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  • October 30, 2011

    Pressure mounts to wipe out Hamas

    By Ted Belman

    Dan Halutz as Chief of Staff (file)

    Dan Halutz as Chief of Staff (file)

    Former IDF Chief of Staff, Lt. Gen. (res.) Dan Halutz, thinks Israel should mount a crushing offensive against Gaza. He called for a “mortal blow” to be dealt to Hamas’s civilian and “military” leadership.

    In an interview with IDF Radio, Halutz said, “We must bring back our deterrence vis-à-vis Gaza. It has not existed for even one moment since Operation Cast Lead and to this day.”

    Halutz said that in the end, Israel will have to conduct an extensive operation of this kind, and there is no reason to wait. “A rocket struck an empty school on the Sabbath,” he said. “Why wait until a rocket strikes a full school in the middle of the day?”

    “This must be dealt with through a strong blow, beyond the expectations of the other side,” he explained. “The other side creates equations based on its own preferences and we have to create different equations based on what is good for us.”

    This is the same Halutz that was forcd into early retirement after the Lebanese War II. Even Mofaz is calling for a major blow to Hamas.

    Where is Bibi?

    Netanyahu on escalation: ‘There is no cease fire in South’
    10/30/2011 17:21

      At weekly cabinet meeting in Safed, PM says terrorists will pay high price until attacks stop; Steinitz says gov’t will weigh toppling Hamas if terror continues; Barak warns Hamas:

    I wonder if it is in Israel’s interest to destroy Hamas at this time. That would be removing one impediment to the peace process. The PA would take over Gaza but that doesn’t mean it will compromise on anything.

    A second problem is the Egyptian army. The pressure on it to protect Hamas would be enormous.

    Would such a war help Obama get reelected? It depends on what he does.

  • Posted by Ted Belman @ 9:08 pm | 27 Comments »

    27 Comments to Pressure mounts to wipe out Hamas

    1. BlandOatmeal says:

      Even Mofaz is calling for a major blow to Hamas. Where is Bibi?

      The question of the hour.

    2. Israel must do to Hamas what the Allies did to the Nazi and Japanese warlords during World War II.

    3. NormanF says:

      Destroying Hamas won’t do a thing unless the PA is also destroyed.

      Israel should have no illusions about what Palestinian Arab leaders want.

      It is not peace with Israel.

    4. keelie says:

      Destroying Hamas won’t do a thing unless the PA is also destroyed.

      It will indeed, by:

      1. Making the PA (and others) think twice before starting trouble.

      2. Giving the young IDF soldiers some much-needed target practice… and some battle hardening.

    5. BlandOatmeal says:

      In WWII, there was a gradual escalation by both sides. We didn’t firebomb Tokyo and Dresden, until after the Blitz. So far, the Arabs have been careful to keep their atrocities low-key, so the world expects Israel to respond in kind… Not really. The world doesn’t expect Israel to respond at all. They expect the Jews to march to the gas chambers. Just turn Gaza into a parking lot, and let the world get their “Israel Fix” by blaming the Jews. Then test a nuclear device and have a Dolphin fire a missle over the Bahamas (an accident, of course). No comment need be made.

    6. Jerry says:

      It is ludicrous to try to take into account the reaction of the Egyptian government to actions Israel must take in Gaza. Such a calculation will always favor avoiding conflict no matter the size of Israel’s losses in the low intensity conflict.

      One reason to wipe out Hamas as an effective fighting force is to prevent having to fight a two or three front war in the future. Indeed, eliminating the military capacity of Hamas will give pause to Hizb’Allah in beginning a conflict in the north, whether at the behest of Iran or of Syria.

      On the other hand, Hamas as a political entity serves Israel well, though it’s existence as a political unit always keeps the door open for its military revitalization.

      Tough decisions!

    7. Jerry says:

      Perhaps it is more important to try to determine the response of Iran to losing Gaza as a southern front. Will the potential of losing Gaza force Iran to begin a conflict in the North. Probably not if the loss of Gaza can be accomplished in a very short time – too short for preparations to be completed in Lebanon.

    8. With the LIBYANS AND AFRICANS IN SUBMISSION! Obama’s got the world’s treasuries!

    9. Are the Arabs seeking to provoke Israel into a conflict so they can let loose those thousands of rockets
      they have all set up to go. Israel must think what it would do then with a missile threat to Tel Aviv.

    10. Shy Guy says:

      In order to destroy Hamas, you have to destroy Gaza. There is no will, therefore there is no way.

    11. Andrew says:

      Halutz has some chutzpah. The Americans for the first time ever gave the IDF carte blanche in a war and him and Olmert lost for the first ever an arab/Israeli war (well at least didn’t win it).

    12. lily says:

      I keep hearing the mantra that there is NO SOLUTION. That the only solution is to do nothing because the OTHER SIDE will just hate Israel and the Jewish people more and then will attack more. So, a constant and little bit of attacks are fine and must be tolerated. This NO SOLUTION supposedly buys peace; while Israel is attacked, its citizens under siege, and the land given away in pieces, and the Jewish people around the world reviled, attacked, and disqualified.


      The goal was for the state of Israel and the Jewish people was to be armed, NEVER AGAIN. Well, Israel is learning well from the U.S., who allowed 50 000 of its precious young people to be slaughtered and countless more to be injured in a war (Vietnam() that their leaders CHOSE NOT TO WIN. The U.S. \state department has NEVER allowed their nation, since the War of Independence, to complete a war. Think about it. (Churchill had urged the U.S. go after the Russians to force them to exit the nations they were temporarily occupying. He said the war was not done.)

      The question of the day is, as stated, WHERE IS BIBI. If I am correct, Ottawa had an attack by gunmen on a political leaders, ONCE. The GUN CONTROL LAW was enacted within the week. So, perhaps that is what is needed, and that is what the enemy is scrupulously avoiding, to date. But perhaps even then…. Perhaps it is the the 400 years of being a slave that is still in the blood of the appeasing folks?

    13. SHmuel HaLevi says:

      Today several Israeli Southern cities Mayors told the IDF command in clear terms that they are not longer trusted. That their stupid assurances that Tzahal “will know what to do” are not credible.
      The Command is for the first time ever facing acts of civilan defiance.
      They are not refering to the soldiers but to the totaly disgraced Command Staff, naturally “led” feckless Barak, who has proven robustly that they are quite ready to assault and destroy JEWISH towns and families but are plotters failing to heed even known warnings as those received by General Rossi in the Eilat area before the latest islamic terror rampage there.

      And as far as Halutz or Mofaz go… Two of the worst ever COS’s directly repsonsible for the Lebanon debacle and a sequel of other fiascos.
      In fact…
      We would be better off by hiring 18 Paraguayan colonels to replace Barak the feckless and his sorry gang of anti Jewish activists in Tzahal uniform.

      Tzahal can do it but never under the command of Barak and his stooges.

    14. Dr. Sanford Aranoff says:

      No electricity to Gaza. This is easy to do. Then night bombing of cell towers, government buildings, and their famous shopping mall. Demand written surrender, where they promise in writing to stop. The question is did Israel receive the bunker buster bombs yet? Israel may have to wait with attacking Gaza until they get the bombs. Protest to the UN. Demand human rights violations for Shalit. All done while massive bombing. Followed by invasion, with the southern border open to permit people to leave.

    15. Demand written surrender, where they promise in writing to stop.

      A Palestinian’s promise, whether written or verbal, is worth absolutely nothing as shown by their long litany of broken truces and peace agreements. They will stop when they are dead or hurt so badly they will be unable to perpetrate further violence.

    16. In WWII, there was a gradual escalation by both sides. We didn’t firebomb Tokyo and Dresden, until after the Blitz.

      What gradual escalation? The Nazis began the war by bombing cities, and the Japanese did the same thing in China.

      So far, the Arabs have been careful to keep their atrocities low-key, so the world expects Israel to respond in kind… Not really. The world doesn’t expect Israel to respond at all.

      That’s because the stupid Israelis have never heard the phrase “casus belli.” It means “cause for war.” ONE rocket from Gaza, launched with the knowledge and approval of Hamas, is legal cause for all-out war including cluster bombs, napalm, fuel-air munitions and whatever it takes to make Hamas go down not until it stops fighting, but until it stops MOVING.

      Ever hear of the War of Jenkins’ Ear? A single atrocity (a man’s ear cut off by a foreign nation, perhaps not even proven) was enough to get the war going. Wikipedia entry:

      The incident that gave its name to the war had occurred in 1731 when the British brig Rebecca was boarded by the Spanish coast guard La Isabela, commanded by Julio León Fandiño. After boarding, Fandiño cut off the left ear of the Rebecca’s captain, Robert Jenkins, who had been accused of piracy. Fandiño told Jenkins, “Go, and tell your King that I will do the same, if he dares to do the same.” In March 1738, Jenkins was ordered to attend Parliament, presumably to repeat his story before a committee of the House of Commons. According to some accounts, he produced the severed ear when he attended, although no detailed record of the hearing exists. The incident was considered alongside various other cases of “Spanish Depredations upon the British Subjects,”[11] and was perceived as an insult to the honour of the nation and a clear casus belli.

      It was never proven that the Spanish sank the U.S.S. Maine but, as the jingoes wanted a war, they shouted “To hell with Spain, remember the Maine” and got Congress to declare it.

      ONE rocket or mortar shell, fired with even the tacit knowledge or approval of Hamas, is all it should take for Israel to turn Gaza into a parking lot with the dead in the HUNDREDS of thousands. If Israel had any self-respect or honor, it would have done that years ago.

    17. Clinton says:

      I say blast away at hamas and gaza

    18. Clinton says:

      get rid of hamas pa period

    19. John M Collins says:

      I think it was Walpole who said, when the force of public clamour pushed the British Government to start the “war of Jenkins’ ear”, “Now they are ringing their bells: soon they will be wringing their hands.”

      verb sap.

    20. Steve Smyser says:

      Why are these guys “doves” while in office and then a couple years on the outside they become “hawks”? (thinking of running for office, perhaps?)

    21. lily says:

      The Arab credo is that the lie is not important, what is important and WHOM you are lying to. Lily

    22. lily says:

      The picture above of Dan Halutz says it all. An armed Israel with its hands tied by its own, allowing attacks, victimhood.

      The patience of the Israeli people must finally come to an end. They must march en masse to demand that the the military be unshackled.


    23. evildoctor says:

      RE: There is no will, therefore there is no way.

      This is the bottom line. Period. All this nonsense about Israel should do this or do that, bomb this, bomb that is, I repeat–nonsense. If the Israelis are reluctant to deal a mortal blow to their genocidal enemies than it’s game over, sooner or later, for the State of Israel.

    24. Clinton says:


      Who side are u on, let me set it straight no one or any country or un or government is going to get rid of Israel PERIOD, Israel will always be there, again what needs 2 be done is flatten gaza make it rubble flatter than a pancake, lay hamas in a casket and the pa.

    25. Clinton says:

      Also what needs to be done is blow up the pa tv station

    26. evildoctor says:

      I’m on Israel’s side but it appears that Israel is doing a good job of getting rid of itself.

    27. Clinton says:


      I understand now, at first I thought u were against Israel I am happy ur for Israel, Israel needs to put there foot down and get rid of hamas and the pa

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