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February 16, 2013

Obama’s Middle East travel plans

From Caroline Glick

This week on the Tribal Update, the satirical webcast produced weekly by Latma, the Hebrew-language satirical media criticism website I run, we bring you a behind the scenes look at how Obama and his advisers arrived at their decision to have the President visit Israel next month.

We also bring you an interview with EU representative Johann Phlegmat who discusses the EU’s dilemma in adding Hezbollah to its list of terrorist groups. We also have an in-depth report on the unfounded allegations that a pedophile rapist is on the loose in the ultra-Orthodox town Modiin Illit.
Here’s the whole episode.
Here’s the Obama sketch as a separate clip.
Enjoy and spread far and wide.

Latma is  funded by donations to the David Horowitz Freedom Center’s Israel Security Project which I direct. If you would like to contribute to our work, which is funded entirely by viewer contributions, please go to this link.

Posted by Ted Belman @ 10:53 am | 6 Comments »

6 Responses to Obama’s Middle East travel plans

  1. Sam Goldblatt says:

    Sammy Glick is a self-parody. And, the slovenly, unclean midget Horowitz spit on soldiers and killed cops. For real satire check out the Saturday Night Live skit online where U.S. Senators are asked to fellate a donkey to prove their allegiance to Israel.

  2. Laura says:

    Sam is a degenerate who uses a fake Jewish name to post antisemitic bile .

  3. Honey Bee says:

    @ Sam Goldblatt:

    Sam Goldblatt: the most boring man on earth

  4. yamit82 says:

    Gamla, the camel-backed mountain

    Founded by King Janneus around 80 B.C.E., Gamla was a Jewish town of 5,000 farmers. Excavations have revealed fascinating finds, including one of the world’s oldest synagogues

  5. Honey Bee says:

    @ yamit82

    I read that and e-mailed it to all my Evengelical friends, they love that stuff. It be nice to live in a place where your always stumbling over history.

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