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  • January 30, 2013

    Europe Funding Antisemitism in “palestinian” Media

    Laura:  While Europe has all these phony ceremonies commemorating Holocaust Rememberance Day, they are busy financing the next potential holocaust against the Jews, even with their numerous economic problems. One has to conclude that antisemitism is in Europe’s cultural DNA.

    Venomous Antisemitism published
    by Palestinian Ma’an News Agency
    funded by
    Danish, Dutch and UK governments
    and the EU, UNDP, and UNESCO
    “[The Jews] feel inferior to the nations and societies in which they live, because of the hostility and evil rising in their hearts towards others and for their plots and schemes against the nations who know with certainty that the Jews are the root of conflict in the world, wherever they reside.”
    “[Jews are] outcasts in every corner of the earth, and not one nation in the world respects them… but Allah’s curse upon them and his fury at them cause them to continue with their transgression.”
    “Allah has stricken fear in their hearts and decreed humiliation and degradation upon them until Judgment Day”

    by Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik

    An article published by the independent and European funded Palestinian Ma’an News Agency (MNA) confirms that classic Antisemitic ideologies continue to exist among Palestinians. The article written by Sawsan Najib Abd Al-Halim appears on Ma’an’s website, and describes Jews as: “the root of conflict in the world,” cursed by Allah, and “outcasts in every corner of the earth.”

    Palestinian Media Watch has documented that demonization of Jews and Israelis has been an integral part of PA ideology for years. Continue reading

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  • Posted by Laura @ 8:15 pm | 13 Comments »

    13 Comments to Europe Funding Antisemitism in “palestinian” Media

    1. Canadian Otter says:

      WHY NOT GO ON THE OFFENSIVE? – We’re witnessing the quick and alarming rise of a vicious hate campaign that resurged decades ago – but the govt and Israelis’ reaction has been incogruent with reality. I watched a recent C. Glick video last night and what she mostly denounced was the idea of settlements as an impediment to peace. She is one of the very best, but unfortunately she’s part of a nationalist establishment that fails to see the need to step outside this DEFENSIVE MODE and into one of outraged and aggressive stance attacking Europe, the US govt, the PA, the Vatican, the churches, and all the other heads of the same hydra that is out to destroy you. ~~~~~ Israel’s quiet defensiveness elicits contempt and an animal thirst for more blood. ~~~ Your anemic nationalist establishment scatters time, energy and resources fighting skirmishes, when they should be united in denouncing Europe’s immoral continuation of their centuries-long war against the Jews. Europeans not only killed Jews by the millions, or collaborated in the process, but they have also lent steady support to Jew killers, such as the PLO and now Hamas and Fatah, the two Arab Nazi twins. And Britain, in particular, should be aggressively denounced for their violation of the L. of Nations Mandate. Instead, there is either silence or quiet, polite criticism. I don’t understand.

    2. Shy Guy says:

      Everyone in Israel, it’s 9:25PM. Turn on TV CH1, Mabat Sheini, all about current European anti-Semitism. It’s 1930s deja vu all over again! It’s on now!

    3. Canadian Otter says:

      The Israeli govt is indirectly part of this too. By officially praising PA textbooks filled with anti-Israel propaganda, and by REFUSING TO DO ANYTHING AT ALL against the constant barrage of Nazi propaganda emanating from PA-TV, the Israeli govt has given green light to anyone who wants to spew venom against the Jews and the state of Israel. ~~~~~ GOVT REFUSES TO STAND FOR ISRAEL’S RIGHTS – I’ve watched interviews with top Israeli govt officials where they are accused of being “occupiers,” and instead of defending Israel’s right to the land, they give a completely evasive answer (Yeah, yeah, it’s not our land, but shall we talk about our technological achievements instead?). By their silence, by govt overt attacks on settlers, by implementing pro-Arab and anti-Jewish policies, govt authorities help reinforce the world view of Judea and Samaria as occupied Palestinian land. Even the guilt-ridden govt knows it, they think. ~~~~~ And VOTERS too, by repudiating nationalist Otzma Leyisrael (Aryeh Eldad and Michael Ben Ari) and voting for parties with centrist and leftist leanings, they increased the international perception that even Israelis know that the country’s hold on land claimed by Arabs is wrong and illegal – thereby making Israel even more of a fair game for boycotts and character assassination.

    4. Bernard Ross says:

      Canadian Otter Said:

      Israel’s quiet defensiveness elicits contempt and an animal thirst for more blood.

      More than that it demonstrates that the Jews are crooks claiming the land of the rightful owners for their own like thieves in the night. It is well known that if you do not claim or seize what is yours then it is obviously not yours. Several Israeli govts have participated in creating the current euro anti semitism by not standing up for Jews against the chronic, culturally congenital 2000 year, serial killers and swindlers of Jews. When internationally binding treaties state that the signatories must “encourage the close settlement of Jews west of the Jordan river”, and the Israeli govt does not ever mention the phrase, we must suspect that the treaties are lying. what is worse is that there is hardly ever even an Israeli who states that phrase. It is not an accident that Israels entire legitimacy to exist is being questioned. This is the natural conclusion of those who have totally bought the narrative of “illegal jewish settlements” west of the Jordan river. One leads to the next, therefore those who believe that it will stop at the green line will be fighting for the existence of tel aviv.

    5. NormanF says:

      Shy Guy Said:

      Everyone in Israel, it’s 9:25PM. Turn on TV CH1, Mabat Sheini, all about current European anti-Semitism. It’s 1930s deja vu all over again! It’s on now!

      Shy Guy, Stupid Jews pressed for an International Holocaust Day – they gave the UN an alibi to shed crocodle tears over dead Jews.

      Is there a day to commemorate living Jews? In your dreams!

    6. keelie says:

      @ Bernard Ross:

      This is the natural conclusion of those who have totally bought the narrative…

      And there’s the underlying problem. The Israelis (and the Jews in general) have virtually no access to the sources of any “narratives” of which you speak: the Media. Why only last week the Sunday Times (of London) saw fit to publish a cartoon the likes of which are unbecoming to ANY news-rag, including the Guardian. This is the “Times”!!!! So what chance is there of having Truth spelled out in what has become the font of Arab propaganda?

      We’ve all discussed this before; the only way for Israel to make a very strong point, is to utterly destroy her enemies. Not pretty, admittedly, but only fear will make the “rest of the world” a little more circumspect regarding Israel.

    7. Canadian Otter says:

      THE VATICAN – IN ITS IMMORAL TRADITION – Those who attack Israel do it in spite of mountains of evidence regarding their corruption, anti-Semitism, and a history of abuse and oppression. Instead of expressing contrition, they continue to indulge in bullying and victimizing the Jews – a long tradition they can’t let go.

      – Giulio Meotti’s expose’ – CATOLIC NOGs AGAINST ISRAEL –

      These are the people condemning Israel:
      – Pope says pedophilia “normal” – The pope, of Hitler Youth fame, who met with Abbas and whose predecesor embraced pervert Arafat, referred to pedophilia as normal –

      Victims of clerical abuse have reacted furiously to Pope Benedict’s claim yesterday that paedophilia wasn’t considered an “absolute evil” as recently as the 1970s … (he) also claimed that child pornography was increasingly considered “normal” by society. “It was maintained — even within the realm of Catholic theology — that there is no such thing as evil in itself or good in itself. There is only a ‘better than’ and a ‘worse than’. Nothing is good or bad in itself.” –

    8. keelie says:

      @ Canadian Otter:

      The Catholic NGO [Trocaire] castigated Israel for being an apartheid state which practices “racial segregation”.

      I would categorize this statement as being defamatory. Don’t we Jews have some smart lawyers around?

    9. Canadian Otter says:

      @ keelie:
      The Vatican has friends in high places in Israel. Very old and important friends. A legal suit would have no chance of taking off the ground. ~~~~~ Israel needs a new, more daring generation of nationalists who won’t be afraid to confront the British with their outright theft of Jewish land, and all Europeans and other ‘allies’ with their relentless campaign to humiliate and demonize Jews and delegitimize Israel. Enough with playing nice and pretending not to be insulted.

      The Australian govt just set a date for their next national election. It’s in September. Plenty of time to pick a date that will accommodate the different sectors of the population. Guess what day they picked: Yom Kippur. The PM said the govt did not want a date that might conflict with the football finals, and that Jews would understand that. Now, why would Jews feel insulted? The Israeli PM did not feel insulted by humiliating treatment at the White House, did he?

    10. Canadian Otter says:

      @ keelie:
      My reply to Keelie is being held for moderation.

    11. Shy Guy says:

      keelie Said:

      I would categorize this statement as being defamatory. Don’t we Jews have some smart lawyers around?

      Yes, but they are busy.

      There’s more:

      Ode to joy!

    12. Canadian Otter says:

      Would it be its centuries of imperialism and carnage? Nope.
      Would it be its koran-sanctioned oppression and abuse of women, children and minorities? Nope.
      Would it be its acts of terror against American civilians? Nope.

      What then? Answer: The burning of an African library – a Muslim library at that. And Atheist fundamentalist Richard Dawkins has uttered the word …GASP!… “BARBARIAN”

      Professional Atheist Dawkings now insulting Muslims –

    13. the phoenix says:

      Shy Guy Said:

      There’s more:
      Ode to joy!

      i am wondering if ayalon brought some matzah with him to the meeting…
      he should ask ettore, the holy s**t’s emissary if he brought the necessary ingredients with him…
      what hypocrisy!