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  • February 7, 2013

    Paying People to Hate You and Israel

    By Douglas Murray, GATESTONE INSTITUTE

    I was asked to Brussels to address the matter of what the European Union to tackle anti-Semitism. The answer is easy: “Stop funding anti-Semites.”

    And so it was that I found myself once again in a meeting in the twilight world of Brussels — an ugly city filled with ugly buildings, ugly overpriced food and overpaid officials. The objective of any visit must always be a hit-an-run: to get in and get out as swiftly as possible, The only reason to go is to try and inject some sense into a city so starved of it. When, therefore, asked to address the matter of what the European Union might do to tackle anti-Semitism, the answer is easy: “Stop funding anti-Semites.” What is hard is that this is Brussels, where words are meaningless and nothing makes any sense. Here is just one example:

    The Palestinian Ma’an News Agency is one of the most supremely anti-Semitic organs in the Middle East. Which I hope readers realize is putting it in the premier league of anti-Semitic slander.

    Here is an excerpt from a recent article on the Ma’an website by one Saswan Najib Abd Al-Halim:

    Jews think that their fortresses will protect them from death, but any breach of these fortresses or protective walls instills panic and fear in their hearts, and they are seized by fear and trembling. If a missile falls beyond their protective walls or if even a bullet passes over them, you can see how their hearts fill with horror — and this is because Allah has stricken fear in their hearts and decreed humiliation and degradation upon them until Judgment Day…

    Historically, it is known that the lives of Jews have always been war and fighting. The only reason for this is that they have been outcasts in every corner of the earth, and not one nation in the world respects them, for they cause strife, and scheme everywhere they settle. We know that they have been defeated in every war they have fought throughout history, and they have been dispersed in every direction, but Allah’s curse upon them and his fury at them cause them to continue with their transgression and tyranny.

    It is possible that there are people willing to concede that the Ma’an News Agency has the right to run this sort of libelous venom. But now we come to the real question: Why on earth should we pay for it?

    The Ma’an News Agency is not able to run this type of libel unaided. It does not run it because it manages to gather enough subscribers and enough advertising “clicks” from cosmetic companies. It runs because we actually pay for part of it. I wish the jaw were still able to drop at this. As I have said for years – it is not surprising when you find people who hate you. What is surprising is when you pay people to hate you.

    The Ma’an News Agency has been funded by a range of international bodies. These include – astoundingly – the British government. Also the Danish and Dutch governments. And of course it also receives funding from the EU. When Mr Al-Halim and friends pour out their anti-Semitic hate speech – calling Jews “the root of conflict in the world,” “cursed by Allah” and “outcasts in every corner of the earth,” it is we who are paying part of his cheque. When Ma’an propagates the idea that “Allah has decreed” that Jews are destined to be “humiliated,” it is we who are acting in the role of publisher.

    As Palestinian Media Watch has previously revealed, Ma’an News Agency, part of the Ma’an Network, was launched thanks to funding from the Danish Representative Office to the Palestinian Authority (PA). Other donors with whomMa’an partners are the European Commission, UNESCO, and UKaid. And just in case you thought these peaceable-sounding bodies could not possibly realize what they are doing, or that Ma’an’s fraudulent language must somehow be hidden from them, you just have to remind yourself of how in-plain-sight all of this is. As the latest Ma’an atrocity finishes – in the words of the Fatah — not Hamas, Fatah — slogan: “Revolution Until Victory.”

    “Revolution Until Victory?” Surely not. As the British, Dutch and Danish governments might say: Surely you mean: “Can’t we all work towards a two-state solution where Palestinian and Jewish states can live side by side?” No, I’m afraid not. “Revolution Until Victory”: There it is. There it always is. In the days since I managed to make my get-away from my latest Brussels a fresh example has emerged of exactly the problem. I fear, since my latest get-away, that even if Brussels hosts a thousand more seminars on tackling anti-Semitism, absolutely nothing will be done about it, .And we remain so blind, so stupid, so vicious or so wicked that we will actually pay for this malevolence. And so we will — in more senses than one.

  • Posted by Ted Belman @ 4:46 pm | 8 Comments »

    8 Comments to Paying People to Hate You and Israel

    1. Bernard Ross says:

      I have been saying for a long time that the europeans are the jews greatest enemy. They fund and give moral support to terrorists, anti semites and jew killers. They engage in constant swindling of the Jews in an attempt to fulfill the arab agenda. They cannot even recognize hezbullah as terrorists on their own soil because it might benefit the Jews. The only thing they are not yet doing is killing the Jews directly themselves. Perhaps this is nigh as they are rationalizing themselves out of their fake guilt trip. I have never known a “civilized” and “educated” people as prone to doublespeak as the euros.

    2. jew says:

      @ Bernard Ross:
      I agree 100%

      but regulary a hear people say that the EU is going to fall apart. These people are highly esteemed europeans themselves, like for instance the president of the EU parliament.

      May it be G-d’s will. Amen.

    3. Yidvocate says:

      @ Bernard Ross:

      I have been saying for a long time that the europeans are the jews greatest enemy.

      I have been saying for a long time that the j-e-w-s are the jews greatest enemy. Our lack of unity prevents us from shining the “light” onto the nations. The nations react. It’s a spiritual force. It manifests as antisemitism. Seen in this light the hateful words of the Ma’an articles speaks the bitter truth. The “breach of these fortresses or protective walls” we mourn and commemorate with a fast each year for the past 2,000; “decreed humiliation and degradation upon them until Judgment Day”, is the very definition of our present exile. The nations lash out at us for our lack of unity and the resulting inability to shine the light we’ve been “chosen” to shine. I say its the source of all our troubles and always has been.

    4. yamit82 says:

      Michael Coren with Douglas Murray: The new anti-Semitism in Britain VIDEO

      Michael Coren with Douglas Murray: The new anti-Semitism in Britain

      In an interview with Haaretz in November 2010, British novelist Martin Amis said the following about discussions of Israel in his motherland:

      I live in a mildly anti-Semitic country, and Europe is mildly anti-Semitic, and they hold Israel to a higher moral standard than its neighbors. If you bring up Israel in a public meeting in England, the whole atmosphere changes. The standard left-wing person never feels more comfortable than when attacking Israel. Because they are the only foreigners you can attack. Everyone else is protected by having dark skin, or colonial history, or something. But you can attack Israel. And the atmosphere becomes very unpleasant. It is traditional, snobbish, British anti-Semitism combined with present-day circumstances.

      After participating last week in a debate in London about Israeli communities beyond the 1949 armistice lines organized by the self-consciously pretentious Intelligence Squared debating society, I can now say from personal experience that Amis is correct. The public atmosphere in England regarding Israel is ugly and violent.

      The resolution we debated read: “Israel is destroying itself with its settlement policy”. “If settlement expansion continues Israel will have no future.” We lost overwhelmingly. I think the final vote tally was something like 500 for the resolution and 100 against it. Caroline Glick—MORE
      Jews have ultimately 2 options.. Israel or death.
      “The era of hallowed sanctification has begun; it cannot coexist with degradation and humiliation. A Jewish state cannot live side by side with the Exile. The latter is doomed; it is a Divine decree. The Exile will be destroyed in a holocaust of horror!” (Kahane)

      “The Exile is the personification of Jewish weakness, defeat, flight, persecution, torture, humiliation, genocide, holocaust, degradation. And because of this, it must – in the eyes of the gentiles – personify the weakness, so to speak, of the G-d of the Jews. To the enemy of the Jew, Jewish defeat is proof of the inability of the G-d of Israel to give His people strength and triumph and glory. Such a G-d is either impotent or non-existent…”(Kahane)

      Jewish thematic history seems to keep repeating itself: The Pharaoh who reigned after Rameses was his son Mernephtah who ruled in the late 13th century BCE. Now what’s most interesting is that in Thebes (modern Luxor in Egypt), Mernephtah carved on a large slab of black granite (known as a “stele”) a victory inscription. Known as the Mernephtah Stele, it contains a record of Mernehtah’s military campaigning including the area of Canaan, the Sinai/Israel. And it’s the first extra-Biblical mention of “Israel” anywhere in human history. We’re talking about something that’s around 3,200 years old. And this would correspond in Jewish chronology to some time after the Exodus story.

      What does the stele say? “Israel is a widow. Her seed is no more.” That is, we’ve wiped out the Jewish people, they’re gone. This means: 😀

      The Ancient Egyptians lie when they record things. Jews are here today 3,200 years later, they hardly wiped the Jews out; in fact, they’re gone. This is not surprising as the ancient people are notorious for lying in their official records.

      Nietzsche said God is dead
      God said Nietzche is dead

    5. Bernard Ross says:

      yamit82 Said:

      The new anti-Semitism in Britain

      Growing along with the new anti semitism is the humiliation of britain by their muslims. The muslims religious police in london are now attacking with impunity the native brits. In the same way the europeans paid a price for their abandonment of the Jews of europe I doubt they will escape the price for their dirty and cowerdly lies and their support of terrorism agianst the Jews. Britain, ever since its reneging on the balfour declartion has been tumbling from the heights of victorian conquest and empire to the degradation and humiliation of losing their empires, being humiliated in WWII, being treated like kuffars in London. They continue their battle against the Jews but fail to see their resulting humiliations at the hands of the new crocodile of appeasement. The americans saved them last time from licking the nazi jackboot.

    6. Bernard Ross says:

      Yidvocate Said:

      I have been saying for a long time that the j-e-w-s are the jews greatest enemy.

      There is truth in this statement, however there is also mitigation. Their is a culturally reflexive stockholm syndrome borne of 2000 years of trying to escape and avoid the bloodlusting swindles and slaughters of the european savages. In the first 60 years of “independence” the savages continue to cannily extort fear and obeisance from the despised victim now beginning to walk after a long subservient crawl. When the hostage begins to understand the truth about their kidnapping, swindles and slaughters, AND the truth that this behavior continues at this moment,perhaps things will change and the stooped ghetto jew will emerge into real independence. Personally, I do not like to see reminders of the european slavery and wish that Jews from the secular to the religious would cast them off.
      Bob Marley said “emancipate yourself from mental slavery”

    7. Nina Lawrence says:

      I pray all the time for the Peace of Jerusalem and all of Israel. I cannot understand why so many people are against that little country. Father in Heaven, speak to those people.
      Thank you.
      Nina M. Lawrence

    8. Alice says:

      I’ll give the concerned NGOs the benefit of the doubt by saying they have been duped into thinking ma’an promotes ‘togetherness’…still, I don’t think your assessment is correct; for one, you’re asking Palestinians to stop buying the paper , listen to the network’s shows…after all, they are it’s clientele. Secondly the Arab nations are the largest contributors in funding Jewish propaganda. Saudi workmen have a portion of their salary withdrawn for ‘the cause’ . In that respect they are definitely united in a way Jews aren’t …

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