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  • January 29, 2013

    Swan Lake like you have never seen it before

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  • Posted by Ted Belman @ 8:33 am | 9 Comments »

    9 Comments to Swan Lake like you have never seen it before

    1. Canadian Otter says:

      One of my favorites: Sylvia by Leo Delibes.

      And another: Nutcracker with Baryshnikov

      Ahh… I’m a great fan of classical ballet. I took lessons as a kid. I’ve kept faithfully doing the ballet workout all my life. It’s a different world. It’s good for the soul and a wonderful escape. I have a collection of ballets on DVD.

    2. Canadian Otter says:

      OCEAN FOAM TSUNAMI IN AUSRALIA – Ten feet deep – what do you do with it? Just enjoy it. –

      Car materializes from inside the foam only a few feet from bystanders –

    3. Laura says:

      Wow, quite amazing.

    4. jbcrittersitters says:

      You have to remember that this dancing is so fantastic because they have practiced it all their lives and they were chosen as children to do this and that is there only job and they and their families are sponsored by the government to dance and practice.

    5. Emmess says:

      Isn’t it strange how some countries can swing between the extremes of culture and savagery? Here we see the top of the cultural swing just as Germans could point to their music and writings. And then you have mindless murder and cruelty. Ditto the Catholic Church with its moral nadir, the inquisition and its artwork in counterpoint. Isn’t it also strange that Jews, despite the libels thrown at us, do not have such a history. Our cultural zenith may have been reached on Tin Pan Alley that contributed not only to the entertainment world but shaped America’s society for the good. As to a nadir, I think it happened during temple times with kings like Menashe and Alexander Yanai. The people, however, maintained their civility.

    6. Honey Bee says:

      @ Canadian Otter:

      I studied ballet you many years also, but grew to tall, ah life. But this NOT ballet, but gynastics or acrobatics. Very pretty though. There is a wonderful PBS program on the Joffrey Ballet worth the watching!

    7. Canadian Otter says:

      @ Honey Bee:
      You’re right, this Chinese video is not actual ballet but graceful acrobatics. It does not come from the same place in the soul as real dance.

      I don’t even like modern ballet, just classical ballet. Nothing can top its magic.

      About your growing too tall, never mind. Once a ballerina, always a ballerina.

    8. Honey Bee says:

      @ Canadian Otter:

      Points ruined my poor feet. Now I love to dane the Texas Two Step. “The Fireman” George Strait