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  • September 26, 2007

    Whatever Saudis want, Saudis get

    By Ted Belman

    I recently disclosed The Vast Power of the Saudi Lobby. Now I want to provide a list of what Saudi Lobby (money) achieved.

      - In ’48, US imposed arms embargo on Israel
      - In ’56 Israel forced by Eisenhower to retreat from Sinai
      - Prior to ’67 War, Johnson promised Nasser to supply him with intelligence
      - In ’73 war, Kissinger withheld resupplying arms to Israel so it would get “a bloody nose”
      - When Israel turned the ’73 War around, Kissinger insisted that the Egyptians be allowed to “save face”
      - Shortly thereafter, the oil embargo and quadrupling of prices brought the Europeans and Americans to their knees. A deal was cut whereby they agreed to back the Arab narrative and to reverse the results of the ’67 War
      - Kissinger agreed to shrink Israel back to the pre ’67 lines and to back the Palestinians as a means of doing it.
      - Carter backs Sadat’s demand that “every inch” of Sinai be returned in exchange for peace.
      - Carter backs the idea of a Palestinian state and worked to give the PLO the dignity of a government in exile. He also enabled them to get observer status at the UN and enabled Arafat to address the UN with a gun on his hip.

      - In 1978, when Israel tried to defend itself from PLO terrorist attacks coming from the PLO bases in southern Lebanon, vigorous US pressure forced the Israelis to back down.
      - In 1981, against Israeli objections, Ronald Reagan pushed hard for a PLO state in the West Bank and Gaza.
      - In 1982-1983 the Reagan administration rushed into Lebanon to protect the PLO from being destroyed by the Israelis, after the Israelis invaded Lebanon once again to protect themselves from PLO attacks against Israeli civilians in the Galilee. The US exerted very strong pressure on the Israelis to back down, and then provided a military safe passage for the PLO so that they could make their new home in Tunis.
      - In 1987-88, the PLO launched the First Intifada in the West Bank and Gaza. The US cooperated closely with the effort to blame the First Intifada on supposed Israeli brutality, and to use the accusation as a reason to advance the project to create a PLO state in the West Bank and Gaza.
      - Together with Saudi Arabia the US trained and backed al Qaeda as an instrument in defeating the USSR in Afghanistan.
      - In 1989, with Dick Cheney leading the charge, the US began supporting a PLO state in the West Bank as supposedly the “only solution” to the Arab-Israeli conflict.
      - In 1991, a critical year, George Bush Sr.’s administration literally forced the Israelis — with threats — to participate in what became the Oslo so-called ‘peace’ process, the purpose of which was to bring the PLO out from Tunis and into the Jewish state, where it would become the government over the Arab population living in the West Bank and Gaza.
      - In 1994, the same year that Yasser Arafat was given a Nobel Peace Prize (!!), and which saw the debut of the Oslo ‘peace’ process by bringing the PLO into Israel, Bill Clinton’s CIA was training the PLO.
      - Ever since, the US and the EU restrained Israel’s self defense by accusing it of an excessive use of force and they turned a blind eye to all PA violence and incitement. It all served the purpose of shrinking Israel as demand by the Saudis.
      - During the 90′s the US did the bidding of Saudi Arabia in creating Muslim states in Bosnia and Kosovo just as they are creating a Muslim state in Judea and Samaria
      - The Mitchell Report recommended a freeze on settlement which went beyond Oslo.
      - Res 242 stands for the proposition that Israel is entitled to remain in occupation until it received recognized and defensible borders. The Roadmap, introduced the Saudi Plan which negated defensible borders and kept alive the “right of return”.
      - Within 24 hours of the attacks on 9/11 by 19 terrorists of which 15 were Saudis, the US assisted Saudi VIP’s to fly out of the US while no one else could fly. Compare this to the fact that Pollard can’t get out of prison after 20 years.
      - Not only has the US tolerated the spread of Wahabbism around the world it has enabled it to take over the Muslim community in the US. The US has given legitimacy to it and its representatives and to the Muslim Brotherhood.
      - Now the US is pushing Israel to totally capitulate to Saudi demands while being silent on what is expected from Saudi Arabia.


    For a more detailed discussion see HIR‘s Understanding the Palestinian Movement

  • Posted by Ted Belman @ 11:25 am | 5 Comments »

    5 Comments to Whatever Saudis want, Saudis get

    1. Bill Narvey says:

      Great crib sheet of talking points Ted. I am not sure however that the Saudis had a hand in all of it. In a number of cases, U.S. policy decisions in that regard may well have been formulated with an eye to what the Saudis may want to see, since America, like the EU by virtue of her oil dependence, has had to ensure they would not step on Saudis toes.

    2. Ted Belman says:

      This is not conjecture on my part. I have read enough to support each statement.

    3. Bill Narvey says:

      I take your word on that. Now it is important to get that word out.

    4. This one is Israel’s fault:

      Carter backs the idea of a Palestinian state and worked to give the PLO the dignity of a government in exile. He also enabled them to get observer status at the UN and enabled Arafat to address the UN with a gun on his hip.

      Had the Mossad put a bullet in Arafat’s head, as it was entitled to do given his role in the Munich Massacre, he would never have been invited to the UN because he would have been dead.

      In retrospect, the U.S. should have allowed Saddam Hussein to invade Saudi Arabia in 1991 and destroy the Saudi government. Only after Saddam did that should the U.S. have intervened to liberate the entire region. That would have solved two problems instead of none. Remember, the Saudi Royal Pigsty expressed its “gratitude” by not allowing Jewish soldiers to serve as Jews (I think their dog tags said “Protestant B”), not allowing female service personnel to drive, and not allowing our people to drink beer when off duty. The Royal Family would have squealed like pigs with Iraqi bayonets in their backsides, and that should have been allowed to happen.

      Wall Street Journal, 13 June 2002, page A18, “Daughters of America.”

      “As William McGurn reported Tuesday in an article on this page, Pat Roush’s two daughters, Alia and Aisha, were kidnapped from America in 1986. On Monday she learned that her Saudi ex-husband has married off Aisha in what she believes is retribution for her participation in these hearings.”

      “Unfortunately, the State Department has not yet recognized that when an American child is kidnapped, or when an American woman charged with no crime is held against her will, it’s not just an affront to the individual. It’s an affront to America.”

      “Saudi law forbids women of any age from leaving their country without permission. Another way of stating those same facts would be to say that two adult U.S. citizens are trapped in a country where women are treated as the property of men…

      “All the President’s Women” (Wall Street Journal, 26 June 2002)

      “Amjad Radwan is 19 years old and, unlike her older brother, cannot leave Saudi Arabia because she is a woman and must have the permission of her Saudi father, who refuses to give it. In highly charged testimony delivered via videotape, Amjad’s mom, Monica Stowers, told the House she remains in Saudi Arabia because she fears for her daughter’s life; Miss Stowers further reported that both her son and daughter were raped by members of her former husband’s family. The Roush sisters are also adults.”

      “…This [U.S. State Department's response] is a long way from “Perdicaris alive or Raisuli dead”–Teddy Roosevelt’s tart reaction when a Berber bandit chieftain took an American hostage in Tangier.”

      Maybe we invaded the wrong country and killed the wrong people in 2003.

    5. ryunkin says:

      “Maybe we invaded the wrong country and killed the wrong people in 2003?” Actually Bill, we didn’t do anything of the kind. The mercenaries who fill the military of the United States did this killing not us.

      Unlike in past American wars when the US maintained its military with a draft. “We,” meaning the individual citizens of this country are not represented in this fighting force and it’s ludicrous to call it ours.

      This military, in particular its incompetent politically motivated staff of generals is really Bush’s private army, not ours. And perhaps this is why it has proven to be so incompetent.

      As far as I know, no mercenaries have never won a major conflict. When the Swiss privateers fought for the Italian city states they usually fought against each other, Catholic vs. Protestant mostly, and this is the only period in history that one can even misconscrue professional warriors have ever won a war.

      Mercenaries fight for money, who wins and who loses is irrelevant; just making one’s money and getting out of the deal alive.

      The majority of American Reserves, who incidentally are now doing a disproportionate amount of the fighting, joined their branch of the service as a means to either put themselves through college or make a few extra bucks, not fight a never-ending war.

      As far as the Blackwater employees are concerned, give me a break. Why don’t we just send over our drug gangs and give them their own territories? They’d probably do better.

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