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  • September 11, 2012

    Regavim is worthy of your financial support

    By Ted Belman

    Regavim is the most important NGO we have, fighting the theft of our land by the Arabs and Beduoin aided and abetted by the EU. Please make them one of the charities you support. It is a serious charity doing serious work in need of serious donations. It could certainly use donations in excess of $1000. $10,000 would be nice if you can afford it. I have posted many articles about its work. Search “Regavim” on Israpundit.

    Ari Briggs who heads it just wrote to tell me:

    You won’t believe this. I was putting the final touches on an article on the situation in the Negev, specifically about the illegal building in and around Bir Hadaj, when this news came in!!
    I thought it was just too hot not to share. Now I have to work out how to add it to my op-ed.

    These issues and more will be discussed at the upcoming Public Forum held by Regavim during Sukkot. Details to follow.

    Police raid Bedouin village of Bir Hadaj find stolen military jeeps and more

    Police in a raid on the Bedouin Village of Bir Hadaj revealed a hidden compound filled with dozens of stolen vehicles including IDF jeeps stolen from IDF bases. The Bedouins used the Jeeps during drug smuggling operations on Egyptian border.

    Yesterday morning, police forces raided the Bedouin village of Bir Hadaj. The police uncovered a complex of hidden compounds containing dozens of stolen vehicles including several IDF jeeps stolen from IDF bases, ATVs and other vehicles of various kinds.

    The special police unit – Etgar assembled troops, police officers and a police helicopter to aid in the operation and expose the hidden vehicles under camouflage nets and in dirt pits. During the operation various drugs were found and 11 Bedouins were arrested.

    It was revealed that the IDF jeeps were used recently by a Bedouin gang to make their drug smuggling operations near the border of Egypt easier.

    Three months ago, Bedouin entered into the Ketziot IDF base and stole two bulletproof jeeps loaded with equipment. Soldiers discovered the theft after the fact and were unable to locate the thieves. One of the jeeps was later found abandoned, probably due to lack of fuel, and was recovered by the police.

    An IDF officer from the Negev commented to the press after the jeeps were stolen that “this is a very serious security failure. It makes no sense that right under the noses of the guards they are able to break through the fence and steal bullet proof jeeps containing military equipment, that tomorrow will be used by weapons or drugs smugglers at the border with Egypt. ”

    According to the officer, it is not an unusual event. About a month before the theft at the Ketziot base, IDF jeeps were stolen from Training Base 1. The Bedouins were easily able to penetrate the perimeter fence. The Officer claimed that “The army has lost its deterrence and thus the thieves have become even bolder. Within a year 12 IDF water tankers were stolen from the Ketziot base. ”

    Two months ago, in the early morning, Bedouin penetrated the Tze’elim IDF base while driving a stolen jeep, entering a bunker and stealing equipment.

    Five months ago Bedouin gang was caught stealing thousands of shells from an IDF base in the south.

    The IDF has instructed its soldiers that it is against IDF rules to know park military vehicles in the south of the country, due to the fear of theft perpetrated by Bedouins.

    These issues and more will be discussed at the upcoming Public Forum held by Regavim Wednesday Oct. 3rd. Sukkot Chol Hamoed in Jerusalem. Details to follow.

  • Posted by Ted Belman @ 5:58 pm | 3 Comments »

    3 Comments to Regavim is worthy of your financial support

    1. Canadian Otter says:

      With Israeli authorities increasingly observing Dhimmi laws in the country, the only alternative left for Isaelis to protect their lives, their land, and their property is to monitor their communities and the country at large themselves.

      REGAVIM is just a small group of guys whose vision is to promote a Zionist agenda for Israel. They monitor Arab illegal construction and try very hard to get the courts to deal with squatters. They deserve our support.

      REGAVIM videos.


      Bedouins steal ammo from IDF – IDF makes half-hearted chase.

      “The IDF gave chase but the Bedouins toyed with them, stopping the SUVs once in a while to let the IDF vehicles chasing them get close and then speeding off again. The chase was called off once the Bedouins were outside of the base’s perimeter, even though the thieves were in possession of live ammunition.”


      If Regavim’s spirit could be replicated by more groups all over Israel, Arab squatters would not stand a chance.

    2. Yehudit Shier Weisberg says:

      Another fantastic organization worthy of as much support as you can give, is The Legal Forum for the Land of Israel. They are working to change how the legal system, which has been hijacked by the anti-Zionists, operates. The judges in Israel are ruling the land right now. They have had many successes, but there is so much to do! Please look them up.

    3. Bernard Ross says:

      IDF makes half-hearted chase.

      Maybe soldiers sold the ammo

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