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  • February 28, 2014

    Iranian Official: ‘We are Preparing to Liberate Jerusalem’

    Militia carries out exercise to prepare for invasion of Holy City. General: the Islamic world is waiting for Tehran to call them to battle.

    By Dalit Halevy, Tova Dvorin, INN

    jeru cityThe Islamist Basij militia force in Tehran ran a special military exercise Thursday and Friday preparing for an Iranian takeover of Jerusalem.

    ?The exercise, entitled “March to Al-Maqdis (Jerusalem),” included training in the event of such a takeover, including drills for the protection of cities, assistance and rescue, dealing with social unrest, the protection of sensitive and important military centers, dealing with the invasion and landing of “enemy” (IDF) forces from helicopters, and carrying out complicated tactical maneuvers at night.

    In an official statement, the militia said that the exercise is designed to develop and enhance the capabilities of the Al-Maqdis Brigades, improve Basij military competence, and foster a “self-sacrificing spirit” among the terrorists.

    Tens of thousands participated in the exercise and terrorists-in-training flocked to the program from dozens of Basij battalions.

    Basij commander General Mohammad Reza Naqdi announced that the exercise was planned because the “boastful” (an expression used to indicate the US and Western powers) are at the end of their path to power and “the fighters and freedom-loving people” worldwide – Islamists – are angry and want to destroy the US and Israel to “restore” Jerusalem to an Islamic city.

    Naqdi added that the terrorists “need to be prepared now, more than ever,” for the great “liberation battle” for Jerusalem, which would “avenge for the innocent blood spilled” by Western powers.

    The General also claimed that Islamists worldwide are “waiting” for the call to battle from the Islamic Republic.

    Last week, “moderate” Iranian president Hassan Rouhani called for the Palestinian Arab “liberation” of Jerusalem in light of ongoing peace talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority (PA).

    “One of the wishes of the Iranian nation is liberation of the Holy Quds,” the Iranian President was quoted as having said by the semi-official Fars news agency.

    Rouhani also hoped that “the Palestinian nation and the entire Muslim world will find a serious solution to this occupation through unity and integrity.”

  • Posted by Ted Belman @ 3:04 pm | 6 Comments »

    6 Comments to Iranian Official: ‘We are Preparing to Liberate Jerusalem’

    1. the phoenix says:

      Militia carries out exercise to prepare for invasion of Holy City. General: the Islamic world is waiting for Tehran to call them to battle.

      Ominously similar to the few weeks span, prior to the SIX DAY WAR.
      to be noted, is the fact that no friggin’ staunch ally (spit!!!) did ANYTHING to prevent such an openly declared calamity about to enfold…
      Their only haste was to stop the victorious Israelis.. And put in place a cease fire….

      The demagogue with the red marker has long ago shown how empty his threats are … Totally toothless…
      I do believe this threat to be real.
      If after a stunning victory, the one-eyed-wonder surrendered the Temple Mount and handed it to the waqf on a silver platter .., I fear that this shameless speechster might just give the keys to the whole country!!!!!! And then just proceed to collect his Nobel piss prize for averting a major war and preventing bloodshed

    2. mickeyobe says:

      Whether or not the Muslims are capable of such a coup is questionable when one looks at all their past military performances/disasters.

      They could very well run out of their women and children shields long before they accomplished their goals.

      However, the longer Israel waits to put the coup de gracê to their bloody ambitions the better their chances of success.

      What is Israel waiting for? Friends that are not friendly? Allies who are not allied?

      Israel can count on one hand, not including the thumb, its true friends and allies. None of them contain the letter “U”.

    3. Underzog says:

      @ mickeyobe:
      Over a radio show hosted by Pamela Geller, I spoke to someone named Dore Gold who claimed that he was hoping Obama would put a stop to Iran’s nuclear ambitions. I mentioned to him that Obama wasn’t going to do anything. Pam Geller concurred with me, but former Ambassador Gold seemed to think Saudi Arabia would pressure him into action. We can see how foolish his conjecture was.

    4. mickeyobe says:


      Dore Gold is a good man.
      He made an error by thinking that Saudi Arabia needed to pressure Obama.
      I am sure Barak can hardly wait for his next opportunity to grovel before the Saudi king and kiss his hand.
      Or some other part of his anatomy.

      Allahu Akbar! y’know.


    5. mickeyobe says:

      His left hand.


    6. AbbaGuutuu says:

      the phoenix Said:

      I do believe this threat to be real.

      Those who negotiate with Iran have given the Mullahs money and time to be a regional power with nuclear capability. The Iranians have out smarted the west by using systematic lies about their nuclear facilities an ambitions. Something that the western world may not know or ignore is: Iran wants to be a nuclear power. It is their stated official policy to create chaos through out the world in order to bring back their Mahdi (Islamic Messiah or the 12th Imam). They strongly believe Mahdi’s return will enable the muslims to rule the world. Some who donot know about Shiite Muslims of Iran naively believe that a nuclear Iran could be stopped through MADD (Mutually Assured Destruction Deterrent) between West and the USSR) that served its purpose during the cold war. The soviets value life and respected MADD. MADD cannot work with those who value death better than life.
      It is hard for the western mind to believe what I have just stated. However, it is fact.
      Any one who wants to threat a “nuclear Iran under the MADD (Mutual Assured Destruction Deterrent) nuclear policy, which worked well with the former Soviet Union (USSR)is either delusional or foolish to think that Iran, which strongly desires to bring back the Twelfth imam (Mahdi or Messiah (savior)) back by creating worldwide chaos through martyrdom to form a world-wide –caliphate. How can you deter one who believes to get more rewards through death?

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