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  • April 13, 2014

    Hirsi Ali: “Here’s What I Would Have Said at Brandeis”  

    We need to make our universities temples not of dogmatic orthodoxy, but of truly critical thinking.


    Ayaan-Hirsi-Ali3On Tuesday, after protests by students, faculty and outside groups, Brandeis University revoked its invitation to Ayaan Hirsi Ali to receive an honorary degree at its commencement ceremonies in May. The protesters accused Ms. Hirsi Ali, an advocate for the rights of women and girls, of being “Islamophobic.” Here is an abridged version of the remarks she planned to deliver.

    One year ago, the city and suburbs of Boston were still in mourning. Families who only weeks earlier had children and siblings to hug were left with only photographs and memories. Still others were hovering over bedsides, watching as young men, women, and children endured painful surgeries and permanent disfiguration. All because two brothers, radicalized by jihadist websites, decided to place homemade bombs in backpacks near the finish line of one of the most prominent events in American sports, the Boston Marathon.
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    Kiev bows to Moscow, devolves near-autonomous powers on restive pro-Russian regions  

    DEBKAfile Special Report April 12, 2014,

    The Ukrainian government has offered sweeping autonomous powers to restive, pro-Moscow regions of the country, in an attempt to hold its head above water against Moscow, without a source of revenue or a viable army. Acting prime minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk told regional leaders and businessmen Friday, April 11, in the eastern town of Donetsk, where pro-Russian separatists have declared a People’s Republic, that he is ready for parliament to consider a law on referendums. The referendum staged by Crimea last month caused the region to join the Russian Federation and practically precipitated the revival of the Cold War.
    (Read more…)

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    MEATO: The Trans-Riyadh-Jerusalem-Athens Alliance  

    Haaretz reported on Cheney’s speech to the GOP:

      “The bottom line is,” Cheney said, “the United States’ position in [the Middle East] is worse than at any time in my lifetime… It’s reached the point where Israel and Egypt, [the United Arab] Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Jordan are closer to one another – imagine that! – than any of them is to us…”

    By Mark Langfan, INN

    We may be on the verge of a geo-political earthquake.

    It’s a classic case of: “If you can’t be with the one you love, honey, love the one you’re with.”

    Isaac Newton’s Third Law of Physics states “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

    It often seems that the Third Law applies not only to the world of physical objects, but also to the world of foreign affairs.  Evidence of Newton’s Third Law application can be found in Obama’s “withdrawal” from the Middle East, and his concomitant anointing of the Islamic Republic of Iran as the new Muslim Hegemonic Imanate.
    (Read more…)

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    April 12, 2014

    Can Israel be both Jewish and democratic  

    By Ted Belman

    Ted 4PM Netanyahu has made it clearer than ever, that the PA must recognize “Israel as the national homeland of the Jewish People.” But Israel must decide how Jewish it wants to be.

    Most Israeli Jews embrace the mantra that Israel should be both democratic and Jewish but pay little attention to whether the two ideas are compatible.  The left in Israel say that being democratic should not be compromised and Israel’s High Court agrees with it. The Right in Israel think otherwise, that being Jewish should take precedence over being democratic where the two are in conlict and they want the Knesset to pass the necessary laws to make it so.

    Israel’s Justice Minister, Tziporah Livni, recently said to “those who want to claim that the power of the majority in the Knesset is greater than the power of the courts,” that “[The] Knesset operates according to the principle of the majority, but the job of the Supreme Court is to ensure that the Knesset abides by the values of justice, and therefore, one needs to defend it.”
    (Read more…)

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    Obama, Holder, Cuomo, and DeBlasio Promote Anti-Semitic Hate Group  

    by Bill Levinson

    President Barack Obama To Headline The National Action Network (NAN) 16th Annual National Convention April 9–12, 2014, is directly from the Web site of a racist and anti-Semitic hate group. The press release adds,


    Cuomo is well known for his dishonesty and lack of character, as well as his recent statement to the effect that gun owners and Catholics have no place in the Democratic Party. Eric Holder avoided punishment for contempt of Congress regarding the Fast and Furious gun running scandal only due to the intervention of Barack Obama. The fact that these individuals, along with Deblasio, are promoting an organization with a record of fomenting hatred and violence toward white people in general, and Jews in particular, tells us everything we need to know about them, and also about a good part of the Democratic Party. (Read more…)

    Posted by Bill Levinson @ 7:39 pm ET | Plink | Trackback | 2 Comments » | 831 views

    Reject peace at any cost.  

    Gal-On, Meretz: Israeli coalition heads don’t really seek peace with Palestinians

    She has it all wrong. Israel should never seek peace at any price.

    Israel controls all of Judea and Samaria. We should never give it up for peace or even real peace. Even if the Arabs were prepared to sign an end of conflict agreement and forgo the so called right of return, we should still refuse.

    Either we get to keep 50% of the land or we keep all of it and go for the One Jewish State Solution.

    Posted by Ted Belman @ 6:57 pm ET | Plink | Trackback | No Comments » | 419 views

    When Israel supporters use the language of delegitimization  


    The refusal to accept Jewish rights to an independent state was forcefully demonstrated back in 1947 when the Arab nations violently rejected UN Resolution 181.

    When US Secretary of State John Kerry said it was a “mistake” for Israel to demand recognition as the Jewish state it showed how deeply the language of delegitimization has been adopted by even the most ardent of Israel supporters.

    Another example of this was New Jersey governor and potential Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie. In front of a crowd of Jewish Republican fund-raisers in Los Vegas, hosted by Sheldon Adelson, a close friend of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, Christie said, “I took a helicopter ride from the occupied territories and felt personally how extraordinary that was, to understand the military risk that Israel faces every day.”
    (Read more…)

    Posted by Ted Belman @ 1:49 pm ET | Plink | Trackback | 2 Comments » | 639 views

    What’s really holding up Middle East peace  

    By Rabbi Abraham Cooper, Rabbi Yitzchok Adlerstein,


    Secretary of State John Kerry’s non-stop efforts at cementing an Israeli-Palestinian peace accord have failed. “Cement” turns out to be an important ingredient in the failure.

    After refusing to accept Kerry’s “framework for peace,” Palestinian President Abbas sent two unmistakable signals. He declared that the P.A. would apply for membership in ten U.N. agencies, enroute to unilaterally declaring a Palestinian state—a move that both the U.S. and Israel have long warned the Palestinians not to do.

    No world leader holds Abbas accountable for his part in the breakdown of negotiations – but Netanyahu received thinly veiled warnings from politicians, “pro-peace” churches, NGOs and pundits of dire economic consequences and international isolation.

    For good measure the Palestinian President denied that the Jews even constituted a people.

    Kerry had pushed both sides to embrace his plan.

    Turns out his moves were counteracted – deliberately or otherwise – by a consortium of interests that took the weight of that pressure off  Abbas’ shoulders.
    (Read more…)

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    “Poof the Clueless Kerry”  

    Israel Mazav

    Here’s a song from your youth. Remember Puff the Magic Dragon (or Puff the Kosher Dragon for those of you who were in NCSY)? If you don’t, or even if you do, let’s go to the videotape.

    By Steven Plaut

    Steven Plaut has updated the song.

      Poof the Clueless Kerry, traveled overseas, And frolicked in the springlike mist in a land called Iz-Ra-Lee,

      Little Barack Bama loved that rascal Poof, And gave him Secretary perks and other fancy stuff, oh

      Poof the Clueless Kerry, traveled overseas, And frolicked in the springlike mist in a land called Iz-Ra-Lee,

      Poof the Clueless Kerry, traveled overseas, And frolicked in the springlike mist in a land called Iz-Ra-Lee.

      To Ramallah he traveled in his diplomatic ride Obamie kept a lookout back in Foggy Bottom’s tide, Arab kings and terrorists would bow whene’er he came, Abbas counted chickens every time Poof squeaked his name, oh!

      Poof the Clueless Kerry, traveled overseas, And frolicked in the springlike mist in a land called Iz-Ra-Lee, Poof the Clueless Kerry, traveled overseas, And frolicked in the springlike mist in a land called Iz-Ra-Lee.

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    Happy Pesach – negotiations stalled  

    Israeli Officials: No Chances that Talks Will Resume

    Officials in Jerusalem were pessimistic on Friday about the possibility of the stalled peace talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority (PA) resuming anytime in the near future.

    Those officials told Channel 10 News that there is “zero chance that an agreement will be reached in the coming weeks” that will allow the talks to continue beyond an April 29 deadline.

    Martin Indyk went home

    Posted by Ted Belman @ 9:36 am ET | Plink | Trackback | No Comments » | 431 views

    Brandeis’s disgrace  

    Brandeis University sealDear President Lawrence
    Brandeis University:

    As a scholar whose 1981 PhD comes from Brandeis, I read the news that you rescinded the offer of an honorary degree to Ayaan Hirsi Ali with particular disgust and anger. Your decision is an act of cowardice and appeasement to those 85 faculty members who signed their document of intolerance, and it has done deep and long-lasting damage to a university whose very existence is predicated on redressing the damage that discrimination within the academy had done to American Jews for so many years. Unless you can find some way to repair the damage you have done, I will not identify with or support Brandeis as long as you are its President.
    (Read more…)

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    April 11, 2014

    Assad’s Boasts  

    by Jonathan Spyer, The Jerusalem Post

    Syrian President Bashar Assad this week said he expects that major military operations in Syria will conclude by the end of 2014. Following this, all that will remain will be the need to deal with the ongoing problem of “terrorists.”

    The bullish confidence of the Syrian leader followed recent remarks by Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah, who said in a speech that the danger that the Syrian regime could fall has now been averted.

    What do such statements reflect? Is the Syrian regime now within realistic sight of a strategic victory in the brutal three-year civil war against the rebellion that rose to challenge it? Or has Assad effectively resigned himself to being the ruler of the around 40 percent of Syrian territory that he currently presides over? First of all, it is worth noting that the two statements, while each expressing optimism, appear to reflect different analytical positions.
    (Read more…)

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    ECI Open Letter urges EU to review its policy on disputed territories  

    A Christian Initiative Promoting European-Israeli Cooperation

    Open letter - handing over

    Brussels, April 10th, 2014  – As the five-year term of the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs, Baroness Catherine Ashton, comes to an end, and the US-led Israeli/Palestinian peace talks falter, 42 European political leaders have urged the EU to review its policies concerning the West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza Strip.

    On Monday, April 7th, Leonello Gabrici, Head of the Middle East Division at the European External Action Service (EEAS), on behalf of Baroness Ashton, received an Open Letter from ECI that was signed by 42 European political leaders. These include government ministers and members of the Parliaments of eleven EU Member States, among them the Vice-Chair of the European Parliament Foreign Affairs Committee, Fiorello Provera from Italy and the chair of the European Parliament’s Israel delegation Bas Belder of Netherlands, as well as former Foreign Ministers of EU member states.
    (Read more…)

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    Column one: Forgetting freedom at Passover  

    It is my holiday prayer that on the night of the seder US Jewish leaders will remember that Passover is not about eating matza. It is about the price of freedom, and why that price is worth paying.



    Matza Photo: REUTERS

    Passover, which begins on Monday night, is the festival of freedom.

    The holiday reminds us of the brutal enslavement of the Jews by Pharaoh and the Egyptians. We recall their midnight flight from Egypt, pursued by the mighty Egyptian army, and God’s miraculous rescue of the Jews at the shores of the Red Sea. We remember how Moses led them for 40 years in the desert, and taught them what it means to be a nation, and what it means to be free.

    We repeat the story of enslavement, flight, redemption and freedom each year at Passover, because our sages wanted to ensure that we never forget the value of freedom, and remain vigilant in our fight for it. In Israel, where our freedom is physically threatened, most Jews understand and live by the lessons of Passover. (Read more…)

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    Into the fray: The magnate and the mullah, A Friedman fantasy  

    04/10/2014 21:46

    Tom Friedman’s anti-Adelson diatribe shows how intellectually corrupted the discourse on the Israel-Palestinian issue has become.
    Thomas Friedman Sheldon Adelson

    New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman (L) and US casino magnate Sheldon Adelson. Photo: REUTERS

    Truth be told, Tom Friedman can be a pretty astute and articulate journalist – except when he writes about Israel.

    Then his work degenerates from the astute to the inane and from the articulate to the incoherent. (Read more…)

    Posted by Ted Belman @ 3:11 pm ET | Plink | Trackback | 3 Comments » | 857 views

    An Anti-Israel Tourism Subterfuge  


    Under the guise of experiental, educational sojourns in the Middle East, an ongoing, extensive tourism subterfuge of global proportions is at work today. This comprehensive and coordinated fraudulent operation includes travel agency fronts, terrorist groups, international NGOs, Islamists, and Leftists. They include such organizations as the Siraj Center for Holy Land Studies, Abraham Path, the Soros Foundation to Promote Open Society, and others.

    All of them, whether unwittingly or intentionally, are part of an effort to turn tourists, college students, and Christian pilgrims against the Jewish state of Israel. Using the rubric of “a connection between people from the Middle East,” these travel expeditions underhandedly buttress a political agenda that delegitimizes and demonizes Israel. They are part of a scheme to fundamentally transform the Western world, by undermining Judaism, the root of Christianity, and moving on to the destruction of Christianity as well.
    (Read more…)

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    A Summary of Christ at the Checkpoint  

    Bethlehem Conference Promotes Submissive Narrative

    By Dexter van Zile, CAMERA

    If the testimony offered at the Christ at the Checkpoint (CATC) Conference last month in Bethlehem is reliable, Christianity is a religion that allows – and encourages – its adherents to malign the Jewish homeland while behaving in a submissive manner toward Muslim extremists who are oppressing and killing Christians in Muslim- countries in the Middle East, North Africa and Asia.

    This isn’t to say that speakers at last month’s conference in Bethlehem didn’t talk about the violence Christians have suffered at the hands of Islamists or Muslim governments throughout the world.

    They talked about it at length. (Read more…)

    Posted by Ted Belman @ 7:04 am ET | Plink | Trackback | 1 Comment » | 562 views

    Elkin: Terrorist Release Could Topple the Government  

    It pains me that releasing Arab Israeli murderers is the only thing preventing smooth sailing for this deal. Why is Israel about to agree to the release of the remaining 26 murderers, to cease construction almost entirely, to release another 400 prisoners, to tolerate the 15 applications to treaties that the PA signed for the privilege of negotiating for another 9 or 10 months with someone who doesn’t want to recognize us, negotiate with us or concede anything to us. This is humiliating and scary. Are we so week that we would grovel. Ted Belman

    Israel is portraying itself as weak when it agrees to release more terrorists, says Deputy Foreign Minister.

    By Hezki Ezra, INN

    ElkinDeputy Foreign Minister Ze’ev Elkin

    Deputy Foreign Minister Ze’ev Elkin (Likud) warned on Thursday evening against a deal that would see Israel releasing more terrorists in exchange for the peace talks with the Palestinian Authority (PA) being extended.

    Elkin warned that agreeing to such a deal so long as the PA does not cancel its unilateral bid at the United Nations would portray Israel as weak and might even topple the government.
    (Read more…)

    Posted by Ted Belman @ 6:53 am ET | Plink | Trackback | 1 Comment » | 491 views

    April 10, 2014

    Particularism Before Universalism  

    Ted Belman (first published 2006)

    Ted 4Everyone is familiar will Hillel’s quote, loosely translated, “If I am not for myself, who am I? If I am only for myself, what am I? If not now, when?”

    I have always understood this to mean that an individual must make the case for his particular before making the case for the other. Particularism before universalism. Neither should be to the exclusion of the other, but the former, according to Hillel, comes first. One might add that it is only natural to fight for yourself before fighting for others. The twentieth century witnessed within the Jewish community a flight from the Jewish particular in favour of the universal. As the Jews came out of the ghetto, they shed religion for secularism. They became Communists in Russia, socialists in Europe and liberal Democrats in America.

    The Jewish Right wishes to follow Hillel’s dictum by emphasizing the Jewish particular first and then addressing the “other”. Thus, it chooses a Jewish Israel even if it offends the Western notion of democracy. On the other hand, the Jewish Left wishes to do the opposite. It stresses the rights of the other, particularly the “Palestinians”, at the expense of Jewish rights.

    A case in point is the fence decision by the Israel’s High Court of Justice. The Court severely restricted where Israel could build the fence by putting the security of Israelis second to the rights of the Arabs.
    (Read more…)

    Posted by Ted Belman @ 9:14 pm ET | Plink | Trackback | 4 Comments » | 643 views

    Indyk continues efforts to salvage peace negotiations; sources say Pollard release still on the table.  

    By Barak Ravid, Haaretz – April 10, 2014

    U.S. efforts at extending Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations beyond the April 29 deadline have led to positive developments over the last 24 hours, according to high ranking officials in Jerusalem.

    “There has been some progress in the talks, but no breakthrough,” said an Israeli official. “There isn’t an outline for a possible deal yet, and it’s unclear if it’s possible to reach a deal that would be acceptable on both sides.
    (Read more…)

    Posted by Ted Belman @ 8:41 pm ET | Plink | Trackback | 2 Comments » | 434 views

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