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  • December 30, 2013

    New report shows Israeli government conspiring to maintain Wakf control over Temple Mount

    We should not be surprised. The same motivation is behind the burying of the Levy Report. It was also behind Dayan’s turning the keys over to the WAQF

    See also Arieh Eldad’s comments on the matter.. Ted Belman

    Israel Matzav

    I saw this report last week, and unfortunately thought it was just another report about about how the Muslims are destroying priceless Jewish archaeology on the Temple Mount (see picture above). Sadly, there’s more to it than that.

    In 2008, Israel’s state comptroller produced a report that was highly critical of the State’s handling of the Temple Mount. The issues involved included the aforementioned destruction, the prevention of Jewish prayer on the Mount (which as some of you may recall is not something my rabbis permit me to do), and the general control that the Muslim Wakf exercises on the Mount.

    From 2008 (during the Olmert government) to 2010 (during the Netanyahu government), the government managed to force the comptroller to cut out two thirds of the report. In 2010, the Netanyahu government convinced a Knesset subcommittee that the report should be buried out of ‘national security’ and ‘foreign policy’ concerns.

    The report has been buried for three years. Last week, it showed upon a website called The Jewish Voice of New York. Parts of the report have also been translated into English on that site, and they are truly shocking. Moshe Dayan apparently continues to determine Israel’s approach to the Temple Mount from his grave.

    This is from the first link.

      The following report issued by the Israeli government is of a previously classified nature. It reveals the terrifying truth about the Israeli conspiracy to relinquish control of Jerusalem’s Temple Mount to hands of the Muslim Waqf. Each past of this report provides a detailed account of the methods taken by the Waqf to vanquish the inextricable ties that the Jewish people have to Jerusalem. As a place that is of significant holiness to Jews around the globe; the Waqf has strictly forbidden Jews to pray there and they enforce their draconian decrees against Jews with a palpable zeal. The photo that accompany this article graphically depict the massive and well orchestrated Muslim campaign to maintain sole autonomy of the Temple Mount; with the clandestine cooperation of the Israeli government.

    I’m embedding the parts that are in English for your convenience.

  • Posted by Ted Belman @ 12:14 pm | 6 Comments »

    6 Comments to New report shows Israeli government conspiring to maintain Wakf control over Temple Mount

    1. Bert says:

      The more I read of Jewish history the more I realize that there is a toxic and suicidal tendency in the hearts of many Jewish leaders. There were Jewish leaders who opposed Herzl, who opposed the return to Zion, who also opposed the Jewish boycott movement to bring down Hitler in 1933. These leaders fought hard to frustrate Jewish redemption and contributed to the Holocaust. This toxic spirit has long been within the Jewish leadership and evidently it remains so with Netanyahu and certain members of the Israeli government. When Jewish leaders betray their birthright tragic consequences are sure to follow.

    2. CuriousAmerican says:

      The Wagf should be booted. All Arab digging should stop

    3. ebyjeeby says:

      Kick the mooslimes out!

    4. Bill Narvey says:

      It was deplorable when Moshe Dyan rushed to the Muslim waqf on the heels of the 6 day war to assure them of their continued authority over the Temple Mount.

      Doing so was likely inspired by the idea that such unilateral generous gesture would be seen as magnanimous and thus reciprocated by the Arabs evincing a true willingness to make peace.

      This ill advised gesture was further compounded with the Arabs’ Khartoum 3 no’s – no to negotiations, no to peace and no recognition of Israel. Israel might have then acted to re-take full control of the Temple Mount, but didn’t. Why not is a mystery.

      This egregious error has been repeatedly compounded as Israel has not sought to take full control of the Temple Mount, faced with decades of Arab-Palestinian intransigence, hatred and terrorism.

      Why Israel would not finally kick the Waqf off the Temple Mount is as I stated a mystery. Why they may now be seeking to yield authority over the Temple Mount in perpetuity to the Waqf, defies all common sense, denies Israeli rights thereto and outrageously amounts to Israel denying herself and all Jews their right to fairness and justice.

    5. yamit82 says:

      @ Bill Narvey:

      A- They Feara religious war with Islam and preferred and prefer to frame the conflict as nationalistic and territorial. They are in error because it is a religious conflict, so they are fighting in the wrong arena and with the wrong weapons.

      B-They fear the rise of religious nationalism around the Temple or I should say the potential for it. That threatens them more than the Islamists and the Palis. They are anti Judaism and anti Jewish. Some might with exactitude label them as JINO’S (Jews in name only)

      I remember when Rabin was visiting Los Angeles as ambassador to the USA from Israel was visiting a Synagogue and was called up to read from the Torah. He couldn’t, for him it could have been Greek. Quite embarrassing.

      C- The majority of the Religious Orthodoxy are against for a number of reasons all wrong but they are still against.

      So, very few Jews favored for different unrelated reason for maintaining control of the Temple Mount. 2000 years in the exile has destroyed the real underpinnings of true Judaism and true Jewish leadership.

    6. Mickey Oberman says:

      Not only should the WAKF be banned but so should all Muslims and all signs of Muslim occupation and use should be obliterated. (Do unto others as they have tried to do unto you.)

      al Aksa and the Dome of the Rock should be removed and the latter should no longer be identified with Jerusalem or Israel.

      The WAKF and Jordan should be sued for the costs of restoring as much as possible the great damage they have done to the Temple Mount.