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  • February 7, 2013

    Not a Mistake, Misunderstanding, or Well-Intended Criticism But a Deliberate Campaign to Bash Israel

    By Barry Rubin

    The first, most important thing to understand about the Western and especially American debate on Israel is this:

    Never before in history has there been such a concerted, systematic, and vicious campaign to discredit and demonize Israel, especially seeking to undermine its support in the Jewish community.

    Without comprehending this fact, the massive attacks from academia, mass media, groups, and even in mainstream political and intellectual debate cannot be understood. We aren’t dealing with lots of mistakes but with the mass production of hate speech.

    Obviously, one should always judge based on the specific people and places involved. Yet a good point to keep in mind is this:

      Don’t believe that they may have gotten it right this particular time. Many of them aren’t trying to get it right; most of them are incapable of getting it right.

    These assaults cannot be taken in isolation and with naivete as if this time a wild accusation is accurate. Some are obviously outrageous—the British politician accusing Israel of genocide; a cartoon showing Ariel Sharon eating Palestinian children; Egypt’s president calling Jews sub-humans; the Swedish newspaper claiming Israel murders Palestinians to steal their organs—but even better-constructed items are equally fallacious.

    The craziest stuff is just the most incautious end of far more apparently credible lies and distortions. And the key “mistake” made is to use the word “Jews,” unacceptable, rather “Israel,” “Israelis,” or “Zionists.”

    In other words, “The Jews want to take over the world.” No. “Israel wants to take over the Middle East.” Okay. “The Jews use children’s blood in Passover matzoh.” No. “Israel deliberately murders Palestinian children.” Okay.

    Not all are aware, of course, of what they are doing, especially those originating or spreading the more “moderate” hate speech. There are dupes as well as demonizers, though dupes often seem all too credulous to be wholly innocent.

    Here are two more aspects:

    Once having been defined as the “bad guy,” Israel can be accused of anything, as in a film narrative in which the villain is, well, always villainous.

    Second, Israel is one of the few categories that can be attacked with unbridled vituperation, though some limits still apply in American political life at least. You cannot say the slightest thing against other nations or nationalities, as well as races, religions, or genders. One wrong word, even if uttered carelessly, and the person’s career is finished. With Israel, the bile can flow unbridled.

    Equally, there are so many lies—new ones appear each day–and so many facts to counter them with that it is partly a waste of time to counter each offensive in itself. What’s necessary is to understand that this is all based on lies, ignorance, and conscious bad faith.

    The categories include, but are not limited to, falsification of photographs and fabrication of events; distortion of history; making up of quotes; publishing disproportionate numbers of anti-Israel books and articles; indoctrination in schools; refusal to mainstream Israeli views and overwhelming emphasis of radical, critical ones; excessive credibility to hostile sources for outlandish tales (a worldwide story on an alleged, since proven false massacre in Jenin based on a single mysterious informant is just one example).

    There is also the creation of new categories of sin designed specifically as part of the anti-Israel campaign and applied only to Israel, i.e., “pinkwashing” (talking about the good treatment of gays as a cover for other crimes!) or the idea of “disproportionate force” in wartime or the idea that causing any civilian casualties at all is a war crime (in sharp contrast to the previous and current wars of every other country in the world).

    Aside from obsessions and double standards is the eagerness, uncontrollable hatred, self-righteousness, unconcern for fairness or balance, and passion that shows the hidden agenda of those involved. They are indifferent to real war crimes, intolerance, and oppression by others in the world. Their behavior should have destroyed their credibility but they are protected instead.

    Some details of interest:

      –This campaign’s intensity and one-sidedness has relatively little effect on the actual Middle East situation or on Western government policies.

      –The main single issue is to try to portray Israel as responsible for the lack of peace, just as Jews were historically blamed by those hostile to them for antisemitism. Since the experience of the 1993-2000 “peace process” era, the fact that the conflict continues because of the intransigence of Israel’s enemies should have been obvious. Yet this history has been forgotten and its impact on Israeli thinking buried or censored.

      –Much of the new antagonism stems from Western intelligentsias’ sharp turn to the left. The question, of course, is why Israel is such a prominent issue among the many causes available to them.

      –What is important is not so much to define specific things as “antisemitic”—which generates distracting debates—but to explicate the creation of a situation equivalent in effect to pre-1945 antisemitism. Since about 40 percent of the world’s Jews live in Israel and most of the rest support Israel, the resulting slander and demonization is also a slur and hatred against the vast majority of Jews. The irrationality, obsession, intimidation, and slander is quite equivalent to what Jews suffered under historic antisemitism.

      –Israel, Israelis, and their supporters are portrayed—as in classical antisemitism–as irrational creatures involved in incomprehensible behavior. Removing from public consciousness their experiences, attitudes, and sufferings leaves the conclusion that their behavior is evil, racist, bloodthirsty and seeking total power.

    For example, as a country under assault, Israel has to act militarily at times. The army and government have no interest in wasting credibility and resources by injuring Palestinians for fun or out of pure meanness. Yet this is how Israeli behavior is often portrayed.

    Similarly, Israel has lots to gain from peace since, if secure and lasting, it would provide such benefits as fewer deaths, less time and money spent in the military, beneficial trade with neighbors and higher living standards, etc. To believe Israel doesn’t want peace is to believe it is aggressive and has devious ends.

    And again, if Israel really doesn’t face an existential threat—or only an easily defused one—then its acting otherwise is psychotic behavior.

    A major and new theme of this campaign is to convince American Jews that either Israel has become illegitimate or must be bashed for its own good. Undeniably, this campaign has enjoyed success on that front. Others are temporarily taken in by nonsense like the Western expert/media spin on the last Israeli elections as headed toward fascism or some individual event.

    What exists here on the surface as disproportional insanity is actually ideologically determined and politically intentional. The result is an environment in which the virulently antisemitic, genocidal, anti-Christian, anti-American, and pro-terrorist Muslim Brotherhood is the beneficiary of apologetics while Israel is “bad.”

    A nut from an extremist cult spit on a teenaged Jewish girl in a small town in Israel and the next thing you know there is a serious Western debate over Israel losing its soul. A few fans from Israel’s most nationalist football team don’t want Muslim players—Arabs already play for all the other teams and are never harassed—and the next thing you know the New York Times compares Israel to Nazi Germany.

    Or the Israeli election was widely presented as the impending triumph of neo-fascist forces even though the far-right party received less than 10 percent of the vote, what that category usually receives. The New Yorker gave us a hitherto unknown professor at a university in the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip as its expert on Israeli politics. Or the New York Times article claiming that many Israelis were complaining that the Iron Dome system shot down Hamas missiles because it would be better–the reporter lied–if more Israelis were killed or wounded since that would impel the country to change its evil, hard-line ways and seek peace.

    One thing comforting about this campaign is that its activists so often have to resort to lies and exaggerations, showing how little genuine material they possess.

    How much effect is this all having in the real world? Ironically, it is less damaging to Israel itself (attempts at economic boycotts, for example, have yielded no real damage) but on Western Jews who live in the societies so affected. The growing pressure will result in some running for cover—or even joining the assailants—but far more will ultimately wake up.

    Yet again this situation can no longer be dealt with as an ordinary, though rather spirited and emotional, debate. It is a massive, often conscious and deliberate, campaign of defamation. No longer on the margins, this campaign has penetrated into using the commanding heights of the Western mass media, intellectual, and academic institutions.

    The reason for pointing this all out is that there are millions of well-intentioned, honest people who would be shocked if they had the paradigm shift between taking a good portion of this material as honest and well-intentioned and understood that they are being subjected to a concerted propaganda campaign of lies. If they comprehend that, they are far more likely to reject these lies as well as having their eyes opened to wider disinformation campaigns going on today.

    Update: The New York Times editorial claims (as its lead no less!), in what is starting to look like an antisemitic pattern (I’m not accusing the paper of antisemitism but merely of using such a theme) that Hagel’s only problem is that he isn’t sufficiently servile to Israeli interests: “One dispiriting lesson from Chuck Hagel’s nomination for defense secretary is the extent to which the political space for discussing Israel forthrightly is shrinking.” The man showed himself to be an embarrassing fool and this is their claim–that it’s the Jews’ fault? Let’s be clear here. If Hagel said everything he ever said about Israel and had no other problemmatic statements or if Hagel said everything he ever said about Israel and had done a mediocre to minimal job at the confirmation hearings, no one would be talking about his not getting an overwhelming majority in the Senate. A sign of antisemitism: Blame the Jews first. By the way, Obama, Kerry, and Brennan don’t have a sterling record on Israel but they had no problem getting elected, appointed, and confirmed.

    Barry Rubin is director of the Global Research in International Affairs (GLORIA) Center and editor of the Middle East Review of International Affairs (MERIA) Journal. His latest book, Israel: An Introduction, has just been published by Yale University Press. Other recent books include The Israel-Arab Reader (seventh edition), The Long War for Freedom: The Arab Struggle for Democracy in the Middle East (Wiley), and The Truth About Syria (Palgrave-Macmillan). The website of the GLORIA Center and of his blog, Rubin Reports. His original articles are published at PJMedia.

  • Posted by Ted Belman @ 8:23 pm | 32 Comments »

    32 Comments to Not a Mistake, Misunderstanding, or Well-Intended Criticism But a Deliberate Campaign to Bash Israel

    1. Canadian Otter says:

      JOURNALISTS FOMENT ANTI-SEMITISM – GIULIO MEOTTI : My Fellow Journalists Are Vehicles for Anti-Semitism – the avalanche of anti-Semitism in European journalism is deeper than thought. – In October 7, 2000, when Israeli restaurants and buses began to blow up, The Economist wrote that “Israel is a superior country with superior people: its talents are above the ordinary. But it has to abate its greed for other people’s land”. – Le Monde has reached embarassing levels of anti-Israel hysteria. In the article “Israel-Palestine: The Cancer”, the state of Israel and the Jewish people are implicitly compared to Nazi Germany and Tsarist Russia. – But also the more centrist French weekly journal Le Nouvel Observateur published an appalling blood libel. It said Israeli soldiers rape Palestinian women, so that their relatives will kill them to preserve ”family honor”. –

      Prof Stephen Plaut regularly denounces anti-Semitism originating from anti-Zionist Israeli media and academia. On February 4 he wrote: A group of Syrian hackers broke into the Haaretz web site and sabotaged it, introducing all sorts of anti-Israel and pro-terror items. The mystery of course is how this was detected because the content of the newspaper did not change at all. I have investigated and have discovered that the only clear indication that Syrian hackers had replaced the regular management of Haaretz was that all the newspaper recipes for pork chops were deleted!

    2. Eric R. says:

      Israel can throw out “journalists” who incite hatred, or she can try them and jail them on hate crimes charges. Rubin is right about the hatred, but Israel has to get tough with these scum.

    3. Bert says:

      This article is worse than useless. It simply recounts WHAT is happening which we already know. It fails to tell us WHY it is happening. This article is typical of the secular intellectual Jew who is trying to understand a spiritual issue while being blind to the spiritual dimensions of this conflict.

      The secular Jew is proud of his secular intelligence and proud at NOT being a ‘religious fanatic’. But it is Judaism alone that can explain why the world hates us and logically so.

      All anti-Semites understand that Judaism itself stands opposed to pagan values. Many Jews as secular and are not above pagan practices themselves. But it is the few Jews of faith that are a threat to paganism. Even one Jew of faith is a threat because they can influence others. Therefore it is logical that for paganism to triumph EVERY Jew must be destroyed. The enemy clearly understands what the secular Jew can never comprehend.

      There is an old saying; “When all else fails, READ THE INSTRUCTIONS!” Our clever secular Jews never get around to reading our ‘Jewish’ instructions otherwise known as the bible. One would think that after 3,000+ years and so much suffering, Jews as a people would finally understand why we are hated and what we must do about it. And yet most Jews remain obstinate in their willful blindness. We remain our own worst enemies.

    4. Canadian Otter says:

      Senate sources told Breitbart News exclusively that they have been informed that one of the reasons that President Barack Obama’s nominee for Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel, has not turned over requested documents on his sources of foreign funding is that one of the names listed is a group purportedly called “Friends of Hamas.” Yesterday, 25 senators sent a letter to Hagel demanding information on his foreign funding. Hagel has refused all such requests –

    5. jew says:

      the Israeli election was widely presented as the impending triumph of neo-fascist forces even though the far-right party received less than 10 percent of the vote, what that category usually receives

      there is not a single fascist right-wing party in Israel. There are, however, some fascist left-wing and arab parties. and they, unfortunately, make up more than 10 percent.

      This supports Bert’s point: the author still tries to be a “good Jew”, i.e. a Jew who respects the values of the goyim. What prize does he hope to get for that? The author’s analysis is not consistent with his life.

    6. jew says:

      @ Eric R.:
      the French and the German State TV have correspondents with Israeli citizenship (since they are of Jewish origin). not easy to through them out.

    7. keelie says:

      It fails to tell us WHY it is happening.

      It’s very simple: For about 2000 years the Jew has been either unwilling or unable to fight back, and so has been viewed not only with disgust, but as “easy pickings”. We don’t like to fight.

      But now there’s a panic; Jews have guns, and other nastier weapons. And it turns out after 2000 years of hiding it, that they are excellent fighters and military strategists. How awful for those who claim superiority over us, be they Eastern or Western. But we still don’t like to fight. Which is why our sworn enemies are still around, sniffing at our heels and waiting for a moment of weakness or indecision.

      After five unsuccessful wars, our more obvious enemies and their religion of blood should have by now been consigned to the desert dust. But this hasn’t happened because we don’t like to fight. Fighting is ugly. So ugly that we have committed ourselves to doing it again and again and again.

    8. retired says:

      Europe is & always was a graveyard for the Jewish people.Why any Jew would speak of Israel’s European friends is beyond me.They have no European friends!
      Some accepted wisdoms which are really lies must first be put to sleep.
      1)Europe is,& always has been,made up of fairly ridgid class structured societies.Whatever misinformation the underclasses received about Jews,or anything else,came from establishment controlled sources.The European establishment elites who run the show have,for the most part,always been anti-Semitic.This has been
      the reality for the past 2000 years.
      2)The anti-Semites who run Europe are not Communist radicals.That idea is just misinformation put out by the ruling elite.They are not followers of Marx,They are New World Order statists,heirs to the system set up by Prince Otto Von Bismarck.Bismarck devised an early system of welfare benefits to placate the workers in Germany.He sought to end the frequent revolts & bring peace to the German aristocracy of the late 19th Century(Franklin Roosevelt was of a similar ilk).Both were Patricians & far from being populists.
      3)Bismarck’s heirs who rule Europe today(not the politicians who are front men & stooges)are the old upper class nobility dressed in new clothes as industrialists & Central Bankers.Their hatred of Jews is systemic.Jews are a nation of laws,Europe is nations of great men.When laws rule a nation their is no room for Ruling elites & so they hate the Jews who are seen as a threat to their power!
      4)Right now Israel is growing stronger & the hostile EU elites are going into the financial toilet.What they say & do in regard to Israel becomes less important every day.When they go down,which will be soon,they will take their Moslem allies with them.Israel’s Arab Neighbors are disintegrating on all sides,they are becoming failed states.They are losing their ability to threaten Israel.
      5)When the fiat money,the Euro,gets printed into hyperinflation it will destroy the European welfare regime & when this happens the native European mobs will hit the street & it will be lights out for the local Moslems who are so despised by the white working class.It seems almost Biblical how Israel’s enemies,in Europe as well as the Middle East,are destroying themselves as Israel watches from the side!


    9. the phoenix says:

      retired Said:

      Bismarck’s heirs who rule Europe today(not the politicians who are front men & stooges)are the old upper class nobility dressed in new clothes as industrialists & Central Bankers.

      nurka’leh, is that you?

    10. Sam Goldblatt says:

      Who here on this site wants Peace? Ted writes in bold letters THERE IS NO DIPLOMATIC SOLUTION. So, of course, Israel has done everything it can to insure there never would be peace. All the negotiations have been shams and everyone knows it. So, let’s cut the crap. Annexation or a “Final Solution” for the Palestinians has always been the goal of the Israeli leaders and the great majorlty of the Israeli people. If Romney had won – all systems would have been go. So Israel will have to bide its time but Peace is out of the question. You cant make peace with barbarians.

    11. the phoenix says:

      @ Sam Goldblatt:
      Sam Goldblatt Said:

      THERE IS NO DIPLOMATIC SOLUTION. So, of course, Israel has done everything it can to insure there never would be peace.

      goldblatt, here you are once again spewing your leftard israel bashing that is heinously carried out by JEWS
      damn it golblatt are you stupid or what?
      leaving the sinai for a piece of paper that is too thick to derive a better use for it, counts for NOTHING?
      leaving gaza for these subhuman pos koranimals…leaving greenhouses intact, counts for NOTHING?
      “annexation” is the goal of the g.o.i.??? where do you live goldblatt? could it be that the wind mixed up the smoke signals?
      fwiw, as far as israel goes…romney, hussein soetero… same dreck
      maybe you should stop eating lokshen and sample some hareesa instead…
      i am afraid that your disease (liberal democratic views) is too far advanced so i don’t think there is much hope for you :(

    12. Ken Besig says:

      The three most influential Israelis who fueled the most vicious anti Israel diatribes and have made Israeli policy almost incomprehensible to both Israelis and non Israelis are Yitzchak Rabin, Ehud Barak, and Ariel Sharon. All three were former Prime Ministers, Defence Ministers, Rabin and Barak were Chiefs of Staff of the IDF and Sharon was one of the most heroic and senior IDF generals. Yet all three carried out the stupidest, most dangerous, most inconsistent, and most incomprehensible security policies and unilateral territorial withdrawals even the most idiotic and incompetent military planner could have come up with. Can anyone tell me how it can be that the most senior Israeli intelligence officials in the Shin Bet and IDF intelligence can come up with the idea that Israeli intransigence and the lack of desire for peace is what is holding up a settlement with the Palestinians? Yet a whole documentary was produced this year, by Israeli Jews, which advertised this sort of thinking as fact and even presented this on the world stage. Sure Professor Rubin is correct that we Israelis have no lack of enemies throughout the world, Jewish and non Jewish, who will stoop to the vilest lies and misrepresentations to defame us and even to destroy us, but I submit that these vultures would have much less ammunition to work with if it were not for our Rabins, Baraks, Sharons, and Olmerts, Galons, and Livnis who in their lust for political power, also defame and misrepresent Israeli security, military, and political policy on a daily basis to some of the worst neo Nazis and anti Semites in the world today.

    13. Laura says:

      Pam Geller refers to these degenerates as the enemedia.

    14. ArnoldHarris says:

      Find a new set of international friends; namely, China, Russia and India. That will lessen and one day terminate Israel’s misguided perpetual dependence on the USA and Western Europe. In any case, China, Russia and India are becoming more important on the international scene than all the traditional democracies of the West.

      Either that, or learn to live with the perpetual insults, threats, pressures, outright degradation, and the unfairness of it all.

      Arnold Harris
      Mount Horeb WI

    15. Michael Devolin says:

      “Either that, or learn to live with the perpetual insults, threats, pressures, outright degradation, and the unfairness of it all.”

      Well said, Mr. Harris.

    16. Eric R. says:

      “Either that, or learn to live with the perpetual insults, threats, pressures, outright degradation, and the unfairness of it all.”

      There is another option. Tell these Jew-hating idiots that if they don’t cut it out, they will be turned into radioactive craters.

    17. ArnoldHarris says:

      No, Eric.

      Nobody should issue threats they have neither the power nor the will to back up with extreme actions. The idea is to avoid having to turn any place into a radioactive crater, which probably would also involve the destruction of Israel as well.

      Instead, the Jewish state and nation should focus on building Jewish national strength, and learning how to play more effectively the great game of power relationships. And the basis of such power begins with independence from any particular power that is on it’s way out, along with the building closer relationships with the arising powers.

      And do all this with a calm and cool head.

      As Michael the son of Don Vito Corleone said to his hothead brother Santino, “It’s only business, Sonny, not personal.”

      Arnold Harris
      Mount Horeb WI

    18. Reuven says:

      One of Israel’s biggest enemies is Haaretz (Amira Hass, Gideon Levy, et al.). Israelis have the power to bring it down. They should neither buy it, nor advertise in it. Secondly, Israel must clip the self-appointed powers of its leftist Supreme Court, which among other crimes, allows Zoabi to sit in the Knesset, where she regularly works for Israel’s annihilation. Thirdly, Israel must clean the self-hating post-Zionists out of their faculty positions in Israeli universities. Ben-Gurion University is a particular sewer (Neve Gordon, Jeff Halper, et al.). And Israeli Hasbara must be intensified in U.S. universities (European universities are, I think, already a lost cause).

    19. ArnoldHarris says:

      Reuven, when my wife and I studied Hebrew in an Israeli ulpan in 1973, preparatory to a year’s graduate studies in our respective fields (archaeology for Stefi, city and regional planning for me), we learned the dictionary meaning of the term “hasbara” was “explanation”, but that the common usage among Israelis was “propaganda”.

      Have you ever considered that people in free societies tune out all the hasbara? Those who really are interested in Israel in particular and the Middle East in general, either with predetermined friendship or hostility, pay no attention to explanations but focus instead on hard facts.

      This is why the state policies going all the way back to David Ben-Gurion focused on planting permanent Jewish settlements for strategic purposes, and labeled them “facts on the ground”. People can and will argue about borders. But moving large settled populations from one location to another the power and wilfulness of a Josef Stalin. National leaders of that type and the power relationships in which he operated rarely are seen.

      The main thing Israel has going in its favor is a Jewish population of almost 2/3 of a million in Judea, Samaria, Eastern Jerusalem and Golan, and with demographic growth sometimes reaching 4.9 percent per annum.

      Facts such as that equal real power, and both those considerations are far more effective than mere propaganda.

      Arnold Harris
      Mount Horeb WI

    20. the phoenix says:

      Reuven Said:

      Israel must clean the self-hating post-Zionists out of their [faculty] positions

      just shoot the bastards! :)
      psheeta, la kashia!

    21. Reuven says:

      Arnold, I agree with you about the importance of establishing facts on the ground. But whether it’s called Hasbara or public relations, I don’t think people in free societies tune it out. Look at how successful Pallywood has been for Israel’s hateful enemies. And look at how much damage the canard that Israel is a so-called “Apartheid State” has done to our side.

    22. the phoenix says:

      Reuven Said:

      Look at how successful Pallywood has been for Israel’s hateful enemies

      reuven, i submit to you that when it comes to VISCERAL ANTISEMITISM, you can come with facts and charts and red markers to the kazzoo and it will be al for naught.
      fwiw, i have always maintained that it is TOTALLY IRRELEVANT what the opposition/enemy thinks or does.
      what matters is what WE DO.
      and we are NOT in an ATTACK mode but an EXPLANATORY/APPOLOGETIC/PATHETIC mode.
      THAT is the problem!
      as mr harris said, create facts on the ground, and TO HELL with anybody’s oppinion
      this is FACTUAL. but for that to occur… (and THIS is the most difficult part) the JEWS must actually BELIEVE in their cause…
      the ‘hasbara’ that you were talking about earlier, should be directed imho towards THE JEWS and not waste time and treasure on immutable antisemites

    23. Reuven says:

      I agree with you, Phoenix. We do need much more internal Hasbara.

    24. Michael Devolin says:

      About facts on the ground, I’m reading a book right now by the title ’1948 A SOLDIER’S TALE’ written by an Israeli soldier Uri Avnery. He tells about the British handing over Jewish civilians to Arab fighters who subsequently murder them. They never once helped the Jews. But how many times have we heard that “Churchill was a friend of the Jews.” Yeah, just like Anthony Eden was.

      I agree with Mr. Harris and Phoenix about “facts on the ground.” We must fight propaganda with “facts on the ground.” The trouble we have with our enemies (I speak as a gentile) is that they excoriate the necessity of Israel going to war against her implacable and religiously zealous enemies, as though there is another way. Ted is right: there is no diplomatic solution. And you cannot convince an antisemite of the truth, nor of the goodness of the Jewish people, no matter how many Nobel prizes Jewish scientists and doctors have received for medicine and technology, etc.. If a Jew is a Jew is a Jew, then just as predictably an antisemite is an antisemite is an antisemite. There is no hope for these bastards, from the most intelligent all the way down to the thug shouting obscenities at 80 year old Jewish protestors. I’ve seen it over and over. And to think these scum are teaching in our universities. “A crooked tree casts a crooked shadow.” But the truth is stronger, if not as swift.

      I can’t remember who said this, but I bet Mr. Harris would know: “Walk softly and carry an armoured division.”

    25. Michael Devolin says:

      “What was being formed here was not just an army. It was also a youth movement, a revolutionary movement. Within a few days a new lifestyle developed, a new way of talking, of dressing, of behaving. This new style was not copied from somewhere or somebody. It arose within us, from the character of a generation.” -Uri Avnery, from ’1948 A SOLDIER’S TALE’

      “Forget not the landmarks of our fathers.” -Tanach

    26. the phoenix says:

      Michael Devolin Said:

      The trouble we have with our enemies (I speak as a gentile)

      @ dionissis @ devolin
      i am not ‘a man of words’ and perhaps it may not come out they way i would LIKE it to, nonetheless, i have no words to express the ‘cyber-feeling’ that you two evoke. with your unwavering support for (admittedly, i am SLIGHTLY biassed ;-) )the jewish people and cause.
      i am also sure that i might be speaking for a multitude of israpundit readers.
      may god bless you and yours.

    27. Michael Devolin says:

      It is not a bias, Phoenix. It is the character of your generation. And thankyou.

    28. the phoenix says:

      @ Michael Devolin:
      Uri avneri….let’s just say the guy has pulled quite a 180….
      This is something that I could NEVER understand in 1000 years!
      Sharon of course being another such pathological mutation.

    29. Susan H Somerville says:

      @ Bert:
      I think that Bert’s response to the article is simplistic, at best.
      First of all, there is no simple reason as to why there is the ugliness of
      anti-Semitism; but instead, there are numerous factors about which tomes have been written.
      If there are many factors, than, obviously, there is no one easy solution.
      The Tanach – Torah, Navaeim (Prophets) and Katuvim (other Writings) – should be a blueprint
      for the way we live our lives, which is beneficial to us. But that is not all. There
      are still complicated factors, and the most difficult one becomes the combating of propaganda.
      That’s difficult!

    30. Michael Devolin says:

      I don’t know anything about the author, Phoenix. The book is the first I’d heard of him. Is there something I should know? The book was first published in 1949-50, which is why I bought it: I wanted to read about the thoughts of a Jewish soldier then.

    31. Michael Devolin says:

      And yes, I was disgusted with Sharon’s turnaround regarding Gaza, as were many of my Jewish friends who supported Sharon up to that point. I should mention here that Abe Foxman supported Sharon’s decision to remove the Jewish families from Gaza. He means nothing to me now. If that sounds bad, I’m sorry, but that’s how I feel.

    32. Michael Devolin says:

      Just went on Uri Avnery’s website. Unbelievable. He sure has done a turnaround.

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