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  • November 17, 2012

    How can smart people be so wrong?

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  • Posted by Ted Belman @ 5:32 am | 9 Comments »

    9 Comments to How can smart people be so wrong?

    1. Cori LBere says:

      History lesson 101 B.C.E. Passivity is self-suicide, … And The Prophet Samuel came to the camp of Saul the king of Israel, who did-not destory the enemies of G_D…….:

    2. Max says:

      Smart Schmart. A culture of cowards.
      A nation at war needs a warrior culture. The coward was glad that his son would not see action.
      A warrior lives to die in combat, it’s the greatest honour.

      The Islamics are willing and eager to die for their cause.
      Israel withdrew without any concessions.
      They ran and they knew it, telling themselves it was for the best.
      THe Islamics knew they ran, they didn’t respect them for it.
      To the Islamic view Israel was kicked out running with it’s tail between their legs.
      And they were right.
      Yaalon didn not agree, so the smart people ‘fired’ him.
      Smart? Stupid?
      No warrior would retreat. Doesn’t take brains , just guts.
      It’s a bitter truth, don’t candy coat it. They all turned into wet noodles.
      How many Warsaws will it take to learn to fight to the death and never give up?

    3. NormanF says:

      Israel has stupid politicians.

      They’ve kicked the can down the road for years and it looks like they’ll do it again and as a result, the country has paid a very high price.

      But they all knew that seven years ago and behaved like Israel was in Europe. It didn’t turn out the way they thought.

    4. Max says:

      In moderation. Yeah, not many will like that one.
      The truth stings.

    5. James B - Canada says:

      Israelis are great scientists and super creative people and have the tenacity of 5 Americas.

      BUT, and here it comes: their politicians are super cowardly fools who see their people as cannon food. Sad reality and this video is painful to watch.

      1) How many of those bitches and bastards from Kadima and Labor who supported the disengagement, like Bibi, are still in the govt?
      2) Well placed leftist Jewish retards are a bigger enemy to Israel than are the muslims
      3) Ditto for the supid Israelis – mostly of Ashkenazi ” ash can nazi ” descent.

      I should go to Israel only for the pleasure of calling every ash can nazi Israeli a left wing liberal jerk. Arab muslims in Israel are an asset compared to them.

      Hopefully the IAF will bomb the Knesset very soon, and hopefully when it is in full plenum session.

      BTW, is it true that each of these idiots receive $10,000 US amonth in gross pay to ruin their country and talk like morons?

    6. Bernard Ross says:

      Absolutely delusional!!!!!! This video is great in how it makes these leaders look ridiculous for their arrogance. It should be expanded to include those who warned of the disaster, and journalists who supported it. Also, the names of each speaker should remain clearly on the video throughout their speech. This sort of approach could be a strong tool for waking up Israelis, Jews and even foreigners to the absurdity of their arrogant BS. Whatever they say in the future will have to be said in the context of their past poor judgment. I would love to see someone expand this to a high professional level and distribute it widely especially during political season(EG this makes Mofaz look like an idiot and everything he says should be viewed as the words of an idiot).

    7. Laura says:

      When these allegedly smart people are ideologues.

    8. Ymr says:

      What an embarrassing fiasco for Am Chacham veNavon.
      Reminds of Orwell’s quip that some ideas are so stupid that only an intellectual could believe them…

    9. Shy Guy says:

      Ymr Said:

      What an embarrassing fiasco for Am Chacham veNavon Navol ve’lo Chacham.