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  • January 21, 2013

    Palin was right on energy  

    In the Energy Debate between Palin and Obama…Obama Lost

    By Ben Voth

      You  know we can’t just drill our way to lower gas prices. If we’re going to take control of our energy future, and can start avoiding these annual gas price spikes that happen every year when the economy starts getting better, world demand starts increasing, turmoil in the Middle East or some other parts of the world, if we’re going to stop being at the mercy of these world events, then we need a sustained, all-of-the-above strategy that develops every available source of American energy – oil, gas, wind, solar, and nuclear, and biofuels, and more. 

    President Obama made these remarks in February of 2012 at the University of Miami.  The President was criticizing the longstanding argument of political rival Sarah Palin, who urges the nation to “drill, baby, drill.” 
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    Gadaffi kept the lid on.  

    Jihadists’ Surge in North Africa Reveals Grim Side of Arab Spring

    By ROBERT F. WORTH / The New York Times

    WASHINGTON — As the uprising closed in around him, the Libyan dictator Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi warned that if he fell, chaos and holy war would overtake North Africa. “Bin Laden’s people would come to impose ransoms by land and sea,” he told reporters. “We will go back to the time of Redbeard, of pirates, of Ottomans imposing ransoms on boats.”

    In recent days, that unhinged prophecy has acquired a grim new currency. In Mali, French paratroopers arrived this month to battle an advancing force of jihadi fighters who already control an area twice the size of Germany. In Algeria, a one-eyed Islamist bandit organized the brazen takeover of an international gas facility, taking hostages that included more than 40 Americans and Europeans.
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    We’re ALL hostages  

    At least Until we learn to be as single-minded as the fanatics – at home and abroad –


    The immediate response to the Sahara atrocity must be revulsion, and deep sorrow for the families of those British and other hostages who were murdered in cold blood or killed in the rescue attempt.

    Condemnation of the Algerian authorities for the loss of those hostages’ lives, in what has been termed a ‘bungled’ operation against the Islamist terrorists who stormed the Algerian gas complex, is nevertheless inappropriate.

    The Prime Minister yesterday struck a more supportive note than his earlier reported fury that the Algerians had gone in with all guns blazing without even informing the UK government.astermind: Militant militia leader Moktar Belmoktar was behind the hostage crisis in which three Britons lost their lives
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    This election avoided the issues  

    It’s personal, not business

    By Nadav Shragai, ISRAEL HAYOM

    Almost everything became personal in this election cycle. Instead of talking about issues, we talked about people. Instead of a serious investigation of actual topics of relevance, ambiguity dominated the debate arena. Ideology, if such a thing still exists, was pushed aside. Slogans about “governance,” “strength,” “Jewish identity” and “social agenda” floated through the air, but no real debate on issues took place. The “issues” vanished and only the “personal” remained. Judgment or clarification of values, on any essential or factual level, did not happen at all.

    This stands in sharp contrast to the recent elections we witnessed in the United States. There too a personal struggle took place, but at the same time, there was also a real discussion of the issues, particularly in the debates between President Barack Obama and his opponent Mitt Romney. Here in Israel, however, even the mere appearance of a discussion and clarification of disputed issues does not exist. Here, the struggle is more a horse race, judged according to polls, pollsters and media consultants.
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