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  • February 13, 2013

    How Islamism Tainted France’s Presidential Election

    Nidra Poller:

    … There is one category of the indigenous European population that is clearly persecuted by Muslim immigration: the Jews.

    Not all Muslims attack Jews but virtually all anti-Jewish violence in France is committed by Muslims. And it is so widespread, so merciless, so stubbornly resistant that thousands of Jews have chosen to emigrate. Of those who remain, many valiantly devote their energies to denouncing the violence and trying to defend Jews against it. But no less shocking than the flight or fight choice imposed on Jews is the general indifference to their dilemma.

    The expulsion of a few illegal immigrants can monopolize prime time news for days while most attacks against Jews are ignored by the national media. Those that are reported are twisted out of shape by fabricated ambiguity. The victim says he was beaten/knocked down/kicked/slashed/bombarded with anti-Semitic insults. The perpetrator denies the insults. The journalist gives equal credibility to the Jew-basher and the bashed Jew, and the story quickly drops out of sight. …

    Continue reading…

    Posted by Andrew Jaffee @ 4:18 am | 2 Comments »
  • 2 Comments to How Islamism Tainted France’s Presidential Election

    1. ArnoldHarris says:

      What’s so surprising about all this? Most people in modern urban societies do not concern themselves with victimization except when they, their family members or close friends are the victims. Jews, or at least the liberal ones who predominate in modern Jewish culture, seem to imagine that the whole human race are all sitting in some worldwide courtroom where they are equally and impartially judged for their actions or inactions. Which, of course, is part of the heart of our Jewish religion. But we ought to have learned from the dreadful experiences with the German Hitlerites that nobody except Jews pays attention to such standards of conduct.

      If there is a hand of haShem present in all this, I think the divine message to the Jews of France is to get the hell out of that shit-hole of a country and relocate to the only place in the world that rightfully belongs to the Jewish nation. And that is the State of Israel. Because if you are not in position to kill your persecutors, than you can at least move to a place where you and your tribe have the upper hand. Which ought to enable you to do the persecuting, if you can get a non-liberal government elected.

      And no, I do not believe in abstract principles such as justice for all mankind. I’m interestged solely in justice and all the rest of that stuff for me and mine.

      Arnold Harris
      Mount Horeb WI

    2. Canadian Otter says:


      We hope he’s recovering well.

      I know St Valentin’s Day is not kosher, :-)

      But all the same, we send him our best wishes.

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