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February 2, 2013

The birth of the IAF

You don’t want to miss this.
The password is iaf
Posted by Ted Belman @ 6:31 am | 10 Comments »

10 Responses to The birth of the IAF

  1. JOHN DAVIES says:


  2. Canadian Otter says:

    Very beautiful and moving. Thank you, Ted.

  3. the phoenix says:

    Absolutely beautiful!
    What an incredible story it is… How fascinating and awe inspiring is our history, since the beginning…
    It is TODAY’s modern events that need ‘a little tweaking’ …
    To find out even more on the subject (how all the parts were smuggled into palestine, and the incredible network that it involved) read:
    “The pledge” by Leonard slater

  4. dove says:

    Powerful and moving….brought a tear to my eye. We did it then….we can do it again!

  5. Rahamim Akerib says:

    I salute the brave Machal. Israel must always remain strong and never be complacent again, like they did in 1973

  6. Meathead says:

    The video states, “We stopped Egypt”. No, God stopped Egypt for God promised that once Israel again became a country, Israel will never be defeated for they are His chosen people. Israel will continue to exist as a country until the end of the age no matter who or what seeks to destroy it.

  7. dove says:

    Actually Meathead G-d does not work alone. These men had a choice and they chose to be part of a very risky mission. Give them some credit. G-d does NOT get ALL the credit nor would G-d want to.

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