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February 26, 2012

AP Rigs Poll for Obama

The National Republican Trust

The Associated Press is rigging polls again and is not disclosing the startling fact that its polling firm, GFK, has been granted federal government contracts since Obama has been in office. This is not a major surprise to our readers because we have come to expect very liberal bias from the so-called mainstream media, but this goes beyond business as usual and well into the area of inventing favorable news for Obama to help create the impression that his reelection is inevitable.

This week the AP again reported that their polling firm had determined that Obama would beat any of the Republican candidates but we looked at the raw polling data and once again, the AP and GFK had cooked the numbers by sampling ten percent more Democrat/Democrat leaning than Republicans. Nearly all national polls have determined that there is an even split between Republicans and Democrats, and some pollsters give a slight edge to Republicans. For example, a Gallup poll taken at roughly the same time period that shows Romney with a four point advantage over Obama and Santorum in a dead heat. For the AP, which like the other mainstream media outlets, have made an issue of demanding disclosure from political donors seeking special treatment from the government, this is much worse. This is a news agency getting apparent special treatment from the government in exchange for obvious political news coverage that benefits the Obama administration which controls the purse strings for at least part of their pollingfirms business.

Following is our report from last May when we initially uncovered what should be a huge media scandal:

Polling Company Gets Federal Contract, Produces Flawed Analysis Of Obama Political Health

    National Investigative Media has uncovered an unusual financial relationship between the newswire service, Associated Press, and the federal government – and prima facie evidence that that relationship has influenced the AP’s reporting on the Obama administration.

    NIM first uncovered the financial relationship after a May 11, AP report that promoted the idea that President Obama’s re-election was a foregone conclusion based on a poll conducted by its partner firm GfK. NIM discovered that in March, GfK had announced that it had received clearance for federal government contracts to do marketing and research for US government agencies. Closer examination by NIM revealed that the May 11th AP report based its conclusions on a severely flawed polling model that provided a significant advantage to President Obama in calculating his favorability ratings on a number of issues from national security to the economy.

    The flawed polling data influenced other media including ABC News, Time, The Washington Post and Yahoo News which ran the AP’s reportage without scrutiny.
    The following is from the May 11 Associated Press news report that was not labeled commentary:

    President Barack Obama’s approval rating has hit its highest point in two years – 60 percent-and more than half of Americans now say he deserves to be re-elected, according to an Associated Press-GfK poll taken after U.S. forces killed al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden…

    Comfortable majorities of the public now call Obama a strong leader who will keep America safe. Nearly three-fourths – 73 percent – also now say they are confident that Obama can effectively handle terrorist threats.

    There was no downside for Obama mentioned in the “news” story authored by Lis Sidoti and Jennifer Agiesta. Neither is there any mention that GfK, the Associated Press partner and the polling firm that conducted this survey, had been approved, two months prior, for a major contract with the federal government. In a press release dated March 1, GfK revealed the following:

    GfK Custom Research North America, an industry leader in innovative market research tools and services, today announced that it has been awarded the General Services Administration (GSA) Mission Oriented Business Integrated Services contract (MOBIS). Having this contract allows GfK to directly and seamlessly serve public sector clients.

    As the primary purchasing agent for most US governmental agencies, having the GSA validation signifies that GfK meets the high standards to enable government agencies to easily do business with GfK through various contract vehicles.

    According to the AP, “The Associated Press and GfK launched a polling partnership in September 2008.”

    According to an analysis by Tom Blumer at Pajamas Media, “AP reporters didn’t … tell readers how “skewed” May’s poll was. Forty-six percent of those surveyed identified themselves as Democrats, 29% as Republicans, and 4% as independents (after classifying leaners); 20% didn’t know. By contrast, the latest available party identification results from Rasmussen as of April have the GOP at 34.8%, Dems at 33.5%, and 31.7% as not affiliated. Gallup, in an aggregate of 21 separate polls conducted last year, shows a Democrat-Republican split of 45%-44%.”

    Since all major polling firms consider the Democrat to Republican ratio of voters to be virtually even in number, AP/GfK’s statistical model of 46% sampling of Democrats and 29% Republican would give the appearance of significant advantage in the outcome to a Democrat, in this case Barak Obama.

Posted by Ted Belman @ 3:01 pm | 9 Comments »

9 Responses to AP Rigs Poll for Obama

  1. cali says:

    Anyone with an spec of reasonable thinking knows that this guy is underwater in the polls; and unless they commit fraud as they did in 2008, he will not win re-election.
    This country hangs in the balance; he and hisbaglady clinton have made a big mess in the world.
    Incompetence, and malice at it’s finest!

  2. bahmi says:

    Many times I’ve warned unsuspecting people that Obama can never be trusted. Go back and listen to his pre-election rants. “I’m going to change the fundamental nature of the United States”. Waddya think that meant then and means now? Obama is just like Tim McVeigh. He’s had major disappearances in his life from view, notably the time he allegedly “went” to Columbia. That is precisely when, I believe, he was brainwashed, most likely in Russia by well known techniques. This guy gives the appearance his statements are totally discordant with how a legit American would talk. Those of us with the persuasion must also realize that we are a splintered group of people and that affliction, per se, makes us think that we are a totally united people. Ah, such a foolish way to think! Our disjointedness can be our undoing, we think the overall makeup of our group will always, through thick and thin, get us through such that we are all equally and benificently bestowed some diaphanous reward. Not! Our worst enemies come from OUR group. It matters not if you come from West Hartford, Conn, or Westchester, NY, or the Boston suburbs. We are not all the same fibers in our overall fabric. I think we are being duped and have for a long time. Our poor standing in the world in many categories and pursuits is not all imaginary relative to how people view us. Too often, we are our own worst enemies.

  3. cali says:

    Nicely Stated!

    I have never seen so much ‘hate’ in this country between grouips of people; the current resident in the white house has caused and, contributed palying one group against another. This is NOT american!
    I am somewhat disappointed that people are so gullabe; listening to this snakesoil salesman when he rolls his ‘sss’, he sounds like a hissing snake – and evil!

  4. Dennis says:

    I see those polls that survey “registered voters”, when any serious polling company knows “likely voters” are the most reliable measure…It’s all done to make news, and influence the gullible public…

  5. Watcher says:

    They must be polling inmates, foreigners, cartoon characters, and the dead.

  6. SHmuel HaLevi says:

    Poll fabrication is a full fledged industry here as well.
    We run our own independent polls due to resources limiting made on a very limited scale and for our use. A few times we offered the results to a number of interested correspondents.

  7. Deekaman says:

    Little doubt the poll is skewed; the media is once again “in the tank” for Obama. I do question the comment regarding “brainwashing”. It is doubtful he was brainwashed by a foreign power, but recall that his parents were avowed socialists, and he spent much of his youth studying Islam.

    Explains just about everything.

  8. Kermit says:

    What do you think that they will not use fraud again?

  9. Barackinsane Obummerizback says:

    You are talking about Obummer, right?

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