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  • April 16, 2012

    Plaut: Shalom Eisner “should instead be given a medal.”

    Obviously Plaut agrees with my comment in the other post. But not everybody does. Steinberg said “Tragically they are still successful in finding soldiers and, in this case, quite senior officers who lose control.” In other words, he doesn’t condone the soldiers actions. Even Plaut justified the soldier by saying he had been attacked. I took the position that as a matter of policy we should make them fear us. Its called deterrence. But as good as it feels to force conformity with our demands, some say it hurts our image around the world. Should we be concerned with this? Should we create an image of “nice” or an image of toughness? Which suits us better. Should we act in confrontation or should we avoid confrontation. Should we make a a big deal out of it or should we make the event a yawn? Ted Belman

    By Steven Plaut

    Well the “Flytilla” of pro-terrorism anarcho-fascists and Hitler Youth pretty much was halted in their airport espresso lounges yesterday. Only a handful of the gutternsnipes made it into Israel. Unfortunately, the government did not take my advice of shipping those into Gaza and then refusing ever to let them leave. The women “anarchists” could stay in Gaza and find work as comfort girls.

    The big story seems to be the IDF colonel who hit a Danish guttersnipe in the face with the butt of his rifle. The anarchists videotaped the incident and edited out what CAUSED the colonel to strike the guttersnipe. Well, now we know. The colonel, who is religious, has a long track record of keeping order and staying calm in the face of “anarchist” provocations. So what set him off? The Danish guttersnipe struck him violently and broke several of the colonel’s fingers. This is not shown in the anarchist edited videotape.

    The colonel is Shalom Eisner and he has been suspended from duties.
    But he should instead be given a medal. Please take a moment and
    send the Prime Minister a message, at this web site, calling for the
    full reinstatement of Colonel Eisner and his being granted a medal:

    Meanwhile, I think we need a new marching song to salute Colonel
    Eisner and celebrate the new out-of-character courage of the Israeli
    government in dealing with the anarcho-nazis. (The government also
    showed uncharacteristic moxie in its sarcastic letter mocking the

    I have composed just the thing, based on the Michael Jackson song “Beat It!”

    Original Michael Jackson Lyrics here:
    Here is my version:

      “Beat them”
      [1st Verse]
      We Told them Don’t You Ever Come Around Here
      Don’t Wanna See Your Face, You Better Disappear
      The Hatred’s In Their Eyes And Their Words Are Really Clear
      So Beat them, Just Beat them

      [2nd Verse]
      You Better Run, You Better Do What You Can
      They wanna shed our Blood, So Be A Macho Man
      We gonna Be Tough, Let’s toss them in our Can
      So Beat them, Taser them so bad

      Just Beat them, Beat them, Beat them, Beat them
      No One Wants To Be Defeated
      Showin’ the Hitler Youth our Fight
      Anarcho-fascists Left and Right
      Just Beat them, Beat them
      Just Beat them, Beat them
      Just Beat them, Beat them
      Just Beat them, Beat them

      Beat them, Beat them, Beat them, Beat them

    The full news story on the assault of Colonel Eisner by the Danish
    Hitler youth:

    IDF Suspends Officer who Hit Anarchist
    After an initial investigation, IDF decides to suspend officer who was
    provoked by an anarchist and was videotaped hitting him.
    By Elad Benari

    The IDF has decided to suspend Lt. Col. Shalom Eisner, the IDF officer
    who was videotaped striking a Danish anarchist with his gun.
    In an updated statement released late Sunday evening, the IDF
    Spokesman’s Unit said,

      “The Head of Central Command, Maj. Gen. Nitzan
      Alon, has ordered an immediate inquiry into the incident in which Lt.
      Col. Shalom Eisner, Deputy Commander of the Bik’a Brigade, was seen
      hitting protesters in the Jordan Valley yesterday. After an initial
      inquiry conducted this evening (Sunday) by the Commander of the Bik’a
      Brigade, Maj. Gen. Nitzan Alon decided to adopt the recommendation of
      the Head of the Armored Corps, Brig. Gen. Agai Yehezkel, and suspend
      the officer immediately until the investigation is fully concluded.”

    The statement added that the Chief Military Advocate General,
    Brigadier General Danny Efroni, has ordered that the Military Police
    investigate the incident as well.

    Earlier Sunday, the anarchists uploaded a video to the Internet in
    which Eisner is seen slamming his gun, magazine first, into the face
    of an ISM anarchist. As is usual in such cases, the anarchists’ video
    is edited and does not include any documentation of their provocations
    vis-à-vis the reservist force that had to deal with them on the Jewish
    Sabbath. There was no evidence in the video that the anarchist was

    The incident occurred near Route 90, which runs along Israel’s eastern
    border. The anarchists were obviously ignoring the orders of the IDF
    force to clear the road.

    The anarchists claimed that they were trying to conduct a peaceful
    protest by riding their bicycles on Route 90. IDF forces “brutally
    attacked” them, they claimed, and three activists were hospitalized
    after the event.

    The IDF Spokesman’s Unit told Arutz Sheva on Sunday that

      “This is a
      grave incident. The Head of Central Command, Maj. Gen. Nitzan Alon,
      has ordered that a thorough and serious inquiry be conducted. The
      inquiry will look into the circumstances that preceded the events
      documented in the video as well as the serious incident that is seen
      in the film. Lessons will be learned and proper steps will be taken.”
      Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz said on Sunday evening that he
      views the incident as a very serious one. The IDF Spokesman quoted
      Gantz as having said, “The incident does not reflect the values of the
      IDF and will be thoroughly investigated.”

    It was also revealed on Sunday that Eisner told a confidante that the
    leftist he was seen hitting in the video struck him first, causing
    fractures in his hand.

    Arik Ben Shimon, who served under Eisner in the past, spoke to him
    after the incident and heard his version of what happened.
    The Deputy Brigade Commander said that the moment taped and published
    in the internet was preceded by verbal and physical violence by the
    leftists against him and his soldiers.

    “You have to understand that this was a confrontation that lasted over
    two hours and not an event that lasted a few minutes,” Ben Shimon told
    Arutz Sheva. “This was the last line of defense before an area that
    was declared a ‘closed military zone’ and the video is obviously
    edited in a biased way, leaving out the part where that anarchist from
    Denmark hit Eisner with a stick in his right hand and caused fractures
    in his hand.”

    2. More communist agitprop from Tel Aviv University

    3. More Israel bashing from Ben Gurion University’s leading

  • Posted by Ted Belman @ 9:52 am | 11 Comments »

    11 Comments to Plaut: Shalom Eisner “should instead be given a medal.”

    1. NormanF says:

      A Jew should be feared instead of loved.

      I am in favor of giving anti-Semites and Israel haters their just desserts.

      Lt. Col Eisner had a broken hand and with the state of mind he was in, if he had killed the Jew-hating scum who assaulted him, I would have offered him my congratulations!

      Beating a fascist guttersnipe, the IDF needs to do it more often. The Israeli government’s pathetic groveling in front of anti-Semites and Israel haters offends me!

      Here is a man who deserves a promotion and a medal. Israel isn’t harsh enough on its enemies and he set a splendid example for Jews on how to deal with those who abuse them – and who would also murder them if they could.

    2. yamit82 says:

      That they were allowed into Israel is worrisome. They could have been terrorists or terrorist mules carrying any number of possible weapons scenarios. Even if they were suspect they should have been turned back or arrested and jailed on the spot.

      If the scum tried to enter as tourists they would have had to lie about being tourists. That in itself is enough to jail them. The PC cowardice and the incompetence of our intelligence and security apparatus should be sending alarms all over the place. The officer incident is a distraction misdirecting our attention to issues that are of a secondary nature.

      If our security services had done their jobs in the first place the incident would never have occurred.

      I know there is a military directive requiring all such confrontations to be filmed by IDF photographers I have seen no reference that that directive was applied and acted on in this case. Why?

      Instead of the cowardly BB deploring the actions of our Officer he should be supportive no matter what. BB is a Piece of SHIT!!!

    3. sid weiner says:

      One must dig very deeply to discover what is behind Israel’s strange behavior toward Europe & the political left.
      1)In 1922 or’23 Rabbi Jacob Maze of Moscow pleaded with Leon Trotsky to help the Jews of Russia who were being murdered by both the “Reds” & the Czarist “Whites”.Trotsky refused to help the Jews.Trotsky claimed that he was not a Jew,he was a Communist!Trotsky said that when there were no more Jews,only workers,the pogroms would end!
      Rabbi Maze angrily replied “Trotsky makes the revolutions & the Bronsteins (Trotskys real name) pay the bills.
      To this day,ninety years later,the Jews in Israel are still being plagued by the Trotsky’s.The real Jews are represented by Jabotinsky & the Revisionists.
      2)After Herzl passed from the scene in 1904,control of the Zionist movement passed into the hands of the Utopian European Jewish Elite who were generally left of center politically.They took control & to this day they rule Israel from behind the scenes.This elite,starting in the Palestine Mandate & extending to the present day,control most of the major Israeli institutions.They see themselves as part of the superior European culture of the left & not as followers of traditional Judaism.
      3)Many of the policies Emanating at high levels of government are dictated by this establishment elite.These policies are obsequious,ingratiating garbage meant to impress the European inteligencia the Israeli elite seek to emulate.When you strike a leftist European you are hurting one of their own.When you strike a Jew you are only hurting a member of the provincial Jewish rabble the elite are forced to live amongst!
      4)many of the high ranking officers in the A army are just politicians in uniform.They know which side their bread is buttered on,they understand who they need to serve if they are to advance their careers.If the left elite tell them to jump they ask “how high”?If they are told to lynch Lt.Col. Eisner they will want to be the first to bring the rope;whatever it takes to move their career forward.
      5)Why are policies implemented that harm the Jews of Israel?Because the establishment isn’t interested in the welfare of Jews,it is interested in it’s relationship with the European political left.

    4. the phoenix says:

      accurate description, sid!
      indeed these ‘elitists’ did not hesitate to shoot and kill those aboard the altalena!!!
      the ones who took over afterwards, did not hesitate to dismantle jewish towns and leave all that blood sweat and tears have created, to our mortal enemies!!!
      i realize that i am preaching to the choir, but, short of a ‘coup d’etat’ (blue code)what is the solution???

    5. Laura says:

      That they were allowed into Israel is worrisome.

      Exactly. These Jew-hating agitators and provocateurs should be barred from entering Israel. Why put the IDF in such a position to begin with? Israel isn’t impressing anyone by showing that it’s so tolerant it even allows in foreigners who call for the Jewish state to be annihilated. By allowing them in, all this shows is that Israel is a pushover. Would these Euro guttersnipes dare to pull this crap in a muslim country? The answer is obvious. They would certainly suffer far worse damage than a rifle butt to the face and it would not even be necessary to violently provoke the soldiers or police in those countries. They pull these stunts in Israel precisely because they know they don’t face serious reprocussions from the Israelis. They know it is safe to enter Israel and speak out against the country and confront the IDF.

    6. yamit82 says:

      @ sid weiner:

      Israeli Supreme Court is traceable to Nazis

      For mainstream Zionists, the year 1933 started a windfall of haavara, an exchange in which Germany allowed its Jews to leave for Palestine with large amounts of money and possessions. Short of foreign exchange, the Germans devised a solution acceptable to the Zionists: the departing German Jews would pay for local goods with deutschmarks; the goods would be then exported to Palestine, where Zionist enterprises would sell them and pay the arriving immigrants. The solution was a win-win one: Germany rid itself of some Jews, and the Jewish Agency received about a 35 percent profit on the transactions. Unbeknownst to German Jews at that time, they also profited handsomely—by having their lives saved. Still, only about a tenth of German Jews moved to Palestine.

      They were unlike those who had come before. The religious Jewish immigrants were not hugely productive but highly charged ideologically. Zionist immigrants were not religious but hugely productive. German Jews (yekkes) were neither. Like most of the 1990s Russian aliyah, the yekkes were fleeing domestic troubles rather than ascending to the Land of Israel. The assimilated mob hardly even associated itself with Jews, and not at all with Zionists. Many expected to return to Germany after the Nazis’ rule was over. In the haavara scheme, Zionists played with the devil and lost: German Jewish immigrants amalgamated into a powerful anti-Zionist force. They spoke German, scorned the redneck Palestinian Jewish culture, ignored religion, and snobbishly viewed themselves as Europeans in an Asiatic land. Common Jews answered them in kind, and the alienation grew. Detested and scornful, German Jews were the Peace Now of that time.

      Read more

      Israeli political and social norms have conformed to the opinions and world view of the Israeli S Court.

    7. Laura says:

      Shame on BB for taking the side of foreign enemies over an IDF soldier. Again, such behavior by Israel’s political leaders does not earn it brownie points with the Euro elite.

    8. the phoenix says:

      Laura Said:

      Shame on BB for taking the side of foreign enemies over an IDF soldier

      poor yonni, must be turning in his grave…
      what a disgrace!

    9. Ed Katz says:

      A new law must be instituted into Israeli Law. It should read, “Should any person or persons lie about their intent when visiting Israel and misuse that visit by harming Israel’s sovernty, they would be , on charge and conviction, sentenced to 5 years in Israel’s prison system.”

      This would solve a lot of problems.

    10. bernard ross says:

      Eisner is a great performance artist who in one small gesture,clearly and succinctly expressed the feelings of many towards the arrogant europeans and, in the same gesture, pointed the way to a new diplomatic and military paradigm. In fact he portrayed the new Jew who is tired of hypocrisy and seeking approval from the descendants of Jew Killers who now ally with today’s jew killers. His answer is perfect and cannot be misinterpreted. If one views his gesture as a symbol one can see contained in it many critiques of current paradigms and many solutions to move towards. Eisner for PM and Eisner diplomacy!

    11. the phoenix says:

      bernard ross Said:

      Eisner for PM and Eisner diplomacy!

      hear! hear!
      NOW we’re talking….

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