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  • June 30, 2012

    Growing China-Israel ties  

    In A Few Years China Will Likely Be the Second-Most Important Country for Israel

    By Barry Rubin, GLORIA CENTRE

    There is a remarkable amount of interest in China about Israel and Jews, as I discovered during a trip to China sponsored by SIGNAL, the Sino-Israel Global Network and Academic Leadership.

    The most obvious reason is that the Chinese–one important official called it the “little superpower–perceive that Israel in particular and the Jewish people in general have been success stories. Ten or twenty years ago this would have been less unique in the world. But now, sad to say, it stands out more because the United States and Europe, perhaps only temporarily, are not working very well.
    (Read more…)

    Posted by Ted Belman @ 2:20 pm ET | Plink | Trackback | 12 Comments » | 1,766 views

    About those Jews…  

    By Caroline Glick

    So it works out that Iran’s vice president really hates Jews. In fact, he hates Jews so much that even The New York Times reported it. On Tuesday, the Times published an account of Iranian Vice President Mohammad-Reza Rahimi’s speech before a UN forum on fighting drug addiction in Tehran.

    Rahimi claimed that Jews control the illegal drug trade. We sell drugs, he said, in order to fulfill what he said is a Talmudic writ to “destroy everyone who opposes the Jews.”

    He said that our conspiracy is obvious since, he claimed, there are no Jewish drug addicts.
    (Read more…)

    Posted by Ted Belman @ 11:04 am ET | Plink | Trackback | 28 Comments » | 2,029 views

    NIF, Naomi Chazan and international law  

    I have published many articles highly critical of Naomi Chazan, the President of the NIF. Two of them are here and here. The Forward recently published an article by her that my friend Salomon Benzimra took exception to. Benzimra is the author of the best seller The Jewish People’s Rights to the Land of Israel. The Forward, not wishing to confuse its readers with the facts, refused to publish his rebuttal. Here it is. Ted Belman

    By Salomon Benzimra

    Naomi Chazan was deputy speaker of the Knesset and the dean of the School of Government and Society at the Academic College of Tel Aviv-Yaffo. Given her credentials, one would have thought that she would have a good grasp of politics and law. But in a recent article published in The Forward, she stated that “Israel’s settlement enterprise…violate[s] international law” because “colonizing occupied land is illegal [based on] the Geneva Conventions,” notwithstanding the contrary opinion expressed in “the contortions of a few right-wing legal scholars.”

    Well, I am no legal scholar but I’d rather be on the side of those right-wing “contortionists” than on Ms. Chazan’s, whose sympathy for the “Palestinian cause” – lamely cloaked in “human rights” – is quicker than her comprehension.  Here are a few legal scholars, including eminent ones, whom Ms. Chazan dismisses offhand, and whose so-called “contortions” strongly confirm the legality of the “settlements” and support the legitimate rights of Israel in Judea and Samaria: (Read more…)

    Posted by Ted Belman @ 6:42 am ET | Plink | Trackback | 6 Comments » | 1,562 views

    June 29, 2012

    Syria’s Kurds – the screw in the regime’s coffin?  

    Magdalena Kirchner ORSAM Visiting Researcher

    The election of the Syrian Kurd Abdelbasset Sieda as president of the Syrian National Council (SNC) brought the question of the position of the estimated 2 million Kurds in the ongoing war in Syria back on the agenda.[i]

    [..]In 1962, 120,000-150,000 Syrian Kurds were stripped of citizenship (only partially reinstalled in 2011) and between 1963 and 1976, major resettlement policies took place in order to Arabize Syria’s Northeast. The subsequently increased territorial dispersion further enhanced the Kurds’ historical fragmentation and weakened their economic and societal position. Hafez al-Assad limited the political cooptation of Kurds, in contrast to other minorities, to a handful of secular leftwing politicians like the Communist Party leader Khalid Bagdash. By securing the predominance of secular ethno-nationalist groups in the Kurdish political arenalike the Union Democratic Party (PYD) and given the prominent role of political Islam among Arab opposition forces, the regime was so far able to prevent an alignment along confessional lines between Kurdish and Arab Sunnis (making out some 75% of the total population).
    (Read more…)

    Posted by Ted Belman @ 5:08 pm ET | Plink | Trackback | 1 Comment » | 1,255 views

    Now, how is Bibi going to enforce it?  

    Bibi opts for equality: Hareidi and Arabs must share the burden

    Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu warned members of the Keshev Committee on Thursday that unless it instituted mandatory national service for the Arab sector, he might decide not to bring the committee’s recommendations to the Knesset for a vote.

    The Keshev Committee, tasked with drafting proposals to replace the “Tal Law,” announced earlier Thursday that it had decided instead to institute a recruitment target for national service in the Arab community, of at least 6,000 recruits per year by 2016.
    (Read more…)

    Posted by Ted Belman @ 7:37 am ET | Plink | Trackback | 2 Comments » | 1,485 views

    Moshe Ya’alon: Strategic thinker and leader  


    Candidly Speaking: Ya’alon is perhaps the most understated minister in the government and is considered a highly untypical Israeli leader.

    VICE PREMIER Moshe Ya’alon

    A recent interview by journalist Ari Shavit with former IDF chief of staff, now vice premier, Moshe Ya’alon, provides a fascinating insight into the thinking of one of Israel’s most sophisticated political leaders and covers the crucial challenges facing the nation. It deserves to be widely read.

    Ironically, the extensive interview was published in the weekend magazine of Haaretz, the Israeli daily notorious for promoting the very views which Ya’alon’s interview devastatingly demolishes.
    (Read more…)

    Posted by Ted Belman @ 7:09 am ET | Plink | Trackback | 7 Comments » | 1,858 views

    June 28, 2012

    Yisrael Beytenu Quits Plesner C’tee over Pro-Arab Bias  

    Whatever happened to the “equality” part? Just imagine how big the problem will be when we annex Judea and Samaria. Ted Belman

    Jewish Home, too, says it will leave “Equality in Service” committee after committee says it won’t punish Arab service evaders.

    By Gil Ronen, INN

    Yisrael Beytenu, a major partner in the governing coalition, has announced it is quitting its membership in the Plesner Committee that is hashing out a new formula for enlistment of hareidim to the military and national service.

    The reason is that the committee has said it will not demand punishment of Arab citizens who shirk from service, recommending sanctions only on hareidi service evaders.

    Yisrael Beytenu said in a statement that it believes all citizens must serve equally at age 18, including Arabs. “Yisrael Beitenu believes in the principle established in the Scroll of Independence, according to which all Israelis are equal in rights and duties, regardless of religion, race or sex, and this must be honored,” the party insisted.
    (Read more…)

    Posted by Ted Belman @ 6:25 pm ET | Plink | Trackback | 2 Comments » | 1,394 views

    IDF Prepares for a Hostile Southern Border  

    If any leftist complains about what the settlement enterprise is costing Israelis, remind them what all the withdrawals are costing us. There is no comparison. Ted Belman.


    The IDF is preparing for a “new era” on Israel’s southern border, which actually is a rewind of history back to the days before the Camp David Accords. With the rise of what appears to be a hostile regime in Egypt, the IDF will be beefing up forces all along the Sinai border, and is asking the government for NIS 15 billion ($3.8 billion) for the construction of bases, installation of security equipment, and establishment of new training areas.

    Analysts said that the new situation in Egypt necessitates the opening of a “fourth front” for the IDF. For decades, security along the southern border has been more relaxed, because of the peace treaty between Israel and Egypt, and the IDF was able to concentrate on trouble spots like Gaza and the northern border, as well as “distance missions.” Egypt’s new President, Mohammed Morsi, who is identified with the Muslim Brotherhood, has said several times that he wishes to “reexamine” the Camp David Accords. Given his party’s open hostility to Israel and its strong support for Hamas, Israel has decided that it can no longer regard the Egyptian border as a “normal” one.
    (Read more…)

    Posted by Ted Belman @ 5:42 pm ET | Plink | Trackback | 4 Comments » | 1,341 views

    Rabbi Ariel Under Criminal Probe, ‘Banned Indefinitely’ from Temple Mount  

    The Arabs destroyed all our synagogues and holy places at the end of the War of Independence besides killing the local Jewish inhabitants and driving the rest out of Jerusalem during the war. We on the other hand wiped the floor with them in the ’67 War only to give them the keys to the Temple Mount as a show of magnaminity. They repaid the kindness by preventing us from going there and our government makes it a crime to do so. As victor we should dictate the terms. But no, the leftist sickness continues. Ted Belman

    By: Yori Yanover, JEWISH PRESS

    Rabbi Ariel (the bearded paratrooper on the left) bringing his teachers The Nazir and Rabbi Tzvi Yehuda Kook to the Kotel soon after its liberation.

    Rabbi Yisrael Ariel, the 78 year old founder of the Temple Institute and a former Israeli paratrooper who took part in Israel’s liberation of Temple Mount in 1967, has been banned from entering the holiest Jewish site by Israeli Police.

    Ariel was informed of the ban last week after attempting to visit the site. Although an official reason was not given at the time, the Rabbi was told by police officers that he was banned indefinitely.
    (Read more…)

    Posted by Ted Belman @ 1:31 pm ET | Plink | Trackback | 12 Comments » | 1,820 views

    The Al Qaeda-Muslim Brotherhood Coalition  

    by P. David Hornik, FPM

    Not long ago the Arab Spring was seen as a harbinger of democracy. It turns out that, instead, it’s creating breeding grounds for international terror—and safe havens for al-Qaeda itself.

    That is not just a polemical opinion but the somber assessment of the director-general of Britain’s MI5 internal security agency, Jonathan Evans. The Telegraph reports that Evans, in a rare lecture this week in London, warned that

    Today parts of the Arab world have once more become a permissive environment for al-Qaeda.
    (Read more…)

    Posted by Ted Belman @ 12:51 pm ET | Plink | Trackback | Comments Off on The Al Qaeda-Muslim Brotherhood Coalition | 982 views

    Obama and Abbas both play the UN card  

    By Ted Belman

    Will Mahmood Abbas have a nother shot at obtaining UN recongnition of Palestine this fall?

    Jonathan Schanzer in his article, If at first you don’t succeed…, in Foreign Policy seems to think its possible.

      According to Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat, the PLO, which is leading the charge to Turtle Bay, is now following the lead of a different regional player: Qatar. In late March, Erekat announced that the Palestinian leadership had reached an agreement with Doha to try again at the U.N. Other Palestinian insiders confirm that the Qataris are leading the charge, and one former official says they’re even funding the legal effort for the PLO, producing analysis on the costs and benefits of the statehood initiative.

    (Read more…)

    Posted by Ted Belman @ 6:14 am ET | Plink | Trackback | 101 Comments » | 2,289 views

    Syria’s Kurds in Play as Turkey Ponders Options  


    The startling news about Syria’s downing of a Turkish aircraft last Friday has overshadowed the reality of a larger, longer-term pattern of Syrian-supported lethal attacks against Turkey: the rising number of assaults inside Turkish territory by the militant nationalist Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK). Syrian president Bashar al-Assad’s regime supports the PKK, which the United States officially considers a terrorist organization, both directly and indirectly through its Syrian Kurdish affiliate, the PYD. In recent weeks, skirmishes between Turkish troops and PKK irregulars inside Turkey have greatly intensified, taking dozens of lives on both sides. And armed confrontations inside Syria between the PYD and local Kurdish groups opposed to Assad’s regime have also accelerated sharply.
    (Read more…)

    Posted by Ted Belman @ 5:30 am ET | Plink | Trackback | 2 Comments » | 1,233 views

    June 27, 2012

    The Evils of the Muslim Brotherhood  

    Evidence Keeps Mounting

    by Raymond Ibrahim, Investigative Project on Terrorism

    Egypt’s longtime banned Muslim Brotherhood—the parent organization of nearly every subsequent Islamist movement, including al-Qaeda—has just won the nation’s presidency, in the name of its candidate, Muhammad Morsi. That apathy reigns in the international community, when once such news would have been deemed devastating, is due to the successful efforts of Muslim apologists and subversive agents in the West who portray the Brotherhood as “moderate Islamists”—irrespective that such a formulation is oxymoronic, since to be “Islamist,” to be a supporter of draconian Sharia, is by definition to be immoderate.

    Obama administration officials naturally took it a step further, portraying the Brotherhood as “largely secular” and “pluralistic.”
    (Read more…)

    Posted by Ted Belman @ 10:09 pm ET | Plink | Trackback | 19 Comments » | 1,607 views

    Judicial lynch at Ulpana  

    Op-ed: Top institutions use power arbitrarily, without due process to prevent settlement expansion

    By Moshe Dann, YNET

    In 2011, the State Prosecutor’s Office asked the High Court to remove a few buildings in Beit El which it said had been built illegally on “private Palestinian land.” The Court accepted this request and ordered the buildings removed by July 1, 2012.

    No court, however, heard evidence or adjudicated the question of landownership in Beit El.

    Despite ample evidence of serious flaws in the judicial process, High Court judges, having made its decision, rejected further appeals for reconsideration – and there is no way to appeal their decision.
    (Read more…)

    Posted by Ted Belman @ 9:38 pm ET | Plink | Trackback | 12 Comments » | 1,260 views

    6 in 10 Palestinians reject 2-state solution, survey finds  


    73% of 1,010 Palestinians in W. Bank, Gaza agree with ‘hadith’ quoted in Hamas Charter about the need to kill Jews hiding behind stones, trees.

    Only one in three Palestinians (34 percent) accepts two states for two peoples as the solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, according to an intensive, face-to-face survey in Arabic of 1,010 Palestinian adults in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip completed this week by American pollster Stanley Greenberg.

    The poll, which has a margin of error of 3.1 percentage points, was conducted in partnership with the Beit Sahour-based Palestinian Center for Public Opinion and sponsored by the Israel Project, an international nonprofit organization that provides journalists and leaders with information about the Middle East.
    (Read more…)

    Posted by Ted Belman @ 9:20 pm ET | Plink | Trackback | 2 Comments » | 1,082 views

    ‘Support growing for two-state solution’  

    It is impossible to reconcile this optomistic poll with the one in the post just above this one. Keep in mind that when this poll refers to Israelis, Arab Israelis are included. Ted Belman


    Hebrew University poll finds that 58% of Israelis and 50% of Palestinians support the 2001 Clinton Parameters.

    Israelis and Palestinians are inching closer to agreeing on a two-state solution based on the Clinton Parameters, according to the yearly Hebrew University Joint Israeli-Palestinian Public Opinion Poll released Wednesday.
    (Read more…)

    Posted by Ted Belman @ 9:15 pm ET | Plink | Trackback | 3 Comments » | 886 views

    German Court Outlaws Ritual Circumcision  

    Outraged German Jews slam court for prohibiting circumcision
    Community president says ruling marks ‘unprecedented and dramatic interference,’ calls on Bundestag to ensure religious freedom

    Ezriel Gelbfish, algemeiner

    The district court of Cologne ruled this week that religious circumcision of a child is harmful and that a parent’s jurisdiction over his child does not extend to the practice of circumcision.

    Recent years have seen the legality of circumcision called into question, with lobbying wars ensuing between the practice’s proponents and detractors. Jews and Muslims, who consider circumcision an integral part of religion, have fought the increasing onslaught of anti-circumcision activists, who call the religious practice genital mutilation and immoral.
    (Read more…)

    Posted by Ted Belman @ 8:36 pm ET | Plink | Trackback | 5 Comments » | 1,148 views

    Israeli official: Egypt likely to preserve peace treaty with Israel  

    Defense official tells Haaretz that Gaza and Hamas will continue to be a ‘shared headache’ for both countries, and that Iran and terror will remain shared enemies, as well.

    By Amos Harel and Avi Issacharoff, HAARETZ

    Despite win, Egypt’s new president will have his hands tied

    Newly elected Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi is not likely to disavow the peace treaty between the two countries, a senior Israeli defense official said on Tuesday.

    The official told Haaretz he believed that the ties between the Israeli and Egyptian defense establishments will remain intact. Iran and terror will remain the enemies of both countries, while Gaza and Hamas will continue to be a “shared headache.” Relations between Israel and Egypt will continue to be based on mutual interests.
    (Read more…)

    Posted by Ted Belman @ 4:48 pm ET | Plink | Trackback | 14 Comments » | 1,040 views

    Politicians reportedly reaching compromise on haredi service  

    Parties on all sides up in arms after Plesner Committee’s conclusions leaked on Tuesday • Haredi parties vow to torpedo Tal Law alternative • Coalition and opposition parties form bloc to pass legislation for limiting yeshiva students to 1,500 annually, 20% of draft age men.

    Mati Tuchfeld, Dan Lavie, Shlomo Cesana, Yehuda Shlezinger and Gideon Allon, ISRAEL HAY7OM

    A possible compromise could be in the works between the ultra-Orthodox parties and the members of the Plesner Committee, tasked with formulating a law that would see all of Israel’s citizens, including the currently exempt ultra-Orthodox, complete mandatory military or civilian service. The Chairman of Shas, the biggest ultra-Orthodox party, was set to meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday on the issue, after having boycotted the Plesner Committee since its inception.
    (Read more…)

    Posted by Ted Belman @ 1:33 pm ET | Plink | Trackback | 3 Comments » | 1,126 views

    Shrinking US-Israel Security Cooperation  


    If the Administration had wanted to make the point the Israel is a valued partner in counterterrorism activities, it could have insisted that Israel be there or else moved the meeting.

    In light of increased sensitivity to intelligence leaks, it seemed innocuous – or even admirable – when the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) asked the Senate to remove a few words from the US-Israel Enhanced Security Cooperation Act: the “sense of the Senate” part of the bill included the sentence, “Expand already close intelligence cooperation, including satellite intelligence, with the Government of Israel;” ODNI wanted the words “including satellite intelligence” to go.
    (Read more…)

    Posted by Ted Belman @ 11:43 am ET | Plink | Trackback | 9 Comments » | 1,359 views

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