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  • January 15, 2013

    Hate Crime Stats Deflate ‘Islamophobia’ Myth  

    David J. Rusin:

    A detailed analysis of FBI statistics covering ten full calendar years since the 9/11 terrorist attacks reveals that, on a per capita basis, American Muslims, contrary to spin, have been subjected to hate crimes less often than other prominent minorities. From 2002 to 2011, Muslims are estimated to have suffered hate crimes at a frequency of 6.0 incidents per 100,000 per year — 10 percent lower than blacks (6.7), 48 percent lower than homosexuals and bisexuals (11.5), and 59 percent lower than Jews (14.8). Americans should keep these numbers in mind whenever Islamists attempt to silence critics by invoking Muslim victimhood. …

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    Posted by Andrew Jaffee @ 8:52 pm ET | Plink | Trackback | 8 Comments » | 1,424 views

    Genghis Khan, Secretary of State  

    by Bill Levinson
    Originally in the American Thinker

    The infamously insane Roman emperor Caligula made his horse Incitatus a Roman Consul. Barack Obama has just nominated John Kerry to be Secretary of State. Rome, unlike the United States, at least got the entire horse.

    The United States might just as well send Jared Lee Loughner or, if he was still alive, Adam Lanza, to represent it in the world community, and this is no exaggeration. John Kerry is, per his own admission, a mass murderer just like Loughner and Lanza or, to use his own words, Genghis Khan.

    John Kerry: Admitted Felon, Liar, or Both

    There is a huge legal difference between an admitted felon and a convicted felon. Neither John Kerry nor Barack Obama’s friend William Ayers was ever convicted of a felony, but both said they committed felonies. Ayers said he was “guilty as hell, free as a bird,” to which he added, “I don’t regret setting bombs” and “I feel we didn’t do enough.” John Kerry was similarly never brought to trial for the things he said he did in Vietnam, but his own admission that he did them should be more than enough to disqualify him from any position of public trust or responsibility.

    (Read More Here)

    Posted by Bill Levinson @ 7:53 pm ET | Plink | Trackback | 6 Comments » | 1,367 views

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