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  • May 17, 2013

    Tarek Fatah is moderate Canadian Muslem

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  • Posted by Ted Belman @ 11:20 pm | 8 Comments »

    8 Comments to Tarek Fatah is moderate Canadian Muslem

    1. Max says:

      It’s outrageous.
      Islamic Terrorists in Queen’s park! Behind them is the legislature! Open Jihadist speeches! Being forbidden to film the Jihadist women wearing their Jihadist head coverings! Hezbollah terrorist flags flown!
      They are taking ownership of Canada and the Canadian sheeple are letting them.

      Get all those Jihadists out of Canada! Stop the insane government from letting any more of them in.

      “root causes of Terrorism” indeed! The root causes of terrorism in Canada are standing openly in front of the Ontario Legislature spitting on Canada.

    2. steven l says:

      Western societies rotten from consumerism and a lack of concern and interests for their own.

    3. dove says:

      There is a new anti-terrorism bill being passed that will not allow antisemites or their families into Canada. It can be retroactive to those living here now. It is not just for Muslim hate mongers but for ALL religious hate mongers who promote hatred against a vulnerable group. This would include the christian zealots south of our border who promote hatred against the gay community – Westboro Baptist minister was used as an example.

    4. Mickey Oberman says:

      “Tarek Fata is a moderate Canadian Muslim.”
      But he is a Muslim.
      He believes in the Koran which advocates conversion or inferior citizenship or death.

      Irshad Manji is a Muslim.
      She believes in the Koran which advocates conversion or inferior citizenship or death.

      A number of seemingly “moderate Muslims are Muslim.
      They believe in the Koran which advocates conversion or grossly inferior citizenship or death.

      When Islam brings out a greatly revised version of “the immutable Koran” and when “moderate Muslims actually denounce that obscene, evil book and specific passages therein, I might feel better about them.
      Until that time I will remain skeptical about the believers who are instructed in their holy book to kill me, a Jew.

      Mickey Oberman

    5. dove says:

      @ Michael Devolin:
      Good piece Michael. What I picked up on this clip is his willingness for the government and media to fight the battle for him. If he really believes that Islam needs change then change it from within. Don’t tell governments to ban the burka thus creating more hatred towards democratic nations. If he thinks the burka should be ancient history then lobby from within the muslim community. We have more important things to do (like staying alive) than getting on this bandwagon.

    6. Mickey Oberman says:

      In most western societies for hundreds of year the wearing of a mask indicated one who acted outside of the law. Outlaws. Highway men. KKK. And many of today’s Muslim terrorists.

      To allow a masked person into a bank, a retail store, a courtroom or any place where one needs to know with whom one is interacting is sheer foolishness.

      To allow Muslims to dictate how we are to run our courts and our societies is yet another step toward sharia.

      The covering of the face is not an Islamic religious requirement. It is a personal choice of the wearer to show defiance for our way of life or, quite possibly, to disguise herself or, yes, himself.

      In today’s world “staying alive” may very well be knowing who is next to you.

      If governments feel insulted because we suggest that they ban the burka you can be sure that they hated us with equal fervor long before we made such a suggestion. Any of their citizens who wish to enter Canada wearing a burka should be denied entry.

    7. Michael Devolin says:

      Thanks, dove. I am not a fan of Tarek Fatah. He’s trying to convince the world that Islam is really a salubrious religion, which it is not. He is a liar and he knows it. He is as much a propagandist for Islam as are the “Islamists” who want to kill all Jews and non-Muslims. Ditto for the lesbian Muslim who thinks that Islam is ok so long as she retains Jewish friends and defends the State of Israel. Islam is not ok.