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  • October 19, 2011

    Jerusalem invests millions in Arab schools

    I think it good politics for Jerusalem to do this but at the same time they should study the Israeli curriculum and not the Palestinian one. It would be a travesty if the incitement continued. Ted Belman

    By Abigail Klein Leichman, Israel 21C

    With new classrooms and technology tools, Mayor Nir Barkat has declared an education revolution in the eastern sector of the capital city.

    When the 2011-2012 school year began in the Arab neighborhoods of East Jerusalem, millions of shekels in sparkling new or renewed classrooms, computers and sports facilities greeted 42,153 students and their teachers.

    Many of the 59 public schools approved and budgeted under the Jerusalem Education Authority of the Ministry of Education have been neglected, undersupplied or overcrowded for decades. Since taking office in November 2008, Mayor Nir Barkat has been implementing improvements to get these facilities on par with schools in the western sector of the city, says Stephan Miller, advisor to Jerusalem’s mayor.

    “The mayor and municipal professionals work regularly with members of the Arab neighborhoods of Jerusalem through the leadership of the community centers as well as organized groups of residents such as the Mayor’s Forum of Eastern Jerusalem Principals and the Mayor’s Forum for Welfare in Eastern Jerusalem,” Miller tells ISRAEL21c.

    “The completion of the Mayor’s plan will lead to a significant change in education in eastern Jerusalem.”

    New schools, including approximately 200 classrooms, have been built in the eastern part of the city. The municipality is currently investing the unprecedented sum of NIS 300 million (about $69 million) in the planning and construction of 285 additional new classrooms for Arab schoolchildren.

    New services for athletes, gifted kids, girls

    This year alone, 42 new classrooms will be opened in new buildings, 18 at the start of the year and the remainder in coming months. Six additional kindergarten classrooms were completed in time for September, including one for special education. In addition, more than 40 public school classrooms were renovated and adapted to pupils’ needs, with emphasis on the Shoafat refugee area in northeast Jerusalem.

    The municipality also built new sports facilities in south central Beit Tzafafa and in Isawiya in the northeast.

    Another NIS 750,000 (more than $170,000) per year has been approved for programs to advance gifted and outstanding pupils, strengthen girls’ education and reduce school violence. An additional NIS 1.5 million is newly designated for the public schools’ organizational expenditures.
    A school in Sur Baher
    A school in Sur Baher, an Arab neighborhood on the southeastern outskirts of Jerusalem.

    The municipality and the Education Ministry have shared costs for these initiatives, says Miller, and further upgrades are still to come.

    “As you can imagine, from vision to construction takes time, and the mayor has moved swiftly since taking office to fast-track these plans,” says Miller, “which is why they are ready so early in his first term.”

    Computers and ‘smart’ boards

    New classrooms wouldn’t be as valuable without updated equipment inside them. So with the assistance of Israeli branches of companies such as Ernst & Young and Intel, the municipality rang in the new school year by distributing 1,720 mobile and desktop computers to schools, kindergartens and teachers in eastern Jerusalem.

    An additional 350 new donated computers were given to schoolchildren to take home.

    There was more good news for teachers: Seven classrooms in six schools in the eastern part of the city were converted into technologically sophisticated learning centers with the installation of interactive whiteboards, which can display educational software, web sites, past lessons and other features. Teachers and principals alike have been receiving computer training courses to maximize their use of these new tools.

    “We are committed to investing in eastern Jerusalem and reducing the gaps, which are the result of years of neglect,” said Barkat upon announcing the improvements at the start of September. “We cannot countenance a situation in which Jerusalem pupils have no classrooms, roads or basic infrastructures. These investments will lead to an increase in residents’ quality of life.”

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  • Posted by Ted Belman @ 10:40 pm | 10 Comments »

    10 Comments to Jerusalem invests millions in Arab schools

    1. NormanF says:

      No world condemnation of Israel’s spending on Arabs who hate Jews.

      The same world that gets outraged when Jews add so much as a porch to their homes in Jerusalem.

      Remarkable contrast. After all, you know its not you know whom this money is being spend on even though Jerualem’s city government should be putting Jews first!

    2. Teshuvah says:

      Do you suppose it is possible to teach them to be civilized? Civilize 101. Probably not as long as they read that book which teaches them otherwise.

    3. BlandOatmeal says:

      Hey! What about the building freeze? Jews are condemned for building schools for their children; it’s labelled as “genocide”. How did the Arabs get exempt?

    4. inla says:

      Very admirable, but were any conditions attached to all this technology? Will the children still be subjected to incitement, historical revision, and taught to hate & murder Jews?

    5. David says:

      what a waste of money, liberalism is truly a mental disorder.

    6. DAVID FRANKEL says:


    7. Catarin says:

      Duh. Why do posts disappear in the midst of being typed? Ted, is it you who is doing this?

      Arab classrooms in East Jerusalem should be monitored to ensure there is no propaganda against Israel and the U.S. Inla made some good points, and discussions and books should be monitored to ensure they are free of Arab propaganda. Students should be informed that improvements in classrooms are paid for by Israel.

      This could be the first Arab generation that is able to make peace and keep it.

    8. After WWII, the Allies forced German schools to stop teaching hate. We must study this history and learn from it. Israel must use military force, arresting teachers and such, to stop hate teaching. No one is allowed to teach that Jews must be killed. No one is allowed to teach that all of Israel will return to Islam. Since they will not peacefully agree, Israel must use force.

    9. Teshuvah says:

      The Allies moved on to Globalism, teaching that everyone is the same, all gods are the same, and that when push comes to show, the Wicked are better. Tax and and give the money to the Wicked to use to buy arms, and make criminals of those who seek only to defend themselves. This globalist doctrine is related to Ecumenism which is a doctrine authored by the Catholic Church, is from the pit of Hell and is pushed in schools along with Population Control. It requires that the Righteous have fellowship with the Wicked but in order to do that the Righteous must lower their standards and their defenses. This is an offense to the Most High. Resist the ecumenists and the appeasers!

    10. John M Collins says:

      Ted’s comment at the beginning of the article is absolutely right. The Mayor’s policy is enlightened and deserves full publicity.