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  • March 25, 2013

    Francois Hollande Praises Anti-Semitic Writer

    Michel Gurfinkiel:

    … The terrorist had selected his nine victims with jihadist logic, as he himself boasted shortly before being shot by security forces. The four soldiers were either of North African or West Indian origin, and thus guilty of betraying their Muslim or non-Caucasian brethren by joining the enemy French army. The children and the adult at the Ozar Hatorah school were Jewish, and thus enemies of the Muslim Palestinians and the Muslim world community. Since his election in June of last year, Hollande has frequently emphasized the Merah affair, and specifically its anti-Semitic aspect. …

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  • Posted by Andrew Jaffee @ 3:25 am | 112 Comments »

    112 Comments to Francois Hollande Praises Anti-Semitic Writer

    1. yamit82 says:

      dweller Said:

      Has it never occurred to you that self-professed ‘Christians’ have similarly irrational fears of YOU? (FIFY)

      Their fears may not be irrational. Coming face to face with Truth can instill fear in those who cling to untrue beliefs and in Lies.

    2. Honey Bee says:

      @ yamit82:

      Ah Yamit 82 your such a “smart ass” you should be a Texan!!!!

    3. Honey Bee says:

      dweller Said:

      Why don’t YOU tell ME what sects those were?

      Probably an independent sect of snake handlers,Pentacostalist or Privmative Baptist,

    4. Bernard Ross says:

      dweller Said:

      I ‘couldn’t understand’ your gut reaction to Xtn doctrines, producing “nausea” in you, etc.
      I told you that, much to the contrary, I could INDEED “understand” the reaction;

      actually you characterized the reactions as nonsense and rubbish. Had you said that you did not understand perhaps I would have explained in more detail. I do not believe you understand fully what I am talking about. You have an intellectual understanding, and can construct analogies, but that is not understanding. If you understood then you would not have entered into the many emails you wrote arguing about whether the christians who killed jews were state sponsored or non state sponsored; whether witches were burned or hanged; what the details of christian theology are regarding god sons, divinity of jesus or adam, 3 in one god, etc etc etc. You ended by turning my exression of revulsion and nauseau into a christian theology class. I already told you that I am not interested in all those christian details. MY statement about those ideas being revolting did not imply an interest in discussing those ideas: exactly the opposite is what is implied. You have an interest in those ideas and i do not. You keep trying to make simple statements in plain english complicated.
      You do not understand my viewpoint about Curio because you do not feel revulsion as I and many Jews do. You do not seem to link the slaughters and swindles of Jews which have been occurring over the last 2000 years with Christianity. You do not seem to understand that the mention of phrases associated with Christianity(e.g. trinity, man as god, 3 in one god,virgin birth,etc) can be nauseating to Jews;
      I submit that you do not understand these things because you yourself do not feel them and therefore it becomes preposterous, nonsense, rubbish and paranoia that a jew should have these feelings when hearing and seeing these symbols of Christianity which slaughtered and swindled jews for thousands of years. I am not interested in the details of christian doctrines and my revulsion is not based on intellectual understandings of those doctrines but rather on the simple facts of history which you apparently consider to be irrelevant in the assessment of the appropriateness of my emotion of revulsion and nausea. You have written an enormous amount of material which has nothing t do with my original statements.

    5. Honey Bee says:

      @ Bernard Ross:

      Yawl need a hobby!!!!!!!!!!!!

    6. Bernard Ross says:

      dweller Said:

      Curio said: “If Yamit’s attitude is prevalent, it will only hurt the Jewish community, as it makes the Jewish community look arrogant and haughty.”
      Dweler said: He said, “IF Yamit’s attitude is prevalent,” etc. He may think this WEBSITE’s posters are arrogant & haughty,
      — but I don’t think HE thinks this website is representative of the Jewish community.(Do you?)

      Your tortured rationalizations are so obvious. it is obvious that Curio’s statement is not about the posters on this website but about the Jews in general. It is like the “emperors new clothes” : obviously transparent. It is interesting to observe you constructing your rationalizations. I am not sure whether you are being disingenuous and intentionally obfuscating the obvious or perhaps you, being a member of the same club as the emperor, cannot see the obviousness of the transparency. If you actually cannot see the obviousness of the transparency perhaps it is because you have the same perspectives. I think most Jews could see the obviousness of the transparency, but you render it as paranoia.

    7. Bernard Ross says:

      yamit82 Said:

      Since you took your most valuable time to reply to my question without answering. I just thought the same energy and space might have been put to better use in answering my question to you. You are here employing your old and worn-out trick of misdirecting and obfuscating points you can’t justify or defend.
      I will make it a point to remind you in the future.

      Please also remind him about his amateur psychobabble, his pompous pontifications, his memory losses regarding the original points of discussion(perhaps we should give him a string, or breadcrumbs, to find his way home), etc.

      yamit82 Said:

      Since you brought up luke whose genealogy do you subscribe to of yeshu, luke or matthew? Yup another multiple choice.

      looks like you got my joke about “Luke”, but he didn’t get it.
      signed: one of “cinderellas ugly stepsisters” :)

    8. Bernard Ross says:

      dweller Said:

      Ross Said: “…why would you quote [Luke’s genealogy] as a source of supporting evidence in your argument?”
      Dweller Said: Why in blue blazes would I not? (You still don’t get it, do you?)

      Apparently you still don’t get it. I have no interest whatsoever in “Luke’s” genealogy. Neither do I have any interest in virgin births, immaculate conceptions, trinities, men as gods, sons of gods, state or non state sponsored jew killing, whether witches were burned or hanged, etc etc etc etc.

    9. Bernard Ross says:

      Honey Bee Said:

      Yawl need a hobby!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Isn’t this a hobby? :)

    10. Honey Bee says:

      Bernard Ross Said:

      Isn’t this a hobby?

      No it is a formally reconized type of insanity. Especially all this concern with virgins and witches.

    11. Bernard Ross says:

      dweller Said:

      Syllogistic argumentation is the stuff of demagoguerie. Write it down somewhere, Bernard. — You’ll be glad you DID — someday, long after you’ve forgotten where you saw it.

      Don’t worry professor, how could I ever forget your incredible, self congratulatory pomposity? Your “ideas” will live in posterity long after we forget you. Thank you for another one of your many pearls of wisdom. Keep up the good work!
      (Have I mentioned wannabe professor, have I mentioned amateur Psychologist?) :)

    12. Bernard Ross says:

      dweller Said:

      It’s creepily apparent that, at least as far as you are concerned, the antisemitic persecutors have SUCCEEDED — and in spades — perhaps beyond their wildest imaginings. They’ve made you into a mirror image of themselves.

      funny how you always end up at this same place. :)