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  • November 22, 2012

    Obama and Hillary Save hamas

    Laura:  Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama give hamas a reprieve and once again Israel is denied a decisive victory over its enemies.  It is very frustrating that hamas and other jihadist groups are allowed to continue to exist instead of being obliterated. It is very infuriating and frustrating that Israel is expected to live in a state of constant terror and that its political leaders keep bowing to the demands of international Jew-haters.

    A most uneasy truce

    Published in: Melanie’s blog

    So here we go again.

    At 9 pm this evening Israel time, a ceasefire between Israel and the Palestinian terror groups of Gaza came into effect.

    At 9.34, a rocket fired from Gaza exploded outside the southern Israel town of Shaar Hanegev, causing no injuries. By 10.01, 12 rockets had been fired into Israel. The Times of Israel reports:

    ‘Military sources indicate that they would not be surprised if rogue terror cells test the ceasefire in its early phases.’

    Well of course. I mean, it’s a bit unreasonable, isn’t it, to expect ‘rogue terror cells’ to honour a cease-fire – even if they are the very terror cells supposedly party to this agreement.

    Except that of course we have been here before. On January 18 2009, Israel’s Operation Cast Lead was halted by a ceasefire agreement between Israel and the Hamas. Two days later, residents of a kibbutz near Gaza ran for cover as an air raid siren sounded; an explosion was heard, but the government denied there had been an attack.

    On January 28 2009, Hamas fired a rocket towards Sderot, followed by another rocket the following day, and then another at Ashkelon. Following that ceasefire in January 2009, it took almost four years and more than 1000 rockets from Gaza for Israel finally to take action when it started Operation Pillar of Defence last week.

    This time, Israelis said to each other, we have to go in and finish the job that was so shamefully left unfinished last time. But now it looks as if history is to repeat itself. Israelis are dismayed; polls suggest that some 70 per cent of them are against this ceasefire. Can it really be that Netanyahu has caved? Continue

  • Posted by Laura @ 7:01 pm | 51 Comments »

    51 Comments to Obama and Hillary Save hamas

    1. Honey Bee says:

      @ yamit82:

      My best friend is a Cherokee, a SE clan also claims Jewish Heritage. Her people came OK on the” Trail of Tears”. We called ouselves the half-breeds because of our mothers. Cherokees have same rules as Jews. My Mother.”a convert of sorts” was Swedish Amer.,there a Mikvah that could wash the Cavinism from her bones. Anyhow my friend both made the mistake of marrying cowboys.

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