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  • March 4, 2013

    Coalition deal predicted by weekend  

    What guidelines are being demanded or agreed to regarding the peace process, gratuitous concessions to the Palestinians and freezes. Nobody seems to be talking about this or about Iran for that matter. Ted Belman


    With less than two weeks left to form a government, Netanyahu appears to have no choice but to team up with Jewish Home and Yesh Atid, and Likud sources said Monday they expected an agreement by week’s end.

    Yesh Atid will ask for the ministries of Foreign Affairs, Education and Social Affairs. In addition, Lapid will seek to have his party chair the Knesset’s finance and constitution committees, Yedioth Ahronoth reported Monday. For his part, Bennett will seek the Industry, Housing and Religious Affairs ministries, and possibly one additional portfolio, the report said.
    (Read more…)

    Posted by Ted Belman @ 2:48 pm ET | Plink | Trackback | 7 Comments » | 1,181 views

    Kerry talks economics, finds Morsi preoccupied with Islamizing Egypt  

    DEBKAfile Exclusive Report March 4, 2013,

    When visiting US Secretary of State John Kerry sat one-on-one with Egyptian President Morsi in Cairo, Sunday, March 3, he talked at length about Egypt’s calamitous economic straits, relations with Israel, democratization and essential reforms. He had hoped to find the Egyptian president amenable to getting to grips with his country’s fast approaching bankruptcy. In the event, Morsi nodded politely but, DEBKAfile’s Middle East sources report, he was far more preoccupied with pushing forward the three-point plan he and the Muslim Brotherhood’s supreme leader Mohammed Badie have begun implementing:

    1. The Muslim Brotherhood will not settle for a parliamentary majority in the coming general election – most likely in April or June; it is aiming for 100 percent of the seats.
    (Read more…)

    Posted by Ted Belman @ 1:53 pm ET | Plink | Trackback | 13 Comments » | 1,623 views

    Rabbi Kahane and his writings  

    By Ted Belman

    I recently met David Fein, an American, in the home of an activist friend of mine in Jerusalem. He is in the process of making aliya.

    He wrote to inform me that he compiled and edited a seven volume set of books of the writings of Rabbi Meir Kahane z”l which he titled Beyond Words.. Here’s what Amazon has to say about Kahane and his writings:

    Rabbi Meir Kahane (1932-1990) was the most controversial Jew of his generation. Born in New York, he was the son of a rabbi and was descended from a long line of rabbis. He studied at the Mirrer Yeshiva in Brooklyn and was ordained in 1956. He also earned a law degree from New York Law School and received a Master’s degree in International Relations from New York University. Rabbi Kahane founded the legendary Jewish Defense League in 1968 to combat the growing rise of anti-Semitism. He led a campaign of disobedience, sometimes violent, which ultimately led to the emigration of millions of oppressed Jews from the Soviet Union. He spent two decades touring American college campuses, exhorting Jewish students to be proud of their Jewishness, to learn about Judaism, and to immigrate to Israel. A passionate Zionist, he and his family immigrated to Israel in 1971. Entering the political arena, he ran for the Knesset unsuccessfully three consecutive times before his Kach Movement was finally elected in 1984. Its platform called for an emphasis on Judaism in the Israeli educational system and a Jewish outlook in its internal and foreign policy, including the removal of Israel’s hostile Arab population. Kach was banned from running in the 1988 election, at which time polls showed it to be the third most popular party in Israel. Rabbi Kahane was arrested over 130 times for Jewish causes. A prolific author, Meir Kahane wrote 22 books in English and Hebrew. His widely-read column appeared in the Jewish Press from 1961 to 1990.
    (Read more…)

    Posted by Ted Belman @ 9:16 am ET | Plink | Trackback | 21 Comments » | 1,884 views

    A Native and a Zionist  

    By Ryan Bellerose, THE METROPOLITAN on January 24, 2013

    I am a Métis from Northern Alberta. My father, Mervin Bellerose, co-authored the Métis Settlements Act of 1989, which was passed by the Alberta legislature in 1990 and cemented our land rights. I founded Canadians For Accountability, a native rights advocacy group, and I am an organizer and participant in the Idle No More movement in Calgary. And I am a Zionist.

    Let me tell you why.

    I grew up on a Métis colony in what many would say are rough conditions: we had no electricity, running water or telephone. When it rained, the dirt roads that linked us to the highways flooded and we were stranded. I lived in a bunkhouse with my two stepbrothers, while my father and stepmother lived in a small cabin nearby. We raised a garden, hunted and fished, picked berries and made the odd trip to town to buy supplies. My father worked construction and lived in camps for long stretches and I would often stay at relatives’ to escape my stepmother’s abuse. Still, I considered my childhood normal.
    (Read more…)

    Posted by Ted Belman @ 8:52 am ET | Plink | Trackback | 3 Comments » | 1,425 views

    Obama plans to extract timetable for Israeli pullout from West Bank  

    Special to

    JERUSALEM — U.S. President Barack Obama has demanded a timetable for an Israeli withdrawal from the West Bank.

    Israeli sources said Obama, scheduled to arrive in Israel on March 20, wants a detailed Israeli withdrawal plan from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during the president’s visit. The sources said the Israeli plan would be considered in what could be an imminent U.S. initiative to establish a Palestinian state in the West Bank in 2014.

    “Obama has made it clear to Netanyahu that his visit is not about photo-ops, but the business of Iran and a Palestinian state,” a source said. “The implication is that if Israel won’t give him something he can work with, then he’ll act on his own.”
    (Read more…)

    Posted by Ted Belman @ 5:55 am ET | Plink | Trackback | 60 Comments » | 2,465 views

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