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  • November 21, 2012

    Glenn Beck’s Message For Israel

    YouTube Preview Image
    Posted by Laura @ 8:05 pm | 5 Comments »
  • 5 Comments to Glenn Beck’s Message For Israel

    1. Max says:

      Nice speech. Israel yeah, I remember that country – got wiped out by a unified attack by Hamas and Hezbollah in 2015. That was about three years after Bibi the Twink performed Operation ‘Pillar Poof’ This time they used improved missiles, smart bombs and chemicals weapons. A lot of footage of the massacres everywhere. Bibi and some MK’s told the nukes to stand down and they handed the keys to the subs over to Obama.
      I heard Bibi’s living in some palace now in Argentina.

      Hey this makes a good epitaph. I loved it how the world apologized fervently for wiping out Israel but then again they said Israel brought it on herself and life is as normal now. Well as normal as can get except the Islamic populations are demanding their own autonomous areas in Canada and the US and demanding an end to the occupations there.

      My usual I tag my comments with my apologies as required by the new Canadian law, to murderous Jihadists everywhere for being an Infidel.
      Canada .2018

    2. Max, with Assad’s regime in ruins – Hezbollah is finished, and Hamas has bottle rockets. This epic tag team of 2015 you predict would have trouble taking Peoria. No doubt you predicted Romney in a landslide, too.

    3. Max says:

      @ Sam Goldblatt:

      That’s nice. Be sure and send us some tourist snaps of yourself in Southern Lebanon in 2014.

    4. Max says:

      So a couple of things about the news video below
      The reporter ‘Aadel Haleem’ is a permanent CBC reporter and obviously a Jihadist Sympathizer and most likely a Muslim (shh… no one is supposed to say that , it’s not supposed to make a difference – but in fact it does).

      Question: does the CBC do this hiring and use of slanted reportage in full awareness of what they are doing or are they duped in some way?

      Do the executives in the West really not get it? That every Muslim will support and encourage Jihadism everywhere in the world simply because they have their innermost loyalty to Islam over everything else, including justice, democracy and freedom?

      So they really not get it?

      As to the video.. the ‘mixed reaction’ is all one reaction: Israel must die, the Jews are to blame.

      Now as to the contents: Ay, here’s the rub – it’s all fake – the people themselves cannot possibly believe what they are saying – I think they know exactly what they are doing -they are presenting a lie that will gain sympathy with a humanist public , all the while they are the exact opposite of humanism– they simply want to kill – they are in essence waging Jihad.
      The audience is completely gullible, they are taken in completely and the ‘actors’ must have utter contempt for the audience as they know they are duping them.

      EG ‘Free Palestine’. What on earth could that possibly mean? Where is an unfree Palestine? There isn’t even any country called Palestine let alone an unfree one or even an unfree Gaza.
      No. What it means translated through the prism of Jihad is – ‘kill all the Jews , take Israel and call it Palestine.” But the actors are not quite honest in their presentation of intent.
      And it’s the same thing with every ‘complaint’.
      But the public doesn’t know this – they see the lie and not the cunning behind the lie and so are manipulated.

      The tactic is “Being a wolf in a victim’s clothing’ .
      It’s used all over the world. And the thing is the presentation they are using sounds exactly like many presentations about legitimate injustices in the world – except it is not legitimate.

      One thing to do is definitely document this technique, expose it in a documentary and broadcast it so all Canadians and Americans can understand how they are being duped.
      But surely intelligent leaders of the CBC and the media know that it’s a dupe. The question is why are they doing it? It has to be money – either the Islamics already have a controlling interest in them or they somehow are caught in a web of interlocking business interests that run all the way from media to oil that require catering to Islamic pressure or being Dhiminni.

      So long as they have control of the media, the truth will never prevail. The public is not only duped about Israel they are being led to their own destruction by a deadly viper that has woven it’s way into the fabric of Western culture and will ultimately destroy Western Culture.
      How can anyone or any force stop this? That is the question

      Gaza ceasefire draws mixed reaction in Winnipeg

      The CBC’s (most probably Muslim) reporter’s webpage

    5. alan winters says:

      Barack says that this was not the time to conquer gaza. I don’t believe that for one nanosecond. As long as Israel tolerates “a tail of violence” until the ceasefire takes “full”effect, the arab terrorists will keep trying to kill Israelis. Israel must adopt a zero tolerance policy for arab violence and over react very strongly to defeat the violence and violence education. That will lead to respect Israel used to have and to peace.

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