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  • March 18, 2012

    Obama Executive Order: Peacetime Martial Law

    The Mask is Off

    Just in from teapartytribune:

    This Executive Order was posted on the  web site on Friday, March 16, 2012, under the name National Defense Resources Preparedness.  In a nutshell, it’s the blueprint for Peacetime Martial Law and it gives the president the power to take just about anything deemed necessary for “National Defense”, whatever they decide that is.    It’s peacetime, because as the title of the order says, it’s for “Preparedness”.  A copy of the entire order follows the end of this story.

    Under this order the heads of these cabinet level positions; Agriculture, Energy, Health and Human Services, Transportation, Defense and Commerce can take food, livestock, fertilizer, farm equipment, all forms of energy, water resources, all forms of civil transporation (meaning any vehicles, boats, planes),  and any other materials, including construction materials from wherever they are available.  This is probably why the government has been visiting farms with GPS devices, so they know exactly where to go when they turn this one on.


    Specifically, the government is allowed to allocate materials, services, and facilities as deemed necessary or appropriate.  They decide what necessary or appropriate means.

    What happens if the government decides it needs all these things to be prepared, even if there is no war?   You likely won’t be able to walk into a store to purchase virtually anything because it will all be requisitioned, “rationed” and controlled by the government.  Construction materials, food like meat, butter and sugar, anything imported, parts, tires and fuel for vehicles, clothing, etc. will likely become unobtainable, or at least very scarce.  How many things are even made here in the USA any more?


    Gas Ration Card ( Click Pic to see more Cards )

    WWII era gas ration cards via Old Chester PA.  You couldn’t go on vacation without a “vacation pass”.

    Under this new Executive Order, cabinet heads are authorized to loan money, offer loan guarantees and even subsidize payments at above market rates (no bid contracts?) for whatever they need.   This could make Solyndra or Halliburton look like Junior Achievement.   Nothing like a war will generate these kinds of huge profits for the corporate “partners” and you can bet the bankers and contractors are already lining up for this one — because under this order no war is even required!

    Here’s where you can find the Executive Order:…
  • Posted by Ted Belman @ 9:27 am | 23 Comments »

    23 Comments to Obama Executive Order: Peacetime Martial Law

    1. yamit82 says:

      Mark Levin: On Obama’s Habitual Use Of Executive Fiat – “Is That The Act Of A Dictator?”
      August, 20, 2011 — nicedeb

      Mark Levin is asking the right question. Members of Congress should be asking the same thing and standing up to this out of control Despot. Obama keeps trying to get away with more and more. It’s almost like he’s daring people to stop him.

      Congress refused to pass the Dream Act, so before Obama left for Martha’s Vineyard, he quietly signed an executive order that does the same thing Congress refused to do…

      Mark Levin asks: Is That The Act Of A Dictator?

      Congress passed the Defense of Marriage Act under Bill Clinton. Obama decided he didn’t think it was legal, so he refuses to defend it…

      Is That The Act Of A Dictator?

      S&P downgrades the credit of the United States, and Obama’s Justice Dept launches an investigation into S&P

      Is That The Act Of A Dictator?

      The President of the United States has directed his Dept. of HHS to work overtime to build a bureaucratic foundation and infrastructure for ObamaCare before the Supreme Court has had a chance to rule on the constitutionality of certain aspects of it…

      Is That The Act Of A Dictator?

      Congress refused to pass a Cap and Trade bill early in his presidency, his EPA in essence is now doing the same thing….

      Is That The Act Of A Dictator?

    2. Noligarchy says:

      If the world is a dangerous place and we’re teetering on the brink, *and it is, right???*, the gov’t should have plans in place. If they have plans in place, they should tell us about them. It sounds like no big deal. But thank you for bringing it to my attention.

      I have a related question: My “friend” voted for the current occupier of the Oval Office. Should I treat her as an unReal American? (Broad question, I know. I believe in market solutions in almost every case, believe it or not, btw, if that helps you to formulate your answer. Thanks in advance!)

      p.s., I just noticed that I wrote “broad question” in regards to this question about, well, anyway. Ha! High five, brother!

    3. Paul says:

      This really begs the question, when all these resources are being sequestered by the Obamination, what happens to labor? What will be the status and concern of immigrant labor under “Peacetime Martial Law”? If these laws allow the government to seize property from citizens, then won’t it be allowed to throw out anyone who is in the country who is not a citizen and especially illegal immigrants?

    4. Bert says:

      Obama is becoming steadily bolder and is violating the constitution more brazenly. He has already accumulated dictatorial powers while most of America remains numb and dumb even as they sense something is going very wrong. Rachel Maddow exposes Obama indefinite detention justification. See a detention camp being prepared
      These dictatorial powers will be needed when the economy collapses and people start mass riots. Obama already has the power to assassinate American citizens. Perhaps the next step is to cancel the November elections. Then we change his title from president to “Great Leader for Life”.

    5. Bert says:

      The FEMA detention camp is at
      Sorry for my error

    6. Max says:

      Oh My! The Techno-Fascist State is coming a lot sooner than I thought it would be. The power and speed of technology to be implemented is astounding.
      They are obviously preparing to implement a totalitarian state and pre-empting any attempts at rebellion by the population.

      If these laws allow the government to seize property from citizens, then won’t it be allowed to throw out anyone who is in the country who is not a citizen and especially illegal immigrants?

      No, they will either be thrown into labour camps or their employers will become their new owners. It will be the reverse of what you are concerned – they will make it impossible for them to escape.

      This document allows them to do virtually anything without explanation or legal charges. The document may be the last time they feel the need to explain anything.
      Treasure it, next time , they won’t even tell you.

    7. Max says:

      The EO also states that the President and his Secretaries have the authority to seize all transportation, energy, and infrastructure inside the United States as well as forcibly induct/draft American citizens into the military. The EO also contains a vague reference in regards to harnessing American citizens to fulfill “labor requirements” for the purposes of national defense.

      Not only that, but the authority claimed inside the EO does not only apply to National Emergencies and times of war. It also applies in peacetime

      Continue reading on Obama Executive Order would seize US infrastructure, citizens for nat’l defense – Spokane Conservative |

      As I understand it., this is in effect NOW?

      It’s completely quiet, It did not even make the MSM.
      All channels all outlets this news is muzzled, it didn’t happen.
      It only made the blogs and a couple of independent rags. Do a google search and see for yourself. The most powerful and sweeping police order in a decades or ever and it didn’t make the news.
      This is how it happens, first economic power is removed for all ordinary people, their lives are shut down, then in silence with an EO the door is slammed shut.
      In the Elite’s MSM ,no one can hear you scream.
      This is how the world ends, not with a bang, but a whisper.

      Now the question is, is it Marxist Propaganda if I complain about this? (because I am accused of being a Marxist by system apologists for pointing out that America has become Neo-Stalinist).

      I though Obama was the Marxist!!! Now I’m confused. Is everyone a Marxist now?
      Really! Don’t be silly. There is neither Marxism nor Capitalism in the US – just up to now, plain old economic fascism converging toward its zenith . and… what it is it? The end point?

    8. yamit82 says:

      “Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” Ben Franklin

    9. Laura says:

      I though Obama was the Marxist!!! Now I’m confused. Is everyone a Marxist now?

      He is. Government control of resources is marxism. So this is Obama being exactly in character.

    10. Max says:

      That’s not ‘Government Control’ that’s elite control, the Elite controls the wealth and the resources. It’s the same elite that controls the Republicans.
      Either way, it’s Stalinism, not Marxism.

      The Republicans don’t want the masses to use the government to stop their fascist controls so they promote the hysteria and myth of ‘commies’ and ‘Marxists’ but in fact the Elite owns the government by bankrolling them and giving them a voice in their MSM. In fact the Elite uses the Government to control the legal and political system and make themselves more powerful. They just don’t want anyone to stop them. That is how they got to own the wealth in the first place. They own the government and the government works for them. All American politicians expect careers in the Elite’s corporations before and especially after serving office. .

      The new Techno-Fascist State here benefits the Elite and the Elite only. This executive order is not to control the elite but to control the ordinary citizens.
      Obama is merely an executive servant – his family does not even own enough wealth to merit membership in the elite – it will take a few generations.
      If the shareholder wealth was taken from the elite and distributed equally to the workers of the major companies, then neither the Elite nor the Government would control the wealth.
      We would in fact have capitalism, real capitalism for the first time – the people would have capital and ownership of capital to work and create wealth and make their live prosperous.

      You are the apologist Laura. You are an Elite Apologist or System Apologist, – you have been indoctrinated with Elite Propaganda to serve as a doberman to police the oppressed masses. Every idea you re-iterate, did not come from your thinking but transmitted propaganda.

      You are exactly like those “Islamofascist Apologists’ you hate (and which I also dislike) .. and you have been created the same way – willingly and willfully inculcated by propaganda from the machine.

      Do you really know who you are, I wonder? I don’t know.
      Did you, like many others, say to yourself at one point:
      “I will support this system, I don’t care what they do to others , just so long as they give me (whatever)
      What is the Whatever? Support for Israel, A new house?.. .and then one day I can tell you they will take back whatever it is, whenever they want, for sure they they will, they always do, because they can.

    11. yamit82 says:

      I posted comments and references to the danger of the NDAA in Jan and Feb. It did not resonate with anyone then. In view of the above posts maybe now after connecting dots it will!

      The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Year 2012 was signed into United States law on December 31, 2011 by President Barack Obama.

      Final Curtain: Obama Signs Indefinite Detention of Citizens Into Law As Final Act of 2011

      The NDAA’s historic assault on American liberty: The End of the Bill of Rights

      By signing into law the NDAA, the president has awarded the military extraordinary powers to detain US citizens without trial.

      For Immediate Release, December 31, 2011
      Statement by the President on H.R. 1540

      Republican after Republican using flagrant emotional and sniffling rhetoric about the military in order to pass a bill that basically removes the rights of any American they wish. Under the cover of this bill is the power for the President of the United States to arrest and hold indefinitely and torture any American citizen he deems to be a threat . If the big boys decide you are a ‘terrorist’ and remember, this is the same government that can’t run a post office or anything else correctly, you will be gone. Without a lawyer you will be hard pressed to prove yourself not guilty as they will decide you are guilty without trial. No more innocent until proven guilty.

      What can you be arrested and held forever for? Ammunition, weapons, storing food, having a bad opinion of the President or Congress, taking part in demonstrations, criticizing the government, the list goes on and is not limited to these things.
      The definition of your crime is up to the President and the military exclusively.

      Do you realize how dangerous this is? Americans will think twice now about saying anything about how the government works as their freedom is now gone.

    12. Herb says:

      You should call her an idiot unless she has entered the world of reality.

    13. Joseph G Whitson says:

      Obama’s Executive Order calling for Peacetime Martial Law is a “Smoke
      Screen” and conforms to his re-election plans. His Agenda is to create Media
      Staged chaos in the streets—Blame “Those hostile and criminally minded Tea
      Party mothers with their children and grandparents—Call out The National Guard
      to restore order to protect and save the Country—The Media then proclaims
      Obama as Savior.” It’s all for public consumption for his re-election. His fans
      and the far left will buy or “Be Bought” into it. Obama is saying to the rest of
      the Nation, “You are too ignorant, uninformed and too Stupid to realize what’s
      happening—It’s been over three years since I started dismantling America
      and you still haven’t caught on!!

      Media proclaims him Savior of the Country. It’s all for re-election consumption. His
      loyal fans and the far left will buy or “Be Bought” into it. What Obama is saying to the
      rest of us is,”You are too ignorant, uninformed and stupid to realize what’s happening!!

    14. Max says:

      Don’t be silly, the Republicans would have done the same thing. This act benefits the wealthy and is put in by their non-partisan advisors to the White House. It gives them security to protect their wealth and power against civil disobedience and gives them the means to confiscate or control the remaining wealth in America that they have not yet got tinder control.

      Did anyone see the Republicans say they will immediately rescind this if they win the election or as soon as they get power of any kind?
      Did they say anything? Did anyone even hear a cough?

      Waiting…still waiting…
      Nobody said anything! This news was suffocated in the MSM!

      Check out that the same corporations are the fanciers of both Parties.

      It should be obvious to anyone is capable of critical objective analysis. America is owned by a small cartel and ruled by corruption and deceit.
      In the final end both parties will all agree or jointly establish martial law. It will be an ‘unfortunate necessity’ because of some terrible crisis it will be necessary to suspend elections ‘for a while’ and Americans will be out of the loop in any case.

    15. Max says:

      The Left Right Paradigm is Over: Its You vs. Corporations
      “The new dynamic, however, has moved past the old Left Right paradigm. We now live in an era defined by increasing Corporate influence and authority over the individual. These two “interest groups” – I can barely suppress snorting derisively over that phrase – have been on a headlong collision course for decades, which came to a head with the financial collapse and bailouts. Where there is massive concentrations of wealth and influence, there will be abuse of power. The Individual has been supplanted in the political process nearly entirely by corporate money, legislative influence, campaign contributions, even free speech rights.

      This may not be a brilliant insight, but it is surely an overlooked one. It is now an Individual vs. Corporate debate – and the Humans are losing.

      But my bottom line is this: If you see the world in terms of Left & Right, you really aren’t seeing the world at all . .”

      Read the Whole thing.

    16. Max says:

      Republican versus DemocratThe problem in America isn’t that the Republican party has sold its soul to corporate wealth, Christian fundamentalism and plutarchs. The problem with America is that Democrats have, too. The problem with America is that the Republicans and the Democrats are units of the same organization, an organization that has consolidated its control over the American political process to the exclusion of all others.

      We aren’t REALLY facing a choice this election season (This was 2004 – same goes for 2012 It hasn’t changed!) – we’re simply participating in the bread-and-circuses entertainment set up for us by a self-perpetuating monolithic political system. We don’t REALLY have a democracy, because we don’t REALLY have a choice. No matter which man wins, the same Beltway bureaucracy with grind along, the same world-spanning corporations will continue to extract profit, and the world will continue to heat up and choke on our wastes.

      It’s easy to get caught up in the soap-opera of American politics, but in the end that’s all it is, a soap opera. Radio pundits can call each other names if they wish, but their performances are mere distractions from the machinations of power that have turned our American democracy into a mere supporting mythology behind the show.

    17. Max says:

      There is a chart on this page showing Major Financial Interest groups in Americans their contributions to Dems and Repubs..
      Lo and behold! Each Group is coloured Red and Blue!!!!

      How to win a horse race? Bet on both horses with a guaranteed payoff.

      Remember the last line of ‘Animal Farm’:

      “The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.”

    18. Max says:

      Ron Paul: Foreign Policy Is Dictated By Individuals Who Control Both The Democrat And Republican Party

      Stated by a Republican.
      No Marxists, no Democrats, No Republicans, just fascists.

    19. monostor says:

      Wow ! What a war of ideas ! It seems to me that someone was planted in from OWS to stir up the mood. Max, is it you ? Socialists, Communists, Fascists, Democrats, Liberals, Nazis, etc. are all first and foremost Marxists.

    20. Max says:

      Spoken like a System Apologist using system propaganda. The American system that you are defending is the only fascist game in effect in America.
      You forgot to add the Republicans to that list -they are the first and foremost representatives of the ruling Elite Fascists that own America.
      Say it honestly, by ‘Marxist’ you mean anything that threatens the fascist total control of the wealth by the Power Elite.


      There is no war of ideas, the Republican-Democrat argument is a dog and pony show put on by the American Rulers. The only voice that is heard by the masses is the voice of fascism.

      For those hoping the Republicans getting power will make the end result any different for Israel, forget it – you are just listening to Theatre. If I am wrong, what exact promises have been made by the Republican Party regarding Israel?
      Exact promises, legislation proposed, not rhetoric.

      Everything about politics and the economy in the MSM is a twisted lie by put out by the fascists who own the MSM.
      The people that repeat their propaganda as weapons to defend the existing system of fascism and oppress the masses are System Apologists.
      All other voices are silent in the MSM.

      OWS … I had to look that up on the net. That’s the American public’s awareness about 5 decades behind the times. That is just the popular awareness of the people that the system fascists regard as enemies – totally hopeless no matter how many millions join them – they have no political representation – the system is locked by the fascists. The fact that they have no political representation is proof that the political system is owned by fascists.
      If OWS are Marxists and Obama are Marxists why would OWS oppose this executive order. The hysterical label of ‘Marxist” used by system fascists doesn’t make any sense. Obama said the people who recently stole about 1-2 percent of the wealth didn’t do anything wrong – strange thing for a Marxist to say.
      Wall street is just a red herring, it’s not them, is the people who own Wall street, the political parties and the media in America – the Elite.
      That was probably freedom’s last gasp.

      to stir up the mood

      No mood is being stirred up, no one is listening. I am writing into a vacuum, writing just for myself. You can go back six years on this website and see I predicted OWS and pre-dated their limited protests by five years.
      It didn’t matter then, it doesn’t matter now.
      Say good-bye to the future,America.

      But I understand, as a system apologist, you had to make sure all the holes were plugged.

    21. monostor says:

      Max, nice ideological salad you put on the table. You should comment on websites where American elections are the topic. You use stereotypes with no end and no sense. You are a very angry person and should do some reading on political philosophy and its history. Some titles come to mind: “Liberal Fascism” by Jonah Goldberg, Mark Levin’s “Ameritopia” and last but not least “The US Constitution” – “A Reader” edited by the Hillsdale College Politics Faculty. Paul Johnson, the eminent British historian, has some very instructive chapters on Marx in some of his books – it is worthwhile looking into them.

    22. Max says:

      @monostor – You should stop working for fascists – you are a very boring stereotype. It would be worthwhile for you to actually look at those websites and learn something about the fascist system you support.

      Yeah I know, you want me to go away and shut up, my POV is dangerous, the truth always is. You need to attack it with ad hominems such as “ideological salad” Behind every ad hominem is a fascist ideology – ‘might is right’.

      The people here are very interested in the American Election, they believe the dog and pony show – they are deceived by propagandists such as yourself. It’s totally absurd that the Republican Party, the strongest servants of the American Elite Fascists would place Israel above the profit seeking of the American Ruling Class.

    23. monostor says:

      Thanks for your enlightening writeup. You are the light at the end of the tunnel.

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