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  • March 16, 2013

    Another Tack: Out of the box, Obama  

    By Sarah Honig

    If our soon-to-arrive visitor, US President Barack Obama, truly fancies himself the harbinger of new tidings to this region – as he has tirelessly promoted himself in the past – then it’s high time for him to take the truly bold tack and think out of the box.

    Had Obama by happenstance peeked over the edge of the conventional box, he’s have recoiled in horror from the two-state sham. He’d have realized that it will unleash all manner of mayhem and misery – as surely as the last vestiges of stability are right now brutally being expunged from the Arab realm in the traumatic wake of what’s still extolled as the Arab Spring.

    But so far Obama has never dared venture outside his confining worldview container. His self-acclaimed innovative statesmanship wasn’t ever genuinely innovative.
    (Read more…)

    Posted by Ted Belman @ 10:03 pm ET | Plink | Trackback | 13 Comments » | 2,092 views

    The Bedouin Rebellion Against Israel  

    By Eric Burns, FPM

    Various Bedouin tribes are waging a full-scale rebellion against Israel. Negev Bedouin tribes are refusing to settle in designated areas developed by Israel’s government, and stealing Jeeps and other equipment from nearby IDF bases. They use the Jeeps to smuggle drugs and other contraband into Israel, from the Sinai. In central Israel and the Galilee, Bedouin tribes are engaging in agricultural theft, from Moshavs and Kibbutzim, extortion and vandalism against Jewish farmers, and crime sprees in the streets and shopping malls. The Israeli police don’t respond to many of these incidents.

    The Bedouin rebellion would be unwelcome by itself, however, their refusal to recognize Israeli government authority is part and parcel of a leftist campaign against the right of Jews to lease, own, and work Israel’s land; and against the sovereignty of Israel’s government. This campaign is conducted by groups such as Peace Now, B’tselem, and Rabbis for Human Rights, and aided and abetted by Israel’s Supreme Court, the U.N., and the European Union. Slowly but surely, this campaign is gaining the upper hand.
    (Read more…)

    Posted by Ted Belman @ 9:19 am ET | Plink | Trackback | 15 Comments » | 1,973 views

    Israel is not an apartheid state  

    Posted by Ted Belman @ 6:27 am ET | Plink | Trackback | 5 Comments » | 1,224 views

    In to the Fray: Israel’s imperative : Jewish and democratic  


    A crucial intellectual battle has begun, to strip the Jews of their political independence and national sovereignty.

      The very idea of a Jewish state is undemocratic, a violation of the self-determination rights of its non-Jewish citizens, and therefore morally problematic.
      – Joseph Levine, “On Questioning the Jewish State,” The New York Times, March 9.
      The nation is a soul, a spiritual principle. Two things… constitute this soul or spiritual principle.One is the possession in common of a rich legacy of memories; the other is present-day consent, the desire to live together, the will to perpetuate the value of the heritage that one has received.
      – Ernest Renan, “What is a Nation?” 1882

    Well there you have it. The mainstreaming of the once-unthinkable is now upon us… courtesy of the “paper of record.”
    (Read more…)

    Posted by Ted Belman @ 5:39 am ET | Plink | Trackback | 23 Comments » | 1,235 views

    “Human Rights” are Weapon in Political Arsenal of Israel’s Enemies  

    [This article by Anne Bayefsky originally appeared today on FoxNews.]

    Today at the United Nations in New York City, the UN’s top women’s rights body, the Commission on the Status of Women, will wrap up its annual session by condemning only one state for violating the rights of women anywhere in the world. Not Syria, or China, or Saudi Arabia. But Israel, for violating the rights of Palestinian women.

    Next week, the UN’s top human rights body, the Human Rights Council, will end its session by adopting six resolutions condemning human rights violations by one state alone. Israel. And one resolution each on human rights violations in seven of the other 192 UN countries combined.

    One doesn’t need a lawyer or foreign affairs guru to figure it out. This isn’t about human rights at all. Twisted beyond recognition, ‘human rights’ are a weapon in the political arsenal of Israel’s enemies.
    (Read more…)

    Posted by Ted Belman @ 5:22 am ET | Plink | Trackback | 5 Comments » | 1,104 views

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