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  • June 12, 2012

    Poll: More Israelis Support Settlement Enterprise

    By Gil Ronen, INN

    A new poll shows a solid majority of Israelis – 64% – supports the continuation of the settlement enterprise in Judea and Samaria. The remaining 36% support a temporary freeze on Jewish construction there or a complete freeze of construction.

    While these numbers are unchanged from last year, this year’s poll shows a small increase compared to last year in the percentages of Israelis who think Jewish settlement in Judea and Samaria is a “truly Zionist deed” (64%) and that Judea and Samaria are the country’s security belt (57%).

    The annual poll tests the Israeli public’s views on the settlement enterprise. It was conducted by Dr. Miriam Billig, Director of Research and Development for Samaria and the Jordan Valley, and Dr. Udi Lebel of the Ariel University Center.

    The pollsters say the Israeli public is gradually moving to the political right, and is growing more appreciative of the Jewish residents of Judea and Samaria.

    Asked to rank the factors influencing them when mulling the best solution for Judea and Samaria, 48% named the rockets that Gaza Arabs have been launching at Israel’s south for many years, and a similar proportion cited the current situation of the Jews expelled from Gush Katif in 2005. Forty-three percent cited Hamas’s rule in Gaza and 41% the fact that settlers are overrepresented among IDF combat soldiers.

  • Posted by Ted Belman @ 8:39 pm | 13 Comments »

    13 Comments to Poll: More Israelis Support Settlement Enterprise

    1. BlandOatmeal says:

      Tel Aviv will have to be evacuated if it comes under missle attack. Where will Israel evacuate 3 million Jews to? I suggest evacuateing them to Judea, Samaria and Gaza. For security reasons, many of them should relocate permanently.

    2. Y.Osher says:

      Build, build, build. We owe nobody any explanations. There is no such thing as a ‘settlement’. Eretz Yisroel is Jewish.

    3. Aryeh says:

      64% of the Israelis means about 80% of Israeli Jews.

    4. SHmuel HaLevi says:

      The more the true views of the voters here are shown, the more the circus or pile up fabricated to stay at their chairs by Peresyahu and his acolytes is proven untenable.
      Amazingly, the same voters still support Peresyahu for PM. Others can waste time trying to understand that.
      Our National problem is predicated upon the fact that credible potential leaders are either unwilling to mix it up against the trash or that the PTB find ways to eliminate or severely put down anyone with leadership qualities.

    5. the phoenix says:

      SHmuel HaLevi Said:

      or that the PTB find ways to eliminate or severely put down anyone with leadership qualities.

      rabbi kahane’s kach was banned,as an outlawed organization, speech suppressed as supposedly ‘hate speech’ under the terms of an ad hoc law made ‘just for him’…
      in other words the goal posts were moved.

      moshe feiglin, likewise, organized massive blocking of intersections in deonstrations against the criminal oslo accord…as a result, he was sentenced to 6 months in prison (later commutted to community service).
      the goal posts were moved once again, when he could not be on the likud leadership candidate list because of these made up charges….

      conclusion: when the rules are changed to suit the purpose of the in power elite, it is not a democracy anymore, it is a banana republic dictatorship.
      the time for a change has come!

    6. Shy Guy says:

      To arms! To arms!

      Kol Hakavod, Rav Ronsky.

    7. SHmuel HaLevi says:

      @ Shy Guy:
      Passive resistance said the Rav. Basically that is playing into the brutal psychopaths used by Peresyahu and his associates hands, German police trained horses and black dressed violent thugs.
      The people must internalize that the speechster is a liar, cheat, charlatan.
      His “promises” of building are classic examples of deceit.

    8. Shy Guy says:

      Oops. Retracted.

    9. yamit82 says:

      @ Shy Guy:

      Rav Ronsky said that his eyes were opened when he saw the representatives of the State Attorney’s Office lying. This happened, he said, when a parole committee was convened to decide whether Shlomi Dvir and Ofer Gamliel (of the “Bat Ayin underground” group) could go free after serving two thirds of their jail sentences.

      “I saw with my own eyes how the representatives of the State Attorney’s Office lied,” he recalled. “I gave an affidavit in which I said they were lying, and I was ignored. That is shocking and as far as I am concerned, that is when things changed. Government officials lie to advance their world view.”

      What cave has he been hiding in all these years?

    10. the phoenix says:

      yamit82 Said:

      What cave has he been hiding in all these years?

      i think it is becoming more and more obvious that there are numerous underground tremors striving to bring about the rebirth of the authentic jewish nation (read, proud jews, not apologetic).
      during the course of this journey, many of the participants would come to realize as rav ronsky did that
      “this is a war against the forces of evil. “Any thinking person who sees the coldness and meanness of the authorities, both legally and morally, understand that there is a wicked intention here, which cynically uses all means including lies.”

      not everyone is ‘catching on’ at the same speed as the rest.
      so let’s say that rav ronsky WAS hiding in a cave all these years.
      is it not apparent that he is ‘with the program’?
      why not rejoice in all that come to the national camp?
      why nitpick on items that may not be so important instead of looking at the LARGE PICTURE?

      there is one other such ‘player’ that you were negative about, and i did not understand why…

    11. yamit82 says:

      Having been one of the first if not the first bunch of Jews to be ethnically cleansed I understand the mentality of the forces of the State. Many times if not most they act in contravention of what is good for the state because they believe they can with no adverse consequences to themselves. Till now this has been the case in most actions the governments past and present. I understood Begin and if there was ever the slightest chance on he reversing his decision to give up Sinai and destroy Jewish permanent settlements it was him believing that it would cause a real civil war. The moment that the Gush Emunim and the coalition to stop the withdrawal announced that they would not lift a finger against the IDF and the security forces, the government had won and the rest was only political theater.

      Aluf Chaim Erez had said that if there were 100K protesters in Yamit he would have been forced to advise his superiors that he was unable to carry out his assignment. In the end we had a few hundred mostly kids who put on a show and that was after most of the residents of Yamit had long since left the scene.

      Lets say a few hundred crazy Jews had notified the government that any attempt to remove them or to destroy their homes would resistrd by any means available no matter who got hurt. That the areas to be evacuated and destroyed had been mined and booby-trapped. The Shin Bet and the Police had infiltrated and had files on each of us. The idea was to convince them we were serious and thus Begin and Sharon. The specter of Jews killing Jews would have been traumatic for the Army and the country and deflated the Euphoria. I don’t say that it would have worked but saying up front that there would not be a violent resistance to the IDF was tactically stupid and allowed the Government and the IDF to carry out the governments orders with little real concern of any severe consequences to themselves the IDF and the other security services involved.

      Only Zealots willing to go all the way have any chance of changing and diverting such adverse policies. The assination of Rabin had both positive and negative fallouts.
      A- Negativly it scared the hell out of the Israeli right and broke their spirit and moral and to some extent they were cowed into accepting responsibility for Rabin.

      B- It stopped the implementation of land transfers and the whole Oslo process to which it has never been revived.

      I would say that it was and acceptable trade off.

      Most people do not realize that the PM of Israel has more power constitutionally that any president of the US. He answers to no one and can rule by fiat. He has no congresses to answer to and as long as his party has a majority coalition can withstand any challenge and set any agenda and ignore the people of Israel at their discretion. The PM Office is an economic powerhouse because they control many state enterprises which in fact makes them into a mini autonomous mini state within the state answerable to no one but the PM.

      As long as the Israeli right ( the real right) continue to play by the establishments rules they will lose all. As soon as BB agreed to a building freeze I knew nothing had changed and that he was like Olmert and Sharon preparing the political ground to carry out their agendas.

      Unlike Ronsky I have known for over thirty years never to believe Israeli politicians or their surrogates. News flash: They lie more than not and will do whatever they believe they can get away with and if things go South which is the likey outome of most of their collective and individual efforts they will screw the public without taking responsibility. We schmucks ill be made to pay for their misdeeds and the payment often as not is a price far exceeding any monetary losses.

      Unless our politicians fear the people here more than they Fear the Presidents of the US, nothing good will ensue and they will continue.

    12. SHmuel HaLevi says:

      Precisely. The unJews feel no jeopardy, not frontal, not judicial and not electoral.
      I have no intentions to either join the stupid masochist theater of the absurd or promote that insanity. If they intend to truly confront a widely recognized as illegal act by the courtiers and Peresyahu et al, then we can talk. If not they may as well pack it and save face. The parents probably will hide and send kids with video cameras to be smashed by the psychopaths.

      @ yamit82:

    13. the phoenix says:

      yamit82 Said:

      Having been one of the first if not the first bunch of Jews to be ethnically cleansed I understand the mentality of the forces of the State.

      dear yamit,

      you, more than anyone else here, is a ‘living history relic’.
      it is ONE thing to talk about some nebulous, hypothetical course of action, and it is something else TOTALLY to have lived it and experienced it first hand…such as yourself.

      what was once destroyed, can and should, and god willing,WILL be rebuilt.
      as aryeh noted above, 64% of an israeli mish-mash = 80% of israeli jews. and yes, that would include ALL jews of all colors of the spectrum.

      Only Zealots willing to go all the way have any chance of changing and diverting such adverse policies.

      without a doubt 100% correct.
      i believe that once the jewish israeli rubicon has been crossed (some form of TRUE resistance to illegal/immoral government decrees), the die would have been cast.

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