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  • March 29, 2013

    Senseless & spineless: Speaking truth to power


    Into The Fray: Israel’s abject apology to Erdogan conveys an unequivocal message to both friend and foe: If confronted with sufficient resolve, the Jews will capitulate.

      Shut up. Go back to Auschwitz!
      – Radio transmission from the 2010 Gaza-bound flotilla, in response to the Israel Navy’s warning that it was entering area under maritime blockade.
      God forbid we apologize. National pride is not just something people say on the street… it has strategic significance. If Erdogan goes around afterward and says that he brought us to our knees, he will appear as a regional leader…. He won’t leave it alone, even after we apologize.
      - Moshe “Bogey” Ya’alon, Haaretz, August 17, 2011 – then deputy prime minister
      You can take the Jew out of the ghetto, but you cannot take the ghetto out of the Jew.
      – A derogatory dictum of undetermined origins.

    This is a column I write with a profound sense of sadness and bitter disappointment – bordering on despair – with people I have held in the highest regard. It is a column I would have preferred not to write, but events dictate speaking truth to power.

    Stupid and servile

    Indeed, given the recent apology issued by Prime Minister Netanyahu to his Turkish counterpart, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, one is compelled to question whether there is any limit to the depths of selfdefeating stupidity and self-debasing servility that the Israeli leadership is willing to sink to.

    No less troubling – and depressing – than the ignominious decision itself, is the warm endorsement it received from virtually all government quarters, including those that in the past expressed vigorous opposition to it. Indeed, given the vehemence of previous denunciations of any apology by senior government ministers, who now seem to have elected to underwrite it, we are once again compelled to question whether there is any principle they will not sacrifice in order to preserve positions of personal prestige and power.

    For it is difficult to imagine how this unbecoming climb-down could result in any substantial upside for Israel – other than a brief, condescending pat on the head for obsequious obedience.

    By contrast, the potential for a downside is enormous – and is immediately beginning to manifest itself.

    Submission of the infidel

    Israeli officialdom has scrambled to try and explain the reasons for this inexplicable debacle and provide excuses for this inexcusable capitulation. It is a futile effort.

    The verbatim text of the PM’s apology, the possible nuances of mitigating interpretations that can be ascribed to it, or any allegedly extenuating subtext that can be read into it, are of little relevance.

    Attempts to invoke them ring hollow.

    What really counts is the big picture. And they speak for themselves, without accompanying clarifications to convey their significance.

    For the undeniable portrait that is being publicly conveyed – and internalized – is one of a triumphant Erdogan, on the one hand, and a humbled Israel in humiliating retreat, on the other.

    Having wrung the unwarranted apology from Netanyahu, the Turkish Islamist premier is not only backing away from his commitments to normalize relations with the Jewish state, but is brashly strutting around, brandishing his achievement of coercing the infidel adversary to submit to his will. Even more gallingly, he is declaring himself the adjudicator of Israel’s good behavior, according to which he will deign to honor his normalization pledge – or not.

    Unsurprisingly, Israel’s enemies across the region are jubilant. Indeed, one can hardly conceive of a better boost for the morale of the myriad of malevolent malefactors who wish it ill. By submitting to Erdogan’s demands, Israel has sent an unequivocal message to its foes and friends: If confronted with sufficient resolve, the Jews will capitulate to the will of their adversaries, no matter how absurd or outrageous their terms.

    Collapse of credibility

    All of this seems to have provoked a belated expression of justifiable exasperation from newly appointed minister Naftali Bennett, who hitherto has expended much of his energies on boycotting haredim and empowering Yair Lapid, rather than bolstering Netanyahu’s right/hawkish flank.

    Bennett remarked: “It seems that since [Netanyahu’s] apology, Erdogan is doing everything to make Israel regret it,” sternly warning, “It must be clear to Erdogan that if Israel encounters any future terrorism, our response will be no less severe [than against the Mavi Marmara flotilla in May 2010].”

    And that is precisely the problem. What possible weight can any proclamation by any Israeli minister have, after the government’s systematic retreat from one firmly stated position after another over the past two decades. It first prohibited, then endorsed, negotiations with the arch-terrorist Arafat and his murderous PLO; it first opposed, then embraced, the establishment of a Palestinian state; it first firmly forswore, then conceded to, Hamas’s demand for mass prisoner releases in exchange for Gilad Schalit.

    It has stood by while the Palestinians violated virtually every clause of the agreements with them – from Judeophobic incitement in their education system and official media; through the size of their armed forces; to the kinds of weaponry they were to be armed with.

    Moreover, after virtually every coercive encounter with terror, no matter how severe the losses/damage inflicted by the IDF, poor political leadership has left the terrorists better off than they were before.

    Thus, the 2006 Second Lebanon War left Hezbollah in a perceptibly enhanced position, both militarily and politically – with its arsenals replenished and its influence on government in Beirut increased; the Cast Lead and Pillar of Defense operations in Gaza in 2008/9 and 2012, respectively, left Hamas firmly entrenched, having won wider international recognition and with far-reaching benefits for local farmers and fisherman in the wake of the fighting; even the Gaza-flotilla interception, undertaken to enforce the quarantine of the Hamas-held territory, resulted in substantial easing of the blockade.

    Collapse (cont.)

    Israel has given its adversaries little reason for concern. For, if war is, as Clausewitz remarked, merely the continuation of politics by other means, Israel has been defeated resoundingly and repeatedly.

    True, it has forced both Hezbollah and Hamas to regroup, redeploy and rearm.

    But that should not be confused with having deterred them – for their will to fight remains undiminished.

    In this regard, Israel’s latest display of submission is particularly untimely and uncalled for. It is untimely, because it can only raise the spirits and stiffen the resolve of those seeking to undermine its security and the safety of its citizens. It is uncalled for, since the Gaza flotilla incident was one of the rare occasions in which Israel was accorded at least partial justification by a UN-entity for coercive measures it undertook to ensure its security.

    In a rare display of something approaching balance, the UN-appointed Palmer Commission determined that “Israel faces a real threat to its security from militant groups in Gaza… The naval blockade was imposed as a legitimate security measure in order to prevent weapons from entering Gaza by sea and its implementation complied with the requirements of international law.”

    Although the commission did determine that Israel used “excessive” force (leaving one to wonder precisely what level of force would be “appropriate” to prevent oneself from being disemboweled by a frenzied lynch mob such as the IDF commandos encountered on the Mavi Marmara), the report stopped significantly short of calling for an Israeli apology.

    Likewise, prominent legal experts – Professors Alan Dershowitz (Harvard), Eric Posner (University of Chicago), and Ruth Wedgwood (Johns Hopkins) – have endorsed this position, stipulating that the naval blockade and boarding in international waters were in accordance with long-standing international law and precedent.

    Both Dershowitz and Posner defended the specific use of force as legal.

    In a stroke, this has been sacrificed.

    Rather than seize the access to the high moral ground it had been granted, and fight for its honor and good name, Israel opted for surrender, pleading guilty despite being largely exonerated – eroding even further whatever remains of the country’s badly shredded credibility.

    Myth of “common interests”

    The unanticipated ignominy of the apology left many Israelis shaking their heads in bewilderment, and hanging them in shame.

    Reflecting these sentiments is this remark from The Jerusalem Post’s diplomatic correspondent Herb Keinon: “Not Netanyahu, International Relations Minister Yuval Steinitz, Naftali Bennett, who is charged with public diplomacy, or even Tzipi Livni, the justice minister… bothered to explain to the Israeli public why Israel said it was sorry, and what – indeed – it was sorry for.”

    In an unpersuasive endeavor to rationalize the apology, the idea that rapprochement between Israel and Turkey is necessary because the countries share “common interests” has been widely invoked. This should be summarily dismissed for the claptrap that it so obviously is.

    Indeed, we have seen incontrovertible proof of how little store the regime in Ankara places on those alleged “common interests.”

    After all, it proved willing to forgo these much-vaunted “interests” if such an apology was not forthcoming – underlining how hopelessly precarious any alliance with it will be.

    In the past, I have staunchly supported a Turco-Israeli alliance. But that was when Turkey was a secular, Western-oriented Kemalist state. But virtually the only thing that has remained unchanged since the ascent of Erdogan’s party to power is its geographical location.

    Today, moving steadily toward an Islamic theocracy, Turkey is a very different country, with very different interests. Few, if any, of them are concomitant with those of Israel. As I pointed out in a previous column, “Turkish tantrums” (September 10, 2011): “The loss of Turkey as a strategic ally is a huge blow. But it is a result of what Turkey has become, not what Israel has – or has not – done.” It is futile and foolish to believe otherwise.

    Not the “responsible adult”

    Some claim that Erdogan’s hostility is unrepresentative of overall sentiment in Turkey and that Israel has much latent support in many sectors of the population.

    Even if this is true, one can hardly conceive of a more counter-productive move than meekly handing him what is perceived as a huge victory.

    After all, this can only serve to elevate his status and further entrench his antagonistic regime in power, making the chance of empowering more supportive elements commensurably more remote.

    By acceding to Turkish demands and US pressure, Israel has not assumed the role of the “responsible adult.” Responsible adults protect their interests. They do not bow to puerile petulance.

    Moshe Ya’alon was absolutely correct when, as deputy PM, he rejected any idea of apology, declaring: “National pride…has strategic significance.”

    Regrettably, as minister of defense he seems to have retreated from that commendable position, opting to support Netahyahu’s untenable move.

    Sadly, disregarding the strategic significance of national pride is likely to have strategic consequences far more tangible than the mere loss of prestige entailed in national humiliation.

    Obama an excuse not a reason

    Of course, apologists for Israel’s apology will protest that it was the result of pressure from Obama. But US pressure is a poor excuse, not a persuasive reason.

    After all, leaders are elected to resist pressure, not to submit to it; to sidestep it, not to succumb to it; to divert it, not to yield to it. With Israel’s favorable ratings at almost unprecedented highs in the US, one would have thought that transforming this popular support into commensurate political clout would not be an insurmountable challenge.

    One would hope that after seven decades of independence and staggering achievement, Israel and Israelis would have emerged from the clutches of the pliant galut exilic mentality. One would hope Israel would no longer conduct itself as some servile shtetl-state that can be bullied into submission. One would hope…

    Martin Sherman ( is the founder and executive director of the Israel Institute for Strategic Studies.

    Posted by Ted Belman @ 11:01 pm | 26 Comments »
  • 26 Comments to Senseless & spineless: Speaking truth to power

    1. NormanF says:

      A Jew who doesn’t capitulate is an anomaly.

      To the contrary, Israel’s Jews relish national humiliation like a sport. GOOOO ALLLL!

    2. drjb says:

      What is wrong with israelis???
      Yuval Steinitz, MK Likud, just said Israel should have apologized 3 yrs ago!!!
      Virtually all political leaders, except for Lieberman, have supported Bibi’s move. All other MKs in the right have stayed quiet.
      “Business is business and war is war” they say in Hebrew, but, is there a limit?? Moreover, like Sherman says, if Turkey was so ready to give up its mutual interests with Israel, it has to follow that Israel had a lot more to lose from severing ties with Turkey than Turkey had from severing ties with Israel.
      At any rate, for all the talk in other articles on this site about Israel’s new stature as an energy giant, as a regional superpower, etc, etc, when the chips fall, it is quite telling how vulnerable Israel really is, and how, invariably, Israel has to eat crow served by Obama, EU, Erdogan, Hamas, Abbas, any third world country, and even the postal workers union in Toronto who has decided to condemn and boycott Israel, while most of its membership can’t find Israel in a map.
      Bennett, Feiglin and other “nationalists” better start speaking up and making waves. I’m starting to lose my patience.

    3. Bernard Ross says:

      Moshe Ya’alon was absolutely correct when, as deputy PM, he rejected any idea of apology, declaring: “National pride…has strategic significance.” Regrettably, as minister of defense he seems to have retreated from that commendable position, opting to support Netahyahu’s untenable move.

      I wonder why?

    4. Bernard Ross says:

      I wish Israelis would be as indignant about the GOI obstructing Jewish worship in Israel and YS, about GOI preventing legal settlement of jews in YS, about demanding that the internationals honor their agreements with the Jews regarding jewish settlement in YS, about justice to the ethnically cleansed jews from arab lands, about demanding an end to the apartheid Jew free arab controlled areas in the land of israel, about demanding an end to the EU financing of terror organizations killing jews, about throwing the agents of the eu and US who are sabotaging Israels interests out of YS and Jerusalem. Frankly, IMHO, the lack of indignation towards these injustices bring much greater dishonor to the image of Israel than a fake apology to a clownish buffoon.

    5. This apology is so absurd that that it cannot be explained away by the simple capitulation by the PM and Bogie. Why would the PM reverse his stance after three years of refusing to apologize and to do that exactly at the time Obama was visiting? So obviously there is a connection. Would ANYTHING justify such an absurd apology? Well, yes, it would only make sense if it helps Israel defend itself against the existential threat coming from Iran. Would not some crucial quid pro quo from Obama regarding Iran be the only logical explanation? After all, Bibi and Bogie are not fools. The probability that both of them have taken leave of their senses to commit such an inexplicable blunder at exactly the same time is just too small.

    6. JanSuzanne Krasner says:

      I believe one explanation that takes into account all that has been said in the article and by commentators is that it just doesn’t matter what is said or by whom it is said. This is a world stage and the characters are playing to their own audiences. What matters to the Israelis is what is tangible, the ability to hurt the Israeli people. As Jews, most Israelis are resigned to not being liked by many in the world, but willing to fight for their right to survive & prosper in spite of that. I do wonder sometimes what the world would be like if there were 2 billion Jews in the world while there were 14 million Muslims. Try wrapping your mind around that sometimes…

    7. Dean says:

      All Israel should be doing right now is watching the Arab world self-destruct. When Arabs get too close and threaten Israel’s vital interests and security, as they are doing now along the Golan (Al Qaeda) and in Southern Lebanon (Hezbollah), then bomb their military hardware/installations into the ground to show them that Israel cares about Israel.

      Every dog has his day and Erdogan, Obama and all the terrorists whom they support will also have their days. Israel is foolish to apologize for anything to anyone. The Islamic world ought to apologize for a totalitarian religion that looks down on and disrespects everyone, continuing on with its murderous rampage and especially destructive of its own people whom they abuse and kill en masse.

      I do not think that this apology is the end of the wold but it does make Israel look weak. The only way Israel can recoup its respect is to tell Erdogan and Obama that the immediate pursuit of hateful rhetoric and plans to continue prosecuting the IDF nullifies the agreement. It was dead before it got off the ground and Erdogan’s big hateful Islamic tongue ruined whatever crazy agreement was made.

      Actions speak louder than words and if Israel follows up with real military action against Hezbollah and Al Qaeda then the real intent of all the garbage words spilled over the insane apology to terrorists and their leftist collaborators will be made clearer with action meant to show how Israel will defend itself despite the fraudulent politics of stupidity.

    8. For nearly seven decades successive Israeli governments did nothing but blunder, and lead Israel from one disaster to another not withstanding her military victories. But this latest humiliation tops them all.

      One wonders if Obama’s visit –whose real intent is not yet clear — was not intended as the ultimate degradation of Netanyahu, and consequently the Jewish people everywhere. What a coup!
      How our enemies must rejoice seeing Netanyahu being brought to the slaughterhouse not by Erdogan, but by Obama!

      This apology is akin to Stalin’s era, when falsely condemned prisoners were forced to sign false testimonies to justify their own death warrants before being brought to the gallows or thrown into the Gulag to rot for the rest of their lives.

      It evokes memories of Sharon’s disengagement from Gush Katif, of horse-mounted police beating innocent “settlers” of Amona. Whose interest did it all serve?

      The far reaching implications of this despicable act are so many, one can only speculate. But one thing is certain; were if for ‘mutual interest’ then the apology should have been reversed, and the real culprit should have made the apology.

      There is nothing to mitigate this shameful apology, not even the $5B gas deal.

      It is high time for Israel to have a real leader

    9. Honey Bee says:

      How many American Liberal Jews complained when Obama apologized to the Japanese for the the “BOMB”!1
      Leave the Israelis alone,unless you are willing to leave the USA and join them in Israel!!!!!!!!!!!

    10. Irving Weisdorf says:

      Brilliant article by Martin Sherman and Goldi Steiner’s comments are right on the point. As of course is the quote from Jabotinsky elsewhere in this edition, and the comments by Lieberman about the importance of the belief in “righteousness of our cause”, in the battle for the minds of our people. But “the righteousness of our cause” is also important in the struggle for world opinion. As a recent article pointed out, public diplomacy is where the war against the Arabs will be won or lost. The Jewish state doesn’t seem to have even recognized this yet; the Arabs are winning by a landslide.

      I think we are getting close to the tipping point, where the majority of democratic public opinion will not care whether there is or isn’t a Jewish state. It’s already been reached in Europe and South America. Not yet in Canada and the USA but another decade with no serious efforts on the part if the Israeli Gov’t will see young people come of voting age and the older generation die off. If and when we reach that point, the state will be destroyed and we will only have ourselves to blame along with the incompetent leaders whom the Israeli public have elected over the last several decades.

    11. SHmuel HaLevi says:

      My sole purpose is to take down a grovelment structure that for decades has been dedicated to fleece the taxpayers, use its soldiers and squander our Heritage, in short, destroying the state and endangering us all.
      They must be removed from office. Peres, Netanyahu, the political generals and the lower ranked useful idiots.
      Alternatively, the people must be made aware that the present system will cause a sure catastrophe.
      More of the same so far on record is planned bt Netanyahu.

    12. Morris Givner says:

      Since1948,Jews around the world generally and Israelites particularly have been telling the world they want peace.This is a serious error.When one is surrounded by 22
      Arab nations of incredible wealth and massive territory and who teach their young people to hate Jews and to sacrifice everything in order to annihilate them,Israelites should show their fist by words and deeds.It is unnatural not to fight with every fibre in order to survive.Prior to the Holocaust,we spent too much time encouraging our young people to spend countless days studying religion.The time should have been spent training every Jews how to use guns.Then as now,we have been given every warning by our enemies -they want to finish what Hitler and his countless collaborators throughout Europe achieved-the annihilation of six million totally innocent men,women and children for one reason only-they were Jews.We must get rid of leaders who lack the backbone ad intelligence to ensure the survival of the a jewish people.

    13. Honey Bee says:

      @ Morris Givner:

      Great Comment

    14. Linda Sax says:

      By apologizing, Prime Minister Netanyahu failed to stand up for his fellow country men, failed to stand up for Israel’s integrity and failed to stand up for Israel’s sovereignty in the field of diplomacy. One can only assume that President Obama coerced the apology. But, as Martin Sherman points out it was self-defeating and demeaning.

      President Obama thinks he can dictate peace and has no clue what it really takes to achieve it. This was a replay of the scene with the Cambridge policeman and Harvard Professor except much more is at stake on the world stage and especially if the Jewish State is part of the play.

      President Obama will fiddle while “fill-in-the-blank” burns. Based on what is happening in America he is not the public figure to rely on to repair anything.

    15. steven l says:

      Perhaps we forget that Turkey being part of NATO (and not IL) put the Sh..t all over the place to antagonize IL and NATO. Now this being resolve, it is a weapon that Erdo cannot use again. There may be a lot potential benefits to the West and IL that we are not aware off?

      Linda Sax Said:

      President Obama thinks he can dictate peace and has no clue what it really takes to achieve it.

      @ Linda Sax:

      Not a chance!

    16. Irving Wesdorf states that: “no serious efforts on the part if the Israeli Gov’t will see young people come of voting age” to which i add: and they (the future electorate) continue to remain uninformed about the most essential element of our being..that the Jewish people have LEGAL RIGHTS TO THE LAND.
      The GOI –sadly — is making very serious efforts to deliberately withhold/obscure this fact by refusing to incorporate it into the education system, leaving students defenceless when entering the toxic university environment worldwide.
      Their silence confirms and thus perpetuate the wide-spread, and ever growing accusation that Israel is an “OCCUPIER” .
      Apologies, Two state solution, Dhimi attitude….. that’s the kind of leadership we have. Sigh!!!!!!!!!!!

    17. SHmuel HaLevi says:

      @ Goldi Steiner, Founder and Chair of Canadians for Israel’s Legal Rights (CILR):
      Excellent comment!
      Yes, that is the kind of leadershi…p we are fed by the combina. The same trash rotate over and over again. Here and there they cover appearances by “allowing” some irrelevant “also runs” into teh cauldron.
      And that people must go. Netanyahu is a complete disaster and must be removed immediately.
      Peres with him as well. So livni, Peretz and many others.
      Nothing to be analyzed. The people must act if we desire to survive in the midst of the worst setting since WWII.

    18. yamit82 says:

      Mladen Andrijasevic Said:

      After all, Bibi and Bogie are not fools.

      You don’t need to be a fool if your guide is fear, cowardice and corruption.

      You don’t need to be a fool to be wrong.

    19. yamit82 says:

      @ Goldi Steiner, Founder and Chair of Canadians for Israel’s Legal Rights (CILR):
      @ Irving Weisdorf:

      Time is past where Israel can change the perception of the world through messaging. To compete we have have to have unity of message and purpose (goals). Jews are divided so the messages coming from Israel are too general and diverse either to impact successfully on the target audiences and demographic or to compete with the short concise simple mono message of our adversaries.

      You can’t make up for 45 yrs of intensive anti Israel messaging and narratives combined with over 15 centuries of Jew Hatred in the world by the use of competing modern methods of message dissemination.

      In 1967 after the 6 day war most Jews were united and on message. The world didn’t love us but respected us. Jews began to even like being Jewish again, except for the Arab and Muslim world and some in the 3rd world non aligned countries like India Israel was welcomed out of respect not love.
      The world loves winners not losers and when we were perceived as winners for that short period in time Jews walked with their heads high.
      Right after the 6 day war over 50,000 Jewish and non Jewish youth flocked to Israel to take part in our victory celebration. Jews had not only survived which in itself was a shock to most we had done it in such a way that even secular atheists were having second thoughts.

      Before Israel began to divest herself from liberated territories the Jews in and out of Israel were supportive. After Sinai was returned the support and messaging began to break down and we began to be viewed to be losers by Western Jews.

      The only way Israel can regain the support we had after 67 is by becoming so strong militarily and economically that the perception of weakness and rootlessness are replaced with strength that is reflected in how we interact first with America, Europe and the rest of the world.

      Israel is a regional power and it’s about time we start acting like one. Israel must divest from America as a first step we really don’t need the freebees, they aren’t free and we can pay our own way and carry our own weight. Vassalage is not the right message to project either to our own youth or to Jews and gentiles around the world.

      Israel started receiving the first inflow of our Natural gas from the Tamar well yesterday, Shabat, 19th of Nisan, Pesach,5th(Hod ShebeChesed) Omer Day :D

      “It’s better to be feared than loved.”

    20. yamit82 says:

      steven l Said:

      There may be a lot potential benefits to the West and IL that we are not aware off?

      Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

    21. yamit82 says:

      Goldi Steiner, Founder and Chair of Canadians for Israel’s Legal Rights (CILR) Said:

      Irving Wesdorf states that: “no serious efforts on the part if the Israeli Gov’t will see young people come of voting age” to which i add: and they (the future electorate) continue to remain uninformed about the most essential element of our being..that the Jewish people have LEGAL RIGHTS TO THE LAND.

      “Remember days long gone by. Ponder the years of each generation. Ask your father and let him tell you, and your grandfather, who will explain it.” Dvarim (Deuteronomy) 32:7

      In the beginning G-d created heaven and earth.” Breshit (Genesis) 1:1

      Rashi writes:

      “Why does the Torah start with the creation, instead of the first commandment given to the Jewish People? Because if the nations of the world ever accuse the Jews of stealing the Land of Israel, the Jews will be able to respond to the nations of the world that the entire world belongs to G-d, He created it and He choose to give the Land of Israel to the Jewish People.”

      “No Jew is at liberty to surrender the right of the Jewish Nation and the Land of Israel to exist. No Jewish body is sanctioned to do so. Even all the Jews alive today have no authority to yield any piece of land whatsoever. This right is reserved to the Jewish People throughout the generations. This right cannot be forfeited under any circumstances. Even if at some given time there will be those who declare that they are relinquishing this right, they have neither the power nor the authority to negate it for future generations. The Jewish Nation is neither obligated by nor responsible for any such waiver. Our right to this land, in its entirety, is enduring and eternal. And until the coming of the Redemption, we shall never yield this historic right.”

      David Ben-Gurion

      Clearly, Israel exists neither due to Europe’s alleged guilty conscience nor due to the issuance of the meager Palestine Partition Plan, but due only to the fact that the renascent Jewish State militarily defeated the seven Arab states (namely, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan fka Transjordan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Yemen) which, together with the Arab League’s “Arab Liberation Army” and local “Palestinian” militias drawn from Arab population centers throughout the western portion of Mandatory Palestine, had sought to annihilate the Jewish State, thereby igniting Israel’s War of Independence.

      Those who assert that Israel was created, rather than diminished, by the Palestine Partition Plan knowingly reverse Cause and Effect, as U.N. General Assembly Resolution no. 181 was the result — rather than the determinant — of Great Britain’s decision to quit the remainder of Mandatory Palestine. This is because, in February 1947, Great Britain had already announced its intention to completely withdraw from the western portion of Mandatory Palestine by August 1948. Since this announcement was made some 9 months prior to — and, in fact, served as the direct impetus for — the United Nations’ issuance of its Palestine Partition Plan, it is clear that the subsequent British withdrawal from the western portion of Mandatory Palestine in May 1948, the consequent Arab war of annihilation against the Jewish population centers thereof (in rank violation of the Palestine Partition Plan), and the ensuing emergence of the State of Israel therefrom all would have occurred regardless of the existence of the Palestine Partition Plan.

      Conversely, had the Jewish population centers of the western portion of Mandatory Palestine been destroyed by the Arabs, and had Israel thereby lost its War of Independence, then neither United Nations’ resolutions nor supranational remorse would have sufficed to reverse such a catastrophic denouement.

      Clearly, there is an enormous difference between endorsement and creation. While the United Nations certainly endorsed the establishment of modern Israel (at least within the tiny Partition Plan lines), that feckless endorsement (which was so violently rejected by the entire Arab, and larger Muslim, world) had no operative effect on the creation of the Jewish State precisely because it was stillborn.

      Nonetheless, that endorsement did bestow upon Israel a unique international legal status, namely, that of being the only nation in the World whose establishment was officially endorsed by both the League of Nations and the United Nations.

      Our rights to the land are 100% dependent on our ability to defend it by force of our own arms and our national will to fight and die for it.

      Nothing else!!!! I do not cede the right and the power of any constituted body apart from ourselves to determine for us our rights to the Land of Israel.

    22. Bernard Ross says:

      yamit82 Said:

      Assembly Resolution no. 181 was the result — rather than the determinant — of Great Britain’s decision to quit the remainder of Mandatory Palestine. This is because, in February 1947, Great Britain had already announced its intention to completely withdraw from the western portion of Mandatory Palestine by August 1948. Since this announcement was made some 9 months prior to — and, in fact, served as the direct impetus for — the United Nations’ issuance of its Palestine Partition Plan, it is clear that the subsequent British withdrawal from the western portion of Mandatory Palestine in May 1948, the consequent Arab war of annihilation against the Jewish population centers thereof (in rank violation of the Palestine Partition Plan), and the ensuing emergence of the State of Israel therefrom all would have occurred regardless of the existence of the Palestine Partition Plan.

      It is my view that britain colluded with the arabs to destroy the jews. They expected their withdrawal to result in the arab war and an arab victory. They created the false nation of Jordan and trained their troops. The Jordanian occupation of the west bank was likely to have been instigated and planned by Britain. The evidence is that not only did the British generally work closely with their foreign Hashemite creation,were the major clandestine catylist for ME outcomes, they were also one of only two nations to recognized the Jordanian occupation of the west bank(GB and Pakistan). Therefore, Britain, who was the trustee entrusted to “encourage the close settlement of the Jews west of the Jordan river” now overtly supported the enemy of the Jews who proceeded to ethnically cleanse all jews from the lands under their control. I say that all this was planned, intentional. That all their behavior while mandate trustee indicated their deception, trickery, betrayal, swindling and intent to kill the Jews. There is a consistent behavioral pattern which no one recognizes because its truth is too evil to contemplate. They have a history of creating situations of strife to maintain control(the boundaries they created in the ME purposely reflected strife boundaries rather than ethnic boundaries. This is the prism through which the behavior of UK and the EU should be viewed today. The Europeans, in spite of their boasts of enlightenment, behave at this very moment in the same continuing manner. They pretend to be neutral while doing everything to kill the jews. All of their energy is spent in sabotaging the Jews legal, historical, biblical rights to Israel. Their agents are crawling all over Israel, their money supporting terror orgs and anti semites. Simply put, they are the true, continuing existential enemy of the Jewish people. It is they who continue to incite, instigate, support, arm finance the swindling and killing of jews. I am not sure that if they were removed from the equation, that the problems wouldn’t be resolved. This ridiculous european charade of banning Hezbollah military wing, and then allowing the political wing to raise contributions to kill jews, should be viewed to be exactly as it appears. As long as the muslims are killing the Jews then europe is happy. The Jews need to sharpen their perspective when dealing with the Europeans and act accordingly.

    23. Selma Soss says:

      I can’t understand the stupid apology that
      Netanyahu made to Turkey of all countries,
      and for the flotilla, of all things. If Israel
      continues in this way, one can only wonder.
      There are many who expect Israel to take a
      stand. In my view it is overdue. Israel is
      important to the world as well as her people.
      She should know that.

    24. is there any doubt in anyone’s mind what imperative brought BO to Israel????????

    25. yamit82 says:

      Bernard Ross Said:

      It is my view that britain colluded with the arabs to destroy the jews. They expected their withdrawal to result in the arab war and an arab victory.

      I agree as did Truman’s embargo of Israel later.

      Israel one way or another was never meant to come into being nor survive the Arab onslaught. Nobody even most Jews expected them to either.

      One needn’t look to biblical Israel when looking for real miracles.

    26. Honey Bee says:

      @ yamit82:

      Man proposses and G-D disposess!!!!!!!

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