same.
    What “judicial rulings on the release of detainees” is Israel not implementing.

      Since 27 September, hundreds of Palestinian prisoners have been on hunger strike in protest against recent punitive measures imposed by the Israeli authorities.

      Prisoners are demanding that the Israel Prison Service end the arbitrary isolation of prisoners and allow them regular family visits.

    I am not aware of punitive measures Israel has allegedly taken nor am I aware of what Israel’s duty is to these murders who are not enemy combatants but terrorists.

      The fact that they are detained on Israeli territory makes it difficult, if not impossible for their families to visit them, as the Israeli authorities often refuse to grant them travel permits. Israel suspended family visits for all prisoners from Gaza in June 2007, in a punitive policy that penalizes both the detainees and their families.

    Look at all the terrorists that America has detained without trial in Abu Graib. She does so within the law. AI should be quoting exactly the law that it thinks applies and why, rather that paraphrasing God-know-what and then demanding Israel compliance.

      The 477 prisoners released by Israel today, including 450 men and 27 women, include 275 sentenced by Israeli military courts to one or more life terms. Prisoners released include those convicted of ordering or carrying out attacks on Israeli civilians.

    Look how far into the article it acknowledges this. The word “murder” is not to be found here. They make it sound life terms were just given for “attacks”

    The Israeli High Court of Justice yesterday rejected appeals against the release filed by Israeli families and organizations opposed to the deal.

      While the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip are internationally recognised as a single territorial unit under the Oslo Accords and international humanitarian law, the Israeli authorities do not allow Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip access to the West Bank or vice versa. These Palestinians will thus be entirely cut off from their family members with no possibility of visits.

    These lands are no more and no less than disputed territories. Israel has no obligation to accommodate the terrorists as AI suggests yet AI makes it look so.

      The Geneva Conventions prohibit an occupying power from forcibly transferring or deporting people from an occupied territory. In the event that those prisoners being exiled abroad or transferred to Gaza from the occupied West Bank, including East Jerusalem, have not given their consent, Israel would be violating its obligations under international humanitarian law.

    I have already he prohibition it refers to does not apply to terrorists murders, particularly those carried on on Israeli soil. Criminal law trumps so called “international humanitarian law”.

    Look how much time it spent on Israel and no time on Hamas or the PA

    Lying sons-of-bitches.

  • Posted by Ted Belman @ 7:32 pm | 38 Comments »

    38 Comments to Amnesty International are lying sons-of-bitches

    1. steven L says:

      AI is full of antisemites and anti-Israelis jerks.
      AI use effectively the manual of NAZI propaganda and deliberate disinformation.
      It is supported by petro$.

    2. Paul Collins says:

      This shows once again that the world can do what it likes to Israel, but are incensed if someone even pulls the hair of an Arab.

    3. Jack Golbert says:

      “Palestinians” imprisoned by Israel are staging a “hunger strike in protest against recent punitive measures imposed by the Israeli authorities.”

      Their demands include restoration of access to Arab cable television, the “right” to participate in online university courses for academic credit towards a degree, the “right” to receive visitors without having to wear handcuffs. Those are among the “punitive measures imposed by the Israeli authorities.” You would never guess from the account of Amnesty International how “punitive” those measures are.

      PLO officials have solemnly declared before the international media that conditions for “Palestinian” terrorists in Israelis prisons are “worse than those endured by the Jews at Auschwitz” and we don’t see the world dissolving in derisive laughter. Imagine Jews in Auschwitz going on a hunger strike? It is beyond ludicrous, beyond campy humor in the worst possible taste. In fact, the world seems to take it seriously and Amnesty lends propaganda support to such insult to history and to intelligence. Amnesty is a loathsome disgrace.

    4. Bill Narvey says:

      Ted, your closing is right on.

      A.I., has become increasingly irrelevant in Western eyes.

      Only the degenerate tyrannical morally inverted evil regimes cite A.I. as a valid human rights organization, when A.I. critically nit picks a Western nation with false or wholly disproportionate criticism for some almost invariably small, trivial and isolated failing.

      A.I., began with the best of intentions, but long ago, lost their way. Now it is a spineless, dishonest, corrupt and morally bankrupt organization.

      Rather than just vent, it is time to find ways to either get A.I. back to its noble founding principles or if that is not possible because it is too far gone, then to just end it and begin a new.

      The world very much needs an organization like A.I., but not the organization A.I. became, but the organization it intended to be.

    5. Crystal K. says:

      right, Ted, each single word. What the sickening media, tv cable channels conveyed today during the ‘exchange’ was outrageous. Only after showing incessantly the murderers triumphantly celebrated by their akins, only later we would hear on BBC remarkable words by an unknown -so far- and eloquent(and beautiful)Einat Wilf from a X political Party, calling for some decency, reminding that no moral equivalent is ever possible between the release of murderers ‘prisoners’ and of the hostage soldier Gilad Shalit -so thin and frail,still comments ridiculously calling him ‘in good health’…

    6. Bryan K Donnelly says:


      I personally think that the poor Hamas thugs got snookered. Those “clever Jews” again. One Israeli soldier is worth a LOT MORE than a mere 477 Palistinian bandits.

    7. Isaiah53 says:

      You want equity? Use drones against the thousand who were released. It can’t be hard to find them. Do it clandestinely and blame the Kurds…or the Saudis…or sa

    8. Bill Narvey says:

      Added to my comment under moderation, is my further note regarding the UN.

      What I said about A.I. applies to the UN. Note the following: Watchdog Calls on UN Chief to Clarify Remarks
      Comparing Israel’s Shalit to Hamas Terrorists

      The article deals with the following words of UN Chief Ban Ki Moon:

      A Geneva-based watchdog group called on UN chief Ban Ki-moon to clarify remarks made today that seemed to draw a moral equivalence between the imprisonment of Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit and Hamas terrorists.

      “I am very encouraged by the prisoner exchange today after many many years of negotiation,” Secretary-General Ban told Reuters today. “The United Nations has been calling for (an end to) the unacceptable detention of Gilad Shalit and also the release of all Palestinians whose human rights have been abused all the time.”

      Draw your own conclusions as to Ban Ki-Moon’s moral compass, if he even has one. Then again there is a whole UN administration and UN Agencies that Ban Kai-Moon is the head of that are just like he is. Draw your own conclusions regarding them as well.

    9. Isaiah53 says:

      You want equity?
      Use drones against the thousand who were released.
      It can’t be too hard to find them.
      Do it clandestinely and blame the Kurds…better yet; say it was the Iraqis then take out Damascus and blame Hamas. Say that some of their Scuds went goofy…blame Moscow…

    10. DAVID FRANKEL says:


    11. bernard ross says:

      It is nice to see Ted call Amnesty what is is and Jews in general need to get away from the little niceties of diplomacy and start calling anti semites what they really are: Jew killers, Jew slaughterers, Jew haters Jew baiters,etc. especially those who hide behind the skirts of faux civilization such as the congenital, chronic 2000 year serial Jew killers and Jew swindlers of Europe who are once again, in a clandestine fashion, seeking every possibility to renew their Jew killing and Jew swindling through partnership and collaboration. They feign neutrality but their hypocrisy screams differently. Not one measure of respect or dipomacy should be given these disgusting swine. The UN, EU, etc are without credibility and are in fact a mortal existential danger to the Jews. Jews must understand this and be able to remove themselves from a position of supplication and whining to their former masters and instead proceed to take, through any means, Justice and the lands swindled from them

    12. Laura says:

      Amnesty International has long ago lost all credibility. It comes as no surprise that these moral degenerates would make a moral equivalence between a kidnapped Jewish soldier and murdering terrorists prisoned in Israel. Far from these murderers being mistreated, they are given free education and health care.

    13. Ed Katz` says:

      As do many others, I believe that when an assault on an Israeli occurs, shoot to kill that person and all his friends. I, also, believe that barriers should be replaced.

    14. NormanF says:

      Israel should cancel the rest of the agreement with Hamas.

      It was made under coercion and deals should never be kept with kidnappers and murderers.

    15. Ted Belman says:

      email rec’d

      A few years ago, I had the misfortune to be staying at a hotel in Providence, RI, where Amnesty International happened to be having a convention. We were sitting next to a large group of them in the lobby, listening to their conversations. I can tell you these are some of sickest, most misguided leftists you will ever find. I had all I could do to keep from smacking a few of them. They are worse than being merely lying sons-of-bitches; they detest capitalism (except for their own trust funds) and they are anti-Israel/anti-Semitic. BTW, Keep up the excellent work!

    16. Ted Belman says:

      Email rec’d

      I object to your e-mail and your profane language. Amnesty International is a wonderful organization. Please delete my e-mail address from your mailing list immediately. If you had not been profane, I might have read your comments.

      I replied

      Had you read my comments, you would have understood why I was so profane. AI doesn’t deserve respect/

    17. Ted Belman says:

      email rec’d

      We’re seeing the same kind of moral equivalence from the UN and mass media. Btw, the Palestinians Arab terrorists released will no longer get free medical care, nutritious food, free cable on a personal flat screen or free telephone privileges or free access to higher education or legal representation… Guess they’ll have to fill their days making bombs…

    18. Ted Belman says:

      email rec’d

      The Charity Commission should investigate Amnesty International. Its ongoing racist & anti-Semitic position, political bias & manipulation of the facts flies in the face of innocent donors.

      This “charity” seems to be dedicated to justify Islamic terror (Palestinian terror) when the victims are Jews/Israelis. Enough is enough!

    19. Bill Narvey says:

      Please release my earlier comment from moderation, not that it was brilliant, but I did take the time to write it and would like it posted.

    20. Michel Rosenthal Wagner says:

      I will white in portuguese form here in Brazil

      A mídia está tratando a notícia como simples troca de prisioneiros.
      Se esquecem de que está se trocando uma pessoa seqüestrada por centenas de prisioneiros julgados.
      Afirmam que este número diferente resulta da assimetria no conflito, Israel trocaria 1 por tantos é porque Israel aprisionava com excesso tantos palestinos, acusando-os de terroristas quando em geral não seriam.
      Problemas cada vez mais certos no cenário.
      Michel Rosenthal Wagner

    21. First, of all, I can only hope that an American general or admiral would have the courage to, absent presidential authorization, to launch an attack on the murderers being released, with the goal of killing them all. That is what I would do if I had stars on my shoulders.

      It is unfortunate that not enough people have the courage to do what is right.

    22. goldi steiner says:

      Look who is talking???? Those sons of bitches, who could’nt even arrange a visit, or find out Shalit’s whereabouts, while imprisoned for over five years.
      Wer it not an Israeli prisoner, would that have been the case? Would they not have jumped down Israel’s throat, were the shoe on the other foot.

      Sons of bitches is too mild and epithet for Them, as well as for the International Red Cross.

      Keep up your good work Ted.

    23. Iosif Plagov says:

      1)The “Prisoner exchange” is a big lie because the Palestinian Arabs don’t have such prisoners – they killed all Jews(Israelis), who were in their hands.
      Shalid was a hostage.
      2)Whereas it is impossible to compare conditions(no Jews in their prisons), the AI, UN, and Red Cross can compare conditions of Arab prisoners, for example, in West Bank with conditions of Arab prisoners in Israel (I think that result can be easily predicted).
      3)The “Occupied Palestinian Territories” don’t exist because this land was occupied 20 years by Jordan and Egypt (without UN decision, during aggression against Israel, without any protest from anyone), and, during next aggression against Israel, this land was freed from their occupation by Israel. It could be returned to Jordan and Egypt, but because Jordan and Egypt don’t ask this land back, Israel has right to do what is good for its safety.

    24. warmonger says:

      The Palestinian murderers who were released looked pretty healthy and they had no problem talking. If they had not been captured and had lived under Hamas all these years, some would be dead and their health would probably be worse. AI can stick it! Its not just Jews that antisemites hate. Too bad this world is FULL of so many IGNORANT people. I know that at my gogue we have people who are too sympathetic to the Palestinians. If they open their mouth around me I will send them to Israpundit!!

    25. Ted Belman says:

      email rec’d

      Dear Ted: What should have been done: Informed the the Gazaens via leaf letters, if ShAlit is not released harmless within a week,,,the IDF will bomb (on the Egyptian side) 1/8 of Gaza.out of existence ..A.week later it will it will be another 1/8….plus any rocket fired from Gaza willl be retaliated by indiscriminate 2 rockets. I assure you the problem will be solved. All this peace talk by whoever is a mirage. As soon as THEY change their curriculum in their madrassas,,,,they can come TO Israel and ask to negotiate. With the enemies on the outside and the Israeli left on the inside, israel is fighting a losing war.

    26. Ted Belman says:

      email rec’d

      Your frankness and honesty about Amnesty International is refreshing. Fight on!

    27. Ted Belman says:

      email rec’d

      I never had any respect for them. I used to work in the Israel justice ministry investigating their allegations of abuse which were invariably one-sided and distorted.

      This employment was 20 years ago.

    28. Teshuvah says:

      BBC TV reported last night that Galid was in solitary confinement for 5 years but that the “Palies” were not and talked politics with each other all the time. The latter would be like mob violence, and the anti-Israel political shatter would serve to solidify and enhance the “Palies’” opinions. OTOH, Galid looks like he was kept in the dark and not given a decent meal.

    29. Ted Belman says:

      email rec’d

      Your best headline ever

    30. Abbie says:

      The terrorists (prisoners, like muggers, for Amnesty) were on a hunger strike? They look very well fed and the women are really fat ass pigs, who should be dieting. Seems the prison is giving them too much food, we don’t even see so many fat ass women in Israel!

    31. Crystal K. says:

      Aqui a traduçao/translation :
      “media in Brazil report this news as if it were a simple exchange of
      forgetting that it’s an hostage exchanged with over a thousand prisoners
      convicted in court.
      The asymmetry is allegedly due to the excess of palestinians in jail
      condemned for
      terrorism when probably they were not terrorists. Sure problems ahead”

    32. Crystal K. says:

      And Red Cross International Agency -seated in Geneva- has been widely acknowledged as anti-Semite during the Shoah, thwarting
      all pro-Jews endeavors of A.I. branch in Hungary to save Hungarian Jews, as they successfully did in high numbers, in spite of that
      ( they were greatly assisted by Swedish hero Wallenstein immense effort, as we know). Geneva was acknowleged as knowing all the way of Auschwitz( and its chief condemned in tribunal) They did nothing but help nazis.

    33. Crystal K. says:

      glitch above : ” ..of the R.C.I. branch in Hungary, to save Hungarian Jews” not the A.I.

    34. Linda Rivera says:

      On other issues, Amnesty does some good things. It is a cover. When it comes to Jews and Israel, the mask comes off. Rabid Jew-haters, Amnesty, show who they really are. They are the face of pure EVIL.

    35. emmess says:

      Canada’s Immigration Minister, Jason Kenney, has come out strongly against Amnesty International. This might be a step toward removing their charity status.

    36. Ari Dale says:

      Now we’re thinking! Fine idea!

    37. Nissim Alcabes says:

      No doubt that the UN are dominated by a large number of countries that disregard the rights of others, specially when dealing with matters that relates to Israel: Third world countries, Arab countries. They constitute a large majority.

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