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  • March 28, 2013

    Erekat: Arab delegation will present peace plan in Washington

    Ted Belman. Something is going on. Obama is forging new relations between the Arabs and Israel. The cease fire in Gaza involved Qatar and Egypt who both undertook to get involved and Israel agreed. Bibi apologized to Turkey as part of a bigger deal which included Obama agreeing to side with Israel on the right of return by saying the Palestinians had to recognize Israel as a Jewish state. He is building bridges between Saudi Arabia and Turkey and Israel. They all want a common front against Syria and Iran. Bibi is cutting deals all over the place. I see him compromising on the settlement blocs and on Jerusalem in order to have peace in our time. But don’t worry, he won’t jeopardize our security.

    A few weeks ago I wrote , Maybe things aren’t so bad. referring to Obama’s visit.

    Maan News

    DOHA, Qatar (Ma’an) — A delegation of Arab ministers will head to
    Washington to discuss the Arab Peace Initiative with US President Barack
    Obama’s new administration, Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat said

    The delegation “aims to declare a joint stand towards the peace process so
    America realizes this is not only a Palestinian issue but an Arabic and
    Islamic one as well,” Erekat said.

    The group will include the foreign ministers of Palestine, Qatar, Jordan,
    Egypt. Ministers from Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Morocco and Iraq may also
    attend, Erekat said.

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  • Posted by Ted Belman @ 4:56 am | 3 Comments »

    3 Comments to Erekat: Arab delegation will present peace plan in Washington

    1. Bernard Ross says:

      I beleive that the arabs have relegated the pal issue to a secondary priority with the shia and iran as their main, iincluding the proxies. Israel is on the same side of that issue. I expect to see the involvement of Jordan increase with the PA as the Egyptians have taken over Hamas/Gaza. I believe there will be an interim agreement leaving final borders open and a possible Jordan/PA confed. My suspicion is that the arab league would go further than what the arab street can endure and therefore there must be time passing in an interim situation. I see the interim basically reflecting the status quo: A&B to PA; C remiaining for negotiations; Israel retaining security but possibly working with Jordan as they now work with Egypt. If in the future there is a confed with Jordan, as discussed back to the 80’s, there would be no need to resolve refugee issues,formal link to gaza,separate pal recognition of Israel, no need for separate “viability” of state borders, and even some security issues which can be handled within the peace treaty with Jordan. this would allow the pal leadership to give up more without being assasinated or looking bad. the problem is that israel has put itself into a hole by repeatedly commiting to a slight variant from the 67 borders, how can the outcome be significantly changed? Of special interest would be whether an actual soveriegn state is discussed or autonomy(which can leave Israel sovereign)

    2. Laura says:

      Obama and various arab-muslim nations getting together to decide how to carve up Israel.

    3. J;udith Goldman says:

      There cannot be any PEACE until the Arabs recognize Israel as a legitimate state. The Settler situation would cease to be a problem if Israelis could live anywhere, just like the Arabs can. Arabs live peacefully in Israel, and no one attacks them or bothers them. They have voting rights, and more freedom than they would EVER experience in their own countries. Why can’t Israelis and settlers live where they live. WHY ARE THEY NOT ALLOWED TO LIVE IN ARAB COUNTRIES, BUT ARABS ARE ALLOWED IN iSRAEL. iS THE WORLD BLIND ABOUT THIS ISSUE??? UNtil this problem is solved there can be no PEACE. SLICING up Israel into pieces will not bring PEACE, ONLY WAR. Just like in 1948 WHEN ALL THE ARAB NATIONS ATTACKED THE FLEDGLING STATE, LIKE AMOLEK IN THE BIBLE, it would prove dangerous to live anywhere in the Middle East. If the world can convince the Arabs to stop attacking Israel, and their settlements in the West Bank, it is only then that the MIDDLE EAST can live in PEACE AND sECURITY.