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  • April 5, 2012

    Why Hebron is important and what just happenned there

    By David haivri, INN

    Some Jews bought a house and moved in.

    “So what?” you might ask. If it were anywhere else in the world, little notice would be taken. But in this case, the home is in Hevron, and the last owner was an Arab.

    In this case, it is something covered by international media – a cause for governmental debate and military intervention. Sounds a little off the wall, doesn’t it?

    The truth is that even with some background details, this story would be considered outrageous had it occurred anywhere else in the world. What is the story here? Hevron is one of four cities holy to the Jewish people: Tsfat, Tiberias, Hevron and Jerusalem.

    It is the site of the burial place purchased by our father Abraham, founder of our faith, where he laid to rest his wife Sarah, mother of our nation. Our two other sets of patriarchs and matriarchs – Itzchak and Rivkah, Yaakov and Leah – were also buried in the same family cave when they passed away.

    Our great King David sat on the throne in Hevron for seven years before he made Jerusalem the united capital of Israel.

    Throughout the ages, the Jewish community thrived in Hevron. The pious came from afar to pray at the holy tombs and to study in the city’s great houses of Torah learning.

    In 1929, in response to incitement by the grand Mufti of Jerusalem, the Arabs of Hevron massacred, raped and mutilated their Jewish neighbors. 77 innocent Jewish residents of Hevron died that day, at the hands of Arab neighbors with whom they had lived at peace for decades.

    The British Mandate government instructed the Jewish survivors to relocate to other cities, leaving behind their properties, which they were unable to see again until after the victory of the Israeli army in June 1967.

    Less then a year later, on the eve of Passover, Jews returned to live in the holy city. However, to this day, the rebuilding of the Jewish community in the city is a great challenge. Residents are continually pressured by the international community that wishes to facilitate the Palestinian goal of a land free of Jews. Safety has always been a concern, with armed terrorists targeting and snipers killing even infants in their effort to again rid the city of Jews.

    But, thank G-d; the resilience of the Jewish community in Hebron can be an inspiration to Jews and friends of Israel everywhere.

    Slowly but surely, the community continues to grow and set down strong roots in the city of our fathers. The Cave of Machpelah has again become a site of mass pilgrimage, with a constant flow of visitors who come from around the world to pray at the holy site. Weddings, Brit Milahs [circumcisions] and other important events are held at this place of great significance.

    Today, for a Jewish person to buy a home or property in Judea, Samaria or Jerusalem, from an Arab, is a very complicated procedure. Under the Palestinian Authority, capital punishment is the accepted punishment for those who sell property to Jews. That being the case, these types of deals are very complex, and can take years of secret negotiations, during which time monies are transferred and agreements are signed.

    Before the deal can become public, the Arab seller needs to relocate to another country, where he will be safe from assassins from his own community. After the deal goes public, the new Jewish owners take possession of the property and move their families in. At this point, in almost every case, some other Arab will publicly make claim to the property and state that no deal was made.

    In the above case, there was an emergency meeting of the leaders of Israel’s government, where it was actually decided that the new Jewish owners in Hevron would be given a few days to prove their claim before any action was taken.

    But Defense Minister Ehud Barak took matters into his own hands and acted in defiance of that government stand. The soldiers of the IDF were sent in to evict the Jews from their new residence in the city of Hevron, next to the Cave of Machpelah.

    Now, PM Netanyahu will have to decide where he stands.

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  • Posted by Ted Belman @ 6:58 pm | 8 Comments »

    8 Comments to Why Hebron is important and what just happenned there

    1. NormanF says:

      Actually, Barak took his action with BB’s knowledge and with the backing of the Israeli’s leftist Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein.

      In a corrupt country like Israel, Jews not only need to navigate an incredibly complicated and byzantine governmental process to buy, build or renovate a home in Judea and Samaria, the Defense Minister can decide without democratic accountability, on his own whether the Jews of Yesha can pave a road, install a toilet or put a roof over their home or to add a porch or new room to it.

      And to add insult to injury, they are lectured to about the “rule of law” by the very same Defense Minister they did not elect to govern them and Barak is not answerable to Israeli Jewish voters living in Judea and Samaria. Keep that in mind as the Israeli government continues to boast its the Middle East’s “only democracy.”

    2. CuriousAmerican says:

      If you provide the seller with a passport and cash, then I have NO problem and the deal should go through.

      It should be enough to show a few bank statements, and a photostat of provided passports.

      The only question is: Were these provided?

    3. dweller says:

      @ CuriousAmerican:

      “It should be enough to show a few bank statements, and a photostat of provided passports.”

      Show them to whom?

      If they are allowed to become public record, could this not endanger the seller?

    4. CuriousAmerican says:

      Not if the settler is already in another country.

      Show it to the judge.

      You do not have to show the name, just the passport and the photo.

      Chile has 500,000 Palestinian-Chileans. They are about 3% of the population.

      Indeed, Chile is 5% Arab, almost all are Christian.

      Get them a Chilean passport. And produce a photocopy, with name blurred out, to the judge for examination

      Chile really has a lot of Palestinians.
      They took some in recently.


      Chile has a massive Palestinian population already

    5. CuriousAmerican says:

      People should use their heads better.

      The Arabs will NOT take in Palestinians.

      But Chile, Argentina, and Brazil have massive (AND ASSIMILATED) Arab populations.

      According to Pedro Breiger, 40% of all Arab-Argentines have a Muslim ancestor, but less that 10% are Muslim now.

      What this means is that South America has Christianized Muslim immigrants.

      Chile has 800,000 Arabs – over half are Palestinian. The rest are Sirio-Libanese

      They even have a major league soccer team called the Palestinos.

      Palestino Soccer Club Song (The song is a sport song, NOT a rebel song)

      Argentina has 4 Million Arab-Argentines. Most are intermarried with other groups, but their identity is still strong. Almost all are Christian, though 40% have one Muslim ancestor.

      Great Trailer for a documentary about this
      Beirut Buenos Aires Beirut

      Brazil has 15 Million Arabs, again, almost all are Christians.

      Arab Sao Paulo

      About half or more of these are 2nd or 3rd generation descendents of Lebanese Maronite Catholics who were chased out of Lebanon by Muslim persecutions.

      Some of the Palestinians in Chile are 4th or 5th generation Chileans, who arrived around 1890.

      Brazil has a fast food chain called Habib’s with 300 stores.

      Even the Portuguese, German, Italian, and African descended Brazilians now eat Lebanese food.

      Buy land from a Palestinian family of 5 and give then $500,000 and Brazilian (or Chilean or Argentine) passports and the problem is solved.

      During court cases, just produce the bank statements, and photocopies of the passports to make your case.


    6. SHmuel HaLevi says:

      @ NormanF:
      Truth be said? Israelis in their vast majority are utterly UNFIT to lead the Jewish people or defend our national Heritage. Depending in any way on those unJews words is suicidal and as far as this being a “demokratiahhh” pleeeease!
      I forgot the name of the midget general that using islamic voters defeated Livni, on itself that was a blessing, a few days ago, but he did not waste much time to promise those voters he depends on, that he is going to “give” Yehuda and Shomron, Jerusalem is there also, to them if elected…
      As far as showing any judge ANY document of purchase or sale outside of what is required from the rest of the people, the mere idea is repugnant.
      Barak is another of them political generals hatched in the israeli demokratiahhh that have no political backing. He is an arch enemy, a treasonous unJew that repeatedly run and abandon wounded soldiers and packed his “command” with the worst flotsam available.

    7. Uzi Kattan says:

      Netanyhau chose Bhud Eichmann BarfBag to do the dirty work and take the blame. He also chose the attorney general and backs their actions to ethnically cleanse Yehuda and Shomron of Jews. Netayahu and his henchmen are doing all they can to make life impossible for the Jews living there while Arabs steal Jewish land and build illegal housing for themselves while Pipi does nothing to uphold the ‘law’. The ‘law’ only applies to his Jewish victims.

      Netanyahu gave away most of Hevron in 1996 including the surrounding hills where Arab snipers murdered the infant Shalhevet Pass. He promised to retake the hills during the giveaway which of course never happened. The Pass family have Bibi to blame for their infant daughter’s death.

    8. Viiit says:

      @ CuriousAmerican:

      Smart approach is to re-define the Christian “Arabs” as non-Arabs.
      Most likely they are Jews, Phoenicians, Assyrians, Egyptians (Pharaonic or Greek). Arab invaders showed up in the 7th century and were all musloid. None of them converted to Christianity, or they would have been beheaded. Therefore the Christian so called “Arabs” are just Arabic speaking members of nations conquered by musloid Arab barbarians.
      Once they get that, they will become our allies.