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  • January 12, 2013

    Anti-Zionism by stealth  


    The recent decision of the European Court of Justice is not an isolated incident. It is just the most recent example of the continuing global pattern of anti-Zionism by stealth.
    The European Parliament building in Strasbourg

    The European Parliament building in Strasbourg Photo: REUTERS/Vincent Kessler
    Anti-Zionism corrupts democratic institutions because it works in secrecy. Canada lived through the experience with Rights and Democracy, a now defunct government-created NGO.

    A recent judgment of the European Court of Justice reminds us that the Canadian experience was part of a global pattern of non-disclosure of information about taxpayer funded grants to anti-Zionist NGOs.
    (Read more…)

    Posted by Ted Belman @ 5:36 pm ET | Plink | Trackback | 13 Comments » | 1,673 views

    IDF set to evacuate Palestinian ‘outpost’ built in E1  


    Security forces deliver evacuation notice to some 200 Palestinians in Bab al-Shams, an “outpost” constructed on Friday in the sensitive E1 corridor in protest of preliminary Israeli plans to develop the area.

    Palestinian activists erect tents in E1 (Jan 11)

    Palestinian activists erect tents in E1 (Jan 11) Photo: REUTERS

    Security forces on Saturday initiated the evacuation of the Bab al-Shams “outpost,” Palestinian news agency Ma’an reported, constructed by Palestinians in protest of preliminary Israeli plans to develop Jerusalem’s sensitive E1 corridor.

    On Friday, approximately 200 Palestinians from villages in the West Bank erected about 20 large, steel-framed tents on the disputed land, in order to prevent Israel from building thousands of new housing units in the area.
    (Read more…)

    Posted by Ted Belman @ 5:24 pm ET | Plink | Trackback | 37 Comments » | 1,805 views

    Israel’s jihad is mine  


    Qanta Ahmed
    Dr Qanta Ahmed is Associate Professor of Medicine at the State University of New York (Stony Brook)

    As Israel considers building a new fence to contain the Syrian conflict to the north, which fences can keep out Hamas’s even more lethal ideologies? While Gaza and the Muslim Arab world continue to claim victory in the recent Israel-Hamas conflict, for the sane observers among us, there is only ever defeat – the defeat of morality in the desecration of a great religion. While most Muslims laud Hamas and scorn Israel, for me, an observing Muslim, Israel’s war against Hamas remains my struggle – my jihad.

    Israel’s eight-day operation “Pillar of Defense” sought to dismantle the Hamas apparatus from within Gaza. The predictably seamless alignment of the Muslim world against Israel was even more breathtaking than usual in the face of Syria’s 22 months of systematic genocide, one which has consistently failed to trigger unanimous Muslim protest. What does this say about us as Muslims? (Read more…)

    Posted by Ted Belman @ 12:55 pm ET | Plink | Trackback | 63 Comments » | 2,200 views

    Sherman: Stop ad hominem attacks on Netanyahu  

    Into The Fray: The venomous ad hominem attacks on the PM by his political opponents have long exceeded the limits of rational criticism and reasoned dissent.


      Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu calls early elec Photo: Marc Israel SellemLeah Rabin said yesterday that she preferred to shake the hand of PLO chief Yasser Arafat rather than that of Likud Party chairman Binyamin Netanyahu
      –The Jerusalem Post, November 16, 1995
      Binyamin Netanyahu is a corrupt individual, a contentious liar who is ruining everything that is good about our society (November 1998)… We all want this nightmare to end, that this monstrosity called Netanyahu will get lost (March 1999)…
      – Leah Rabin, in letters published by Haaretz, October 26, 2009
      In the 37 months that Netanyahu held office, Israeli citizens enjoyed one of the safest and quietest periods with regards to terrorism in 20 years… Of the five Israeli leaders examined [Rabin, Peres, Netanyahu, Barak, Sharon], Netanyahu’s policies with regards to the prevention and deterrence of terrorism…were the most effective
      – Study by The Institute of Policy and Strategy, The Lauder School of Government, Diplomacy and Strategy, Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya, 2002.

    (Read more…)

    Posted by Ted Belman @ 8:02 am ET | Plink | Trackback | 8 Comments » | 1,325 views

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