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  • May 31, 2012

    Barak plans to uproot olive trees planted by Jews on state land

    Our own government is cooperating with the Arabs and the EU and the US to prevent us from stopping the Arabs from laying claim to our land. As I have been saying the fight for the land in which the Arabs are supported by everyone, including our own government is the most important threat facing Israel today. I am currently organizing a conference to be held in Jerusalem to draw attention to this issue. Ted Belman

    The risk to Netzer is real and, therefore, this Friday we will be in Netzer and not Eitam.

    From Women in Green

    Dear Friends,

    Regrettably, we were officially informed today that the Civil
    Administration plans, in the next few days, to uproot all of the
    hundreds of Jewish trees that have been planted in the Netzer hills
    over the last few years, despite the fact that we signed that we are
    not laying claim to the land or the trees.

    All the plantings have been performed on state lands with one purpose
    only: to prevent the Arabs’ takeover of the same lands. As is well
    known, the Palestinian Authority declared Agricultural war throughout
    Area C with the purpose of stifling the Jewish communities.

    The concern is that Ehud Barak and the Civil Administration’s purpose
    of uprooting the Jewish trees, due to international pressure, is meant
    to prevent a Jewish continuity between the communities, by abandoning
    the lands and hills to the hands of the Arabs.

    We will be continuing our activities in the Netzer hills.

    A week ago we were requested to put the planned plantings on hold due
    to negotiations being held to cancel the uprooting decree. We agreed.
    But since we were informed today that the Administration insists on
    carrying out the uprooting, we will all come, B”H, this Friday, to the
    plantings being held at Netzer, at 9:00 am, next to the lower pergola.
    We also urge all to continue the pressure on Ministers and members of
    Knesset to do all they can to annul the decree.

    Aloh Na’aleh Ve’Ya’rashnu Otah. We shall rise forth and inherit Her
    (the Land of Israel).

    For the Arutz 7 report:

    Transportation to Friday planting:
    Jerusalem Ramot 7:50am- Inbal 8:15- Kiryat Arba Hevron 8:15- Tsomet
    Hagush 8:30- Efrat south 8:35- Elazar gate 8:40

    For info and registration:
    Yehudit Katsover 050-7161818 Nadia Matar 050-5500834

    Women For Israel’s Tomorrow (Women in Green)
    POB 7352, Jerusalem 91072, Israel

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  • Posted by Ted Belman @ 8:04 am | 35 Comments »

    35 Comments to Barak plans to uproot olive trees planted by Jews on state land

    1. BethesdaDog says:

      What the heck is a “Jewish” tree?

      A tree is a tree….

      It’s like having a Bark Mitzvzh for my dog…

      Do you have a bris for a tree?

    2. Canadian Otter says:

      @ Ted Belman:

      SOVEREIGNTY should be the goal. Nothing less.

      And YESHA UNITY.


      Yesha grassroots activists have been focused on build-build all these years, oblivious to the fact that the Sinai and Gaza settlements were successful and well-established, but destroyed anyway.

      Those settlements’ success meant absolutely nothing to government because the land had not been annexed.

      The government used the excuse of a treaty in the case of Sinai, and no excuse at all in the case of Gaza – it just “disengaged”.

      Both acts were the equivalent of raising a white flag without firing a single shot. They desecrated the labor or thousands, and the memory of Jews who died fighting for that land.

      What present day grassroots activists need to understand, Ted, is that they have been DIVERTING ENERGY AND MONEY and wasting precious time fighting skirmishes for a little land here and there, building shacks on outposts, and so on – instead of concentrating on demanding sovereignty and maintaining an EFFECTIVE campaign of education over the issue both at home and abroad.

      Please make your conference different from all others by trying to convince activists that building alone is not enough, that they need to have Yesha become official part of Israel NOW, before it’s too late. And then to develop an emergency course of action to achieve this goal.

      2) UNITY

      Judea and Samaria need to develop their own YESHA ORGANIZATION – even if it’s not recognized by the government. The present civil administration can remain there doing what they do best: representing the interest of government.

      Yesha needs to have its own voice.

      And all nationalists, wherever they live in Israel, need to understand the need for unity around the single cause of Sovereignty for Judea and Samaria – leaving aside for the time being all the other issues that divide them.

      There is a good argument to be made that the goal of sovereignty won’t be achieved through elections but through a massive national campaign led by Jews respected in their fields.


      As part of a national educational campaign to attain this unity, activists need to debunk the myths used by your enemies to instill fear and divisiveness: such as the myth that sovereignty entails automatic citizenship for all Arabs.

      That is not the case. They can be given residency, and then be offered a process for applying for citizenship that might take many years. They would need to apply individually, be free of criminal record, and swear a solemn oath promising to abide by all laws of the Jewish state. Their children born in Israel would not get automatic citizenship either.

      Social benefits could be adjusted, to discourage large Arab families. And a privately organized and financed fund could assist them to emigrate, if they wish to do so.

      Again, it’s important to expose the myth of automatic citizenship.


      There are absolutely wonderful and dedicated people either directly involved in protecting Yesha, or speaking out on its behalf. They need to be brought together to speak with one voice in order to confront the government.

      I’m thinking of so many names that have become familiar to us in the media: columnists, professors, rabbis, journalists, and so on. They all need to join one single pro-sovereignty organization. All of Judea and Samaria needs to officially become part of Israel!



      There is a very active pro-disengagement faction within the Coalition. Minister Ehud Barak just announced that since Jews are asleep, and the coalition has the votes, this is the moment to disengage from Yesha.

      Barak Suggests Unilateral Disengagement in Judea, Samaria

      Defense Minister Ehud Barak suggested Wednesday in a speech to the annual conference of the Institute for National Security Studies that Israel consider a unilateral disengagement from Judea and Samaria similar to that carried out by the Israeli government in the Gush Katif region of Gaza in August 2005.

      We are on borrowed time….People who are now in a coma are later going to ask, how did we get to this point?

      He added that he now sees an opportunity to explore such a move due to the fact that the current government coalition is very broad, comprising 94 seats. “It’s time to lead the political process,” he said.

    3. rongrand says:

      I am baffled by all of this.

      Did the Israeli leadership forget the Jews have G-d given rights to the Holy Land, all of the Holy Land from the River Jordan to the Mediterranean including Gaza, the Sinai, Judea & Samaria and the Golan Heights.

      Shouldn’t they be about the business of securing the land entrusted to them and not worry about world opinion or that of the anti-Semite world leaders?

      Keep the olive trees.

    4. Joe Hamilton says:

      @ BethesdaDog:
      Are you pretending to be so ignorant or are you just intellectually challenged? I will explain what is meant by “Jewish Trees”. All of the misnamed “West Bank” is part of the Jewish National Homeland which is recognized by international law. However, the Euronazis and the black Nazi muslim supremacist in the White House are continuing the work of Hitler and the Nazis by doing their best to remove an indigenous people(Jews) from their homeland. These Jew haters are doing their best to allow trespassing Fakestinians a fictitous people who have no connection to the land they currently squat on to claim this part of the Jewish National homeland for the fictitious nation of Palestine. These trespassing baby murderers are better at making fictitious claims that are accepted without critical thinking than I previously believed. Robert Spencer in his latest book “Did Mohammad Exist?” makes a extremely strong case that the only historical figure who if criticized could result in one of his insane disciples killing the person criticizing him is also fictitious. Spencer documents extensive historical information that the person on whom Islam is based is fictitious. If there was a Nobel prize for presenting totally false information and convincing others it is true, Muslims would win it every year. Euro Nazis and Obama must be pressuring the current Israeli government to stop Jews who just want to live in one particular area of their homeland as recognized by international law. So Jews planted trees to establish a presence in a part of their homeland which is called area C of Judea and Samaria.This is because the trespassing, baby murdering Fakestinians in their effort to rid the Jewish National homeland of Jews and claim it for as part of lands belonging to believers of religion named Islam which is based on the teachings of a person who likely never existed. The explains why the insane Muslim clerics command their followers to kill anyone who even draws a picture of Mohammad and especially if anyone uses critical thinking about Mohammad.Islam is not a religion so much as a cult. This explains why the Fakestinians and Muslims in general have waged war on Jews living in their indigenous land continuously for 64 years and are truly obsessed.

    5. yamit82 says:

      @ rongrand:

      I am baffled by all of this.

      Did the Israeli leadership forget the Jews have G-d given rights to the Holy Land, all of the Holy Land from the River Jordan to the Mediterranean including Gaza, the Sinai, Judea & Samaria and the Golan Heights.

      Elementary: The Israeli leadership past and present did/do not believe in a supreme being. Therefore your puzzlement should now disappear. For them the state exists for them to pick clean whatever they can by keeping their exalted positions of power for as long as they can manage. The Israeli political system is so corrupt that no matter who gets elected they all carry out the same agenda and all enhance their personal wealth at the expense of the state and the people we are poor little cows ready and willing to be milked dry.

      Israel is a country were enormous fortunes are made by the political elites just by being the political elite. A PM of Israel earns before taxes and payroll deductions less than $10k a month and takes home about $4.5k. So how did Sharon Olmert Lieberman and BB, none of whom worked outside of government for more than a year or two all become multimillionaires?

      Shouldn’t they be about the business of securing the land entrusted to them and not worry about world opinion or that of the anti-Semite world leaders?

      My first answer should answer your second question. I will add that this government wants to break the settler movement and uses such provocations in hope of illiciting a reaction by the settlers so that they can clamp down harder and besmirch them in the public media.

      The plan is and always has been to vacate most of Y&S and this government wants to do it on the cheap meaning they want the settlers to leave of their own accord without compensation or as little as possible. But first they must be cast as villains. This has been SOP for every Israeli government since Begin gave up Sinai. Aiding the Arabs and not defending the Jews is part of their overall plan. Human life especially if it’s Jewish life is totally expendable to our ex commando pathological killers. If they can’t kill Arabs then it will have to be Jews. I served with some of them and I know what makes them not tick. They have no god, no loyalty except to a few of their own as for the state? Mixed!! Those like Olmert who served as a reporter for the IDF magazine B’machaneh probably never fired an UZI in his life. He figured because of his father that the state owed him privilege as did BB. Sharon was the most deceitful having no political ideology first joined the leftist Labor party but when any chance of advancement was blocked to him he joined Begin after gaining only two seats in the Knesset on his own and that’s when the Likud was born. Until these lowlife characters are dumped and barred from any political office will will be cursed by their existence and comon perfidy.

    6. the phoenix says:

      @ Joe Hamilton:
      Dear joe,
      Your comments are 100% factually correct. However, I deduce from the few lines posted by the dog from Maryland, a mockery of Judaism, masked as a pure little innocent question.
      This one is not in the category of ‘let’s explain further in another way, perhaps he’ll come to see the light’.
      All this talk, is just such none sense and waste of time …just like with the invented people…
      The best response to these insincere fraudulent characters, would be what a good redneck friend of mine would say: “ok buster’ jes’ keep talkin’ whaaal ahm loadin’. “

    7. the phoenix says:

      yamit82 Said:

      Until these lowlife characters are dumped and barred from any political office will will be cursed by their existence and comon perfidy.

      dear yamit,
      with the passage of time, i have sadly come to realise the truth in your statement.
      on another thread, about the african invasion, you said that “the people will take matters in their own hands. It will not be pretty.”
      maybe i became too cynical but, i just don’t see any of that happening.
      the days of ‘hasamba’ , ‘hayama’im’ etc.. are surely gone.
      they are replaced by a bread and circus type of mentality and let’s play the fiddle while israel/jerusalem/judaism go up in flames.

    8. Ted Belman says:

      @ Canadian Otter:
      Last year two conferences were held promoting sovereignty, one by Women in Green. They are now working on a second one in a month or so. My conference is not instead of but in addition to. Ettinger, Glick and Eldad spoke and I am sure they will speak again.

    9. rongrand says:

      Yamit is right on.

      What I find troubling is the wonderful young men and women of the IDF who serve their country, the very country they believe G-d provided for them and they are under the command of what appears to be a group of secular progressives only interested in their own welfare (typical politician).

      Moses, where are you when you are most needed???

    10. Bill Narvey says:

      These women advocate at cross purposes.

      They claim all the plantings have been performed on state lands for the purpose of preventing Arabs takeover of the same lands.

      Since they also state they make no claim to the land and trees to be both uprooted and newly planted, they concede the State owns the land.

      If the state owns the land, it is the state’s right alone to make decisions as regards the land, what is growing there and whether the State keeps the land or gives it up to the Arabs/Palestinians.

      If these women don’t want Arabs encroaching onto this land, why do they concede the right to the State to determine whether Arabs can or cannot encroach and establish their own communities and rights there.

      Can anyone explain this seemingly contradictory position?

    11. yamit82 says:

      @ Bill Narvey:

      I agree they are stupid idealists and should kill every Arab encroaching on Jewish Land. Governments come and go but the Land is forever.

      My argument with most of the religious settlers is that they have raised the State into a Holy Cow, so instead of fighting the state and their enforcement arms they hold back and take it. That’s why they will lose everything because the government understands their self-imposed red lines and acts without fear unlike with the Arabs. They must disengage from the State of Israel if they have any chance of survival in Y&S.

    12. Ted Belman says:

      @ Bill Narvey:
      The state lets the Arabs plant on state lands but not the Jews. It onloy lets the Jews plant if they waive any right to title. The Arabs plant without being required to waive and get title as a result.

      That’s why I say the Arab take over of state land is not resisted by Israel In fact it is aided by her.

    13. Bill Narvey says:

      Yamit, if your comment, as bitter as it is reflects the reality of the confused attitude of settlers, your suggesting They must disengage from the State of Israel if they have any chance of survival in Y&S, makes no sense at all.

      The only thing that keeps the settlers from being massacred by the Palestinians is the State of Israel. If the settlers could actually disengage from the State of Israel, it would be suicide for them.

    14. Bill Narvey says:

      Ted, do you attribute this GOI position to bending to the will of exernal pressures, inexplicable misguidedness on the part of the GOI or both?

      Further, was there or will there soon be a vote taken in the Knesset to extend Israeli law to J & S or at least to those parts inhabited by the settlers?

      Perhaps you can answer one further question for me.

      No nation can enact laws affecting property that lies beyond their juridictional borders. National laws as regards its citizens or non-citizens that have committed crimes against a nation within or from outside that nation or that nation’s citizens can have a reach beyond the nation, but only by way of treaties between the nation that enacted the law and another that has agreed to act on that law.

      Since sovereign right to J & S or even the J & S land the settlers live on has not been determined, how then can such Israeli law be extended anywhere into J & S?

      Assuming Israeli law can be extended to apply to the settlers, how can it apply to the Palestinians/Arabs in the region? If such law can be enacted, there would be an immediate problem in that while settlers would be subject to that law be it concerning rights of the person, property rights, right to build on the land and concerning criminal law, the Palestinians/Beduoins would not to so bound.

      Any advice you could provide in this regard would be helpful to better understanding the situation. Thx.

    15. yamit82 says:

      @ Bill Narvey:

      Most Jews in the territories are armed or have access to arms. Almost 100% of their sons and fathers are IDF veterans many if not most advanced combat soldiers and a high % officers from elite units. They know how to defend themselves and have no moral roadblocks in killing Arabs as they do other Jews. I am also quite sure the Israeli government would in the end support them with all military means needed for defense and protection. As stateless residents they could apply to the UN for help, status and protection. They would still work in Israel, bank and shop but as non Israeli citizens the Israeli government has no legal jurisdiction over them and cannot legally evict them or bulldoze their homes and farms. If the Israeli government does not want Y&S, Jews could continue to settle defend themselves and seek to establish a second Jewish state over time.

      While it would be embarrassing to the secular existing Jewish state and government many idealistic nationalist Jews would probably join them from Israel and around the world. We have had two Jewish states before and can again. All those fundamental Christian lovers of Zion I’m sure would be in support and would drop secular Israel like a rock.

      The Arabs under UN conventions cannot displace stateless refugees and if enough Jews join them they would demand and declare autonomy then fight for their state. It could take many years or happen relatively quickly I can’t know in advance.

      A real Jewish State will be very attractive to many even some secular Jews who could form secular communities in confederation with more religious communities. Something like the system under the biblical judges.

      What I propose is not original from me it’s been discussed and even planned for by many different groups in the past and probably in the present as well.

    16. yamit82 says:

      @ Bill Narvey:

      Op-Ed: Declare a Second Jewish State (Long live Medinat Yehuda!)

      2nd Jewish State would be good for us Arabs – really
      I actually like the idea. I’d rather deal directly with straight honest Jewish settlers than Peace Now idiots who create nothing but trouble for everyone and support Abbas & his corruption. If the Jews controlled Judea & Samaria, and Palestinians have their country in the Arab cities of the West Bank, you could have two countries together – with a free trade agreement between them. Jewish brains & money for creating businesses, Arab labor for exporting products from factories– and low taxes for all. Also, many many Palestinians want to Emigrate to Chile (which has a large Palestinian population already and wants immigrants) and would leave if we were paid for relinquishing our properties in the West Bank (also we are afraid of what Hamas & Fatah will do to us if we say we want to leave for a better life elsewhere). And let the Egyptians have Gaza, why don’t you cut them off?
      Mahmoud Jibril, Jericho (12/4/11)

      A Modest Proposal For A Second Jewish State (Update: Kahane Said It First!)

      As many Israel advocates are fond of mentioning, there are a number of Arab states and only one Jewish State. So why not establish a second?

      The Palestinian Authority has made clear its intention to go before the UN General Assembly in September and request it to declare a Palestinian state. Dovid Efune, Director of the Algemeiner Journal has a suggestion: let’s beat them to the punch and create a second Jewish state?

    17. yamit82 says:

      @ yamit82:

      The Jewish Republic of Judea & Samaria

      Rightist initiative: Picking flag and anthem for settler state

      Right wing activists respond to Annapolis and Barak’s ‘evacuation compensation’ offer with two new initiatives

    18. rongrand says:

      I am not the smartest guy around here but, I get the feeling G-d is quite upset with the Jewish people, especially those in the leadership.

      G-d is thinking, “what don’t they understand”?

      “I lead them back to this Holy site I selected many many years ago for them to live, I am with them while their crazy neighbors, those camel driven idiots Arabs try to drive them from this land.

      I show them how to cultivate, create and master the land for their use.

      Yet, they can’t seem to get it together and instead of securing the land, they end up parceling it out to the same camel drivers who should have been driven from the land in first place.

      I am beginning to think they don’t know me anymore.

      They won’t allow any of My people to pray at the Temple.

      What am I to think?

      Where did I go wrong?”

    19. stanley says:

      @ rongrand:
      Thank you for your contribution. We are all very pleased to have someone like yourself, who speaks privately to G-d. I feel quite left out since G-d refuses to speak to me. Oh lucky you.

    20. rongrand says:

      @ stanley:

      Wrong Stanley, G-d speaks to everyone who listens. You may have selective hearing.

      Visit your synagogue, pray and open your mind and you will hear.

    21. Shmuel - Chicago says:

      Jewish fascists. Rachamana litzlan.

    22. yamit82 says:

      @ stanley:

      Thank you for your contribution. We are all very pleased to have someone like yourself, who speaks privately to G-d. I feel quite left out since G-d refuses to speak to me. Oh lucky you.

      Why would G-d or any human want to talk to a mental dwarf with a diploma in stupid?

    23. dweller says:

      @ the phoenix:

      “[Hamilton’s] comments are 100% factually correct.”


      “However, I deduce from the few lines posted by the dog from Maryland, a mockery of Judaism, masked as a pure little innocent question.”

      Not true.

      Both you AND Joe Hamilton are overreacting to those “few lines.”

      Bethesda was just being playful.

      Lighten up.

      It’s all well & fine to express concern over the subject of an article

      — but if you insist on seeing the worst in every comment that ventures a note of good-natured humor, you’re going to find yourself USELESS when it comes to implementing that concern in any concrete way.

      Because people won’t listen to somebody who carries himself about under a dark cloud that follows him everywhere he goes.

      Think about it.

    24. the phoenix says:

      It is indeed very valiant of you to post your comment about the Bethesda dog. I TRULY don’t think there was an overreaction. “lighten up” say you?
      Let’s imagine for a moment a war veteran returning home. He’s been to hell and back. (no need to paint horrors of war here for you, you fill in the blanks). As he’s walking to the awaiting bus, he is facing a crowd of liberals/leftists/ smug elitists that are sneering at him and burn the flag for which he fought and saw his friends die by his side…
      And then, some TURKEY comments, “well it is only apiece of material! What’s the big deal about a flag?”
      To call this act ‘heinous’ would be indeed a major understatement.
      There is a time to lighten up and a time to dig in your heels…
      Think about it!

    25. C.R. says:

      Barack and most of Israel’s leaders–are the main problem–they are Godless Marxist whores and dogs–who are enemies of Israel and of the Jewish people!

      The land of Israel is God given to the Jews–not to the squatting, thieving, Islamic Arab murderers!

    26. yamit82 says:

      @ dweller:

      On dweller:
      Should we accept dwellers take on B-dogs real intended meanings or trust our own well honed intuitive interpretations? Dweller claims to possess mystical insight, allowing him to know everything about everyone and everything.

      Not since Prince Siddhartha Gautama has anyone ascended through the eight stages of Transic insight till our dweller who claims to be knocking on the door of the ninth stage. The ninth stage is when he becomes as one with Casper the Friendly Ghost.

    27. Linda Rivera says:

      We live in the Age of Betrayal.

    28. dweller says:

      @ the phoenix:

      “It is indeed very valiant of you to post your comment about the Bethesda dog.”

      If your use of the term, “valiant,” was supposed to be sarcastic, then all I can say about that is that — having seen others of your posts — I know you can do better.

      On the other hand, if it was just a misuse of a word that in some instances (not, alas, this one) can be a synonym for “gallant,” then I offer you my sympathies — finding the right syntax can be a real “adventure” when one uses the English language.

      “I TRULY don’t think there was an overreaction.”

      Well, then we have a difference of opinion here — the stuff OF which horse races are based, and ON which bets are placed.

      Because — having ALSO seen others of Bethesda’s posts — I truly DO think you & Joe (both) overreacted.

      “Let’s imagine for a moment a war veteran returning home… To call this act ‘heinous’ would be indeed a major understatement… “


      If you honestly can’t see a difference here, then I’m sorry, but I’ve no alternative but to question your sense of perspective.

      I think you’re trying to pick a fight.

    29. yamit82 says:

      @ Linda Rivera:

      We live in the Age of Betrayal.

      The present age is no worse and probably better than any previous age and that includes both Jews and Gentiles.

    30. the phoenix says:

      dweller Said:

      I think you’re trying to pick a fight.

      you are wrong dweller. i was not looking for a fight. i was trying to set the record straight. for, understand this, dweller, the VERY SAME VERBATIM comment made by ‘one of us’ could indeed pass as a ‘comic relief / lighten up moment’.
      the very same sentence uttered by one who is not ‘one of us’, takes an entire different meaning and thus interpretation. (as yamit put it, i “trust our own well honed intuitive interpretations”.)
      in fact, this exchange between you and i, is as good a demonstration to what i was trying to say as there could be. you see, dweller, i have read your posts, and they have struck me as precise,knowledgeable, and you definitely carried your points very well.
      as the ‘christian zionist’ that you claim you are, you CERTAINLY have more knowledge of jewish history than a lot of ‘us’.
      i am saying this with utmost respect, (as indeed was my use of the word ‘valiant’, which was not sarcastic,at all)
      however, there are certain things which you can “understand” intelectually or “emotionally”.
      it is the latter category which is either you have it or you don’t, and this, dweller, one cannot change, regardless of one’s intelect.

      as you realize, i am new to this forum, and thus, am not thoroughly familiar with all the commentators.
      so let’s agree that as you’ve said,

      dweller Said:

      Well, then we have a difference of opinion here


    31. dweller says:

      @ yamit82:

      “Should we accept dwellers take on B-dogs real intended meanings or trust our own well honed intuitive interpretations?”

      So now YOU believe in intuition?? (and “well-honed” too, ken ayin hara?)

      — you who have stated, for years, in myriad posts that litter this website, that the very concept of intuition is sheer drecklichkeit?

      “Dweller claims to possess mystical insight…

      I make no claim to being special.

      Insight isn’t a ‘possession’

      — it’s a gift

      from the Father of all good gifts

      to every man who wants it.

      If you wanted it, Yamit, you could have it too.

      “Not since Prince Siddhartha Gautama has anyone ascended through the eight stages of Transic insight…”

      How do you know that he did? — Just because it says so somewhere?

      Maybe it’s all a scam; how do you know it’s real, actual?

      Truth’s essence doesn’t reside on the printed page. What sits on the page are (at best) its cast-off husks — after the truth itself that produced them has long since moved on.

      Yet you go on studying those husks the way hunters study the fecal droppings of prey, in hopes of tracking them to their lair or their herd.

      But study will never lead you to truth.

      If truth is, in fact, what you want, you’ll have to find another way.

    32. dweller says:

      @ the phoenix:

      “[A]s the ‘christian zionist’ that you claim you are…”

      I make no claim to being a ‘Christian’ anything

      I’m Jewish — lifelong.

      And I don’t subscribe to the Nicene Creed.

      “[A]s you realize, i am new to this forum, and thus, am not thoroughly familiar with all the commentators..”.

      May I suggest you check out Bethesda’s other comments

      — just a mouseclick away.

    33. dweller says:

      @ BethesdaDog:

      “What the heck is a ‘Jewish’ tree?”

      Obviously, and wacky though it sounds, it refers to a tree planted by Jews.

      It’s a policy that was continued from, I think, the Ottoman period — whereby forestation was undertaken to plant the uncultivated, barren land in order (among other things) to obtain a legal holding on the purchased property

      — altho in this instance, it’s actually the reverse application of the principle. As the above letter says, the purpose is “to prevent the ARABS’ takeover of the same lands.”

      As a matter of fact, though, there ARE such things as “Jew trees.”

      It’s a very interesting story, if you’re inclined to pursue it.

      In the late 1800’s when Jews were attempting to reclaim the land from the horrific state into which had degenerated over the centuries, they encountered a countryside that was simply inhospitable to man or beast.

      Deadly malaria had seen to that. In the early years whole families were wiped out.

      If you visit thriving cities like present-day Petakh Tikvah or Hadera, you’ll find a bustling, happy populace. But a quiet walk thru the first graveyards of those early “settlements” tells a sobering tale. You’ll find headstones all laid out in a row: husband, wife, all the children — some afflicted so soon upon birth that there was not time to record a name for them, so all the inscription for them says is yeled, yaldah [“child”].

      The decision was made to wipe out the scourge.

      Several different methods were tried. One of the first ones was an attempt to use eucalyptus trees to dry up the marshes — which provided fertile breeding grounds for the anopheles mosquito [carrier of malaria] and the tse-tse fly [carrier of yellow fever]. It was a nice try — eucalyptus sucks up water like a sponge — but it didn’t work, there was just too much swampland; eventually the Jewish pioneers got around to employing modern engineering methodologies, and THAT did succeed. But the eucalyptus remained.

      This is going to run just a tad long if I give it to you all at one shot — so I’ll come to the point — about “Jew trees” — in the next post.

    34. dweller says:

      @ BethesdaDog:

      “What the heck is a ‘Jewish’ tree?”

      Okay, here comes the punch line.

      The eucalyptus were first imported from Australia in 1895 by the Baron Edmond de Rothschild (who was subsidizing several of the early communities) & planted to cover large parts of the coastal plains & other areas. The largest plantings took place in the Rosh Pina, Hadera & Petakh Tikvah areas.

      Rothschild financed the work by the Hadera community to drain the swamps by building canals & planting large eucalyptus groves. The business of planting eucalyptus was so nasty that one of the Baron’s agents decided to compensate the foresters by giving them each a bottle of cognac per day as a perk. Morale quickly improved [du-uh!], and though workers began to arrive at work thoroughly sloshed, it didn’t seem to affect the productivity of their labor.

      The eucalyptus tree was usually planted in the springtime in communities throughout the Yishuv. The eucalyptus soon became the symbol of Hadera.

      However, that particular tree wasn’t native to the Holy Land (or hadn’t been for thousands of years) — so the Arabs were initially at a loss to find a name for this tree that was becoming so common in the land.

      They came to call it. . . . [are you ready?]. . . . shajarat al-Yahud : “the Jew tree.”