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  • November 11, 2012

    Alan West, like Sarah Palin, got screwed by the Bushies

    By Steve Flesher, Conservatives4Palin

    Just as the Republican establishment works to sell out other known reformers, the state of Florida’s party machine (led by Romney’s Florida spokesman) made sure to redistrict Allen West’s territory to get him out of there.  West, like other reformers, are apparently not needed.

    The only problem is the election Tuesday night was very close.  West’s Democratic challenger so far has won with 50.4 percent of the vote, by about 2,400 votes.  According to this article, that surpasses the amount of votes which automatically trigger a recount.  But considering there are votes out there which are coming from overseas and military personnel, West’s chances of slimming that lead down are good.

    Comments to this post:


      The Bush’s put the word out to Romney and the DC establishment to try and get Alan West out. Why? Because Alan West is a constitutional conservative and is not part of the elite DC GOP establishment. The Bush establishment want to control and I firmly believe they wanted Romney to lose so Jeb Bush will run in 2016 and if not him the establishment want Rubio who is with the GOP establishment. Alan West is in good company, Governor Palin and Michele Bachmann to name a few. The DC elite GOP establishment and the Bush’s are the major problem of what is wrong with the GOP time to tell them all to sit down and shut up like they have told the conservatives in the party. We must remember what Breitbart said “WE WILL NO LONGER SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP!” If they keep doing this and running candidates who are moderate or lean left the republicans will never win an election for president.

    I smell a rat, stay out the Bushs…..The GOP needs to purge itself from the Bushs, I can see trouble starting with the Bush-Rooobio duo.

    The Bush crime family chose Wasserman-socialist over Allen West. “Better a Democrat than someone who is not one of us.” Once West had the temerity to tell off Wasserman-socialist on the House floor Boehner and Jeb Bush made the deal to get rid of him. They had had enough. He was an embarrassment. People were actually paying attention to what West was saying. He was making too much noise. But first Boehner needed to use West to get the debt ceiling passed. West had too much influence with the Tea Party freshmen. Boehner and Cantor threatened to not support him for re-election if he didn’t acquiesce knowing full well that the deed was already done with the Florida redistricting to get him out of his seat.

    Jeb Bush’s hands are filthy dirty. He was totally pissed that in 2010 Florida voted against every single gopE establishment candidate. Just who the hell did these Tea Party idiots think they were! As soon as the 2010 election was over he went to work. He would fix Palin for endorsing the little twit Pam Bondi for Attorney General. He would buy opportunist Bondi off. Jebbie knew that he suckered the Tea Party with Marco Rubio. Charlie Crist couldn’t be trusted but Rubio was a loyal lap dog.

    Jeb Bush is still the governor of Florida. He relegated Rick Scott to nothing but dog catcher. And he decided that it was Connie Mack’s turn to run for senator. After all he was entitled to the seat. His father had been Florida’s senator for years.

    Yes, it’s all in the family, the Bush crime family. They decided that they were going to move up the Florida primary to January to ensure that Etch-a-sketch got the nomination. People would be caught blindsided. The holidays were hardly over. The average voter wouldn’t even have time to study the candidates. The fix was in. Etch-a-sketch would be the 2012 nominee guaranteeing a Jeb Bush candidacy in 2016.

    Mama Barbara always believed that Jeb was destined to be president not George.

    Mama’s rolodex is all fired up and ready to go!

  • Posted by Ted Belman @ 4:11 pm | 6 Comments »

    6 Comments to Alan West, like Sarah Palin, got screwed by the Bushies

    1. BethesdaDog says:

      Since when do overseas military ballots get counted? You know that the military voters routinely get screwed, whether it’s by the electoral commissions at the local and state level, or the VA, at the federal level. West is gone, and Wasserman-Schultz is still around? She’s the most vile, disgusting, lying politician I’ve seen in Florida, ever. And Florida has had some doozies over the years. She’s truly an embarrassment to the Jewish people, not to mention a promoter of the seditious, anti-Israel movement known as J-Street.It’s so sad what’s happening in American Jewry, and south Florida Jews are among the worst ad the community continues its decline and decay.

    2. mrzee says:

      A friend of mine who lives in West’s district told me before the election that West was in trouble because he spends too much time dealing with national issues and doesn’t pay any attention to local the local issues of his (ex?) constituents.

    3. SHmuel HaLevi says:

      The real problem is predicated upon the intentional groundings planned from within the RINO’s clubs. The post democrat party fluffs could be handled if the Patriots clean up their or our own barn first. We have the same garbage still controlling the state here in Eretz Israel.
      Yet, we are organizing to write in to overwhelm the “combina” in January.
      Anyone trusting the “red marker” expert, etc, is not playing with all marbles.
      The RINO’s in the US must also be removed.
      The Congress under Bohener is a sure sell out formula. He will cry and deceive all along.

    4. monostor says:

      @mrzee, that sounds pathetic and it’s not your fault. Debby Wasserman-Schulz, the chairman of the DNC got reelected with an enormous amount of votes in an other Florida district, something close to 80%. I don’t know if she has any time ever to look after her constituency but she is a Dem…Allen West is a rara avis, an honest politician, that is an endangered species in itself. His district got re-districted to make him lose.

    5. alan says:

      I think this story is a bunch of bull. There is no factual basis that the writer revealed on which to support this claim.

    6. Yehoshua Friedman says:

      ALLEN West. At least spell his name right.

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