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  • February 11, 2014

    A Jewish prodigy – beautiful

  • Posted by Ted Belman @ 10:15 pm | 15 Comments »

    15 Comments to A Jewish prodigy – beautiful

    1. Bert says:

      Why do we Jews produce some of the world’s most extraordinarily gifted people while we also produce some of the world’s most stupid and corrupt leaders? This question keeps arising again and again. Is there any rational explanation and is there any cure?

    2. the phoenix says:

      @ Bert:
      I got this video last week , and must have watched it half a dozen times…
      I was pondering the VERY SAME QUESTION Bert…
      Corrupt ‘leaders’ aside, alma is such a delight!!!

    3. yamit82 says:

      Trying to curry favor with rest of the world, assimilated Jews brag about Jewish achievements that benefited others. That is nonsense. Classical Roman authors disparaged Jews for being useless citizens of the world. In the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, only baptized Jews exerted appreciable influence on gentile thought. In our times, the scores of scientists and artists of Jewish origin are not Jews to practical purposes: they do not lead Jewish lives and their grandchildren are usually not Jewish. Jews enjoyed their religion and themselves while the ancient authors derided them for intellectual emptiness, as having given nothing to the world. And why should we? We owe the world nothing. Our fiduciary obligation is to G-d, rather than to other nations.

      Besides the Jewish history in commerce, there is strong evidence that Jews were smart all along: evidence is the rabbinical literature. Tens of thousands of bright minds invented and crunched the tiniest legal aspects of Judaism. Their intellectual activity could be called useless and even religiously misplaced, but by any measure it has been huge. From the age of three or five every Jewish male learns sacred texts. Most Jews learn to interpret them. The amount of memorization is staggering. Until their old age, Jews continue reading the holy books, studying commentaries, or at least reciting long prayers by heart. The synchronic environment is very conducive to intellectual development.

      The evolutionary processes has always played a role, too, both natural and sexual selection. Intellectual achievements in rabbinical studies were rewarded with profitable marriage. Smart Jews left more offspring than average, if not at birth than in terms of survival to adulthood. Rabbinical families married into each other, producing the intellectual creme of society. It is from such an intellectual background that Jewish Nobel Prize winners have sprung. They could have made decent rabbis if they had properly applied their intellectual abilities, but they opted for secular professions—and succeeded in them.

      Just as other nations become educated, Jewish intellectual development is being devastated. Most people forgo the excellent rabbinical learning that taught memorizing and analytical skills to their grandfathers. Atheistic education is no match for the rabbinical venue, or Jews wouldn’t be smarter than the people of Western nations. Atheistic schools differ critically from yeshivas in their educational approach. In schools, it is pass-and-forget; hardly any adult recalls anything from any school course. Knowledge gained this way is often forgotten hours after the exam. The amount of material memorized is meager: only the portion relevant for current exam has to be kept in the active memory, and everything else can safely be forgotten. Analytical skills are not taught at all: schoolchildren are not presented with anything resembling rabbinical discourses and legal problems. Atheistic pupils do not argue lemmas based on a variety of approaches which range from metaphor to analogy to lexicology to formal logic.

      The neurotic Jews with their pervasive case of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) produce an unusual number of geniuses. The intellectual difference between Jews and Gentiles resembles that between men and women: the Jews’ Bell curve is lower. Men’s intellectual abilities tend to be a bit more to the edges of the curve while women are more average. In other words, about 10% more men than women have non-average intellectual abilities. Of those, the majority is incredibly stupid, but some are incredibly smart. Women are a bit smarter than men on average, but entirely lack geniuses. Whether that has to do with evolution, biology, or Providence is a matter of one’s degree of atheism.

      Do we want a normal nation of macho Jews or a people possessed with OCD, but sprouting geniuses? The answer is clear: there are many normal nations around, and the world doesn’t need another such nation. Luckily, a besieged existence in the embattled state of Israel creates ghetto-like pressure on Jews and produces the requisite number of mental disorders. Out of non-average people, most are stupid. The Jewish nation produces many very smart people, but a hundred times more morons. The morons have the vote in Israel and here lies the problem! :(

      The secret to Jewish success part1

      The secret to Jewish success

    4. honeybee says:

      yamit82 Said:

      about 10% more men than women have non-average intellectual abilities.

      Then you will understand that reason I will tell you to “chingese” is because I’am intellectually inferionr!!!

      yamit82 Said:

      Whether that has to do with evolution, biology, or Providence is a matter of one’s degree of atheism

      Maybe it has to do with fact ,that only untill recently, women have received inferior opertunities and educations. Or perhaps,they were only seen as sex objects,mothers and household servants.

    5. dove says:

      Yamit and Honeybee

      I don’t think Yamit’s statistics would be just be for Jews. It is true that the world seems to produce more male geniuses that more often than not use their intelligence for self serving purposes or for the wrong purposes. Nothing to brag about there.

      Since the children are always our future training a child up properly is a priceless gift that women bear the most brunt of. Would these geniuses have reached their full potential without the nurturing of their mothers?

      Women have yet to reach their full potential but for those that do usually reach their full potential later in life once the kids have grown up. To be sidetracked with a career that takes priority over family seems to have disasterous results.

      A womans intelligence is not fairly rated. Man can put someone on the moon but can’t come up with a cure for the common cold. Their priorities are sometimes a little skewed.

    6. martin says:

      The story of Alma made me delighted, speechless, carried away with joy to see such a remarkable child-person. Watching her was a unique aesthetic response.

      But why must the comments then degenerate to a pedestrian arguments on who and why are Jews bright and women less endowed and what is the best methodology to learn anything, with an occasional snide remark–who cares! All that is for another time and place This is not the place to let us know what a smart genius you are. Comment on Alma or shut up – you’re comments are a bore and is spoiling the beauty of the piece.

    7. honeybee says:

      martin Said:

      But why must the comments then degenerate to a pedestrian arguments on who and why are Jews bright and women less endowed

      Because Alma [which means soul in Spanish} is a Jew, a genius, and a future woman, that’s why.

    8. yamit82 says:

      @ martin:

      Nobody forced you to read the comments Martin. Actually the comments had little to do with Alma, who we know has an Israeli Jewish father but there is no clue as to whether the mother (apparently not living with the father is in fact Jewish).

      The apparent child prodigy was presented as a “Jewish Child Prodigy” That opened the discussion outside of the artistic merits of the little girl. Fawning over any Jew or one with a Jewish sounding name because of their individual success is to my mind quite misplaced and anachronistic unless that person expresses by word or deed some connection to Judaism, Israel and the Jewish people.

    9. honeybee says:

      Ted Belman Said:


      It’s dwellers fault!!!

    10. yamit82 says:

      dove Said:

      Jewish husbands love wives! It just might not be their own wife!!

      Hmmm you might have a point there. ;)

    11. honeybee says:

      @ yamit82:

      thank you my Evengelical friend is studing Hebrew,

    12. dweller says:

      @ honeybee:

      “It’s dwellers fault!”

      Right; always blame the victim.

      History shows that if you play your cards right, you can usually get away with it.

    13. honeybee says:

      dweller Said:

      History shows that if you play your cards right, you can usually get away with it.

      You’re not a victum, you’re a pain n the backside, and I’ll sitll get away with it.

    14. dweller says:

      @ honeybee:

      “It’s dwellers fault!”

      “Right; always blame the victim. History shows that if you play your cards right, you can usually get away with it.”

      “You’re not a victum, you’re a pain n the backside…”

      You make it sound as if the two were mutually exclusive; they aren’t.

      “… and I’ll sitll get away with it.”

      We’ll see, Twinkie.

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