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  • January 27, 2013

    `Blast hits key Iranian nuclear site?

    US-based website WND says mysterious explosion destroys large part of Fordo nuclear facility. Report uncorroborated by any official Western source


    WND, an American news website affiliated with the Right, reported Friday that a mysterious explosion has destroyed a significant portion of Iran‘s Fordo nuclear facility – considered Tehran’s most fortified facility.

    The website alleged that Hamidreza Zakeri, formerly with the Islamic Republic’s Ministry of Intelligence and National Security, confirmed that the facility was hit, but the report has not been corroborated by any Western source.

    The website further said that its Iranian source pegged the blast as taking place last Monday at the eve of Israel’s general elections. 

    Tehran believes the blast was the result of sabotage, the report said. 

    Fordo is considered to be Iran’s second-largest nuclear facility and the site of the 2,700 centrifuges, all enriching uranium to 20% level – at which it can be weaponized. 

    Iran’s nuclear facility in Natanz has more than 10,000 centrifuges. 

    Fordo – which has been carved into the belly of a mountain – is considered impregnable to airstrikes and most bunker-buster bombs.

    “The blast shook facilities within a radius of three miles. Security forces have enforced a no-traffic radius of 15 miles, and the Tehran-Qom highway was shut down for several hours after the blast,” the report said.

    WND stressed that “news of the explosion has not been independently verified,” adding that Iran is “aware” of Israel and the West’s desire to incapacitate its nuclear program.

  • Posted by Ted Belman @ 11:06 am | 32 Comments »

    32 Comments to `Blast hits key Iranian nuclear site?

    1. Dean says:

      I don’t know why it matters too much because Iran has all the fissionable material it needs now (from Syria and North Korea, perhaps Russia and Pakistan) to build many bombs. The only event that will stop Iran is an attack on the mullahs, the “revolutionary guards” and key government departments.

    2. Steve Smyser says:

      Would like to see (several) satellite photos

    3. Laura says:

      Let’s hope this is true and that there’s more such incidents to come.

    4. shachalnur says:

      Could be true that this explosion happened.
      but there’s much bigger movements going on.
      Israel installed 2 iron domes in the North.(Israeli press)
      Medvediev claims Assad in in trouble.(Jerusalem post,the daily star)
      Israel will attack hezbollah,OR THE REBELS,in case they get their hands on chemical wepons.(Shalom,.Nethanyahu)
      Barak;Unilateral strike on Iran is of the table.(Times)
      “Iran weighs Syrian -Israeli clash” Debkafile(read;Nato pushes Syria -Israel clash)
      IRAN sanctions oil exports to Europe.(Presstv)
      Iran and Argentina setting up a truth commission on ’93 attacks in Argentina.(Iran didn’t do that one,Mossad,Bankercontrolled,more likely)
      Bulgaria on the verge of releasing info on Burgas attack(Iran ,hezbollah didn’t do that one,Mossad,Cia Bankercontrolled,more likely)
      Anti Semitic cartoons in several European media.
      The banker attack on Israel has started,and Israel is scrambling to forge alliances with Iran,Syria ,Russia and anybody else in the Middle East.

      Don’t be surprised if Israel is signalling and preparing attacking the rebels in Syria.
      that would solve a lot of problems.
      Israel will fight NATO controlled rebels,helping Syria,Iran and Russia.
      Debka warning for Israel having to face Syria,Hezbollah, Hamas and Sinai based Al-Quada is no joke.
      I’ve predicted this scenario half a year ago.
      Only it’s a war Israel,Syria, Russia and Iran don’t want.
      It’s the war Europe and the US want,the ultimate war planned by the Bankers,starting their Gog and Magog.

      I know it takes a quantum leap to understand this.
      But you better keep this scenario in mind.
      Don’t forget Israel fought the Independence War with Russian weapons,through Tchechoslovakia,the Arabs had US weapons.
      The Banker- Elite have no friends,only slaves and “useless eaters”(Kissinger),and that includes Jews,like in the Shoah.

    5. keelie says:

      @ shachalnur:
      You certainly have a unique way of explaining things…

    6. shachalnur says:

      @ keelie,

      I’m not explaining,
      Just studying facts,whatever the source.
      And like any investigation in modern and old crimes,FOLLOW THE MONEY and QUI BONO.
      Readers here are critizising me nonstop mostly ad hominem , without attacking the premisses of my arguments or proving the conclusions wrong.
      It’s fear of the unknown,but without knowing the ugly truth we’re all blind and will perish.

    7. yamit82 says:

      Israeli minister welcomes report of huge blast at Iran nuclear plant
      Any such explosion that doesn’t kill people is good news, says Avi Dichter, responding to unconfirmed story of devastating sabotage at Fordo

      the blast occurred at 11:30 a.m. Tehran time Monday. It “rocked the site, which is buried deep under a mountain and immune not only to airstrikes but to most bunker-buster bombs… The site, about 300 feet under a mountain, had two elevators which now are out of commission. One elevator descended about 240 feet and was used to reach centrifuge chambers. The other went to the bottom to carry heavy equipment and transfer uranium hexafluoride. One emergency staircase reaches the bottom of the site and another one was not complete. The source said the emergency exit southwest of the site is unreachable.”

      The report said that Iran’s regime considers the explosion to be a case of sabotage and believes the explosives “could have reached the area disguised as equipment or in the uranium hexafluoride stock transferred to the site… The explosion occurred at the third centrifuge chambers, with the high-grade enriched uranium reserves below them.”

      On Friday, an Iranian diplomat who defected in Norway in 2010 warned that if the Iranians got the bomb they would use it against the Jewish state.

    8. yamit82 says:

      Kol Ha Kavod for IDF Special Forces!!! and LATMA :D

      Word is that the Iron Dome Batteries deployed to the North of Israel just in case Iran retaliates using Syrian and Hezbollah missiles with or without WMD armed?

    9. keelie says:

      @ yamit82:

      But Iran’s leaders have repeatedly said they do not intend to create such a weapon. Western and U.S. intelligence sources confirm no evidence proving that Iran is moving in this direction. So what are we sabotaging and why?
      Finally, if we want to come to an understanding with Iran about its nuclear program we must do that at the negotiating table, not via sabotage or computer viruses.

      Who are these people? Another bunch of naive Jewish Moral Exhibitionists?

    10. yamit82 says:

      keelie Said:

      Who are these people? Another bunch of naive Jewish Moral Exhibitionists?

      I would love to round them all up put them into the biggest air transports we have and drop them into downtown Tehran or Cairo.

      The Muslims are right some Jews are Pigs and Monkeys.

    11. Andrew says:

      Thats sounds good. Someone is sending a message that we can take you out any time of our choosing.

    12. Bernard Ross says:

      shachalnur Said:

      Anti Semitic cartoons in several European media

      which others beside the Sunday times today?
      shachalnur Said:

      Israel is scrambling to forge alliances with Iran,Syria ,Russia and anybody else in the Middle East.

      evidence please!

      shachalnur Said:

      Don’t be surprised if Israel is signalling and preparing attacking the rebels in Syria.

      No surprise, Israel wll attack who takes the WMD

      shachalnur Said:

      It’s the war Europe and the US want,the ultimate war planned by the Bankers,starting their Gog and Magog.

      Please explain this statement in more detail.

      shachalnur Said:

      I know it takes a quantum leap to understand this.

      Help us make that leap by elaborating and giving evidence.

    13. Bernard Ross says:

      repy 12 to schacalnur in moderation

    14. the phoenix says:

      shachalnur Said:

      I know it takes a quantum leap to understand this

      well nurka’leh maybe you could help me with this dilemma:
      in view of your long detailed explanations how the end is near and all that shhhstuff, would you advise me to buy green bananas, or i shouldn’t bother…

    15. the phoenix says:

      Andrew Said:

      Someone is sending a message that we can take you out any time of our choosing.

      i am obviously elated to hear about this ehm..accident.
      nonetheless, i do not think we could rest on the laurels.
      this message, sent to a nonmusloid entity would really serve as an effective deterrent…
      but unfortunately we are dealling not only with musloids, but with ubermusloids – the ayatollahs, and m.a.d. just would not work on these mentally derranged savages as it would be an enticement.
      bottom line, a few more such ‘accidents’ should take place, simultaneous with ‘mysterious heart attacks’ that would remove the entire naziranian leadership…
      well synchronized press appearances by g.o.i. officials (that CAN speak english) should categorically deny any knowledge and just ask rhetorically, “why, who would want to DO such a thing? after all the nuclear reactors were built for peaceful purposes weren’t they? and these poor little old men were soooo nice….weren’t they?”

    16. shachalnur says:

      @ the phoenix,

      The 800-pound gorilla in the room,is being ignored by you,
      so you won’t need banana’s.

    17. shachalnur says:

      @ mr Ross,

      Should have been …..cartoon and quotes.

      While the MSM and most readers here think that netanyahu was talking about Hezbollah,
      it’s about the “rebels.”
      Hezbollah can have,or already has,all the chemical weapons ,they want.
      The “rebels” are totally run and supported by NATO,US and Europe.(Banker slaves)
      They are the good guys,right?
      Probably Israel got nose of a possible false flag chemical attack plan by the “rebels”.
      Nobody wants Jihadi,Al-CIAda,paid mercenaries in Syria.
      Not Syria,not,Lebanon,not Turkey,not Iran ,not Russia,not China,not Jordan,not Iraq,AND NOT ISRAEL.
      They only ones pushing this potential disaster is US and Europe(Banker slaves.)
      If these “rebels” get chemical weapons,most likely from US/Europe,Israel will be hit.
      Assad will be blamed,but players involved will know what relly happened.
      You’ll find out when the MSM says it was Assad,and Israel attacks the “rebels”.
      Because nobody will do anything,in case of a chemical false flag attack on Israel.
      Israel will have to react,and that will be very usefull for Syria(Bye,bye,”rebels”),Iran and Russia(Bye,Bye,NATO).
      It’s like chess,and the Russians are very good players,and the Persians invented it.
      Iran probably already has nukes(under their control)
      Want the list of missing nukes since the berlin wall came down?
      Ukraine alone,39 warheads.
      4 missing in the US ,only 2 month ago.
      Musterd gas can be made by any chemist.
      It’s all spin.
      So we’ll have Israel bombing NATO/US/Europe controlled “rebels” in a while.
      Let’s wait,because you don’t read,you glance,and judge on impression.
      You haven’t read and researched any of the sources I gave you.
      you discard everything as “Anti semitic”,including 90% Jewish sources.
      Watch “Endgame-blueprint for global enslavement” on youtube.
      Proof for everything in the history lesson,is on infowars,com,”what is the Endgame?”

    18. Honey Bee says:

      @ yamit82:

      Sad but true

    19. Honey Bee says:

      @ keelie:

      The tribe of the “the as a Jews”.

    20. Honey Bee says:

      @ yamit82:

      Thanks I like this site. Number 2 drinking and cheating song “There stands the Glass” Webb Pierce

    21. Bernard Ross says:

      shachalnur Said:

      Readers here are critizising me nonstop mostly ad hominem , without attacking the premises of my arguments or proving the conclusions wrong.

      Sorry schach, you only give conclusions: you NEVER give premises or arguments. when disseminating manna from heaven as you do, premises and arguments seem unnecessary and an inconvenience. If you get ad hominem it is only because you make statements without evidence or even support from credible sources. This probably gets you high rankings on anti semitic sites like veterans today but not here. Stop pretending and do your homework, no one here buys your argument that “the jews(zionists, bankers, zionist bankers, those who call themselves jews, those who call themselves bankers, etc etc etc)did it” This is primarily where you go wrong. It is a long way even from accepting a conspiracy argument to accepting that the jews(or other code name) lead the conspiracy. You need to prove conspiracy and the jews did it. Perhaps you believe in the Goebbels principle that “a lie repeated often enough becomes the truth”????
      We are still waiting for some semblance of evidence!!!!!

    22. Bernard Ross says:

      shachalnur Said:

      you don’t read,you glance,and judge on impression….You haven’t read and researched any of the sources I gave you

      Lying is not an argument. Even if most of your stated facts were true it would not prove a conspriacy of Jews,(bankers, zionists,etc). When the “jews did it” is removed from your scenario you will lose interest, I wager.

    23. Michael Devolin says:

      That’s right, Mr. Ross. I smelled this guy long time ago.

    24. yamit82 says:

      Israel’s Special Forces, Sayeret Matkal, Take The Lead…Fordow Goes Boom…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

      ‘Iranian-Hizballah convoy blown up on Syrian Golan. Border tensions shoot up’

      DEBKAfile Special Report January 26, 2013,

      And the plot thickens, as news of Fordo’s booms reverberate around the world –
      Islamic regime scrambles as news of explosion catches fire worldwide

      News of an explosion at one of Iran’s nuclear facilities – broken exclusively by WND – is exploding around the world, with independent confirmation and international response pouring in.

      Interestingly, the Israeli DEBKAfile, known to be close to Israeli intelligence in covering the WND story, stated that on Jan. 24, Israeli Chief of Staff, Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz and Military Intelligence Director Maj. Gen. Aviv Kochavi ceremonially promoted “Col. G.,” commander of the elite Sayeret Matkal, to the rank of major general in recognition of his unit’s “outstanding covert operations.”

      NEVERTHELESS, while any damage to Iran’s killing machine is a blessed event (westerners owe a lifetime debt of gratitude to Israel’s special forces), the fact of the matter is that PM Netanyahu has been clearly following the Islamist-in-Chief’s lead, regarding the most existential peril to half of world Jewry.

      In other words, booms in the night are approved, but all out assault isn’t. The bigger/overall/existential question is: what kind of Jewish leadership leaves the fate of its nation to another power, albeit a super power, but most essentially to one which is led by such a radical, Islamist-leaning POTUS?

      We can debate, until the cows come home, how essential a good relationship with Washington is. Well and good. But we dare not blind ourselves to reality on the ground. Simply put:

      Hillel says, “If I am not for myself, who will be for me? But if I am only for myself, who am I? If not now, when?” Ethics of the Fathers, 1:14

    25. yamit82 says:

      Israel anticipating retaliation by Iran over Fordow???

      Iron Dome Battery Deployed in North

      An Iron Dome missile-defense battery has been deployed in the north of the country, near Safed, where it is expected to remain for the coming days.

      The battery was deployed in that same area in August of 2012 as part of a test of the system.

      However this time it is not yet known if the deployment is a sign of impending conflict, particularly amid threats of chemical weapons in Syria, or part of routine testing.

    26. Michael Devolin says:

      “If you want peace, you must prepare for war.” -Vegetius

      “He who rouses a sleeping tiger exposes himself to danger.”

      Israel has prepared for war, now she is awakened.

    27. Michael Devolin says:

      “Readers here are critizising me nonstop…”

      You need a napkin?

    28. Michael Devolin says:

      “Readers here are critizising me nonstop…”

      You’re lucky it’s not Yamit or Dweller kicking your ass. Then you would be in a corner.

    29. steven l says:

      WHAT ‘s NEXT?

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