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  • January 7, 2014

    Report: Kerry is Behind European Boycotts

    Govt. sources reveal that Kerry is responsible for EU boycott threats, keeps them in check during talks, ready to escalate if talks fail.

    By Ari Yashar, INN

    Governmental sources report that US Secretary of State John Kerry is behind theEuropean boycott threats on Israeli products and companies operating in Judea, Samaria, eastern Jerusalem and the Golan Heights.

    The EU published its guidelines last July, boycotting Israeli companies operating over the 1949 Armistice lines.

    At the moment, Kerry is making sure the threats stay in check, but as soon as the peace talks fail he intends to open the floodgates and spur on full-blown international boycotts on Israel, reports Galei Tzahal (IDF Radio).

    Palestinian Authority (PA) officials reported last September that Kerry was putting pressure on the EU to delay boycotts so as to give him an opportunity to push Israel into peace talks. That report also appears to support the new revelations regarding Kerry’s manipulation of anti-Israel boycotts.

    Defense Secretary Moshe Ya’alon said Tuesday that Israel was trying to extend the peace talks beyond the determined 9 months.

    “It is clear to us that there are large gaps [between us] – and this is not new – but it is certainly in our interest to continue negotiations and to continue to work to stabilize the situation in the relationship between us and the Palestinians,” remarked Ya’alon.

    Meanwhile for the PA’s part, a senior official recently was interviewed on Syrian TV admitting that any agreement will simply be the “first stage” in wiping Israel out completely.

    Israel has not been consistent in confronting the threat of boycotts.

    While Israel initially warned it might boycott the EU Horizons 2020 research program over the boycotts, eventually the government compromised by attaching a section to the program agreement saying the declared boycott guidelines are not recognized by Israel as legal precedent.

    Former MK Aryeh Eldad, head of Professors for a Strong Israel, accused the government in mid December of inviting more boycotts, such as that of the American Studies Association (ASA), by caving in on Horizons 2020.

    “Do they expect that if we continue to give in, then the boycotts will stop?” remarked Eldad, noting that leftist professors in Israel have been active in encouraging international academic boycotts.

    “Israel has been negligent up until now and dragged its feet when the first signs of a boycott of products from Judea and Samaria emerged. It declined to indict those factors who called for the boycotts, and now we are paying the price,” charged Eldad.

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  • Posted by Ted Belman @ 9:29 pm | 5 Comments »

    5 Comments to Report: Kerry is Behind European Boycotts

    1. dove says:

      Try a better language Kerry. We don’t hear yours!

    2. Mickey Oberman says:

      This John Kerry, this 21’st century Machiavelli, bears nothing but ill will, suffering and tragedy in his nefarious schemes for Israel.

      In his past he has spoken out traitorously against his homeland and against his fellow soldiers. Surely Israel Can expect nothing better from him.

      John Kerry is for John Kerry nobody nor anything else. He owes loyalties to no person or entity.
      His machinations, intrigues and lies must be stopped now before he succeeds in destroying what he falsely purports to be working towards.

    3. wpapke says:

      No administration has been slimier than this one.

    4. Laura says:

      What else to expect from this worthless bum who betrayed his own country and fellow soldiers. So why have any qualms about stabbing an ally in the back?

    5. bernard ross says:

      Dutch pensions group divests from Israel
      Large pension asset managers cuts ties over settlements; Jerusalem blasts double-standard since PGGM invests in Chinese banks active in Tibet

      I think BDS will strengthen Israel. If divestment occurs there will be no reason to accommodate the pals as a result of world opinion. Leftist scare tactics will prove to be paper tigers and lose their effect. israel should seize opportunities to answer sanctions and divestment with pal removals. It need not be connected but just occurring at the same time will deliver a message. first, mandatory deporting to Gaza of any arab criminal offense, next deporting of political undesirables, next deporting of entire PLO. every time EU makes a move do something that demonstrates an opposite effect. I believe that Israel can survive BDS and grow stronger as a result. the arms industry was a result of sanctions.