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  • December 15, 2013

    Analyst: Secret Report Reveals Kerry’s Plan ‘Fraud’

    By Ari Yashar, Arutz Sheva Staff

    Allon Plan map

    Allon Plan map
    Mark Langfan

    A secret US Joint Chiefs of Staff(USJCoS) Memorandum from 1967 has been uncovered by Arutz Sheva analyst Mark Langfan. Langfan says the report proves that US Secretary of State John Kerry’s current proposed security arrangements are a “military security fraud on Israel and the Jews.”

    Kerry is currently in Israel, pushing his proposals for the Jordan Valley which Palestinian Authority (PA) Chief Mahmoud Abbas again rejected on Friday morning. Langfan has revealed in the past that the arrangements are based on the 1967 “Allon Plan,” and are a “death-trap” for Israel.

    The newly revealed secret document, dated June 29, 1967 and referenced as “JSCM-373-67,” take Israel’s “defensible” borders as its subject. It was signed by then-Chairman of the USJCoS, US Gen. Earle G. Wheeler.

    The memorandum shows the necessity of Israeli control over the high ground of western Samaria.

    “From a strictly military point of view…the views of the Joint Chiefs of Staff…(see as necessary Israeli) control of the prominent high ground running north-south” through Judea and Samaria, reads the report. Langfan notes that this region, deemed crucial for defensible Israeli borders, is the very area that is slated to be given to the PA under Kerry’s plan.

    Furthermore, the memorandum’s appendix elaborates that Israel at minimum needs a defense line along “Bardala-Tubas-Nablus-Bira-Jerusalem,” which “would give a portion of the (Judean and Samarian) foothills to Israel and avoid interdiction by artillery in the Israeli villages in the lowlands.”

    Langfan remarked “in 1967, before shoulder-fired anti-air missiles, before laser-designators, before radar and radio-jammers, before Katyushas from Lebanon and Gaza, before rampant Muslim-on-Muslim use of Sarin-tipped-chemical-Katyushas in Syria, the greatest collection of military professionals in the world concluded Israel’s retention of Western Samaria was a military necessity for Israel.”

    However, Langfan points out that a more insidious problem than Kerry’s “fraudulent” security plan exists.

    “(The) real problem is that for years, Israel’s entire military establishment has generally signed onto the ‘Jordan Valley Concept’ that wholly contradicts the professional written military conclusion of the United States Joint Chiefs of Staff,” reveals Langfan.

    Through the Jordan Valley arrangements that have been commonly promoted, Israel would abandon Judea and Samaria to various degrees, keeping a security presence in the Jordan Valley.

    Langfan notes the indefensible nature of such an arrangement. He remarks that the 1967 memorandum “prophetically predicted the likely advent of Katyusha rockets from Western Samaria into Israel’s” population centers, referencing a strategic threat that he has warned of in the past.

    Langfan called for a a commission of inquiry, such as was conducted after the disastrous 1973 Yom Kippur War, to determine how “such a military hoax could have been perpetrated by the IDF, and successive Israeli-governments.” He further volunteered to “be the first to testify, and name names.”

    “Israel should have a ‘commission of inquiry,’ before it suffers a catastrophic irreversible defeat, not after 10’s or 100’s of thousands of Jews are murdered as a result of Israel’s endemic military failures,” warned Langfan.

    Updated depiction of US Joint Chiefs of Staff 1967 map Mark Langfan


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  • Posted by Ted Belman @ 7:19 am | 6 Comments »

    6 Comments to Analyst: Secret Report Reveals Kerry’s Plan ‘Fraud’

    1. NormanF says:

      All of this is moot because the Arabs reject peace with Israel.

      They’re unwilling to end the conflict and to accede to ANY Israeli military presence in the Jordan Valley.

      It doesn’t really matter where the lines are drawn – as Mark Langfan knows, if there is trust, Israel could have troops stationed anywhere in Judea and Samaria and there would be peace.

      This prerequisite does not exist. And the Americans are engaged in a fools’ errand.

    2. CuriousAmerican says:

      The red areas are where the Arabs are. That is the problem. I am not in favor of a TSS.

      Rather than arguing about divvying up this or that parcel of land, get down to brass tacks.

      The issue is NOT annexing the land, but annexing the land with the Arabs on it.

      The issue is not the land, but the Arabs.

      If there were no Arabs in Judea and Samaria, Israel would annex it in 5 minutes; and there would be little outcry.

      The issue is the Palestinians. You know my suggested solution.

    3. Laura says:

      No one should be surprised that lurch Kerry behaved like the lying, backstabbing skunk that he is when he proposed this plan.

    4. I and all associated with my movement are big fans of Mark Langfan.

      In the recent book Israel west of the River the author in chapter one uses the term “Palestinians” and begins to change only in chapter 2. This to me is not at allacceptable. This is a term which we never should use.

      I am non Jewish and very left wing but for 30 years I have found it literally impossible to write the Word “Palestinians” and I never do.

      So I take issue also with this by Curious American

      “The issue is the Palestinians. You know my suggested solution.”

      I disagree somewhat also with NormanF above

      All of this is moot because the Arabs reject peace with Israel.

      It is not just the Arabs…it is the Arabs as they intermingle at this particular stage of world history with the phenomenon of world antisemitism


      Posted on December 16, 2013

      If you are a regular reader of www. then have you got this book on your bookshelf and if not if possible get the download version from Amazon (The Vatican Against Israel J’accuse) author Giullio Meotti

      The news from Aaron Klein whose information is usually fact based is that this Antisemite Barack Obama and Kerry are trying to take Jerusalem from Israel and place it under the control of an International body, basically the United Nations, which calls Israel a racist state.

      Sometimes the news of this growing Antisemitsm is just too unbearable.

      This was the lesson of Hitler and the Nazis. The forces of Antisemitism and of Fascism thrive on one thing above all others. That is the degree to which their victims do not fight back.

      The Nazis were in their element because the Jews did not have their own country to use as a base to fight back from.

      Also the Nazis were supreme because the working class had been betrayed in 1933 by the action of the Social Democracy (Labourism…think Tony Blair or Zapatero here) and also by the deadly action of Stalinism on the working class movement.

      Add into that the reality that Judaism is a very old and respected religion of mankind and is not nor could it be a method to fight against Fascism, which is a modern phenomenon.

      RESULT…the Jews were leaderless and therefore relatively helpless.

      Bring that into the present the Jews do have a country Israel.

      But But But the same conditions exist. The Jews are again leaderless.


      First step is that the Jews must withdraw from the talks with the Arab Palestinians

      Second step is that Israel must take concrete steps to make itself safe against Iran and others…that is self-defence no matter what self-defence takes

      Third step is to recruit into because if you agree with the above then leadership is important above all else

    5. So then the Word “Palestinians” will never be on Israpundit again!

    6. yamit82 says:

      CuriousAmerican Said:

      The issue is not the land, but the Arabs.

      Wrong!!! The issue is the acceptance and recognition of the Jews and their national rights to the historical land of the Jewish people.

      If there were no Arabs in Judea and Samaria, Israel would annex it in 5 minutes; and there would be little outcry.

      Israel probably would have annexed all of the liberated Jewish territories but since the opposition to any Jewish State of any size in the Land of Israel was and would illicit strong and even violent opposition from both Islam and christianity, The Jews would never be left alone in Peace. The Jewish People and their return to the Land of Israel Is the direct theological challenge to Islam and christianity for if we are right they by definition are wrong.

      “Had the Jews disappeared from the stage of history, it would have been possible to relate to them more positively as a preparatory phase in the coming of God’s kingdom. Had the Church severed its ties to its Israelite antecedents and completely rejected the “Old Testament” and the “Jewish God” (as demanded by Marcion, whom the Church condemned as a heretic), then Christianity would have been a hostile but essentially separate religion. The Church, however, insistently maintained that it was the direct continuation of that divine action in history of which the election of Israel was a major part. Yet the Jews continued to exist, claiming the Bible as their own, their understanding of it as the only legitimate one and labeling Christian interpretations as heresy, falsehood, and idolatry. This mutual opposition created a climate of hostility and negation which made the Christian-Jewish relationship more ambivalent and complex, and hence, also, more pregnant with tragedy than any comparable relationship in history.”

      “Many of the Christians rethinking their attitude toward Judaism do so on a narrowly religious basis (i.e., Judaism as a denomination), and consequently are bewildered by the fact that the Jewish people have recovered a sense of their national-ethnic existence with its social and political dimensions. Thus, many Christians who are ready to enter into a “dialogue” with Judaism as a religious (by which they mean denominational, theological, or semi-ecclesiastical) entity are at a loss how to face what is to them the “secular” phenomenon of Zionism and the modern State of Israel.

      “Teachings of contempt for Jews and Judaism in certain Christian traditions proved a spawning ground for the evil of the Nazi Holocaust.”

      “Islam posits that, after having given the Torah to the Jewish people, the God of Israel — which it calls Allah — sent Isa (Jesus) as the Prophet of Christianity in order to correct the doctrinal errors of Judaism, and that He, seeing that Christianity had also fallen into false doctrine, thereafter sent His final Prophet, Mohammed, in order to transmit God’s original and perfect Message to Humankind, devoid of the prior errors of both Judaism and Christianity (see Koran, Sura 5 “The Dinner Table” at 44-49). The repository of this Message, the Koran (sometimes spelled: Quran or Qur’an) — purportedly authored by Mohammed (although not put into written form until decades after his death) at the behest of the Angel Jibril (Gabriel) — is, by design, the complete and final Scripture of God, thereby superseding, in Revelation, both the Hebrew Bible and the Christian Bible. This is reflected in the Islamic dogma that: “The only true Religion in Allah’s Eyes is Islam. …” (Koran, Sura 3 “The Family of Imran” at 19). It also explains why the Koran states: “No; Abraham in truth was not a Jew, neither a Christian, but he was a Muslim, and one pure in faith. …” (Koran, Sura 3 “The Family of Imran” at 67). Since Allah is the God of Creation, it is He Who spoke to our forefather Abraham. Since God’s Religion is Islam, it is only Islam that He imparted to Abraham, as a result of which Abraham became the first Muslim. Since Abraham was a Muslim, and since Abraham’s Jewish progeny of Seventh Century C.E. Arabia rejected any return to the true and only Religion of God, God’s eternal Promises to, and Covenant with, the descendants of Abraham devolved exclusively upon Abraham’s Arab progeny (through Abraham’s elder son, Ishmael) who accepted Islam as revealed through the pages of the Koran.”

      Verses viciously attack the Jewish people (and sometimes Christians), such as:

      “O Believers, take neither Jews nor Christians as your friends; they are friends of each other. Whoever of you makes them his friends is one of them! God guides not the people of the Evildoers!” — Koran, Sura 5 “The Dinner Table” at 51; and

      “… [Jews are] those whom Allah has cursed and with whom He has been angry, [consequently] transforming them into apes and pigs, and [into] those who serve Satan.” — Koran, Sura 5 “The Dinner Table” at 60; and

      “You will see many among them [the Jews] competing with each other in sin and wickedness and in practicing that which is unlawful. Evil is what they do. Why do their rabbis and leaders not forbid them to blaspheme and practice that which is unlawful? Evil indeed are their doings. The Jews say, ‘Allah’s Hand is chained.’ May their own hands be chained! May they be cursed for what they say. …” — Koran, Sura 5 “The Dinner Table” at 62-64; and

      “You will find that the most implacable of men in their hostility to the faithful [followers of Allah] are the Jews and the pagans; and that the nearest in affection to the faithful [followers of Allah] are those who say: ‘We are Christians.’ …” — Koran, Sura 5 “The Dinner Table” at 82; and

      “The Jews say: ‘Ezra is the Son of God.’ The Christians say: ‘The Messiah is the Son of God.’ That is the utterance of their mouths, conforming with the [false doctrines of the] unbelievers before them. God assail them! How they are perverted!” — Koran, Sura 9 “The Immunity” at 30.

      Even worse, the Hadith (Islam’s oral tradition which has preserved the extra-Koranic teachings of Mohammed as extrapolated from his words and deeds, as narrated by venerated sources), spews forth a cascade of calumnies and incitements against the Jewish people, the most infamous of which is:

      “The Resurrection of the Dead will not come until the Muslims will war with the Jews, and the Muslims will kill them; … the trees and rocks will say, ‘O Muslim, O Servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me. Come and kill him.'” (see Hadith compilations of Sahih Bukhari: Volume 4, Book 52, Number 176 as narrated by Abdullah bin Umar, and Volume 4, Book 52, Number 177 as narrated by Abu Huraira).

      There is also the well-entrenched Islamic belief that, also during the time of God’s Judgment upon Humankind, Dajjal (the Anti-Christ) will begin to dominate the Earth together with his army of 70,000 Yahud (Jews) until Isa (Jesus) is resurrected and thereafter destroys Dajjal as well as his Jewish minions.

      The issue is the Palestinians. You know my suggested solution.

      This issue is not the non people called palestinians they are but the invented and convenient weapon both christians and Muslims are now using to weaken and finally destroy the Jewish people and for them the theological abomination called the State of Israel. If the Palestinians did not exist here they would find other means to the same ends as they have all through history. They are not the root cause of our current conflict. Without the support from the Muslim Nations and the christian West they would not exist today.