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June 30, 2013


Posted by Ted Belman @ 12:27 pm | 12 Comments »


  1. watsa46 says:

    An old story that is always kept current.
    The USSR/Russia has a major role in keeping it current.
    Bring us back to the non-aggression pact btw Hitler and Stalin.
    Iran and Russia behave alike.
    Pragmatic authoritarianism always at the expense of their people.
    Egypt no different then and now. Syria was just the same and may never recover.

  2. WB says:

    Video blocked in Israel!

    How many Nazis were already in Palestine at the end of WWII? How many escaped to North Africa, Saudi Arabia, and elsewhere in the region? In Ramallah and Jerusalem one can find blonde-haired, blue-eyed, Arabic-speaking people who talk with pride of their German ancestry. So far as I can tell, NOBODY in the professional Israeli ‘right’ is willing to tackle this subject. A few tried in the past, and they’re derided as ‘conspiracy theorists’ and ‘UFO nuts’. If anybody ever does make a thorough investigation, gather the still-available historical and legal facts, and publish the results, Kastner will seem like an insignificant bit player in an ongoing Wagnerian opera.

  3. Canadian Otter says:

    QUESTIONS – Are Israeli children being taught this extremely important part of Jewish history?
    - Why are German Nazis vilified, but Arab Nazis treated as resistance heroes?
    - Why is it that the German Nazis had to pay reparations but Arab Nazis get rewarded with Jewish land and enjoy impunity in their uninterrupted slaughter of Jews?
    - Why are Israeli leaders perpetrating such an act of deceit on the Jewish people by characterizing criminal Arab Nazis as “peace partners”, when these Arab Nazis have never shown any remorse or any sign that they are anything except Jew-hating Nazis?
    - Why are Israeli leaders and all others involved in the “land for peace” discussion covering up the real Nazi nature of the “Palestinians”?

    I often call them Arab Nazis, and this is not just another word to express my feelings regarding those people, but a statement of fact. All you have to do is look at the history of the PLO and to the close work relationship between Hitler and the Arab Nazis, and see pictures of Gaza Hamas militias marching Nazi style complete with Heil H. salute, and to read yet another report of PA leaders and their people celebrating every time Arabs slaughter Jews, and then naming public buildings or streets after terrorists. I’m thousands of miles away and I know all this, how can the Israeli leadership not know it?

    For more info on video author Francisco Gil White and his research, please visit:

  4. Canadian Otter says:

    AND A BIG THANKS TO TED FOR POSTING THIS VIDEO. This issue is central to the conflict, and yet it is never mentioned. To everyone: please help disseminate this information.

  5. Ted Belman says:

    @ Canadian Otter:
    This material comes from Francesco Gil-White who appears in the video. I have communicated with him for almost a decade and consider him a friend.. He is brilliant and has just complete his magnum opus on the Jewish people. This video is the first of 50 which will highlight his research. In the past he has highlighted the eternal conflict between the fascists and the Jews which he calls the crux of History. It is his theory that Rome favoured the aristocracy and control of the masses while the Jews favoured freedom for the masses and therefor had to be done away with for Rome’s own preservation. Rome went on to take over the Christian religion and all of Europe and greatly molded both in her image. The desire to destroy Israel is their legacy.

  6. Canadian Otter says:

    @ Ted Belman:
    Thank you, again. I hope you will continue to post articles and videos on this very important subject. It needs to become an integral part of the “peace process” discussion – so as to debunk once and for all the myths about the “Palestinians” and “two countries for two peoples” constructed by those who want to see Israel dismantled.

  7. Canadian Otter says:

    RESOURCES: Since Spam Filter is going to censor this anyway, here are some interesting links exposing the collaboration between Arabs and Nazis in the Holocaust, as well as that between Nazis and western security agencies after the war.

    First, articles by Francisco Gil White. (Please note he lost his academic post in the US when he started digging too much into the subject of Nazis, Arabs and the Holocaust.)

    - Interview with this author on the PLO and the Final Solution –
    - PLO -Fatah training was CIA sponsored –
    - Understanding the Palestinian Movement (in four parts) –
    - Optimism (in the Israeli-Arab conflict) is dangerous –
    - More articles on his home page –

    JOHN LOFTUS has also dedicated his life to research and to expose the dark background surrounding the Muslim Brotherhood, Western security agencies, and the Nazis – and how all three have been close collaborators. He talks from the point of view of an insider.

    - Video interview with John Loftus – America Nazi Secret –
    - Article by John Loftus –

  8. Ted Belman says:

    This video is no longer available to be watched from Israel. I am trying to find out how come.

    If any one understands this please educate me.

  9. Ted Belman says:

    @ Canadian Otter:By the way I read the book by Loftus when it first came out. Made an indelible mark on me. I met him in Toronto in the nineties and we exchanged a few emails.

  10. Canadian Otter says:

    @ Ted Belman:
    I hope you solve the mystery of the “unavailable” (censored?) video. I tend to think the worst as far as government motivations go because I know that Israeli hospitals, and probably government offices as well, censor popular websites that challenge the official script of the PA as partners for peace. Those websites are regarded as subversives and worse. Some years ago Arutz Sheva had their radio station silenced because their message did not agree with that of the government.

    If Francisco Gil White’s video has been censored in any way, what an irony, considering that the Israeli government provides air frequencies for Nazi PA-TV.

    John Loftus has done a great research job, and it is all the more valuable because he was an insider, with access to secret files. Another name for readers to keep in mind is Edwin Black, who wrote The Farhud, about the Arab-Nazi alliance –

    Keep up your excellent work, Ted.

  11. Ted Belman says:

    @ Canadian Otter:Francisco called me to discuss the banning of the video in Israel. He is contacting You Tube to get more answers.

  12. Canadian Otter says:

    @ Ted Belman:
    This is turning out to be very interesting. Thank you for the update.

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